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Rangers agree to terms with Jimmy Vesey on two year contract

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Check off another RFA. Jimmy Vesey has re-signed with the Rangers on a two-year contract with a cap hit of $2.275 million. Vesey will be a UFA at the end of the contract, but regardless a short term deal made sense for Vesey. In two years with the Rangers, Vesey has put up 33 goals and 22 assists, split almost evenly through both seasons.

Vesey on a short term deal is ideal, since his peak is likely a bottom-six forward. He has a nose for the net, and is a very useful player. His work ethic has made him a fan favorite as well. This is a very good deal for the team and for Vesey.

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  • Normally I’d be saying frontloaded bonus blahblahblah, but what you get for a bottom 6 guy on a 2 year deal isn’t much different than a 3-4 year deal.

    It also clears a definitive path for the next generation coming up.

  • Hes the one guy I’m really anxious to see play under the new coach. Hes shown flashes at times but never anything lasting. I don’t think AV thought much of him. I think Quinn might have a better idea of what Vesey is capable of… and maybe put him in more advantageous situations than the former coach. And if he bombs, its only a 2 yr. deal with a manageable cap hit for whoever might want him in trade.

    • Totally agree. I feel that Vesey will either blossom next season, or be the player we’ve seen in the past. IMO, he either pushes himself into the top 6 next season or we look to move him at the deadline. Next year is it…and I say that because I expect these young players to pass him on the depth chart quickly if he’s still here in yr 2 of this deal. And then I don’t think you can sell on his perceived potential anymore. Used the right way, we could see a Hayes-type breakout season from him. But if not, I’m not sure he’ll ever reach his potential here. I’d give him the 6 months from Camp to the Deadline, and then try to find some team who still believes in his “upside.”

  • This is to see if Quinn can make some magic and turn him into either a top 6 forward or good trade bait.

  • Either he gets extended at the end of the next season or traded … I don’t think they let him approach free agency. They would have been better off going over $2.5m per for 3 seasons IMHO.

    • While I understand the reasoning behind your preference to issue him a 3 year deal, IMO, so far, he has not shown that he is a long-term keeper here.

      • I have no doubt that there will be a place in the league for him long term … a 3 year deal just makes it easier to trade him if we decide he doesn’t fit into our plans (AAV-wise more than anything else — as a player he looks like a valuable bottom 6 guy at the least).

    • Nah he’s not that good, I’m alright with this term. He is now a good trade bait that won’t cost a grip to whatever team would want him

  • Agreed tanto. I’d love to see this kid play under Quinn. He had Murphy’s luck on some scoring chances last year that would’ve easily upped his point total – I hope the puck finds him again this year because he is a hard worker and tough as they come.

  • Dead wood. Pedestrian player at best. Some size, no jam, no touch. Meh.

    PS – Tough as they come? So bored of having to define toughness as NYR players who take a beating that they shouldn’t, don’t object or retaliate, and then get praised for their “toughness” for the moral victory of their return to the ice after repairs.

  • I agree. He is definitely one of the players that AV neglected over the past couple of year. I actually think that the ones that haven’t been traded will start to shine this year and next. With the announced new coaches and guys like Zuccarello, Kreider, Fast, and even Staal showing the right attitude, I’m very excited about watching the kids get inspired to play with heart and soul! We may be rebuilding, but I think the future is incredibly bright! Give us a couple of years and… who knows!

  • Not a big fan of Vesey. Has size but plays smaller then he is. In my opinion, so far, he is a disappointment for sure. Hasn’t proven much at all, and at 25 years of age, I seriously doubt he will get a heck of a lot better. His offensive skill level right now is average and not much more. Can’t blame AV on this one, because he had plenty of opportunity to prove himself as a goal scorer, in which he fell short. I would trade him in the right package deal for an upgrade or younger prospect. I really hope he proves me wrong this year, but I doubt it.

  • IF (big word) he finds any level of consistency in his game he’s scoring 20/20 at least. That said, there may be more to him than that. Guess we’ll find out.

  • There are some dark days ahead of the NYR in the next few years, I don’t expect them to make the playoffs for the next 2 years possibly more…Poor Hank.

    • Poor Rangers, having to shell out around nine million a year for a goalie that is no longer elite. Hank is not really that poor in that sense! My heart is really breaking for him.

    • As much as Hank is the face of the franchise, and an awesome competitor. He took this team to the cup finals once’ and conference finals once. He put the team on his back. Unfortunately time and age have taken its toll on him. He is still a good goalie, no longer elite. I do feel for him as a competitor , but do not shed too many tears, at $9 million a year, I am sure he can deal with the shell of the team that he now plays for. If the team finds itself out of the playoffs for the next 2 years, no fingers will be poimted at Hank.

  • So I got a Vesey jersey for Christmas last year. Brand new, tags still on, never once worn, color is home blue. I’m very lukewarm on Vesey. Would be willing to sell or trade. Seems like all the Vesey fans are out and about 🙂

  • Vesey all hype so far….let’s see what happens with a new Coach ….not a coach that puts Namestnikov on the 4th line and Fast on the top line

  • Vesey at times looks like the player many thought he could be when he first arrived. But, so far those times have been interludes and not long stretches of good play. I think that this season is his show me what you got season. If he brings it and plays at a higher level, then good for the Rangers. If not, then he might be a grinder on the 4th line or a throw in on a trade.

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