Top Rangers Play Tournament: (6) Dan Carcillo vs. (11) Hank’s 35 saves in Game 7 against Pittsburgh

The next matchup in this tournament pits Dan Carcillo against one of Henrik Lundqvist’s masterpieces. It’s funny, because I don’t even need to mention what Carcillo did, and you all know what I’m referring to. Carcillo had a great series against the Flyers in 2014, scoring pivotal goals in games 3 and 7, sending a message to Flyers fans as well.

As for Hank, well he always showed up in Game 7, and this was one of his best performances. Hank made 35 saves on the road in Pittsburgh, including a late barrage in the third –and one that deflected off a stray stick in the crease– as the Penguins tried to tie the game up. It was one of many jaw dropping performances from The King. It was also the capper to a 3-1 series comeback.

(6) Carcillo scores two against Flyers

(What a pass from Zucc)

(11) Hank stops 35 as Rangers oust Penguins

Upvote for the higher seed (6 seed is higher than 11 seed) and downvote for lower seed. Voting ends tomorrow at noon.

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  • Eh it’s a little better today because at least you put up some plays that mattered to the team success rather than individual like yesterday. Hey Carcillo got even two videos and two plays in the same seeding, I can dig this one. Funny how one of those plays reminded of a carbon copy of a play that ultimately helped give the Rangers a chance for that comeback win vs Caps in 2015. Maybe next summer right Dave?

    • I remember from the Finals 2010 finals when he made the Chicago coaches so nervous about his physical play. They kept Seabrook and Keith off the ice anytime he was out there.

          • Leatherchaps, every bit of you is a lie—including your “military service”. What was the harshest battle you were in? The one where you cut a guy in the line at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee refill? Or wait—maybe it was the battle for Long Kurv Dong?

            Thanks for your service, I got an egg sandwich from Dunkin today that bore all the marks of your heroism.

          • I was never in the Service….The Navy tried to get me in High School but I told them no

  • this highlights from the 2013-14 playoffs showed Hank at his best and Carcillo at his best also you heard the voice Dave Strader who was one of the best

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