Top Rangers Play Tournament: (1) Hank’s windmill save vs. (2) Marty’s OT winner

Brad Richards’ goal with 6.6 seconds left has run away with the left side of the bracket. Perhaps I under-seeded that play. Today the right side of the bracket will be decided. Henrik Lundqvist’s windmill save may be the best save I’ve ever seen. Watching it in real time, he goes from right to left to right and keeps control of his body and his eye on a knuckling puck that is changing direction and gets a blocker on it.

Martin St. Louis’ overtime goal is when we all as fans had that moment of “oh my…….they are going to the Finals. We have a shot at the Cup.” It was the overtime goal of that 2014 run. The play. The shot. The reaction.

(1) Lundqvist’s windmill save

(2) Marty wins it in overtime against Montreal

Upvote for the higher seed (1 seed is higher than 2 seed) and downvote for lower seed. Voting ends tomorrow at noon.

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