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Rangers suffer from Huttonitis in Buffalo

The Rangers went to Buffalo looking to get their first win of the season, but instead got a healthy dose of Conor Sheary and the revamped Buffalo forwards. The perennial bottom feeders looked pretty good last night, and a great performance from Carter Hutton certainly swung the pendulum in the Sabres’ favor.

As a whole, the Rangers didn’t play poorly. They had a few gaffes, neither at even strength, and they wound up in the back of their net. It happens. It’s all about the process this year. The gaffes were gaffes, but aside from that they played a pretty tight game.

Sabres 1, Rangers 0

Jimmy Vesey and Brady Skjei combine for the turnover along the boards, which immediately springs a 2-on-1. This time around, the 2-on-1 wound up in the Rangers’ net. It was a very well placed shot by Conor Sheary.

You can see here where Mika Zianejad and Neal Pionk both went to Jack Eichel, and he got past them both. After that, it’s a pure numbers game and it’s almost impossible to stop that pass to Sheary.

Sabres 2, Rangers 1

Nathan Beaulieu lost his stick on the rush, with created an unexpected chance for the Rangers. Eventually Brett Howden would set the screen for the Adam McQuaid shot. Howden’s screen led to a rebound, that he buried for his first NHL goal.

Sabres 3, Rangers 1

Eichel empty netter.

Game Flow

Buffalo came out flying in this game, and had a pretty strong control of the game early on. But by the end of the first and through most of the second, it was almost entirely Rangers. But again, gaffes are gaffes and they wind up in the back of your net. Mistakes will always be the difference in most games.

Shot Heatmap

For the second straight game, the Rangers have an issue on the left side of the ice. That’s the left side of the blue line down low. It’s only two games, but that’s two in a row with that issue. If it continues, then it’s a pattern.

The Rangers are back in action tomorrow in Carolina. They will be looking for their first win there, but at least these games have been competitive.

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  • 2 things really pissed me off last night…Chytil caught a BS head shot and NOBODY did anything about it…..When Chytil came back into the game Henrik yelled at him…thats BS

    • Firstly you have no idea what he was yelling about. That’s was after a looong shift and I’m sure hank didn’t like something he did.

      • You dont show up a 19 year old kid up or anyone on the ice….Henrik constantly has temper tantrums…Look at the Nashville game when Suban scored…He looked at Shattenkirk and shook his head

  • My thoughts : the more howden plays the more I like his game. ie, coach: play him more!

    This team lacks talent esp at scoring wings. That’s well documented. AV helped mask that by generating odd man rushes. Now you are seeing what happens with the cycle game and no real shooters: its tough to score goals. Not on 6-4 goalies anyway. – So even strength goals this season may be at a premium.

  • Why in heavens name are people complaining about Lundqvist after two excellent performances? He’s .933/2.0 and 0-2. He was telling Chytil he needs to get the puck deep at the end of a long shift or mistakes will happen. It’s a veteran telling a rookie what to do. You can call it “screaming” if you want to. It’s really called teaching and being a leader. It cracks me up that the same people who got on McDonagh and Step and Nash among others for not being fiery and passionate are all over Lundqvist for being just that. Hank has been really good these first 2 games. If they can start putting the puck in the net, this team will win some games.

    • You dont blow him up on camera…you find another way…Kid is 19…When was the last time a player broke his stick over the crossbar and glared at Henrik after giving up a goal? Henrik is a punk ….When he doesnt get his way…he reaches out to his boy Brooks…..

          • FYI

            Our friend Sittoo is a lady, be kind to her….She also happens to know her stuff!!!!!!!

          • Read this blog daily and for better or worse (more often) I’m a NYR fan for 48 years now. I read you posts and agree and disagree….a fans prerogative. The post on Sittoo, above, in my mind has been your finest so far, good job! This site has more GM and scouts in training and sometimes we forget we are all just cash paying fans.

      • Smart: Lundqvist yelling and educating a young player needs to be done in private.

        Smarter: Coaches yelling and educating on TV is great coaching and a positive change.

    • You’re arguing with trolls, Sittoo. These guys aren’t Ranger fans, they’re just here to stir up BS. I bet these guys have Brodeur jerseys on as they post.

      • Says you? The dude who bashes everyone? So if people don’t like Leaky this amounts to not being Ranger fans? HAH, ok then.

        He Sittoo
        Agreed Leaky has been good starting the season, credit where credit is due

        • Agreed Leather. The kids will get better and have to hope Hank can stay consistent. I am definitely concerned with the lack of finish by our top 6…

          • It’s 2 games into the Season….and this is news to you that we may have trouble scoring?

          • I never said Hank has played bad ( the shit from the point the first game was about his only fault ) . I just said the minimum wage back up goalie played a lot better seeing he faced twice the shots ( and yeah lots of high % shots along with a 3-0 )

    • You’re getting your shifts mixed up. Hank didn’t talk to him about that time Chytil didn’t get the puck deep.

      This was the first shift back from the head hit that he took. Chytil like always, was leaving the center open. It’s zone, there’s no reason why the center ice doesn’t have the protection of a center. The reaction of Hank was due to a guy who did a semi wrap around after a fail clear attempt by Chytil. Instead of reading the play, he went to pressure the puck carrier when he was about 3 o’clock from the net. That Sabre player got the puck off for a easy pass to slot that resulted in a point blank shot that Hank had to save.

  • Dont mind the losing…….as someone said before ”lose for hughes”……….BUT….. boy does this team miss JT Miller and Michael Grabner…………hard to replace 55-60 goals coming off the wing!!!!!! They should have been a part of the rebuild……
    Dave…..Great work on your goal/ game analysis…….

  • Young players are going to make mistakes, that part of the process. Its up to the coach to correct the players not the prima donna goalkeeper. Lundqvist has his bad nights and needs to remember that and shut his cakehole.

  • Good lord. The Lundqvist bashing is out of control and we are two games in to a season where he has been the best player on the ice by a country mile. Can’t wait to see what happens when he has a bad game. ?

    • Do you think it would be appropriate when Lundqvist let’s in a softie, that his teammates gather around his goalie crease and start screaming at him?

      Hockey is very much a team sport. Lundqvist is a very important part of the team but he is not bigger then the team. That is what fans are forgetting.

  • So, what’s the # of games that Henrik has a mental breakdown?

    That toe save was not of this earth and inhuman. Wow!!

    • That was a great save and he is a great goalie….BUT…when it counts he chokes and he never takes blame…and always shows up his teammates on the ice

      • lol, the benefit of having no expectations this season, is to read comments like this and laugh instead of getting mad.

        Can I ask you my friend? Do you believe this kind of stuff or are you just looking to get a rise out of people?

        • No sir my friend…I am a Ranger fan since I was in 1st grade….I love my Rangers but they don’t love me back lol….37 year dysfunctional relationship …I am a lose for Hughes guy tho

        • Can you tell me if Subans goal was a good goal or a save-able one? Yes, he is making great saves but also allows in weak ones.

          • Screened by Shatty Richter. Easy enough for the doubters to just look at the replay. Shatty and Quinn both mentioned it in postgame. Hank said Shatty tried to do the right thing by getting out of the way, but it was too late for him to pick it up.

        • He’s been a Ranger fan since 1980. He’s serious. You never question the moral superiority of anyone who whips out the “I’ve been a fan since….” argument. It’s the equivalent of the “My sandbox is better than yours” analysis.

          • lol haha No…just pointing to how long I have been around to backup what I say

          • I don’t get it John. One of the best goalies of all time and the criticism is incessant.

            He will make the all-time win list to what # this year? May make top 5 this year, maybe, lol.

          • Richter my friend I have a response that is awaiting moderation for some time….I am a Richter guy…best NYR goalie hands Down….He won us the Cup and he single handedly won the 96 WCOH

          • You see my name, Henrik is better than Richter and it’s not even close.

            But I am extremely appreciative of winning the Cup, because without Richter, the Rangers do not get past Game 6 of the Devs series, regardless of the “Messier guarantee” folklore.

          • Ah hold your horses on greatest of all time….let’s simmer down….good goalie…yes….eh…legend material….no

            he falls in the Luongo/Cujo/EspositoGiacomon category not Brodour/Roy/Dryden/Smith category

  • No way you can say Henrik is better than Richter when Richter was the guy that got it done…Look at Richters pads….look at the bad teams he was on after the Cup….Richter has a 41-33 career playoff record

  • This was my comment that is still awaiting moderation
    No sir my friend…I am a Ranger fan since I was in 1st grade….I love my Rangers but they don’t love me back lol….37 year dysfunctional relationship …I am a lose for Hughes guy tho

  • I went to the Lightning opener and I didn’t see the game so I thought I would check in here and see what happened.

    I read 72 comments about the 2nd game of the year and in my honest opinion there was a whole lot of petty whining and bickering amongst each other and little of the usual intellectual hockey banter that I personally turn to this site to participate in.

    It actually sounds a lot like the US Senate this week. And I know all you all probably still like beer.

    Folks, it is October 7th – The makeover, the rebuild, the whatever it is, takes time. There is still a lot of sorting out to be done, a new system to be learned, new players to assimilate, and a new coach to understand.

    But, there is new blood in the organization and seemingly a new way of doing things. Looking forward, there is also another important trade deadline to get frenzied up about with an opportunity to assemble even more youth and/or picks, an exciting UFA, Panarin, who may actually want to come here, and then the Hughes draft.

    Guys (and gals) – It is going to be a long year. Maybe a VERY long year. I adjusted my expectations for this season to the point where if you get 60 minutes of solid effort then, win or lose – it’s a good night. I am going to sit back and enjoy the experience of this year and what is to come in a “glass half-full” kind of way. Some of you may want to consider doing the same.

    Turning this thing over to the kids to get them experience, losing enough games to land our own lottery pick and figuring out a way to get the Sens pick from the AV’s will make this an exciting season for me. And if by some chance the ping pong ball bounces the right way then Hughes could be the prize.

    As Brian Wilson once said” wouldn’t that be nice”….

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