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Rangers trade Ryan Spooner to Edmonton for Ryan Strome

It looks like the Rangers have found themselves a suitor for Ryan Spooner. They have sent the winger to Edmonton for 25 year old center Ryan Strome. Spooner, acquired in the Rick Nash trade with Boston at last year’s deadline, finishes his Rangers career with a line of 5-13-18 in 36 games. Spooner had been a healthy scratch for a while now, so finding a trading partner is fine.

Strome, the former 5th overall pick in 2011, has this year and next left on his deal at $3.1 million, saving the Rangers $900,000 in cap space (NYR retained $900,000). He has never lived up to the hype though, and has just a goal and an assist in 18 games with Edmonton this season. At his best, he’s a 30 point guy.

If anything, Strome may take over Cody McLeod’s spot in the lineup, something Spooner couldn’t do.

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    • They signed Spooner to trade him but when he played poorly his trade value crashed. This seems to be trading one bad contract for another bad contract. Perhaps the change of scenery theory. Since Strome’s brother Dylan seems to be somewhat improved from being considered a bust maybe the Rangers think there is hope for his older brother Ryan. I have low expectations but nothing to lose I guess.

      • Strome will fit the Quinn style of hockey better than Spooner, and is a decent 3rd liner if salary numbers can be left out of the equation. Strome’s had good possession numbers throughout his career, and hasn’t played on good possession teams, so maybe NYR gets lucky with this trade. Spooner was awful this year for the Rangers, he seemed not to care at all from game 1 of the regular season.

      • There’s a couple things I like about this trade. First of all in Dylan Strome, the Rangers gain a right handed forward with fairly good size. Strome is technically a centerman C/W?(not sure how he was deployed in EDM) and I think he was used mostly as a centerman. In any event he’ll give Mr Quinn another righty for use on special teams. You need off wingers on both sides on the PP.
        I also like the change of scenery swap for both players. I think both will benefit from this deal. Strome is a skilled forward and I bet he begins to play closer to the #5 overall pick he was. This will be good for Spooner too. He’s a great Depth option for a top heavy Oilers team. The Rangers have a good amount of depth and need star power.
        I really think this was a good move for EDM/NYR and both Strome & Spooner. As a Ranger fan I bet Strome breaks 30 points(15G) this season.
        I wonder how this trade came to fruition. Did Strome or Spooner want out of town? Or did the Rangers just really want Strome? Maybe Gorton felt he could buy low on him now. Possibly even a trade-able asset in Strome for the deadline/offseason. I like that Gorton is keeping his guys young. We don’t have many guys over 27 years old on this team.

  • I can live with this deal. We get a slightly bigger more physical player who shoots right. We lose a bit of offensive capabilities, but we get a player who might fit in better with this team. After all, there are only 6 spots available for the Top 6 forwards and Spooner was never going to be one of them — and playing him in any sort of checking role in the bottom 6 was ineffective at best. Strome did once score 50 points in a season, so maybe he can revert to being a more productive forward.

      • … and your point is? Note context — the point was made to suggest the possibility of Strome being more productive, there was no comparison being made to Spooner.

        • ” the point was made to suggest the possibility of Strome being more productive” That sounds like your good old classic comparison.

          1 point difference and you’re going to put your money on someone who scored 50 points once? I don’t know about that, Spooner’s 49 points might be light years away from 50 but….

          • Again, CONTEXT … the original statement was: “Strome did once score 50 points in a season, so maybe he can revert to being a more productive forward.” No comparison to Spooner, it’s about Strome REVERTING to a time when he himself was more productive than he has been in the recent past.

            I love how you took my response to you and tried to sneak it in to justify your previous statement — poorly I might add. You should be a politician since basically you’re being just as intellectually dishonest as most of them seem to be.

  • I felt spooner wasn’t happy here. As soon as he saw what his role was going to be he kind of disappeared from the ice. Once he got moved off the top line with zuc and zib and replaced by fast he has been a no show ever since. I truly think he wasn’t happy with his present role and wanted to get traded. I think he will be very successful in edmonton if he is with mcdavid and his line. If they want a 3rd line or 4th line center I think he will fade away like he did here. I think his attitude is the issue and not his play.

    I hope the same can be said for strome. But the islanders traded him cause Eberle for him was a no brainer ….but that doesn’t take away from his skill level. Lets see what happens here and if he can accept the role the Ranger’s offer him. These are players at the highest level and all of them see themselves as good as crosby. And young guys have a hard time accepting that they are not 1st line material. But this franchise has a well documented history of playing 3rd line players as 1st line players so lets wait and see.

    But overall I like the trade cause it just takes away someone who wasn’t adding anything and hopefully strome will find a role to excel in. But worst case scenario he rides the bench like spooner did so really no change. And we just got a little younger.

  • Spoons didn’t work out. Strome might. No brainer. Next to go is McLoed. Then we dont worry about getting the kids time.

  • One pricey bad apple, for a slightly younger, slightly cheaper bad apple?

    At least Strome is a RH shot and was a former #5 overall pick, so that’s something … right?

    • NYR are eating 900K of Spooner’s salary for next 2 years so there’s no financial gain,Strome is also a year younger & a little bigger,this could turn out to be good move.

  • Prediction: Strome will replace Letterri in the line up, and be given some power play time in the Zibanejad role. McLeod will still get regular playing time.

  • Ryan Spooner was a non factor, and was useless, so we get a bigger guy who may excel in a different environment than Edmonton from Ryan Strome. I see many more trades coming in the near future because if your not producing for this coach,they are going to show you the door ASAP!!!!!!!

  • If anything, Strome’s better possession metrics may help stem the number of shots Hank has to face game in and game out. Even if it’s a little. Decent trade, there’s potential upside here.

  • Addition by subtraction. Strome could be a “change of scenery” type of acquisition. We’re better after the trade than before it so it’s a win.

  • How many reclaimination projects do the rangers have to attempt before they give up and actually acquire good players. Strome will be no better than Spooner. Guy will have a decent game once in a while and be invisible on most nights.

  • I like this deal. I think Strome will play a DQ-style game, and Spooner clearly didn’t. Quinn’s style and systems are taking hold now, and he needs guys who thrive when they naturally play the way he wants. Both players are equally flat right now. But Strome is coming back east, and this time playing with a younger team again in a good environment. There’s upside here, and I think he has upside at only 25 yrs old too.

    And even if it doesn’t work out, we didn’t really lose anything.

  • 8 million bucks for 2 years … does Gorton REALLY have a clue? Strome got 2/6.2 mil… Even Chiarelli did a better job on that. I’m assuming that Gorton is retaining 1.8 million of Spooner’s salary over 2 years, which makes this even more screwed up. Im losing more and more confidence with this FO.

  • : Spooner hated Quinn’s style of play…. Strome happy to be here and could be a fit..

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