Top Rangers Play Tournament: (2) Marty in OT vs. (10) Richards series winner in Pit

Henrik Lundqvist now has two performances in the final eight plays of the recent playoff era. Now it’s time to finalize the last spot. These are pretty self explanatory goals, and both are pretty important when it comes to Rangers lore. Both solidified a lead –either in a game or in a series– that would propel the Rangers to series victories.

(2) Marty wins it in overtime against Montreal

Man listen to that crowd reaction.

(10) Richards series winner 

Upvote for the higher seed (2 seed is higher than 10 seed) and downvote for lower seed. Voting ends tomorrow at noon.

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  • 2 down votes Township and yet it’s 12-0 in favor of Marty’s OT winner. Come on people, check the personal bias at the door.

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