Top Rangers Play Tournament Finals: (2) Marty in OT vs. (3) Richards with 6.6 seconds

After almost a month of voting, we have reached the top two plays of the recent Rangers playoff era. Not surprisingly, the two plays are two of the biggest goals in Rangers history, and the crowd reactions for both goals were electric. These goals need no introduction.

(2) Marty wins it in overtime against Montreal

(3) Brad Richards’ tying goal with 6.6 seconds remaining

Upvote for the higher seed (2 seed is higher than 3 seed) and downvote for lower seed. Voting ends tomorrow at noon.

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  • Here it is ! The Championship game! Richards…His goal saved the season….Martys goal gave us a 3-1 lead

  • Without context, nothing beats that MSL ot winner. What a beauty. With context, though, Richards goal was more important to the Rangers playoff life, thus the bigger moment.

    • I hope you were lucky enough to be in the building for Richards…I was at both games and the building rocking factor was not close

  • Neither of these goals ended a series. Neither prevented imminent elimination. Marty’s was on the bigger stage/with bigger stakes IMO just for the fact that it was in the conference finals. These are all subjective of course, but I don’t necessarily see the Richards goal as more important or in a bigger moment, personally. It did prevent a series deficit since Staal followed through in the PP continuation in OT (LOL, Joel Ward was the true Rangers MVP for that game), but to me that isn’t more meaningful than a goal that put the team in really cherry shape to advance to the Finals. Marty’s was a more skilled goal, as well. I remember being just about equally excited for both, maybe a little more for the Richards goal simply since I dislike WAS more than MTL in general, especially since they whipped us in the prior year’s first round.

    All in all, one of these goals was a skilled shot for a game winner in an eventual Finals appearance run for the first time in twenty years, and the other was a mad PP scramble with the clock winding down that prevented a series deficit in the semifinals. Giving the edge to Marty’s goal, personally.

  • Oh crap, I missed this yesterday and didn’t realize it was ending at noon today until I just saw TR’s comment pop up when I sent my comment. Don’t think I technically got my vote in on time. Not that it would have made a difference, haha. Richard’s goal was good times, and so was Marty’s. No real wrong answer here, in that regard.

  • Five-ish years ago in BSB history, a 7th round draft pick defeated an undrafted free agent signing to win the title of best post-lockout ranger.

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