Top Rangers Play Tournament: (4) Staal’s OT winner vs. (5) Brassard/Pouliot OT winner

As expected, Henrik Lundqvist’s windmill save advanced to the next round, and will face the winner of today’s matchup. Marc Staal’s OT winner was iconic, and a cap to a dramatic comeback against a Caps team that really should have won that series. The Derick Brassard/Benoit Pouliot OT winner was a big win in Game 1, and without that win the series could have been a lot different.

(4) Marc Staal OT Winner

(5) Derick Brassard/Benoit Pouliot win it in OT at Pittsburgh

Upvote for the higher seed (4 seed is higher than 5 seed) and downvote for lower seed. Voting ends tomorrow at noon.

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  • This one should be interesting. The hate for Staal and the love for Brassard could sway this one to the lower seed.

    • Personally I don’t hate Staal, nor do many fans who don’t rank him as highly as they once did – just obviously wish his supremely unfortunate injuries and the resulting general decline hadn’t happened to him so early in his career. I suspect the story would be quite different today had he never had the eye and concussion issues, although it is fair to note that even in his pre-injury peak, his style was fading a bit from the game. That said, the Brassard/Pouliot play here to me was more skilled and obviously took some key persistence sticking with the puck, but the Staal play was in a bigger moment, at least as I recall it. Since these are quite subjective of course, I kept in line with the one I was more psyched about at the time, which was the Staal goal.

      • Hardy groan at whoever left the thumbs down to this comment of TR’s. Would like to know what is wrong with it. We don’t all have to agree here about everything, but man, the spamming with the thumbs down gets old sometimes, LOL. Glad you got to see it in person TR.

        • Thanks E it was electric after Richards tied it….I was in the middle of the row in 212 near the top…with all the jumping around I ended up in the aisle…Lol some people hate me here

          • It’s those auto-thumbs-downs that bug me! Many of us have had run-ins here with differing opinions, of course, but this is essentially an innocuous comment you made. Seems you have a heckler! Haha.

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