Some thoughts on a Sunday

Well the Rangers haven’t played in a bit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have random ramblings going on in my head. Let’s be real, my head is a dangerous place to be. They are in action tonight though, so here’s some thoughts to get you through to 7pm.

1. I am not overly concerned about the offense. I know the club isn’t scoring, but this team is too skilled to continue not scoring for this long. It seems that everyone is struggling to score at the same time, which is unfortunate but also not that uncommon. This will balance itself out over time.

2. As for the defensive zone play, the Rangers seem to be doing a better job at covering the home plate area. The system is going to take time to get used to, but at least we have an idea of what the coverage will look like. The Blueshirts will concede the outside shot and keep the middle covered. That’s Hockey 101, and fine by me.

3. Henrik Lundqvist has been outstanding to start the season. The Hank truthers will say all that matters is wins, but let’s be real, that doesn’t matter so much this season. Hank has shown his haters that he’s still an elite level goaltender in this league. His numbers will come back down to Earth eventually, and hopefully that coincides with the learning curve on the new system, so we won’t see too much of a drop off.

4. I like the competitive attitude of this team. It was something that appeared to be missing over the past two seasons or so. The Blueshirts will skate to the last whistle, and comebacks are becoming part of the norm. That’s a good quality for a young team.

5. As of now, this is the best situation for the Rangers. They are competitive, they are staying in games, but they are coming up just short for the most part. It instills a competitive nature in the kids, one where they don’t give up and still chase wins, but they don’t get points and get a higher pick. It’s a rebuilding year, so it’s tough to stomach that, but it really is the best case. So far.

6. This schedule to start the season has been weird. Back to backs and then no games for multiple days in a row. Just weird.

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  • All good and accurate takes Dave.

    I like the coach but I think he’s making a mistake with Chytil and Buch. They should be in set positions for at least the next 10 games, and should be assured of those spots, no matter what happens.

    I would also like to know the deal with DeAngelo. What he did or didn’t do to warrant no playing time at all for the last few games. Even Claesson got in because he sat for a while. Maybe it’s a behind the scenes type of thing? But DeAngelo seemed willing to do on the ice what he thought his coach expected of him.

    • Quinn- But he’s going to stay with those guys [Hayes and Zuccarello] and he’s going to continue to play . . . As long as he continues to put forth an effort, we’re going to let him play.

      The last sentence tells me that he wants to play there. There is a interview of Chytil talking about how he wants this move as well. He also mentions about how being a NHL centerman is alot of work. Sounds like JT Miller all over again. he said the same thing in the summer of 2014.

      • Could be the player’s preference, I guess. If so, then kudos to Quinn for accommodating.

        Miller is not anywhere near the skill level of Chytil, and I was a big Miller fan.

        • I was using the JT Miller reference because that’s exactly how he broke into the league. Plays center for most of his career and during his whole time in the AHL. All of a sudden he tells the press about how winger is not easy to play. That’s the exact playbook that Chytil seems to be using now.

          Thomas Hertl seems like a actual good comparison to use for Chytil’s game. I would never use a back to back 56 and 58 point player to compare a rookie with unless if the kid was borderline elite. We can only hope that he puts up JT’s number when he’s 24-25 years old.

          • Oh you were comparing situatioins, not players, gotcha, and yes that is true.

      • and that’s not even a great line composition. 3 guys who are set up guys. offense is just musical chairs until they bring new personnel in.

      • ADA is with his 3rd NHL franchise since being drafted. With the Rangers he has thus far been unable to crack the lineup with 2 fundamentally different coaches.

        Maybe he’s just not that good!

        • Maybe so, but why not find out by letting him sink or swim? What is it exactly do the Rangers have to lose by doing that this year?

          As far as I can see, he would not be replacing Karlsson and Hedman in the line up. And if he’s that bad, then waive him.

          But there’s the comedy in this, they don’t want to do that because they may lose him. So what is it? Either he’s that bad or he isn’t. I for one would rather not see McQuaid in the line up (Staal, we have no choice).

  • We played poorly against a bad Calgary team. We are not a good team this year. Lots of effort, but just not talented enough. The kids are okay, not great. Really could use a superstar.

  • One area that I think we have not discussed enough is the PK that has been absolutely torched. This despite a fantastic start from Hank who in the past carried that horrible group. Last year we finished in the top half, while this year we are in the bottom third. Of 28 GA, seven are on the PK! That is a pathetic figure.

    And since special teams often come down to coaching, and our best player is on the ice for the PK, that means that the coaching has done a horrible job with this group of players.

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