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Rangers assign Matt Beleskey to Hartford

Matt Beleskey will be joining Hartford. He cleared waivers this afternoon, and was sent to Hartford immediately after. Beleskey might be back with the Rangers eventually if there are injuries, but my guess is he’s there until after the trade deadline.

It appears that, even with a rebuilding team and at half the cap hit, the Ranger still didn’t want him on the club, at least not yet. I guess they prefer Cody McLeod?

Beleskey will carry an $875,000 cap hit while in the AHL.

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  • What a shock that Beleskey wasn’t picked up on waivers. He is completely done as an NHL caliber player. This constant reference to McLeod, in his regard, is misplaced IMHO. Beleskey is years from when he could score and he was never an enforcer type. More of a cheapshot artist like when he concussed Nash. McLeod may not belong on the roster although I don’t see much harm in his 13th forward role, but Belesky is in no way an alternative. When he got into a fight to try to save his career he got hurt. Assuming half his salary was part of the price the Rangers willingly paid for the bounty they got from Boston for Nash. We will never see Belesky in a Ranger uniform again, nor will he wear another NHL team uni ever again.

  • I was pretty sad to hear this but than I thought about how he’s going to get a chance to play in all situations with more ice time, remember this isn’t a demotion.

    I honestly think that he’ll be back shortly after this, it’s nothing short of a conditioning stint while testing to see where his shoulder is at on the pain scale. Those injuries never get healed in less than 6 months so he must be ready to rock n roll very soon.

    • [open sarcasm font]
      You’re 100% right. Why go through the non-hassle of using a non-exposure Conditioning Assignment per the CBA to determine his health when you can expose the player to waivers and claim cause you want to keep him.
      [close sarcasm font]

      • Because they might not care if Beleskey ever got claimed?
        (questionable sarcasm)

        Either way he will get to play in all situations therefore it’s not a demotion
        ( me just cracking jokes)

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