The David Quinn era begins

For the first time in five years, the Rangers will have a new coach behind the bench. Alain Vigneault was let go at the end of last year’s train wreck, which capped a fire sale and a letter to the fans stating the organization’s intent to rebuild from the ground up. That meant stockpiling youth, generating from within, and learning from mistakes. In came David Quinn, and his job will be to guide the youth.

There’s a good amount of youth on this team too. There are five kids on this roster today who weren’t on the opening night roster last year. Yes, I’m including Tony DeAngelo in that count. There’s two promising talents who are looking to take the next step into top pairing/line billing. There’s a pair of potential elite level talent kids looking to show why the Rangers have invested so much into them.

That doesn’t even include the deadline acquisitions and kids sitting in Hartford, waiting for an injury to get their first chance. Quinn will be in charge of allowing these kids to play, guiding them to be better NHLers and helping them realize their potential.

It should be a stark contrast from the Vigneault era. That was a win-now team where mistakes were costly and learning took a back seat to competing for a Cup. Winning is still the goal, but it isn’t the only goal now. Turning these kids into a team that will win in the future is the primary goal now.

That new direction is the first time in recent memory the Blueshirts will be headed into an open rebuild. The 2004 fire sale was the first time I remember seeing something like that, but then a pair of Swedes and a pair of Czechs changed that direction in 2006. It wasn’t an extended rebuild. On what we are about to embark is just that, and it will take time.

I, for one, am excited about the new direction. It’s something I’ve never experienced as a Ranger fan. I’m petrified they are going to screw this up, but I’m excited for the possibilities it can bring. One of the five first rounders the past two years is already on the team. The second is just waiting for a top-nine spot to open up (spoiler alert: it will before the new year). Three more are waiting in the wings. A Russian invasion is coming with two elite level prospects.

The David Quinn era is upon us. It’s going to be a bumpy ride for the first few years. But should it work out, the outlook is very positive.

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  • No offense Coach Quinn, but I hope that you have the most losses in the league this year.


    Then in 2019-20: Jack Hughes, Panarin, and a quality D man are added to what we already have (meaning the young players) to make the Rangers a Cup contender.

    Sound like a plan?

    • I don’t think Panarin would be available after he’s traded. The same could be said for Mark Stone on not wanting to play on a rebuilding team. I feel like Tampa will make a Panarin trade work somehow in mid Januray.

  • Knowing that we are a young team, probably won’t make the PO’s, I’m still so stoked about this team. This process may be two, or more years to complete, but when we get there we will be happy for years to come.

    On a side note, and this is directed to E3, what happened to your HOF coach, who is still unemployed? I recall him stating that there would be a line of GM’s looking to hire the guy!!!!

    Good luck to coach Quinn, and the NYR………..

  • This rebuilld was LONG overdue. I am looking forward to a Ranger team that has a new attitude which starts with a new head coach.
    I’m fine with the growing pains. For once this team seems to have a plan that doesn’t incorporate, ‘kick the can down the road’ mentality.
    All I ask for is 100% effort by every player, every shift.
    A team that actually sticks up for each other.
    A team that now isn’t playing scared. Scared of the head coach sitting a guy for taking a penalty.
    A team that now FINALLY has a head coach that is actually engaged. Engaged behind the bench AND in the locker room.

    This will be a fun team to watch. Mistakes, absolutely, but those mistakes will be looked at as a learning experience by a head coach who knows how to teach.

    Lets Go Rangers.

  • I’ve been excited about opening night ever since the end of last season. That is a heck of a long time to have had to wait!

    It is going to be an incredibly interesting season. I hope everyone enjoys it.

  • Are we gonna trade someone at the deadline to a team that will leave us with the 30th pick again?

        • I think we make our moves a week or 2 before the deadline. This may pull in another team or 2 that feel they are close. Either way we need to gather up 1st and 2nd round picks. And please, draft wingers early and defenseman and goalies later next draft.

          If you pencil in Andersson as a Center and Kravsov as a winger come February (or at worst next year), some bodies need to move out.

          • Yep Sal…I want to see JG get the best deal he can …preferably to teams that are on the bubble and get ready made young NHL ers and #1’s in return

          • They need to earn that spot, there’s no such thing as pencil in on professional sports teams. This is why so many fans ( prob yourself included ) are still in disiblief because you all thought that Chytil, Howden and Andersson were going to start the season out as NYR’s. It’s less than 24 hours until game time. I admire your belief in the whole youth movement as if we we’re still in July with the idea of trading a vet to make room for a rookie. The coach has already told the public about having to earn your way onto this team. If the Rangers are healthy and doing really well within rankings, than mark my words, Andersson will not be a called up until a major injury happens or when the team needs body’s for the playoffs. If he’s struggling in the first place than do you really think that they would still bring him up? Call Smith about what happens when you’re not doing a good job in the AHL

          • Do you really think Andersson & Hayes have the same “earning potential” when it comes to future playing time with the big club? I thing Hayes plays his way off the team, and an average Andersson is a center on this team by January. If not, then the GM just made himself look stupid.

          • Andersson didn’t struggle at all during his short stint with Hartford last season. I rather doubt we will see him struggle there this year. However, I doubt he will be called up early barring an injury, a trade, or struggles by Chytil or Howden. I don’t think that will happen either. Lias will get a lot of time playing major minutes with the Wolfpack probably most of the season.

          • Sal, what does Hayes playing himself off this team mean?

            Are you secretly wishing that he plays so well that they don’t resign because 200 ft 6’5 center’s grow on tree’s in heavy DZ deployments? If that’s the case than I could grab enough quotes from the management and Quinn letting it be known that Hayes will have a great chance at a extension on this team (hence why he never traded him) if he meets expectations. So much that Quinn gave even a hint that someone like Hayes just needs to score 25 goals again on his prove contract. JG has even let out all of his leverage by telling the hockey world that he has enough $$ to come back to a Hayes resign and move onto whatever else needs shoring up. It’s one thing if everyone knows you’re good with money but when a GM that openly admits it and resigning his FA than that tells me something else.

            Or else you think Hayes is going to crap the bed with his bigger role on the team now? As if he can’t break 50+ points now because he’s already a 45-49 point player in a shutdown role with next to no PP minutes and only 14 minutes to spare while having a much better 5v5 rate than the rest of the forwards on this team. A small % of cutting down on his DZ draws and going back to being a shorthanded threat will turn him into a 55+ player. If he falter’s than I could see JG still wanting to resign him as long as he brings down his price.

          • Mint

            Hayes is yesterday’s news. We are rebuilding and a $6M 2C is NOT what we need. They don’t grow on trees, but they do grow in Hartford. He is going to show value this year, enough to get him moved outta here. Chytil, Howden and Andersson are our future.

            Even you should understand that money needs to be spent on an elite scorer when we already are deep in good (not great) centers. If Hayes, Zucc and Spooner turn into a first, 2 second round picks and money for Panarin, I am all in for that.

            We also buy out Staal so Tony D gets a real shot. Youth must be served!

          • If Hayes, Zucc, and Spooner turn into only a first (presumably late, since as covered above lottery teams aren’t usually all-in on the mid-season trade market and all) and two seconds, Jeff Gorton needs to be strapped to a rocket, with said rocket then being fired into the sun.

  • I will be focusing on Howden and Chytil, I think Howden’s progress and overall game may have an effect on Hayes’s future in NY.

  • I am excited about seeing the difference in coaching philosophy, structure, positioning of players….and everything else that comes along with the new coach…….The big difference is that Ranger fans are not used to this sort of thing called “REBUILD”, and many fans are clearly not happy……We clearly needed to infuse the team with youth and although we seem not to have a clear cut bonafide elite youngster just yet……he could very well be in the pipeline….so I end this post with this……LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t know if its me but its opening night and part of me feels the season is ended. Almost like for us the off season was the season and now that is just ended. deadline deals, draft, summer trades, free gent signings, and camp. This season is like a an extended development camp and I’m waiting to see how the young players play.. Looking forward to the next trade deadline already – crazy.

        • Kravtsov has scored 10% of his team’s goals and posted 7.5% of his team’s points. That’s pretty good for an 18 year old playing in a men’s league.

          Also, based on early results, Traktor seems to be one of the worst teams in the KHL this season.

          Maybe we’ll see Kravtsov in NY by March assuming his team continues their poor play and they miss the KHL playoffs.

        • Traktor’s defense has been getting pummeled … not to mention their d’men are having a lot of trouble moving the puck out of their zone. If you look at any of the vids of Kravtsov this season you would clearly see just how dangerous he is.

  • I expect I’ll enjoy this season. I like watching young teams develop. I watched a ton of Blue Jackets games two seasons ago and that was a lot of fun. I expect it to be even more fun watching the Rangers build a good young team. I got to see the Rangers win a Stanley Cup and if they never win another, I’ll die happy, but I’ll die a lot happier if this rebuild allows me to see another before my days are done. LGR!

  • I don’t understand how you get five? Technically, there are four kids who weren’t on the roster. But then neither Chityl nor DeAngelo actually stuck. So you could count both those I suppose, but count DeAngelo and not Chityl??

  • Not sure I’ve ever been so pumped for a season predicted to be bad. I’m loving this new direction… and I have to say that Mr. Quinn has been very impressive thus far. I like his approach, I like his demeanor, the attitude, all of it. I can see why he got the job. He looking to lead and the team seems like they’re looking to be lead.

    It’s day 1… I think this team will definitely out-perform these initial expectations. And looking forward to watching this whole group grow through this together.


  • Its early but so far so good with Quinn’s team defense approach. However, once the puck drops it will be trial by fire for the rookie NHL coach. He does have Ruffs experience behind the bench to help him along and that’s a good thing. As every team has their own style of play and adjustments may have to be made through out the game.

    There has been much criticism regarding the Rangers veteran defensemen. Those in the peanut gallery should of been watching the Caps pick apart Bostons young defencemen last night. Boston definately could of used McQuaid last night, even old red beard would of been an upgrade.

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