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Rangers get torched by the Flames

The Rangers lost an ugly one Sunday night, losing to the Calgary Flames and their backup goalie. Though not for lack of effort (or shot attempts), the Rangers couldn’t figure out David Rittich or how to contain Garnet Hathaway, who scored his sixth and seventh NHL goals against Henrik Lundqvist tonight. Worth noting: Hathaway is not a rookie, nor is he a defenseman.Since this game mostly just stunk, here’s some bullets:

  • Arguably the most important part of the whole broadcast was when we found out that David Quinn takes Brett Howden and Filip Chytil for breakfast on game days. Is there anything more pure in this world?
  • Expanding on the Breakfast Club, do you think they go to a diner to get an array of food or are they more of an IHOP crew?
  • The first goal was a goal you can’t get too angry about, and that was really the only one like that. Monahan stole the puck from Brendan Smith, and got the puck to Johnny Gaudreau for a half spin-o-rama slap in to the net. There are some goals that don’t upset you, for me, this was one.
  • The number one goal that didn’t upset me was Vladimir Tarasenko undressing Dylan McIlrath in 2014. Fun fact: McIlrath was on the PK with Tanner Glass, Rick Nash, and Michael Kostka. Ew.
  • Getting back to tonight’s game.. the Rangers had a ton of opportunities throughout the game, but especially in the second period before the Flames scored their second goal. That goal took all the air out of the building.
  • The second goal had shades of seasons past written all over it. Marc Staal’s inability to clear the zone was the main contributor to the Flames doubling their lead. That being said, Staal did not have the most ice time – that was left for Neal Pionk, who seems to be growing more and more each game.
  • Quinn is certainly still finding his way around this team, and that’s part of a rebuild with a new coach. Looking at his player utilization from tonight, I feel fairly optimistic. People are irked about Cody McLeod’s existence, but he only played 8:31. Adam McQuaid was only out there for 15:44.
  • Stastically speaking, the Rangers dominated this game. They had 28 high danger scoring chances vs. Calgary’s 10. They took 43 shots on goal compared to Calgary’s 24. It’s frustrating, but when it comes down to it, this is a situation where you need to accept a crap loss and move on to the next game.

I understand that we expect to have a good Rangers team each year, but particularly with a new coach and a bunch of kids, you really need to let the team work it out. The Rangers will have the chance to bounce back on Tuesday night at 7pm when an underperforming Florida Panthers team comes to the Garden.

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  • After so many years of being burned by back up goalies, it’s safe to say that it’s not due to bad luck.

    Get 2 snipers on this team and the back up goalie doesn’t look so good any more. And if an example is needed, who scored the Ranger goal last night? The Ranger who has the best shot on the team.

    Buch and Chytil were fantastic last night. I recommend egg whites for breakfast, it’s healthier.

    My favorite Staal moment last night: Turning it over and then losing his man in front of Henrik who scored the goal. All in 15 seconds. Fantastic!!

    • The new backup Vezina goalie did make some big saves but the goal there was some traffic …. go to the damn net and good things happen. Staal is really getting comical I think he’s still into next Tuesday from Eric’s hit some 6 or so years ago!

      • They did go to the net, that was not the problem, having “scoring hands” is the problem.

        The Rangers had 28 high danger scoring chances to Calgary’s 10. Going to the net was not the problem.

    • Marc Staal has to go….Really sad to see Marc constantly being torched by the opposition. He is no the only defender that looks bad, but my goodness he really needs to go…

  • I missed the game last night. Paul Kariya jersey retirement night out here. Just saw the recap. But looks like I did not miss much. Is it me or should Staal and McQuaid be the D men who sit most games? Another good game for Pionk.

    I don’t think they are the IHOP crowd. I more imagine them in a greasy spoon diner.

    • Rangers dominated the game but not the scoreboard, where it counts. Out chanced the Flames 28 to 10 relating to high danger shots, per Micheletti last night.

      Staal and McQuaid playing instead of DeAngelo is comical.

      • Richter, is Tony D not playing a result of poor attitude as opposed to his last crappy game? Quinn’s “Tony knows what he needs to do to get back in the lineup” sounded like a Dad talking about a recalcitrant teenager…

        • If Tony D isn’t playing because of him being a jackass on a personal level, then NYR needs to get rid of him. In order to get any value for him, they need to play him. Keeping him in mothballs does nothing to develop him or enhance his value.

          I’d like to think some coach within this organization can tell Tony D this: tie up your opponent’s stick, be feisty BEFORE a play stops and contest your opponent’s position in the D zone, and keep your feet moving in the D zone. Emphasizing these things with DeAngelo should be easy enough, yet I wonder if this ever occurs.

        • Very possible, then if so, then get rid of him?

          The problem is here that the Rangers gave up a lot for DeAngelo and the 7th pick. Admitting mistake is not easy, but the kid is talented.

      • Hey Richter

        I agree Staal needs to sit….Skjei needs to mature and Smith needs to play without fear, Our best Left D is Cleason on sample size, why on earth is Tony D not playing? Eh lose for Hughes/Cozens

        • Good questions bro. Who knows what happens behind the scenes?

          But we do know that Staal is a train wreck, but they’re stuck with him for this year, I guess.

  • Staal & McQuaid in the lineup at the same time equals an automatic loss. Hard to put into words how atrocious both players are at this stage of their careers. And with McLeod in the lineup too, kinda looked like Quinn didn’t want to win this game.

  • The game turned 180 degrees at about the 10 minute mark of the second period. When they play well, they are competitive, when they don’t they stink!!!!!!!

    Get ADA out there, we have seen enough of McQuaid already……

  • Pure lack of true talent on the ice for the Rangers last night. Calgary isn’t a good team, but our inability to make good plays and put the puck in the net, shows how far we really are. Which is 2 years and 2 superstars away.

    • More like 3 more superstars. Rangers need a complete top line and a capable D man who can help Pionk shutdown other top lines. Every team always get’s there contribution from there top line player’s. Sean Monahan and Johnny hockey were no different. Rangers need to at least do a better job at neutralizing other top lines.

      “Calgary isn’t a good team” *but Skjei isn’t a good top 4 in this league.

  • Is there any intel out there about why DeAngelo has sat out a string of games? Is the coach trying to get him right in practice? I am just a fan so I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know diddly, but it has seemed to me that the thing ADA needs more than anything is experience and practice in making defensive zone decisions under game conditions. I will defer to the coach of course, but I am wondering what the plan is. I hope they haven’t given up already on the kid.

  • Have any of the ADA sycophants considered the possibility that he is not playing because of some valid reason that is on ADA? Two coaches in a row have refused to play him much and the current one seems to have no problem playing young prospects.

    • Asking why one of the best athletes on the NYR defense isn’t playing over a useless oik like McQuaid isn’t being a sycophant. That’s a ridiculous statement. And I’ll be the first to tell you that I think Tony D’s politics are obnoxious and moronic. That doesn’t mean the guy can’t play hockey better than McQuaid. He clearly can, and in every game DeAngelo has played this year he’s been far more involved than Mcquaid. That’s my basis for judgment: can the guy bring something each game that helps NYR?

      I’m now officially skeptical of the “rebuild”. A team that ices Staal, McQuaid, and McLeod isn’t serving any purpose except to lose with “grit”. Quinn coaches to the damned scoreboard like every other coach in this league, long term plans mean nothing to coaches who worry about job security.

      • I think his political leanings are his business and are perfectly fine. He needs to get into the lineup instead of slugs like Staal and McQuaid.

        • If he is trul racist (behind the scenes) than that could be a problem.

          Staal can win more board battles than Skjei. Quaider can clear the crease and block shots better than B Smith. The entire defense is terrible, I would be happy just to see Staal get replace with Claesson. ADA has been a pleasant surprise so far but his game is nothing to write home about.

          • ADA may be a fantastic athlete but appears to be a very bad hockey player. Maybe we should have the decathlon gold medalist put on the skates for us.

          • Again: DeAngelo is a better hockey player than Adam McQuaid, and it’s not even close. That’s the whole point here. This Ranger team is 2-5-1, they haven’t won a game in regulation yet, and this is supposed to be an evaluation year for the rebuild. What kind of purpose does playing bums like McQuaid serve, except for showing Quinn to be as pointlessly stubborn as Vigneault with one of his fave veterans?

          • We really don’t know whose better. The Rangers have a lot of decent hockey players but no one that could conceivably be an all-star. That is the issue with the team and ADA, if he hits is ceiling which is probably a long shot, will be a decent mid-level NHL dman.

            Those getting worked up on playing one long shot prospect over a “on the downside” dman are spending a lot of energy on a relatively unimportant issue. There is something bad going on with ADA and just making believe that is not the case doesn’t make sense. Rangers are desperate for good prospects and they will all play, barring something significant. But this team will not turn the corner until we get someone playing at an elite level. We do not have one true first line forward nor do we have one true first pair dman.

          • Longshot prospect? Tony DeAngelo was a first-round draft pick made by a team with a well-documented eye for talented players. I’m not getting worked up, either—I never do when stating facts—and there’s plenty of evidence that a 32-year old McQuaid is less of an NHL player than the 23-year old DeAngelo.

            DeAngelo has 10 points in 34 career games as a Ranger. His possession numbers were good in 32 games last season. McQuaid will not likely score 10 points for NYR this year, as he’s only hit that mark twice in his last 7 seasons (!!!!), and he’ll likely continue his career trend of being a defenseman with mediocre possession numbers. Can’t see how playing McQuaid is justifiable if the team is truly trying to rebuild itself.

            Lastly, seeing Shatty/Pionk/DeAngelo on the right side of this Ranger D would be wild. Lots of action, lots of slick passing, and lots of chances for both teams. At this point what do the Rangers have to lose?

          • There is no such thing as an evaluation year for the rebuild. It is a rebuild, period. You want to develop players. Doing that is something of a crapshoot. The biggest motivating factor driving a player to improve is the desire to play in NHL. You put a guy in the lineup every day and that motivation is gone. Some guys are driven to perfection and they don’t need that extra push. But some guys do. Some guys learn by playing against good players. Other guys are overwhelmed and NHL play just reinforces bad habits.

            Should you play the kids? A good coach knows that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work here. With Howden, Lettieri, Chityl, Pionk in the lineup, you can’t say Quinn refuses to play kids. He is taking a middle ground, which is the right thing to do. Determining whether he is choosing the right kids is above my pay grade.

          • So playing a 32-year old defensemen who has no future with the organization, rather than evaluating and developing the skill set of a 23-year old raw defenseman (who you’ve traded your first-line center for, mind you)—that helps a team rebuild? That’s an interesting opinion. But coming from a guy who considers Antti Raanta to be the best goalie in the NHL, I guess it’s not surprising.

    • He may be not playing for a valid reason. For my part at least I have been wondering about the reason. I think “ADA sycophants” is a rather harsh description. I am rooting for the kid to make it, but, I realize that he might never get there.

  • The Rangers fired a lot of shots at the Calgary keeper last night but only got one by him. There is an old saying that you have to shoot to score. This is true, however getting the goalie moving side to side improves the chances of getting the disc behind the netminder.

    A low percentage shot isn’t always a players best option . If a team mate is in a better scoring position and a player can get the puck to him the chances of lighting the lamp will improve.

    • Last night’s shooting reminded me of 8 year old soccer. One little goalie standing in front of a large net, and invariably, most shots go directly to the goalie. We couldn’t hit a top corner if our life depended on it.

      • that’s because they’re looking at him, and they know this. you look at the space… where you look is where it goes (def at NHL level anyway)

  • A lot of positives to come out of last night’s game.

    We need to remember that, as hard as it is, this season is not about wins and losses. It’s about building a new structure and identity for the future.
    Last night we saw a pressuring, relentless, forecheck that was, at times, suffocating. I do not miss one second of the last few years watching the Rangers allow the Offensive rush skate into our zone with zero pressure and allowing the other team to freely setup their offense.
    Last Night we saw what is hopefully the start of Buch and Names understanding what Quinn is looking for out of them, going hard for pucks and working hard to keep possession and moving the puck.
    Chytil was a force all night, but like most of the team seems snake bitten finding the open spots around the goalie.

    Our biggest problem, as we have become all too accustomed to, is far too long of Ozone time for the other team and not having the ability to clear the puck at crucial moments. Is this a DZone scheme problem or personnel problem (my guess at this point is the latter)? That said, Defensive structure takes more time to learn and believe in because it takes a bigger trust in your teammates knowing where they will be and how they react to the offensive players moving.

  • The Rangers outplayed the Flames pretty severely last night. High quality chances were about 3 to 1. Most nights that would have been plenty good enough. Bad puck luck and the inability to finish resulted in a loss. The Flames converted more on their limited chances. And we don’t have any elite players like Johnny Hockey.

    Given that it’s a rebuild it actually was a pretty positive game, as frustrating as it was. And Buchenvich played really well finally so there’s that. Chytil had so many chances. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is sent down to regain his confidence and perhaps to not burn a year off his entry level status. He is definitely fighting it right now but the talent is evident.

  • amazing how every game tells us what we believed before the game started. Unfortunately, since most BSBers believe the same things, it is just a huge echo chamber.

    My thoughts on the season so far: Before yesterday’s game, Hank had a save percentage of .930. That put him eighth out of 30 tenders who had played 4+ games. That is very good. Yet opposing goalies like Hutton have stolen games against the Rangers. Has Hank regained elite status? not yet. Is he the problem with this team? certainly not.

    I am really excited about Filip Chityl. I hope he will win the Hart Trophy some day. Marc Staal is not the defenseman he once was and never will be again. I would much rather have Chityl on my team than Staal. However, today Marc Staal is a better hockey player than Chityl is; the future has not yet come. In fact, the big weakness in this team is not the defense – it is the forwards. Basically the Rangers are playing a second line, a third line, a fourth line and a fifth line.

    When it comes to defensemen, the PK is more important than the power play. There is little reason to use more than three defensemen on the power play. OTOH, one needs at least four on the PK and if one of those four commits a penalty, a fifth is needed. With Shattenkirk on the team, a key PP performer who does not play PK, you essentially only want to dress guys you trust on the PK. With Skjei and Pionk, you don’t need another PP defenseman. It appears Quinn does not trust ADA in his own end and so is not going to play him.

    Concerning DeAngelo, we knew two things before camp opened. DeAngelo could not be sent to Hartford because he would be lost to a waiver claim. DeAngelo would excite people at BSB enough to be convinced he should play.

    Finally, simple facts about statistics and hockey. PDO is much more important than possession stats. PDO computations are based on 10% of the data that possession stats are and are much less accurate, much more subject to regression to the mean. Based on eight games, PDO numbers are almost a joke, but one needs to understand what mean they will regret toward. If Derek Jeter were hitting .275 on a small sample set, you would not expect his average to go down just because his average is above average. You expect it to go up because he is Derek Jeter.

  • Seems like every novice goalie that debuts at MSG looks like Dryden/Sawchuk/Roy/ Parent…..WTF…….

  • We do not have an elite player or sniper that can scare the opposition….I believe Richter1994 has told me this like 100 times…….We have no pure finishers….We could have easily won that game last night…….even through my excruciating exposed nerve in my mouth issue………Tank should now be in full effect…….I am sorry, but it’s time to really explore trading or at least convincing Hank that he should go to a contender…..There has to be teams chomping at the bit for Hank….Hank is still playing at a high level..and it’s a shame that he has to waste the remaining years in a rebuild…..Note: Kreider is not untouchable…..and could also be part of the garage sale………..Trying to make playoffs and rebuild is not a good formula IMO…………

    • It’s a pipe dream that we can trade Hank for a number of reasons, including: his contract, his desire to stay, he’s the face of the franchise and it would require a team whose a serious playoff contender except for their weak goalie and lot’s of cap space to absorb whatever portion of Hank’s contract the Rangers don’t pick up. Just not going to happen.

      Also, the Rangers are never going to go into full tank mode. I suspect most who favor that don’t pay top dollar to attend the games. At last night’s game a number of fans were openly bitching about paying so much for the current product on ice. It would be a real slap in the face to go full tank and the resultant product. As is they are in full player development mode and there will likely be another trade off at the deadline. That should be good enough.

      BTW – I really don’t see any team outright tanking and the rules of the draft pecking order don’t really make it worthwhile to fully tank.

    • Right before he went down with the blood clot injury, Kreids was on the chopping block. I remember not seeing this name on the untouchable list when Brooks broke it out over the summer. I think fans are going to have to realize that contenders are going to want players who have some term left on their contracts. Teams like Boston, Dallas, LA and Anaheim may want to trade for him.

      • I doubt any player is untouchable at this point. Why would they be – we’re probably 4 years from being a Cup candidate at best. If a contender is willing to overpay (ie Boston for Nash last TD) why wouldn’t we trade Kreider, Skjei or anyone else. While I would hate to see them go if we are getting 1.50 on the dollar and obviously the return would be high draft picks and prospects I would say go for it. Sometimes teams will overpay at the TD to get their “missing link”.

        • I’m in the mood to see a blockbuster trade that could give this team a new core. I want to see a repeat from what Sather did to get Brass, J Moore and Dorsett. I’m willing to bet that JG is in the market to sell off combo’s like Kreider and whoever to get Quinn’s style of players. It would be sweet to take advantage of the desperate teams like Arizona or LA. Teams like that are in this win mode while they still suck. Selling them in separate trades to get a draft pick here and there is the wrong move. They need young names like Kravtsov to grow up with better established players.

          I wouldn’t expect Skjei to be available until late next season. He was apart of that small list of untouchables last summer and his clause won’t kick in for another two years.

  • Clean house and go into next years draft with 5 picks in the top 2 rounds. Then we have a shot at a stud or 3. Finishers! We need guys who can put the puck in the net. Make the trade for Panarin at this deadline.

    • If we clean house and get more 18/19 year olds why would Panarin want to come here. He will be 27 this month. He would then be spending all his prime years on a team in rebuild mode, not contending.

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