Rangers sign goalie Dustin Tokarski to one-year deal

The search for the backup goalie may be over. The Rangers have inked Dustin Tokarski to a one-year deal. Tokarski is famous in New York, as he’s the guy Martin St. Louis beat with his overtime winner in 2014.

Tokarski has spent a bunch of time in the AHL over the past few seasons (only 7 NHL starts since 2015-2016), so it’s still entirely possible that Alex Georgiev wins the backup role. That said, Tokarski is both insurance for the backup position, and also could be AHL depth.

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  • Why not a PTO? Not like teams were clamoring for his services.
    That said, just a spare goalie and insurance policy. Not a bad move.

    • He’s been basically an AHL tender the last few years and is not your typical PTO guy. He’s likely good enough to play and looking for any one of the 62 NHL and AHL teams to sign him. Surely, at the least, he could have found an AHL team to sign him, so he would not have opted for a PTO. Better a real job than a tryout.

      • Taking Lindbom in round 2 with McCleod and Wilde there was bad drafting….Why take a Goalie there if you can re sign Pav or if you knew they were gonna sign Dustin?….We already have young Goalies in the system

        • Pav and Tokarski are likely done in the NHL by the time any pick taken in this years draft has an impact on an NHL team.
          How can signing a backup (best case, more likely AHL bound) goaltender invalidate a pick taken this summer? Goalies are usually 23-24 when they make their NHL debuts.

  • I’m fine with this signing. Obviously Allaire saw something otherwise he would not be here.

    He had a pretty good few games against us in the 2014 ECF. I also saw him play live vs the Ducks and Kings. I thought he was decent. I get his services are not being coveted around the league, but I think he’s a good reclamation project.

      • I would argue with this statement but you just seem like a person that doesn’t care about evidence if you were willing to make it in the first place.

        • Antoine LaFleur 2nd round pick in 2008 was at the request and vouching of Benoit Allaire….LaFleur still has not played 1 NHL game…Benoit is a good goalie coach….but not a good talent evaluator

          • Yes, you’re right. If someone ever makes a mistake it means they are not knowledgeable or incapable. It means you should discount their opinion and never trust them again. It means they have no ability to improve their decision-making and it means they do not have the ability to learn from the past. It also means that any success they have in that area should also be immediately and irrationally discounted.

          • Allaire is a Goalie Coach…he is not a scout…I never said he is not knowledgeable…Just no business evaluating young talent

          • I think you’re being a bit unfair. Can you name 1 coach or scout who’s every pick in the second round made it to the NHL? Probably not.

            Misfiring on draft picks is part of talent evaluation. Every team misfires sometimes. It does not disqualify someone from having a say. I think he liked Henrik, Talbot, and Raanta as 3 examples of his success. Who finds talent from U of Alabama-Huntsville? Answer Benoit Allaire.

            On your side you can say Pavelec was a fail too, but he had a decent run on a not so great team until he got hurt. I’ll also agree we should have done something different with #39 this year, but that’s on Gorton.

            I guess there is Georgiev too. I imagine Gorton asked Allaire what he thought? He probably also had some input in Shestyorkin?

          • Im not talking overall draft picks…Ill try this again….Benoit should not be part of player selection discussions…He is the Goalie Coach…Pav did fine this year once he got going…thanks to Benoit…Raanta, Cam , Georgiev also did good with us because of Benoit….#39 is on Gordie since he calls the draft shots….Henrik was drafted before Allaire got here….Cam sucks now out in Edmonton…Then there is Lafleur who Allaire is 100% responsible for drafting….I am not sure if he had input on Halverson, Huska, Shesty

          • We let Tom Renney pick players too…2003 1st round greatest round in NHL draft history and Renney took you know Hugh

          • I hate to disappoint you, but coaches also have some say in personnel decisions. Even the goalie coach. Coaches coach but they also talk to GM’s about personnel too. It’s just part of the process…

          • Aren’t like 90% of draft picks misfires? Honestly, the NHL draft seems to be the most surefire gamble of any draft.

  • Considering that Georgiev has played more NHL games than Tokarski in the last three years (and better), this doesn’t give us a new backup, just creates competition. In fact, Tokarski has only three more career games than Mazanec. Even if Georgiev falls flat, Tokarski might not win the job.

    One interesting result is that this move seems to bump both Nell and Halverson to the ECHL. I suspect the Rangers don’t expect anything from either of those two and this is good news for Hartford. Before this signing, an injury to a top three tender would have doomed the Pack to awful goaltending (with the other two in NY). Not a good way to develop young defensemen.

    I like the move.

  • I would assume he has a ticket punched for Hartford.

    Have not been on in a while – the “thumbs” are gone again? Has this crowd proved to be to too immature for thumbing????

    • I think Halverson finished last season in the ECHL….I can think of 1 person at least thats immature

    • Thumbs are not actually gone Swarty. My experience is that when I first get a screen, there are no thumbs AND clicking on Reply does not let me reply to that comment. After a while, I get thumbs and the ability to reply. Then, after replying, thumbs disappear again for a while.

      Thought it was just me.

      • And so they have appeared –

        This must be some deep state conspiracy to undermine reactionary knee jerk “thumbing” …..:)

  • Reminds me of a mediocre veteran QB brought in to battle the young unheralded prospect for a back-up quarterback position. Let the pre-season Georgiev/Tokarski battle begin. Pretty sure the Montreal playoff run will be Tokarski’s career zenith.

    • Maybe you would have….Maybe the Rangers asked if he wanted to compete for backup spot, and inside the clubhouse the expectation is for Georgie to win the battle.

      AND Maybe Pav’s said thanks but no thanks.

  • This move says more about Georgiev’s role next season that Tokarski’s. Management is clearly comfortable with Georgiev as the 2. Bringing in Tokarski seems necessary just to instill some level of competition for the spot.

  • I’m disappointed.

    This news has been out awhile and I haven’t seen a single comment tell me how this is another indication that Hayes will be resigned in January.

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