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Martinez’s late goal lifts Kings over Rangers

Alec Martinez is evil. I know we all think it, but I said it. He’s evil, he doesn’t like New Yorkers, and I’m pretty sure I saw him kick a puppy once. He ended the Rangers’ hopes at a win yesterday, scoring with less than a minute remaining in the third period to give the Kings a 4-3 win.

The Rangers had a 2-0 lead to start the game on two good hustle goals by Namesnikov and DeAngelo, two players in desperate need of a kickstart to their season. But the Rangers allowed the Kings to claw back, despite the heroics of Henrik Lundqvist and his 36 save performance.  In the end, the Rangers fell just short, yet again.

Rangers 1, Kings 0

Vlad Namestnikov made a good cut here to the net, but got shoved from behind into Jack Campbell. This was ruled a good goal, and that was the right call. Namestnikov was going to be skating around Campbell, albeit close to him. Trevor Lewis knocked him into Campbell, thus the goal was allowed to stand.

Rangers 2, Kings 0

Tony DeAngelo scored in his first game back, and it was on a great hustle play. He beat Derek Forbort to the loose puck behind the net and got a few lucky bounces and it wound up behind Campbell.

Rangers 2, Kings 1

At first glance, it looks like Dustin Brown was left open by Marc Staal. However Staal was caught between a rock and a hard place here. Jeff Carter was in front, behind Neal PIonk (challenging the shooter) and Staal. Jesper Fast wasn’t down to cover quick enough, and Staal half covered Carter and half covered Brown. It didn’t work.

Rangers 2, Kings 2

The Kings moved the puck nicely on this powerplay. Jeff Carter moves from the post to the slot, which was a brief hole in the coverage, as the puck position meant both defensemen were a little low in coverage focusing Dustin Brown in front. That drew the attention of Mika Zibanejad as the puck went cross ice, who went down to cover Carter. Ilya Kovalchuk read this and moved lower from the point. He one-timed Drew Doughty’s pass by Lundqvist.

Kings 3, Rangers 2

Jesper Fast had Trevor Lewis here, then didn’t? He didn’t just leave him, but he didn’t tie him up here. Fast usually doesn’t make these kinds of mistakes.

Rangers 3, Kings 3

Ryan Spooner received an almost perfect pass from DeAngelo here. He had all day to get this by Campbell for a powerplay goal.

Kings 4, Rangers 3

I hate Alec Martinez. This release through the Brendan Smith screen caught Hank by surprise.

Another game, another loss. Such is life in a rebuild. The Red Wings –and funny enough, the Kings– are the only teams keeping the Rangers out of the cellar right now. Next up is San Jose late Tuesday night. Hey, at least one of these games on the west coast trip was at a watchable time.

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  • Hayes and Zuc, 40+ combined minutes, resulting in 2 SOG, both by Zuc. Example #1 why neither will be extended.

    Because if they are, then the Rangers have zero chance of even making the playoffs with these 2 as the “leaders” of the team’s offense.

    Substitute David Bowie’s lyrics of “Let’s Dance” to “Let’s Pass,” the new Rangers’ team jingle.

    Explain to me why DeAngelo didn’t get back in the line up until yesterday?

    The too many men penalties? Quinn won’t say it but it’s a lack of focus and outright not caring. The vets know they’re getting traded and it shows in their play and stupid things like too many men.

    • “Hayes is here if I’m running the show” In typical Larry Brook fashion so he can look like he’s right when they keep him. He did the opposite about JT Miller’s fate to stay a NYR after his bridge deal. I think he knows a little something, something.

      JG “said that in the position the Rangers are in, they don’t want to tie up too many spots but Hayes is someone that they want to keep around.”

      Something tells me that they don’t think Zib’s annual 40 something point is 1c.

        • If Hayes and Zuc are extended, the franchise will be set back 5 years, at least.

          Unless Zuc comes back and takes a very team friendly $2M per to stay.

        • John B—I’m pretty sure Mint doesn’t think at all, and is some sort of gibberish-based spambot owned by Kevin Hayes himself, in a desperate attempt to drive up the value of his next contract.

        • “But Hayes and his 40 someething points is?”

          ^ That’s exactly my point. Don’t be a simple Simon mofo.

          That’s why we’re here with Hayes still on the team. JG must have been thinking to himself, here we have a guy who has been mainly been in a 3c shutdown role with limited PP time. Which he put up 44-49 points in and ended up being one of the better 5v5 player’s. Than you have Zib who was in numerous offensive roles and is nothing more than a 40 something player.

          Career highs don’t separate these two by more than 2 points and 1 goal (birthday streamers). I think we can see why Ottawa didn’t want to replace Alfredsson, Spezza and Turris with Zib. You can see that HUGE drop off from in point totals and goals scored.

          • * <– Represents the point

            0 <– Represents your head.

            Note how the point is over it.

      • Like I said, someone will be telling someone else “I told you so.” lol.

        But seriously, Hayes had no SOG yesterday. NONE!! In 19+ minutes of play. That’s a $6M+ per player? I don’t think so.

        • That sucks that it has to go down that way but you said it first. I’ll try to keep the noise down at a 8/10.

          I think there was a gentlemans agreement that he would take 5.6-5.8 if things go south. As long as a certain clause is attached to it for security. That’s why they paid him nicely on a 1 yr deal so he can bend if things fall apart. Sather defiantly did let the cat out of the bag at the forum that the next deal is 6+ mill. JG followed it up by saying that he had the intentions and money to resign him with that.

        • Howden, Chityl and Buchnevich combined for zero shots yesterday. That’s a future? You can’t draw great conclusions from one game – either for them or for Hayes. But it is true that so far up front the kids don’t look like much.

          When you have almost no $4M players, it might be worth it to pay a $4M player $6M just to keep him.

          • Raymond, look back to past seasons to see what Zuc’s and Hayes’ SOG totals are, then come back here and we’ll talk.

    • Long season boys……..I agree that more kids should play because there is no playoffs with this bunch….My issue with this rebuild is that leadership thought they can rebuild and contend at the same time….No freaking way…….

      • Right bro, it’s a clusterf–k. Rebuild? Ok, then no McQuaid over DeAngelo or McLeod over Lettieri or even Hayes over Andersson.

  • Why is Chytil playing 4th line minutes with McLeod? That is my biggest problem here. If they are going to lose, fine. It is pointless to lose and not develop players. Losing the game and not getting vital ice time to a future top 6 forward is a double loss.

    • As I was submitting that same thought… PLUS he is really making some nice moves and plays!!!! his ability to get and keep the puck!!! but I felt that same, would it be better to have him playing with more skilled players !!! ???

      You Read MY Mind !!!!


      • Chytil is probably playing with inferior linemates so he can have more shifts against the opposition’s bottom D pair and bottom 6 forwards.

    • One really must question the personal moves being made for sure. Look, ADA may have some personal issues, but the kid can play hockey, yet he sits. I’m all for developing kids, and playing the future of the franchise, but McLeod, Staal, even Hayes with his lack of production should be getting some pine time, while these kids play, IMHO!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’d like to see some moves made, trade what dead wood we have that can get us some picks, and prospects. I love Zucc, but he has to be moved along with Hayes, Name, Spooner, and possibly Kreider. If we are to have a real rebuild, tear this team down to the foundation, and start anew………

  • The King’s are loaded with talent.

    #8 had no business chopping Dion at that time in the play. Stupid mental mistake.

    “Too Many Men”. AGAIN!!!!!! COME ON!

    I got a feeling Coach Quinn should give #72 some playing time with more skilled players to develop him… Anyone’s thoughts on this?

    I hope spooner gets going, at least to where he should be!

  • Quinn “We have to stop letting people skate by us in the neutral zone,” Quinn said. “We are not defending with urgency. We let people walk right by us.”

    Sending shots to Kreider

  • I thought they were going to win that game last night because they were strong in the latter part of the 3rd period, but Maritnez got to waltz in almost completely unmolested on that late goal. Quinn’s commnents about neutral zone passivity were on the mark.

    Tony DeAngelo had a real nice game. Who knows, although I think it went on too long, maybe the pine time and practices have helped his focus. Whatever it was, I hope he keeps it up.

  • Too many mistakes, and not all by rookies. I think Quinn is losing the team already. Move out some guys and bring up more kids.

    • “The too many men penalties? Quinn won’t say it but it’s a lack of focus and outright not caring. The vets know they’re getting traded and it shows in their play and stupid things like too many men.”

      What I said above.

    • “Too many mistakes”. Yep I’m going to assume that it was Kreider who got the to many men in the ice penalty. He did it before in the first pre season game and you could tell Quinn was yelling at him on the bench. He made him serve that penalty last night, he usually never picks him to do that so I’m to guess that call was on.

  • Best way to develop the yutes …. put him on a line with McLeod and skate him 9-10 minutes …. terrible coaching . I’d rather see him try his hardest and fail then to see him out there with him and on the bench most of the game . Send him down if he’s gonna play spare minutes

    • Who are you listening to coach? The guy next to you wants your job. That grey haired jack. Do the right thing and get Mcleod out of the lineup. Balance you lines and put Fasth on the 4th line where he belongs. Get Chytil off that line and open your eyes to who your best defensemen are. Make Kreider the captain and force him to lead or get rid of him.
      Do I have to tell you everything?

      • Kreider will N.E.V.E.R captain my favorite sport’s team. “Force him to lead” You don’t even sound confident with the idea of him becoming a captain lol. It would show a real lack of pride to put a “C” on a underachiever’s chest. I don’t think this team will ever vote for him to support that.

        • Says the HayesBot—Kreider underachieves! He’s 2nd on NYR in goals, 3rd in points.

          Kevin Hayes—the 2nd highest-paid center on the team is 11th on NYR in points, invisible on a nightly basis, yet somehow he’s a team leader. Has a measly 2 goals, one of which was an empty netter. Boy, that’s captain material right there, huh?

          I know you have very little grasp of reality, Mint, but how do you keep defending Hayes when he’s being so clearly outperformed by 75% of this roster?

  • I am so tired of this annual CK disappears act. It’s time to move him along with all the other scrubs that are masquerading as 1st and 2nd line forwards. In my opinion, the longer JG waits the less he gets for these guys. Their stats are all going to be significantly lower this year versus the past. We need first round picks and some young NHL ready prospects.

    I would be happy with 3-4 first rounders, not impossible and two or three Howden types at forward and defense. Enough of this shit already. They are losing with these guys. They can lose without them too

    • Losing is contagious and we got the fever. Only one cure for this and it ain’t more cowbell! Get rid of the sloppy vets and let the kids play! Get more pick because 2019/20 has already begun for this team and this is a throw-away (ahem refresh) year.

  • Greetings folks
    This is a developmental year but you see Staal McLeod and McQuaid get minutes over ADA Chytil is disturbing. Howden has proven himself as well Pionk. Something tells me he isn’t done with the roster shuffling. Trades are coming and Lundqvist better request one too, as he is not part of this rebuild. Kreider, Hayes and Skjei are point of put up or move out. Time to move out are Staal Zuke and Lundqvist. Trade Chips for premium prospects are Zibby and Skjei.

    If we draft like last year this will be a tough rebuild to watch, ie drafting a goalie in 2nd round that you could’ve got in the 4th round and the subsequent collection of defenseman, some are happy with the 1st round and I am not. I’ll wager Bodie Wilde will have a longer career than Miller and we traded up yo get him,,,,slapping my head

    • We know our Goalie ain’t going anywheres ( unless he says so and we take on more then half the contract get a prospect and maybe a late first rounder if we’re lucky ) . Staal is worse then the last two years and he’s out on the PK … why ?

  • ADA looked good yes he will make some d zone mistakes just like Pionk let him play!

    Quinn is going to lose me if he keeps messing with Chytil play him with ZB leave him their for 6 weeks and see what happens.

    I really don’t care if they lose 10 in a row play the kids with our top players!

  • Why is Mclead playing just to teach the kids how you take dumb penalties? How is this part of the rebuild?

    Jimmy V is doing nothing out there put him on the 4th line (we was good for the first 3 games).

    Skjei is playing like last year Houston we have a problem! Maybe he would look better in a Leafs uniform.

    Krieder I always pulled for him he is big and fast, but the fact he doesn’t use his body and has no hands is telling me it’s time to cut bait really disappointed in his development.

    This half way rebuild is not going to work clean house! Lose for Hughes. (or in another words just keep doing what we are doing)

  • i live and die with this team. Having said that, im ok with the rebuild, but do it right move, Krieder Hayes and Zuc. give the kids more minutes. Let them Learn this year. ps i love Zuc

  • I said this over the summer …odds are Hayes tanks this year. He is not talentless and I would scout him as a poor man’s Zettenberg. He has great hand skills and good puck possession ability just not enough speed to dominate anyone in this league. He needs players with speed around him to open up the ice and this roster just doesn’t have it. He is a great 2nd line center on a team with speedy wingers. And lets be honest the fastest guy on the team is the guy who has had the least impact so far this season. If you count on Zuc or Buch to open up the ice well baby that is just not their game. To many similar styled players on this team.

    I gave up watching after they gave up the 2 pp goals in a 3 minute span …i knew then and there this was a loss. That Martinez goal was just horrible. But when your confidence is rattled like this young team is that is the end result.

    It is going to be a long season.

    You guys writing with these trade ideas… don’t you realize this is a trial by fire season for everyone? And I mean everyone. And the only one answering the call is Hank. His play has kept this team in games they had no right being in. But for every game he kept close you are going to get your 1 or 2 that he gives up also. Last night was an off night for him. Tuesday against the sharks the rangers will win. Just enough to infuriate you that much more as a fan.

    As I stated over the summer Hayes is gone and it was retarded to sign him to a 1 yr deal cause he can’t win in this option. Plus his trade value will plummet to crap by the time they pull the trigger. The FRONT OFFICE NEEDS TO GO!~@!#!@#!

  • hayes cant win ….front office should be fired reasons being every trade except the nash trade.

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