End of an Era: Top Rangers Plays from 2011-2017 Bracket

The Rangers gave us one amazing run from 2011-2017. It was filled with overtime winners, great saves, big shifts, a President’s Trophy, two ECF appearances and one SCF appearance. To have a little fun, I created a bracket of the –my opinion– best/most memorable plays from that era.

These plays will go up against each other in single elimination fashion, with one post per matchup. For those who were here five years ago, I did something similar with the best post-lockout Ranger. I’ll be posting these daily, starting tomorrow, for the next 30 days until we get down to the winner. I limited it to just 32 plays. Some are a bit of a stretch in the “play” category, like Undefeated Outside, but I wanted to include them because they were important plays.

Same rules as last time apply: Upvote for the higher seed (1 seed is higher than 16 seed, etc) and downvote for lower seed. I will be posting videos of each play as well.

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  • Fun idea. Would love for Carcillo to go to next round, but don’t see it happening.

  • I like it. Also, interesting that out of 32 plays, Chris Kreider is involved in 6 of them. Who was it that said he’s not an impact player?

  • Looking forward to the bracket playing out. Please include video clips when applicable so we can relive these- especially those OT winners!!! Oh man, what a good time it was to be a fan.

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