Lias Andersson among final round of cuts; Brett Howden makes team

The Rangers have announced their next round of cuts, and the big name is Lias Andersson being returned to Hartford.

The rest of the players sent down aren’t overly surprising, but Andersson had a relatively strong preseason and was penciled into the starting lineup. Remember though, this season isn’t about rushing the prospects. He will be back, and this is not a move in the wrong direction for him.

Another surprise: Brett Howden made the club over Andersson. Good for him. He also had a very strong camp.

Matt Beleskey, Boo Nieves, and Brandon Crawley are still with the club due to injury. A team cannot waive/demote a player who is injured. Here is your final roster:

The Rangers have a very good forward group. Also, as expected, the Rangers are keeping eight defensemen for the time being.

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  • I would have preferred them keeping 14 forwards and 7 defensemen, thereby keeping Andersson with the big club, or waiving McLeod if they only want 13 forwards. However, I cannot quibble too much with the decisions.

    Looks like a pretty good lineup to me.

    • As I told Ritcher1994 when he thought Hayes would be the main clog at center. It’s not going to be him that’s going to keep Andersson in the AHL. It’s going to be Howden who should end up being the better center in the near future.

      Let’s just look at some facts here, Andersson body of work hasn’t been very good at all, always losing board battles and his 1v1’s. I know he scored two quick goals in game 1 but Mcleod from NJD’s was running circles around him in both games in each zone as a the other center. Than you have Vesey who had his best game next to Howden, vice versa (chemistry). He looked pretty bad when he had Andersson as his cente, which was probably a huge factor in this decision. Zucc looked pretty bad next to him in that 3rd game as well as a couple of other names. I think the huge tell tale sign was during one of Quinn’s post games about him after that 2 goal game. In a gentle way he basically said his game was crap until the first pre season. He iced it over after that by calling those goals opportunist chances which they were.

      • I am thoroughly unimpressed with your analysis of Andersson.

        I have no problem with Howden making the club. I think he deserves to be there. Possibly ahead of Andersson. I would have preferred Andersson making the club and the Rangers ridding themselves of McLeod who is dead wood on skates.

        • It’s the truth dude, his 200 ft game was lacking. My “impression” shouldn’t make you feel a certain way. Drury’s a old time certer, I’m sure he had a huge say in this due to Andersson’s body of work. You just gotta do the old shake and bake in the NZ and than you could easily get around Mr. Andersson. I’m more unimpressed with your impression of the truth but whatev’s. I’m just making light to why he’s in the AHL right now. Sorry but I don’t buy the Cody McLeod Kool-Aid narrative, that’s a 4th line winger vs a bottom 6 center who could play on the special team, channel your energy on someone else. Quinn? Or is it to early for that?

          Btw the Quinn talk wasn’t a opinion, it was a fact along with player’s like Vesey and Zucc having bad games next to him.

          • Of course not because they don’t lineup with yours. When you have to break out the >McLeod card than you know you’re in the wrong.

          • Town, I’d say the jury is still out on that. I think he has better hands than Lindberg. Lias is only turning 20 in October, so there is ample time for him to develop, or fail to develop, before making a final judgment.

            I am just not as quick as others to think I’ve seen all I need to know about a player. You may end up being right, but in my opinion it is premature to say that stuff.

            I think Howden looked good and deserved to make the team. We will see what happens with Andersson.

      • Bro, my take:

        Zib – More talented than Hayes, locked in contract wise at a reasonable cap hit, higher ceiling than Hayes, and stays despite his injury risk.

        Chytil – 2nd line center, get used to the idea.

        Andersson – 3rd line center, Rangers FO loves him, and thinks of him as a possible Captain one day. They want him to get big minutes in Hartford as opposed to possibly struggling in the NHL to start.

        Howden – They like his gritty game that suits for a 4th line and 13ish minutes per game. Plays 200 feet of the ice and adds offense and skill. He will probably be in this spot for a long time unless he breaks out in some way.

        Hayes – Gone by the trade deadline fr nice haul to a contender who can use a guy like Kevin. Maybe out west, San Jose, who are going for it this year.

        • Brotha I don’t have to get use to anything so I’m not quite sure what that has to do with any of this? I used your name because we have had this conversation a quite of few times over the summer months. I wanted to show that Andersson and Hayes are in a different sequences in terms of roles and team play. I always knew that it was going to be between Howden and Andersson after the two vet centers and Chytil.

          Hayes is the 2c and Chytil is the 3c and that’s fact so again I’m not quite sure what you meant by that. I would get behind that sooner or later because I think now there could be a strong possibility that he be on Hayes flank for the 2nd line. The lines have already be scratched in by the official NYR accounts.

          If your wish get’s granted than you must be secretly wishing that Hayes would fail miserably. I doubt it and now he’ll be put into a position to put up more points during the 5v5, PP and OT. It doesn’t help your case that JG has had interviews of his contract extension and still wanting to extend him. I’m going to go with the obvious and the evidence of coach Quinn calling it a prove it contract.

          • Again, this is not about now or 2 months from now or even 3 months from now. It’s about next season and moving forward.

            Just a guess but not talking extension relating to Hayes would lower his trade value, so of course they’re talking him up.

            Another guess, when it comes to contract terms, I am willing to bet the ole “we’re not giving out NMCs” will be the deal breaker. Remember Hayes would not play for the Hawks because things were not his way. Same will happen here.

            Giving $6M+ per to a player that doesn’t hit 60 pts regularly is going back to old foolish contract ways. At least they were smart enough not to be the team that gave McD that contract that starts AFTER this season.

          • Lol I figured you were talking about the future, I still don’t see how it could line up your way.

            Yeah I’m not seeing the correlation of Hayes and the Hawks thing about this topic. He did come out about how the decision was based off one of his parents getting sick with cancer so he wanted to be closer to home( matched out). I highly doubt the old Boston boy club of JG, Drury and now his ex coach from Boston and than a family friend Quinn are looking at him as a problem child at the negotiation table. Brian Boyle another Boston alumi and ex NYR helped get him to sign here as a center. The former GM, Sather loved him so much that he was making inside jokes with the press that Jimmy Hayes was next to sign here lol. I think breaking into the league as the best 3c while learning center on the fly made his future more secured as a NYR but yo each there own.

            The FO has liked him since the first day and going by the rumors and his 1 year deal, he already turned down their offer. Which most likely would have paid him a few million higher than Zib. The fact that they’re still talking about wanting him here long term did zero justice in the trade market. Let’s also add that JG did this interview at a famous golf tournament that got published by the NHL website. Zero face value, and if anything it hurt the trade market for him at maximum exposure. He played his role as well and got to quote their idea’s of resigning him while he tells the world “NYR for life” which sealed his trade value.

            Both sides are in cahoots with a long term deal. They will meet him towards more of what he wanted to sign give or take. Quinn’s interview revealed certain info on it’s own. He straight up gave up the jig that Hayes just needed to score another 25 goals, not 40 in this prove it contract.

            As I told you all last season and in the summer months, we’ll see what happens.

          • Gives us something to talk about, and it’s fun for us to speculate what may happen.

            I will tell you this, I’m willing to wait and see how this all plays out between now and next season, but if Hayes is given a 6 yr, $40M contract, then I will be depressed and realize that this “plan” was a sham.

            The Rangers already have one big matzah ball out there with Skjei, many questioning that contract (I think it was the right thing to do BTW). But Brady still has to live up to it also. Yet to be determined.

            Hard cap demands value in every contract, even the waste of a mere $750K for McLeod.

          • I really don’t think Hayes is a done deal either way. I would not use an arbitrary 60 point line. It’s about total contribution. If you can stop McDavid and Crosby and Ovechkin, 30 points are fine with me. I do agree though that an NMC may be a deal breaker for the Rangers.

            I think Zibanejad is an extraordinary talent, but he has never made it as an extraordinary hockey player. He is a #2 center and, while he does have a higher ceiling than Hayes, he likely will never equal Hayes.

            I will be very disappointed if Chityl does not surpass Zbad. I think he can be an elite player.

          • Simple facts, Hayes has not cracked 50 pts yet. Not once. 25 goals last year, but 44 pts.

            So Hayes gets 60 pts this year, career high by far, and you give him $6M+ per for 6/7 years?

            Another simple fact, Evander Kane has hit 50+ pts twice in his career, not coincidentally in years that he’s playing for a contract, and got $7M per for that “production.” A laughable contract.

            You giving that to Hayes after one year at 60 pts, IF Kevin gets that amount of pts? Because if I were Hayes’ agent, that’s the contract that I would compare to.

            No way I would do that. And it’s the stupidity of these NHL GMs that give out these ridiculous contracts that allows FAs to say to their teams, “this is what I want because so and so established my market value.”

            No way the Rangers do that and if they do, then I have lost complete faith in this “rebuild.”

        • I will tell you this, it sure is nice to see some Organizational depth for a change.

          I am good with “Lose for Hughes”, But things may not be as bleak as once thought.

          • Depth is a wonderful thing my friend, unless you have 75% of your players that are bottom 6 and bottom pair players in comparison to the rest of the league.

            I’m not saying that this is the case here, but lets predict where the Rangers are, not counting the goalies:

            Elite players: None
            Just below elite players: Zib, Shatty
            Very good players: Kreider, Zuc, Hayes
            Good players: Buch, Spooner, Names, Skjei, Fast
            Average: Vesey, Smith (not counting last year)
            Bad: Staal, McQuaid, McLeod, Claesson (he actually can be useful though)
            Too soon to tell: Chytil, Howden, Lettieri, Pionk, DeAngelo

            Even if the young players pan out, there needs to be an infusion of high end skill. This is where a guy like Panarin can help make a difference. I wold rather give the money to him than to Hayes.

          • Absolutely agree – nothing elite at this point.

            Last year at this time there was no elite talent, no high-end potential talent, and a horrible team in Hartford so it at least trending in the right direction for the first time in a decade or so.

            Still a long way to go but it is a process and rarely does it take less than one season to turn it around.

            I’m all in on Panarin – we can’t miss on that.

            Never been a big Hayes fan but everyone gets a clean slate to start the Quinn era and we make decisions at the trade deadline.

            This years deadline may turn out to be more important than last years with Hayes, Zuuc ?, Spooner, Vlad etc. and some youth depth to add to a package.

            IMO the goal should be the Sens #1 from the Avs. So here’s to hoping the Avs have a good year and we can pony up enough to get that lottery pick and our own for the “lose for Hughes” sweepstakes.

          • I like Hayes a lot, I just don’t want to give him a contract that will pay him $6M+ per, even if he gets 70 pts this year.

            E. Kane got $7M per for hitting 50 pts twice in his career, not coincidentally when he was playing for a contract for the next year.


  • Knew it!!! All my underrated player’s made it ( Lettieri, Pionk, Howden ) and I’m going to add Beleskey as well. You would have been shocked to see how many times I had stand up for those 3 over the summer. I had Ville making the cut also but unfortunately he didn’t impress enough in the pre season or had a equal shot because he only played in 2 games I think.

    All in all I can’t say I’m dissapointed because this was about 95% of what I expected. Lettieri > Vesey / Skjei < Pionk

  • No complaints as long as McLeod, Staal and Claeson are nibbling on snacks in the Green Room prior to games.

  • As far as Lias is concerned, I guess scoring goals, tenacious back checking and forechecking, winning face offs and mixing it up with opponents isn’t good enough to make this squad. Interesting.

    • Examples of these backecks and forechecks? Lettieri was certainly doing all of that but that was a 360 difference in what Andersson 200 ft game was about. He was always on the wrong side of the puck during the forecheck. In that last Isle game, the Barzal line would constantly push the puck up the middle with a tap pass to a guy infront of the net than back to the center while Andersson was still behind the net. Trust I saw all of this 24/7, it gave me vivid memories of when Rupp use to try and forecheck back in 2012. Than his one altercation came from pushing a guy into the boards. He didn’t mix anything up until he was in the NZ thinking he was a winger after getting burned and leaving the center ice exposed. I would love to hear some of your examples because right now all you’re sounding like is a profile description.

      • Lias had his moments, both good and bad, maybe the bad outweighed the good. But his game didn’t lack for hustle on both the forecheck and back check. You seemingly strive for total validation of all of your points. Anyone can take any Ranger during this pre-season and find some negativity in their game and ride that horse til it drops. Small sample size, for one, and Lias had some game this pre-season… he wasn’t as dreadful as you make him appear.

        • You can’t come in here using words like “tenacious” and than revert back to good and bad moments which could be identified by the best of the best in any sport really. Crosby and Malkin have had good and bad moments but they’re overall work is elite. It’s the obvious backup line when someone questions your opinions about wanting to see a example of that “tenacious” play.

          Andersson scored on two opportunistic chances but after that he either was more quiet or just not good enough. He got opened up on the PK for open lane shots that other teams could walk into the high slot with. He never even had a active stick for that matter. That was pretty much his entire pre season game in the DZ. I wouldn’t describe my description of him as “dreadful”, more like not ready for the big show compared to other young bucks. The way you describe him is almost a copy and past from his scouting report and I just can’t get behind that because it wasn’t true.

          • I did use the word “tenacious” … so what? Let’s take that and make a federal case out of it too. But you made your point… again. Feel better now, Minty?

          • Yo is my Minty flavor getting to you? Read the warning label, don’t sip on to much cold water.

            Tenacious is a cool word when it can actually be described as a certain player’s characteristic. Andersson’s game was a expression of AHL bound. We will see who’s right when the time comes. Wait is it already October? I love hockey season.

          • “I love hockey season.”

            I think you love yourself more. And by judging your “likes” and “dislikes” you’re running a solo act on that one.

    • To be fair to all the Andersson lovers out there…who was the next center that got picked after him? And did he make that teams roster this year?

    • You’re taking the view that sending Andersson down makes him an unimportant player for the Rangers’ future.

      When in fact the Rangers view him as a very important player long-term and they want him to get big minutes in Hartford to hone his skills.

      This is a positive move for Andersson and the Rangers, not a negative one on the player.

      • It’s pretty black and white on what this move meant for Lias and Brett. Nobody here called him unimportant but I think a decent chunk of the fanbase can see that he didn’t earn a spot because the obvious of Chytil and Howden playing better than him throughout camp.

        Quinn” I thought he had his best day of development camp, TC and training camp last night”. That was in the press after Lias 1st pre season game. That line is important because it means that Lias doesn’t impress him a whole lot at the moment to face against NHL competition.

        Quinn on Howden ” great camp” “best forward in TC”. Sorry man but one guy impressed and the other one didn’t, Howden could have easily been the one to see quality minutes in the minors but obviously he was alot better than that. If the rookies move up in the near future due to injuries than you can bank on Andersson as the 4c, but as of today he needs to shore up his 200 ft game. It sure is a positive that now he can get some more conditioning.

        • You know why Andersson was sent down? Because there Lias will play 5 on 5, PP, and PK minutes, 15+ minutes per game. Meaning all situation minutes.

          You know what Howden will play here? Maybe 10-12 minutes of 5 on 5 time.

          See the difference?

          • Dude I just broke down two telling you quotes about each player from Quinn, very detail stuff. It’s plain and simple Andersson didn’t impress him enough to remain up here with the team. I never thought that he would get much of any PP time to begin with but maybe when Howden get’s put on there, the picture than will become much clearer. That’s just a narrative of turning AHL into a majestic top minute league. It could have been anyone after Chytil but Quinn and JG made it clear that Lias needs the conditioning so it was him.

            Let’s just say Zib get’s taken out by his annual seasonal injury. We all know that Hayes and Chytil will move up in the lineup. Do you think the fresh AHL player will move up in the 3c role and automatically take a role on the PP? No and I rest my case with that, at best Andersson would see scraps on the PK in case of a emergency. He’s behind the eightball while Howden learns how to play against NHL talent and be on the special teams.

          • You are missing the point. Sometimes it is critical to gloat early as the future may turn against you.

  • In case anyone missed it, Crawley was not sent down because he is hurt – in the group with Beleskey and Nieves.

    • Great news that Crawley wasn’t sent back to the Jr’s. There’s been mass confusion around the web with people claiming that the Rangers cut him two games ago to go back to his his old Jr team. I didn’t see it but I know Quinn really liked him and I enjoyed his agitation ways. He reminded me a bit of Brandon Manning on certain shifts. Happy to hear that he’s AHL bound, we need culture down there.

  • We will see players come and go this season….Lars will be up at some point…injuries unfortunately will occur…..Howden I like a lot….Chytil…..Pionk….this is a year of transition and casting……..Many Ranger fans not happy with this rebuild thing….but hey…..I look at it this way…no more bubble gum softie team…..Quinn runs an efficient team……so this will be a year where I will not scream and holler…but observe…….

  • A little disappointed with the Lias demotion, but mostly ok with it. Coach Quinn if he is good for his words prizes talented play over pedigree or favoring veterans for the same of them just being around longer.

    We have some FA’s that the team must have believed in before signing so some players will not have to earn the spot they have been gifted, they will either play up to the spot or get moved aside for some kids like Lias to step up.

    There is no excuse for Mcleod, he always seems a step behind the play and has his back facing the wrong way whenever there are altercations on the ice unless he is out roving for a fight.

    • Mcleod reminds me of Tanner glass……..step behind, willing to fight but not good at it……..yet remains on the roster???????/
      If the desire is for an enforcer, someone suggested former number one draft choice Chris Stewart who can play and fight…….

      Belesky should be in before McLeod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Love Vesey and Howden……..but the regular season is a different animal…….

      • Agreed, I have written the same reviews of Glass. McLeod is the D version of Glass, a step slow, always turning away from the fights he should be having, and barrelling into the fights he should be avoiding.

      • RICH S, pay no attention to the thumbs down’s, your comments are spot on..McLeod is a washed up enforcer who even non fighters do not mind tangling with..Chris Stewart all day long. Thank the Good Lord we got McQuaid, he will keep the opposition honest!!. He needs to be our 5th/6th D-Man and play every night. The guy might be the most devastating puncher in the NHL, but more than that , he will clear the crease, throw some thunderous checks, and give our skill players protection that was non-existing during the last 2 years of AV’s tenor.

        • Bobby B…….
          Thumbs down means they love me !!!! Ha Ha Ha
          Yup……wanted McQuaid last year instead of O’Gara…
          With him and Smith we have some physicality back on D…..not quite beck, hospodar and kotsoupolis buts its not 1980….
          What do you think of Belesky?
          Like the quick, aggressive style of play this preseason by many youngsters…. like howden, litteri, vesey, anderson….etc
          Lets see if they can carry it through the season……
          Chris Stewart would have looked good in a rangers uniform….Dont know what they think McCleod can do …..

      • Clearly there are issues with Stewart. Talent-wise he’s better than a number of the 4th liners in the NHL and yet he bounces from team to team and this year bounced right out of the League (7 teams in 10 years I believe). I don’t know what the specific problem is, but more than likely he’s been blackballed for some infraction of the unwritten NHL team behavior code.

        Re: McLeod and Tanner Glass, they seem to be universally considered good teammates … maybe Stewart isn’t.

  • McLeod is the only blemish on this roster, but I say that only in reference to the fact that it forced Lias down to Hartford … I also think that if the numbers/waivers were different, then Hajek might have made the team over someone like Claesson. I foresee a small trade or two within the first 30 games or so (barring injuries) to open up a space for Lias.

    • Unless Howden and Anderson are in the lineup every day it makes no sense to carry either as a 13th forward. ZERO!

      • Really ‘thumbs down’ guys?!?! At least have the b*lls to tell this forum why you think putting a highly touted kid that age in the press box on a rebuilding team makes sense?

        • I was thinking about going back to find some old comments over the summer. It would expose some folks about how they assumed that Andersson would have 110% needed to play center and not on a 4th line role. They weren’t downvoting you because of the chance of him sitting in the press box. They were just so fixated on Andersson being on the open night roster. Now 9 mins a night on the 4th line wing instead of McLeod sounded alot better than Andersson brushing up his game in the AHL with top line minutes.

        • I gave you thumbs up. I agree that there’s no point carrying too many young players only to see them sit out stretches of games or get 8-9 minutes a night (like McLeod will get). That said, he had a better camp than a few of the more established players, not just better than McLeod.

    • Wow – that was a bit of a surprise seeing Lias to Hartford, but I must say, I give the Rangers a lot of credit for having the “cojones” to do that. Good for them. I was very impressed with Libor and Brett – those two will be top players in this league, and we have not seen the last of Lias – he’ll be back. As I said earlier, I do believe some minor moves will be done though the waiver period.

    • Chris Stewart just recently signed a contract to play in the KHL.

      But it was better to have McLeod (sarcasm).

      • Just throwing this out there Richter, but with all the moves Stewart has gone through in his career there must be something else going on … he’s more talented than a number of the players that are making NHL rosters today.

        • I don’t disagree pal, there has been “stuff” out there that Stewart is a “head case,” no question about it, and I agree with you.

          But it’s for one year. It’s a stop gap, to have someone protect the kids. He’s a much better player and much better fighter than McLeod, who really needs to retire before he gets seriously hurt.

  • I don’t mind sending Anderson down to play big minutes, maybe Howden should have gone too. I’m confused about Crawley who to me came out of nowhere and looked good. Is he with the team is he going somewhere?

  • Andersson my not see NHL ice again until the trade deadline. I think even guys like Belesky and Boo are ahead of him on the roster.

    We will need Gorton to hit a home run with Kravsov next year.

    • Vilardi is 18 years old and has missed time with a significant back injury already, and Tippett was outscored by Lias Andersson in the preseason. Mittelstadt has zero points for Buffalo this preseason—in other words, he is pointless, just like you.

    • Vilardi is hurt and not skating with a back injury in LA, Lias Andersson outscored Tippett in the preseason, and Mittelstadt is pointless in the preseason for Buffalo. In other words, Lias has outperformed all three of the players you cited this preseason.

        • I’d argue that is a good thing for the Rangers because they now have a few good prospects at center where they have to make hard choices. Howden played well and he was a number 1 pick with Tampa Bay, so he is obviously a talented kid. Good for him.

          Before we saw Howden play we all assumed Lias would be among the centers on the NHL squad, but Howden beat him out for now. Someone had to go to Hartford. Lias will benefit from playing big minutes in Hartford and will likely end up with the big club at some point down the road.

          I am quite happy with Howden, Chytil, Liettieri and Pionk making the cut. I am happy that DeAngelo is going to get a shot. That is a whole slew of new blood in the lineup with more kids on the way.

          • Or maybe it also came down to the fact that Lias already has a few NHL games under his belt, so between him and Howden they figured it made some sense to see what Howden can do.

            The kid isn’t even 20, this doesn’t affect my opinion of him in any way at all. He’ll be back and he will be successful.

  • Regarding the Andersson/Howden situation, it could be as simple as they think Howden is closer to his ceiling at the moment than Andersson is, therefore in theory Howden would benefit less from big Hartford minutes than Andersson would. Or, perhaps they feel that Howden’s size makes him better equipped for a 4th line role in the NHL. Or, perhaps they have concerns that Lias hasn’t yet fully translated his game to the North American rink, and just needs more low pressure repetition to have the rink size feel natural to him. Or, perhaps they are simply taking the opportunity to see how Howden looks in NHL action when the games actually count, being as they’ve already seen Lias a bit last season. Etc. Either way, I don’t think anyone should take this as some sort of sign that they’ve lost all faith in him, or that he is a bust.

    • Isn’t all those things you just listed the definition of a bust? This is most likely going to be a lost year no matter what. So shouldn’t you play your cards and see over the course of a season what you really have?

      I mean Ty put up 60 goals in the junior league and he didn’t make it past the first cuts. So with Ty there is something there that just doesn’t translate to the NHL game.

      But Andersson looked good. No of these centers truly stood out in my eyes except andersson yet he was the one that got cut? He won alot draws, always seem to back checked. I mean obviously we are not seeing the whole picture as fans. So they obviously have given up hope on him.

      Cause playing against lesser talent isn’t exactly going to make him a super star.

      • Literally none of those things makes a player a bust. Sean Day, for example, isn’t even yet fully a bust, although he’s certainly running out of time, of course. 19 year old Lias Andersson has plenty of time. While it is natural to look at where he was picked and expect more, it isn’t his fault the Rangers reached on him. That said, don’t confuse me listing potential reasons for defending the decision – I’m just saying, it’s far from the end of the world and there could be any combo of reasons they went this way other than they think Lias had a bad preseason.

        • Whoa, Sean Day is effectively on the first day of his ELC. His stock may have gone down a little, but you don’t even think about writing him off anytime soon. The only new ELC subject to question is Lindqvist, because with these Swedish guys, they do terminate contracts and send them back to Sweden.

          • To clarify, I think Day ideally would have made a bit more progress in the organization than he has so far. Not sure how patient they will be with him, and they’ve traded for other defensemen already well ahead of him on the depth chart. But again, even he is far from a bust yet is what I was getting at. I worded it poorly to say “clock is ticking” without expanding more – he’s only 20. I just meant he’s had more development time on North American ice in pro leagues than Lias, but the results are coming along much more slowly than hoped for given his natural skill level, which not too long ago was considered among the very best in the world. My bad though – I didn’t mean to make it sound like he was gonna age out soon, but the brevity of the statement made it seem so.

        • Everyone wants to call out this card of the “franchise has his best interests in mind” …no offense but bullshit!

          If that truly is the case why place Andersson against lesser talent? (since the 7th overall bust fans think the world of him)

          When the great players come through the minors they don’t play against kids their age cause the powers that be have his best interest in mind. They play against superior talent/physical players to challenge them to learn and get even better. What better place to learn then on the NHL level even if it only is at say 9 minute intervals.

          Andersson is a bust. He can’t even be a 3rd/4th line center on a team with absolutely no veteran depth down the middle. How much longer are you guys going to hold onto this chump?

          I know like Dylan… when finally trade him for a bag of pucks then and only then will you lose faith.

          PS dylan is actually having a great preseason for detroit.

        • I will try to word this another way to maybe help you see my side.

          What and when do you consider the 7th overall pick a bust? At what juncture do franchises give up on player development and let the player walk? Should you wait til the player’s 25th birthday to finally declare he is not NHL capable? And trade him to florida for kampfer?

          At what point is he a bust? What are the indicators that the franchise is not happy with his development?

          His overall lack of production and playing time in international events doesn’t convince you, his inability to not make a nhl roster with only 2 proven centers and 2 other centers were chosen over him, or his childish reaction to winning the silver medal, or his overall lack of production while in the swedish elite league or in the ahl with us. None of these things tell you a story?

  • I really hope ADA has a amazing year! Gorton should be fired for that trade.

    That is why to this day I think that trade was totally a personal vendetta trade and done completely out of spite to Derek.

    ADA is a right handed defensemen…and seeing what Gorton gave up to get McQuaid who essentially was a salary cap dump puts a high value on right handed defensemen. So I can see ADA for stepan i guess. And a number 1 goalie for 7th overall pick ….i guess that really is fair.

    As far as what he did with that pick…oh boy that was a disaster. I was thoroughly impressed after the first game of this preseason with Andersson. But I guess what I saw was a abraation and not the norm. Cause again the 21st pick beat out the 7th to make the roster.

    I don’t care about McCleod he shouldn’t be on the team but now Howden also beat out our 7th overall pick. Can the front office stop over thinking the draft and just stick to the order that the scouting combine puts out there?

    I will say the only real surprise was Ronning for me. I really thought his grit and skill would have at least let him make it past the first cuts. I would have thought he would be a character guy but what do I know I am just a armchair GM.

  • Just to make this crystal clear, all you clamoring that Howden “beat out” Andersson cannot be more wrong.

    I’ve said it a million times that this year is a throw away year, it’s about development, and the Rangers decided what was best for Andersson, not what was best for Howden.

    • No, they did what was best for Howden AND what was best for Andersson. If Hartford was the ideal place for Howden, they could have gone with Peter Holland.

      • The point I was trying to make is that Andersson’s role with the Rangers is high on the FO’s list of priorities, so this is not a demotion by any means.

        Howden (probably) will be the 4th line C for a very long time, that’s his spot IMO. Andersson could be 3rd line C and prove to be worth even more and put on a higher line. I don’t see that for Howden.

        • Completely disagree on Howden. He isn’t a 4th line center. He is just starting there for now. His hockey sense, skating, passing and defensive awareness is so far far superior to Lias.

          Lias is closer to a 3/4 line checking center or wing as he doesn’t have any elite skills. JG picked him way way too high and while they may love his intangibles, his overall skills are that of a career bottom 6 player. Howden will top out as a number 2 center.

          • I could be wrong, of course, lol, but I see Andersson being the better player in the long-term.

            We could have Chytil, Andersson, and Howden as our top 3 centers at some point int time.

          • Actually I don’t think anyone knows how far Howden can go — with Lias I think he’ll be either an incredible 3rd line center or a good 2nd line center.

          • It’s so hard to predict how the young players’ game will translate to the NHL.

            If Howden becomes as successful as Chytil and Andersson are predicted to be, then good for the Rangers. Then you have Chytil, Andersson, and Howden as your top 3 centers.

    • I couldn’t disagree with a sentence anymore then i do with it’s about development.

      Most of us see this season as a lost cause as does the league. What harm can come from playing andersson at the nhl level other then he will only get 9 minutes a game?

      And that theory goes right out the door the second you let him practice with pro’s. How much more can he learn from pro’s in practice and in game even if only for a short time? That answer to me is pretty obvious.

      But you believe in the old adage that rookies learn more in the AHL. He certainly didn’t look small this preseason so it is not a weight/physical problem. He just can’t translate his game to small ice.

      • How is the definition of “development” 100% about playing in the NHL? It’s not.

        Is Andersson getting PP time here? Not until Hayes and Zuc get traded. So why not allow him to get that time in Hartford? Let him dominate Hartford and come here confident.

          • Exactly Rock. Lias is a motivate-able player, so he will come here with a chip on his shoulders, for sure.

      • You do realize that he’s only played 25 games in the AHL and 7 games in the NHL. Suggesting he can’t translate his game to the smaller rink at this stage of his career is a rush to judgment.

        • It is and isn’t. His game really shouldn’t be that complicated. He is not a great anything. No outstanding shot, no great hands, no amazing speed. He is or at least he is billed out as a defensive center with the tools to get the job done. Yet …the role with his name carved into it being wide open on this franchise consistently seems to elude him. I mean the 4c position couldn’t be any worse for ware with him at the helm learning on the fly. Like someone likes to point out about Hayes and his history. Although I will admit Hayes at the time had a few more years experience on him and a much more physically gifted body. Which just reinforces what a horrible 7th overall pick this was.

          • Hayes was almost 4 years older than Lias, silly to try and compare the two at those differing stages of development.

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