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Rangers acquire Adam McQuaid from Boston

The Rangers have made a minor trade, acquiring defenseman Adam McQuaid from Boston in exchange for Steven Kampfer, a 4th round pick, and a conditional 7th round pick. McQuaid has one year remaining on his deal at $2.75 million.

This appears to be a bit of a locker room trade. McQuaid has a reputation for being tough to play against and a good locker room guy. For this year, that’s all the Rangers care about. In terms of on-ice production, this doesn’t move the needle much.

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  • Interesting deal. Definitely brings some grit and a hard shot, but could take away an opportunity for some of the young guys.

    From everything I have read, McQuaid is an excellent locker room guy and was a fan favorite in Boston due to his grit and toughness.

    Perhaps a potential stop-gap captain?

  • They buy themselves a year of wiggle room in case these D in the system aren’t ready, which they aren’t.

      • What I know besides what I’ve seen on the ice could fit on the head of a pin. Seen him with family around town and seems to be healthy, I think it’s just a thing of a known asset doesn’t need to be look at as hard as new assets like Hajek, Lindgren, Gross & Keane alongside the minor league staff getting familiar with new signings in Pratt & Helgeson.

        He didn’t even dress for warmups.

  • I see this strictly as an attempt to toughen up the squad and protect the youngins. It’s a one year deal and Rangers have cap space so it was doable. I guess JG took notice last season when McQuaid handled Mcleod in two tilts. If the young RHD guys (ADA, Pionk, etc.) can cut it up here McQuaid will get scratched a lot. If not he’s serviceable as a 3rd pair. Based on Travers City so far, I don’t see any other young RHD knocking on the door. Basically our D is going to be lousy either way.

  • McQuaid will bring stability and toughness on the blue line. He can be an enforcer when needed and a shutdown hard hitting D-man. A veteran player besides Shatty is needed on defense. I have little confidence in Smith. This also gives a younger player an opportunity on the wing eliminating the useless Cody Mcleod. He brings an element that has been lacking on defense for many years on the Rangers, and is a good veteran locker room presence. Great pickup to deter any bully tactics with younger players from bigger physical teams. Our defense all of a sudden has become more balanced and is looking better! Good move Gordon!

    • Good point in how this affects McLeod’s roster spot but don’t sleep on Beleskey fighting for his place on the team. Quinn will want to be in full throttle to make the playoffs this upcoming season to impress management and Hank. He will want vets making his system work right away. Guys like this are exactly how he wants to play, they will jump start his new identity within the first half of the season. The memo of the Caps finally making it to a Finals and a expansion team getting as far as they did will help his message get far in the locker room with vets like these signing. I agree as well about the Smith comment. This will definitely push him to earn his place on the team. Or maybe the Rangers want as many tough bruising D men? My guess is that Quinn had a hand in this for system purposes.

  • Good, more competition. If they say he is in fact a good guy in the locker room, and tough on the back end, what’s not to like? Plus if Smith comes back rejunvnated and remembers how to play, we’ve got two guys who will clear the crease in front of Hank (something we’ve all been wanting for awhile).

    It’s not like he’s signed for 3-4 years. He’s a free agent next summer and will be working extra hard this year to get a new contract. He’ll be motivated.

    I like it, and if I remember correctly, I’ve watched him kick the crap out of guys too. I know, I know toughness … but with the amount of young guys we’re expecting to bring up over the course of this year, it’s gonna be nice to have that added protection as well as potentially being a leader. And depending on how the year goes, if it goes south, we flip him at the deadline to get a pick back.

  • From where I sit, this looks like Boston freeing up some cap space by getting rid of an overpaid defenseman past his prime. Bear in mind, this was not an even swap – McQuaid for Kampfer, this was McQuad for Kampfer plus draft choice(s).

    None of us thinks that Kampfer was going to make the team, but I was not convinced he was going to clear waivers. [Contrary to standard thinking here, Kampfer has real value. RH defensemen are tough to come by and third pair RH defensemen are often pretty awful. Seriously, is Coburn better than Kampfer?]. OTOH, anyone who claims McQuaid is stuck with his salary and cap hit.

    In the short run, the deal likely hurts the Rangers – McQuaid beating out Pionk for a roster spot – but if and when the Rangers give up on DeAngelo, he becomes useful.

    I still think the Rangers have too many defensemen though – 15 or 16 AHL or better guys when you only can use fourteen. I was hoping they could get a forward for Kampfer. [I expect they will trade someone else.]

    • I’ve told others on here to expect a roster with well over 60-70% vets as NHL regular’s. I thought so far it had looked like it’s going hand to hand to what JG has preached so far. He’s been on the record for saying that he wanted his young player’s to grow up together so that must have been a hint that most of them would start and stay in the AHL until injury call ups would be needed. He’s also said that he’s not putting any of his rookies in there for the sake of development. It would get interesting if they managed to get Staal to waive his clause to free up some roster room. They have over 25 mill to work with?

      I’m not a ADA fan but it felt like Quinn was talking about his hands on development with the smaller player’s like him and Pionk. I still have a feeling this would affect Smith in some light.

      • Why do you want to be rid of your best left defensemen?

        And even if Staal were truly bad, he would still not be a problem. The Rangers could pick whatever 22 man roster they wanted and carry Staal as a non-playing 23rd guy. They have the cap space.

        And if he were truly awful, what kind of trade would you make anyway? Even if he is as good as I think he is, not very many teams would want him on his present contract.

        • Where did I make that opinion of wanting to get rid of Staal? Where did I say anything close to him being ” awful “?

          You took that opinion of wondering if they would clear some roster room a little to personal. It’s hard to imagine Staal in the press box, I guess it’s not impossible though. I think you setup your own question and answered it as well.

  • I thing this is going to be a very underrated trade.
    Even though he NHL is progressing more and more towards skating puck movers, having a truck in the crease to move guys out of Hank’s face is likely to change the defensive scheme for the better. Give other guys more room to skate up ice.

  • This team has a load of defensive needs. Not sure he is the guy I would go for though, but is a step up from Kampfer.

    Speaks to the NHL-readiness of our young defenseman.

    Still think we need a speedy winger, but I guess one of our centers will turn into this.

    Traverse City showing was poor. Not the best way to enter camp for some of those kids. Proves that we will need even more from the veterans on this team. It is time for KBZ to become a force.

    • KBZ has no choice but to break out for their own sake…

      Kreider was on the block in late October and has to break out like right now in this upcoming season. The Panarin rumors Kravs coming over soon should put pressure on him.

      Zib point wise needs to break out as well. He sees the extension that Hayes is playing for. In a nutshell, he’s playing to make it past July 1st, a another injury might scare management in dealing him sooner than later.

      Buch is in a contract year. The Panarin rumors and Kravs coming over by late February should affect him as well. It’s going to look really ugly if he can’t make nice with his new clean slate, him and his manger have been trashing AV in the lat couple of months.

      • Looks like we already need to throw away 2018/19 and shoot for some good picks as we dump more vets at the deadline.

        We need a few heroes!

  • Not the end of the world by any means, but it is a head-scratcher. You can find big, slow, ineffective, overpaid 31 year old depth level defenders who play with some snarl and surliness without giving up picks for them. Kampfer will surely not be missed, but that doesn’t automatically mean this is a worthwhile trade. You should be able to get a defender like McQuaid from a team like Boston who does not in any way require a defender like McQuaid given their other talent back there for a middling prospect alone, with the main return to Boston being the cash they save. Instead, for reasons unbeknownst to me, Gorton felt compelled to gift them one guaranteed pick and possibly another. McQuaid will deter not a damn thing, same as McLeod…although he is indeed better at fighting than McLeod, as we saw last season. Still isn’t gonna stop Tom Wilson from Tom Wilsoning someone, but whatever helps Gorton sleep better at night, I guess.

    • Agree with you about McQuaid. You may like advanced stats, but I might add something about +/-. McQuaid was a -1 last year. it is pretty tough to go minus on a team as good as Boston was, especially for a no offense guy [You know he more likely benefitted from the empty net goals since when it was 6 v 5, he would be one of the five.]

      Looking at more numbers, he has always been a poor possession player, but early in his career had good PDP numbers suggesting he was better than his possession stats. Alas, they have been subpar for the last four years and his OZ/DZ starts ratio last year was 62-38 suggesting that Boston viewed him as a stay at home defenseman who could not be trusted in his own end. Ouch.

  • A superb move. Stay with me on this and please dont overreact: this is a mini version of Beuke acquisition years ago. Keeps Hank clean, lets the kids skate a but more freely and, he can actually play and shoot. Always liked McQ. I see him here for several years as long as he stays healthy. Got him for a bag o’ pucks. If Smith comes back like a man and a pro, keep your head up in our zone! Go NYR Go Gorton Go Quinn!

    • I see you are not a fan of advanced stats, then. LOL. I surely hope McQuaid is not here for several years. I hope he isn’t here past the trade deadline. He’s pretty awful.

        • Well, the problem is that a lot of big defenders just can’t keep up in today’s NHL. See: O’Gara, Rob. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t particularly enjoy his 30 game stint last season. Seems to me he got torched a fair deal. Thing is, I don’t know as McQuaid is an upgrade from O’Gara in any area except fighting, which despite his size, O’Gara didn’t seem particularly interested in. If you look at a HERO chart, O’Gara grades out significantly better…and he did not look good last season to me.

          To be clear, I’m not necessarily anti-big defender/pro small defender. Some small guys are pitbulls, some big guys aren’t – it is not a universal thing. You’ve probably seen the funny pic of Zucc pinning Chara against the glass before. I don’t treat size as a universal indicator of hockey prowess. On the flip side though, many of those big guys just can’t keep up any more with the pace of the game. I’d generally say McQuaid is probably in that category. Not all of them can be Josh Manson, unfortunately.

          Not to mention, we had a younger McQuaid, basically, already. You may recall him. His name was Dylan McIlrath. If he couldn’t hang and wasn’t the answer then, I fail to see how McQuaid is the answer now. That said, obviously I hope I’m wrong and he looks good out there as a Ranger. It’s just, there is literally no statistical backing that serves as a foundation to base that expectation on. Gorton basically should have only given up Kampfer in this deal if he felt he really had to do it, and *maybe* a throwaway super long shot prospect to grease the wheels – there should have been no need for any picks. Money was Boston’s main return. Gorton basically traded a fourth rounder and perhaps a seventh – not high picks of course, but picks are picks and all – for probably ten or less fights a year and a likable personality in the locker room. You can find those aspects on the free agent list for just money, and less than McQuaid makes at that. I’m quite sure Gorton’s past connections to Boston had more of an influence than they probably should have when it comes to this one. Simply put, he valued McQuaid higher than any statistical model out there, basic or advanced, will say he should have.

          • At least McQuaid had an NHL career, as opposed to Mclrath who never made it to the show. So there is a bit of a difference.
            Still, man, I wish Mclrath worked out.

          • The Undertaker has played 43 NHL games, and I’m not sure the book is fully 100% closed on him just yet. He’s still “only” 26 (April) and some defenders don’t stick until later on than the book is usually closed for forwards, as we have seen with some late-blooming defensemen. Supposedly he is very popular with his AHL squad Grand Rapids and has played fairly well for them at times. I’m not making a case for him as an NHL player mind you, but there can be a lot of factors to guys making the NHL or not, and it isn’t always just about the player talent in question.

            McQuaid’s AHL time looks eerily similar to McIlrath’s looking at your basic stats. Especially for example if you put McQuaid’s 08-09 campaign next to McIlrath’s 14-15 effort. I see them as essentially similar players, really, although I will disclaim that I much more appreciate the skill game so that is what I spend most of my time focused on – critiquing bangers isn’t exactly in my wheelhouse. For what it is also worth, small sample for Dylan of course, his HERO chart looks leagues better than McQuaid’s. It’s just one chart, but it is WOOF for McQ.

          • Thanks, Egelstein. That’s good to hear. Maybe there is a good NHL future for him yet!

          • I think you hit the nail on the head when mentioning JG’s association with Boston. JG remembers McQuaid as a useful player and traditional stats (not possession stats though) back him up. However, all stats now line up and say he is no longer good. But memories die hard.

          • Based on the timeline, it looks like McQuaid was acquired not long before Gorton was dismissed in Boston, and due to that, I would tend to assume Gorton was in on him back then. Columbus drafted him in the second round and two years later had seen enough to decide that they wanted to trade him for a fifth round pick. That’s not to say front offices never miss and they were right, but that’s pretty early on to give up on a second rounder for just a fifth in return.

  • Possible pairings to start the season??

    Shattenkirk / Smith
    McQuaid / Skeji
    ADA / Claussen

    gives the kids at least half a year in the AHL

    Staal #7…can’t forget O’Gara or Bigras
    all depends on how everyone looks in preseason

    if it all blows up there’s trades for draft picks

  • Somewhere Bloomer & Rich S are doing a little dance right now & I can’t blame them,I like this move.

    • Dang……. will take him but it comes—two years too late!!!!!!!
      Now we can go ahead and reacquire the ”’undertaker”’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think he will be good to have specially with all the kids, Having him will help hank around the goal.

  • I see some writing on the wall with this trade. There is a total of 3 right handed defensemen in the minors or at the NHL level. That just isn’t going to cut it. This was a deal out of necessity. One of these 3 get hurt and you are looking at someone playing on their off side.

    And for those that think you can just find a right handed defensemen on the Free agent market…here are your present choices from cap-geek: K. Bieska, M. Fayne, T. Vanelli, B. Kichton, j. McBain, Rozival at 40, F. Corrado, C Casto, T. Ganly, R. SProul.

    There is 3 names on here I recognize and I think one of them is in arbitration. But seriously that is all that is out there. 11 total guys. Not a whole lot to choose from. Now I see why ADA came at such a high cost. That Stepan trade makes a little more sense. So when shatty went down we had no right handed defensemen at that point. That is a rough way to run a defense.

    Cause in my opinion the trade seems really high. But I guess this is the best option that was out there right now. It is not even like we have prospects that are right handed ….everyone coming up is a lefty on d.

  • We’re rebuilding, and we gave up draft picks, why? For a player that’s not much better than Kampfer? And took on more cap space?

    The Bees should be giving up picks to take this guy.

    • Agreed 100%!

      Why the picks? That’s my issue. I just do not like the way JG makes trades. There just seems to always be an aspect like this in most of his moves where he seems to just give things away for no reason, or takes less than he should. He does not seem to know when and how to use leverage in making deals.

      He traded away most of the team last year and now still cannot form a blue line. He gave the TBL essentially 2 cracks at the Cup, and Namesnikov’s game completely fell apart and Hajek doesn’t look like he’ll even make the roster this year…

      • I mean what’s the “plan?” I have faith in Gorton but he did some strange things, like re-sign McLeod, sign Hayes to one year, and now this.

        Why? For the “locker room?” This guy will be gone in a year anyway.

        Makes no sense. You might as well sign a FA vet on the cheap.

        • Are you really that upset we gave up a 4th and 7th pick and a borderline D-man? I think it was a steal.
          Mcquaid adds grit, veteran experience and will mentor the younger players and is a decent defenseman. See if you resent this move when two or three defensemen are hurt. Let the younger D men develop more for a year, when and if they are ready. He is only signed for a year. Last years D looked like Swiss Cheese! Pionk will definitely make the roster and maybe DeAngelo if he improves. This move makes PERFECT sense!

        • Not sure why you have faith in Gorton. People here also seem to have faith in Quinn for no apparent reason. I have no problem with giving people a fair trial period. In the case of Quinn, we know absolutely nothing. For JG, IMO, the results have been quite mixed.

          Traverse City was an embarrassment. The Rangers had a “stacked” team with four #1 picks and finished last. They could not even play with Detroit. This screams bad coaching to me and if you can’t get a competent person to coach a prospects team, it say something about the organization.

          And of course, the McLeod and McQuaid moves are horrible.

          • I agree Ray, the team looked lost out there as if there was no system instilled in them to play as a cohesive unit. Seems like a wasted opportunity to see the kids perform. What a shame.

          • Only in the last game. They played the first three.

            I did n’t agree with scratching them either. Oh, we’re just in a game for seventh place. Let’s not bother to try.

          • Agree Raymond.

            The Rangers’ young wings suck badly. And the D/goalies obviously gave up a lot of goals.

            I thought the McLeod signing was bad enough, but the McQuaid trade seems to have topped it, but taking on needless cap space and more importantly, giving up draft picks. In a throw away year. Makes no sense at all.

          • It’s just shinny with a 1-3-1 PP scheme. They played experimental lineups to see what they had after 2 practices.

            No sense reading much of anything besides individual efforts, not team results.

  • In a 4 game review of the TC tourney, my temporary final ranking of the 50 man roster D

    Kevin Shattenkirk
    Brady Skjei
    Marc Staal (an unconcussed version)
    Brendan Smith (If head on straight)
    Neal Pionk
    Tony DeAngelo
    Adam McQuaid
    Fredrik Claesson
    Sean Day
    John Gilmour
    Rob O’Gara
    Libor Hájek
    Chris Bigras
    Ryan Lindgren
    Brandon Crawley
    Vince Pedrie

    Not forever, just for now.

  • Trading camp rosters are in and they’re gonna push some of these kids hard to compete even when they didn’t look that great at TC while some of the guys who played well there are getting short shrift and will have to bust their hump the 1st week just to not get sent down to Hartford right away.

    • Team A:



      B team:



      C Team:



  • Wow, this is a major change! Typically the Rangers have 60+ invitees with lots of free agents and Wolfpack signees. This year, they only have the 48 guys on the 50 man roster (47 really as Halverson is out), the two draft choices whoe were at TC, plus Brodeur and Bobby Butler.

    I like it. Quinn can get to know his players without spending time with extra guys.

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