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Analyzing the Rangers as a third team in the Erik Karlsson deal

braydon coburn

On Thursday, news broke that the Rangers are involved as a potential third team to make an Erik Karlsson to Tampa Bay trade happen. Few details have emerged since, with some rumors of a done deal getting squashed. It’s an interesting situation, as the Rangers are hopefully going to flex their cap space muscles.

Before getting into the players that change hands to make the salaries work, it’s worth noting that the Rangers should be doing everything –within reason– to help Tampa win a Cup. If that happens, the late 2nd rounder the Bolts owe the Rangers turn into a late 1st rounder. If you don’t think a late 1st rounder is worth anything, then you missed everyone that fell to the second round this year.

There are two factors at play here. The first is taking a contract off Tampa’s hands so they fit under the salary cap. The second is ensuring the Blueshirts don’t handcuff themselves with a terrible and long contract. The third is also a locker room thing, as the Rangers shouldn’t really be looking at a locker room cancer either.

With the Blueshirts likely not competing for the next two years, that should be the cap on a contract they can take right now, assuming the player is dead weight. However I’d be willing to look at someone with more term in the contract if the player is useful, just overpaid. Remember, the Rangers have a ton of cap space to work with.

The big thing to keep in mind is the Rangers aren’t targeting any of these guys for their value. They will take on the contract in exchange for additional assets. That bolded part is critical, as it’s the only reason why it makes sense. Flex cap space muscle, get a prospect and/or a pick in return. The Rangers give up nothing but cap space. It’s basically just buying prospects or picks.

Braydon Coburn

The first and most obvious player that jumps out at me is Coburn. The Rangers have a lot of questions on the blue line, and Coburn would at least be a short term stopgap. He has one year left with a $3.7 million cap hit, so it’s one and done. There’s an added bonus that he can be flipped at the deadline for some assets as well.

Coburn is the easiest way to get Tampa under the cap. He doesn’t add much value on the ice, except as a body to take up space in case on of the kids can’t cut it for the Rangers. This is the most logical situation the Rangers may find themselves in, however the return to take his contract is likely minimal.

Ryan Callahan

This idea was floated, and it’s something that was met with extreme vitriol. I love Cally –I still have my Winter Classic jersey– but he’s just not good anymore. As currently constructed, he might not even beat out Matt Beleskey for a roster spot. Cally has two years remaining on his ill advised $5.8 million per year deal. Boy that one soured fast.

Cally would free up a ton of cap space for Tampa, both this year and next. The Rangers are not expected to compete within that time frame, however they need to be cognizant of the 2019 free agent class that includes Tyler Seguin and Artemi Panarin. If there are plans to sign on, bringing on Cally might hamstring them.

The return to take Cally’s contract would need to be significant for the Rangers to consider this. There may be a chance to flip him for 50% retained at some point, but let’s assume that is unlikely.

Tyler Johnson

The extreme option from Tampa, Johnson was oft-injured (but he did okay 81 games last year) and carries a $5 million cap hit for the next six years. He put up 50 points in those 81 games last year, so he’s still a serviceable second line center. However the question of his durability remains. That is a long commitment for such a big question mark.

Taking Johnson’s contract would hamstring the Rangers, especially if doesn’t play. It’s also expected that the 27-year-old will see his production decline, making that even more of an albatross. On the bright side the Bolts would need to attach something significant to make it work, something like Cal Foote.

This is extremely unlikely.

Bobby Ryan

The Blueshirts could also take on Bobby Ryan’s deal, as that seems to be the major piece of the trade to Ottawa. So much so that the Sens are willing to risk getting fair value for Karlsson in order to shed the four years remaining on Ryan’s $7.25 million per year deal. That’s a lot of money and a big commitment.

There is room to be creative with Ryan, since the Senators aren’t in a cap crunch, and just want to shed the contract. It seems unlikely that any team would consider him at his full contract value. But at 50% retained (roughly $3.6 million) he can be useful.

Ryan’s rate stats are still pretty solid, which makes you believe that he just needs a change of scenery. That may not be the case, and it may be the 31 year old slowing down, but the numbers suggest he has something left in the tank. At $3.6 million, he’s not a cap killer.

I can find a way to reason to make this work, especially if there is something significant attached to it. That said, I like this more than Tyler Johnson, but it’s not overly appetizing to me.

Clarke MacArthur

The forgotten MacArthur carries another two years and $4.65 million left on his deal. MacArthur has played 8 total games the past three years. He’s basically just someone acquired to stash on LTIR.

Ottawa might look to move this deal to save real-world dollars, but likely need the contract to hit the cap floor. It’s insured, so my guess is there is no out of pocket money that Melnyk is losing here.

This is unlikely as well, but something I wanted to throw out there.

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  • Dave

    All of the above options stink to high heaven!

    All the players mentioned suck, and cost a small fortune. The only deal I’d make is a return of Cal Foote, and a pick, but even there I’d be reluctant!!!!!

    Let Tampa and Ottawa deal on their own……..

    • I would stand firm on Cal Foote…Imagine him and Miller as a pair in a few years? Big, skilled and fast…they would make a great pair.

      • Tampa not moving Foote as they’ll need defencemen on ELCs the next couple of seasons starting in 19-20.

        • that’s fine..then maybe they ain’t getting Karlsson either..they want us to help them get the cup they need to make some tough choices. They can’t move their first or 2nd in 2019 due to conditions owed to us. That does not help Ottawa, who needs a first since Colorado is getting their first next year. And even then that’s going most likely from top 3 to 5 down to maybe 30 or so. They want to carry Stamkos, Hedman, Kucherov and Karlsson plus have a supporting cast around them, the price should be steep to allow them to do that. Their D will have Hedman, Kalsson, Mc D and Sergachev(assuming he’s not part of any deal).

          And Ottawa is in a box too. If Karlsson won’t agree sign an extension with another team than Tampa, then his trade value drops. We can also let them have the conditional pick back in exchange for their first in 2020? as one of many options we can offer them. But as I see it, there’s lot of chances for us to work with other teams. So if this ship sails so be it. There are a few other teams who may work with Tampa to clear cap space. And they can take that route too. We need Elite Talent. Here’s chance to get it. There’s no point in being Mr Nice guy here. Tampa is in win now mode. They have a very good team, but the same team who could not get past Washington in the EFC last year.

          • If you read below, the Rangers aren’t getting elite talent to take on a contract, they’ll get an asset to try and turn into better assets.

            The only way they even get a chance at an elite future asset is going far out on Tampa’s horizon or somehow talking Ottawa in to giving up a pick at a time where they desperately need to hold on to them.

          • Agree – Rangers cant throw away a wasting asset of unused cap space. I would take Cally, Taylor Raddysh (big forward who played great in world juniors) and TB’s 2020 2nd rounder. BTW – I’m sure Dolan would love to have Cally’s fiery personality back in the room.

          • It could work something like this. we could give them back their conditional pick in 2019 for Callahan and Foote.(maybe a small adder) Then they offer Ottawa their 1st in 2019 and 2nd in 2020 (make a conditional for a first if they win in 19 or 20)plus say Stralman and Gourde as a starting point. Maybe add something else if Ottawa plays hard ball. They free up the cap space ($5.8 mill(cally) + $1 mill(Gourde) + $4.5 mill (Stralman) for a total of $11.3 mill in space to sign Karlsson long term. They also can keep Sergachev and Raddysh. You can swap Raddysh for Foote to us and I can live with that. So they keep Foote or Raddysh and Sergachev.

            We get Foote or Raddysh for that pick plus taking on the cap hit. Tampa stays mostly in tact from last year. but adds Karlsson. Ottawa gets some players and picks. If Karlsson plays hard ball with Ottawa, they could get the same return the Islanders got for Tavares. It’s not impossible. And with the D Tampa has now they will be good for the next 3 to 5 years so they can restock the prospects over time. But they have a deep prospect pool

            There’s a reason the deal has not been done yet.

          • Tampa’s D good for a couple of years?

            They have 3 UFAs and Koekkek can’t play.

            Hedman, Sergechev a tool of the dice on Karlsson, then…

          • Reen I was thinking Hedman, Karlsson, Mc D for (3 to 5, not 7 years) as a 2nd pair D man and Segrachev, which you think is a tool. I don’t but that’s ok. That’s a pretty solid D. This assumes they trade for Karlsson and sign him to a long term extension.

          • Comments about Sergachev a typo; Karlsson a roll of the dice, not Sergachev a tool.

          • Karlsson 12% off his offensive peak in ppg; his D much, much worse.

            It’s already obvious that OTT overvalues Karlsson, yet at the same time they desperately need to move him before he tells them to FOAD where not only won’t he not sign with them, but he won’t sign an extension with *anybody* if he decides to go nuclear.

            I’m not sure game theory adequately covers this.

    • You missed the entire point. They aren’t acquiring these guys because they are good. They are acquiring them because Tampa would also include draft picks/prospects for the rangers to take their cap hit and remaining salary.

      The rangers aren’t competing for the next 2 years. So honestly what is the harm of having ryan Callahan on this team if Tampa sends an additional 1st round pick with him? Why is that a bad thing?

      • I don’t miss the point at all. It’s about Cap Space for Tampa. So they can sign Karlsson, and win now. We can only do so many deals with our extra cap space. We take on Callahan and I am fine with that, but now your options are very limited to do anything else with cap assuming we sign our RFA’s. We take on that cap hit for a 28th to 31th overall draft pick in 2019? Tampa can’t offer that now due to conditions on their picks owed to us from last years trade. Without our help Tampa’s first and second round picks are committed until next June when we see who wins the cup and one of those picks is freed up. If Tampa wins we already get the 31st pick. So now we do this for pick 62 in 2019? Or a first round in 2020? Which will most likely be a very late round pick anyway. Is that the best return we think we can get for our available cap space? I would rather wait to see what else comes along. We paid a $2mill bonus to Brassard in that trade with Ottawa and got Ottawa’s second and gave back our 7th. You now want to take on $5.8 mill in cap hit for a first in 2020? I’d rather wait to see what else comes along.

        • And Chytil was the 28th pick, why are you dismissing a 2020 late 1st round pick so quick?

          And the 1st round pick was just something I threw out there. What if Tampa included a stud prospect prospect or a young player they know they won’t be able to fit under their salary cap? As laughable as it was that Kucherov’s name has been thrown out there, it’s because they won’t be able to afford the 10-11 million he will be seeking after this year if they add Karlsson.

          Did you also know that if you bought out Callahan right now, he would have a cap hit of 1.5 million for the next 3 years?

          Would you accept a pick/prospects for 1.5 million of cap space for the next 3 years?

          A 5.8 million cap hit hardly limits the Rangers signing any of their RFA’s. A 1.5 million cap hit barely affects anything on a rebuilding team.

          • Chytil was 21, not 28..I don’t disregard it. Kucherov was 58. I just think we can get a better return. And I would patient and wait. Would you rather have Foote or Raddysh or a lottery ticket? Not saying they will be available, but I would not settle here. Opportunities like this don’t come along very often .

          • What are we even disagreeing about? My original response was to Walt who said this was stupid because the players discussed were bad. It seems we both agree that trading for one of them plus an asset is a smart idea. I brought up a pick just hypothetically, you want a player instead. I don’t think we are too far apart in opinion here.

          • I guess we’re disagreeing because you think I miss the point entirely. I get it. It is about us utilizing our cap space. But For Tampa it’s also about freeing up cap space and their 1st and 2nd round pick next year too, so they can do a deal with Ottawa. We control that situation, and that gives us better leverage to hold their feet to the fire, for something more.

      • Spozo

        It’s bad because next year, the UFA’s that will be available could cost a big sum for a guy like Seguin. I like options, and don’t like having to tie up money which could limit my moves!!!!!

        • Fair point Walt,

          But take Callahan for example. The cap hit for buying out his contract this offseason is 1.5 for the next 3 seasons.

          I’m not saying it has to be done. Just that there are ways of taking on a bad contract and not Screw yourself in the process. Obviously the extra asset to whatever bad contract they send this way has to make the whole thing worth it.

          • We have Griardi’s cap space on the books, and will for how many more years? Then we add Callie’s dead cap space to it, for an additional three years. Others have mentioned the possibility of Staal being bought out, see where I’m going?

            I tend to agree with Andy, if I have to do as suggested, they have to pay up for my help with something worthwhile!!!!! Options are wonderful, and it’s time to show that Stevie Y may not be the sharpest GM out there to paint himself into a corner like he did in this case!!!!!!!

        • Walt
          This is a bird in the hand issue for me. Waiting for a chance at a UFA to be, or lose for Hughes strategy rarely works out. Use the cap space to obtain an asset. I lean to the forward (Raddysh) because of all the D men we have in the pipeline. That said, if you cant get at least a mid 2nd for compromising your open cap space in 2019, then dont take Cally, Coburn etc…

        • That’s great point Walt. One concern I have though is we are already seeing the UFA’s start to get resigned early. Doughty, Couture, Ekman-Larsson, McD(we may not have wanted his deal) are already gone. Karlsson will most likely be extended too. Dallas talking with Seguin about an extension from what I have read, but he may test the market. if he does they estimate he will be seeking around $13 mill per year. Yikes. I am not real sure many of these UFA’s will actually end up coming to market. At this point Seguin, Pacioretty, Panarin and Duchene are the 4 best non goalie options. And I would expect Pacioretty, Panarin and Duchene to be traded before the deadline if a deal can’t be made. No GM wants a Tavares situation.

          • Andy

            “Seguin, Pacioretty, Panarin and Duchene are the 4 best non goalie option coming up”

            Exactly, and just the other day people were salivating at a possible trade to get Panarin, and I said wait till next year when he becomes a UFA!!!!!!

            I have no idea what the long term game plan is, but to paint yourself into a corner for later round draft picks, and carrying dead cap space makes no sense to me. But then again, what do I know right…………..

          • It’s not just for a late first round pick. I would take Callahan back for 2 years if it nets us additional assets. Somehow I doubt that is what was discussed if the potential deal fell thru.

            The Rangers can handle dead cap space for a couple years. They don’t want to carry another 6 years of Johnson.

          • Next year, the team has $5.8mm coming off the books, so they would have plenty of room to carry Cally for two years and still sign free agents if circumstances warranted it.

    • They’ll just find someone else to help facilitate that trade. I would be careful taking on salary for next seasons FA class and for future seasons. Cap growth is Never a given.

  • Obviously did not watch the ECF, Cally was one of the best players for Tampa on the ice. When healthy he offers exactly was this roster needs… heart, desire, determination, work ethic, would be a leader and example to for young players to follow.

    • Cally was very effective during Tampa’s playoff run. He would provide the Rangers with some sandpaper and leadership that they been lacking. Coburn on the otherhand was a turnover machine and I can’t see him a fit on a Ranger Blueline that is trying to get younger.

      So sure, Tampa sents Cally and a promising young defensemen and the Rangers take on his bloated contract in return.

    • Cally would be out of the lineup for the perfect amount of time. If this team was to make a surprise run into the playoffs than we could see him at 85%. He’s just so injury prone that I would expect him to get hurt again within the first 3 weeks of arrival. All he has left in the tank are amazing shot blocking skills. He can’t even make his open ice hits anymore, he needs the boards. He also gases out much quicker than from what I remember from a couple of years ago.

      Krunitz played a better overall game than he did on the 4th line. Paquette had more efficient hits and a terrorizing forecheck than Cally as well. Are you sure you saw Tampa play? JG shouldn’t treat this 3rd party role to take on his cap hit because of Cally’ heart, desire etc… It would have to be a straight up overpay to take back his contract. I rather get the 2014-15 MSL back for two more seasons

      • Yes I did watch all of Tampa’s playoffs game. Cally’s line was very effective. Paquette and Kunitz were good as well even strength but Cally was the better on the PK…you must of slept though that part.

      • Most of you know I have Bolt season tix so I don’t like to repeat it.

        But….I say it here because I can tell you Cally, when healthy, still has his game. His game being hustle, hitting, feistyness, defense and leadership.

        If those attributes appeal to the NYR and fans that is what you will get.

        As we all know his game also tends to get him hurt. A shoulder is a tough injury for a guy like him. He missed a bunch of games last year with shoulder and then hurt it again vs the Caps.

        Cally, Kunitz, and Paquette were college give monsters during the Stanley’s so I am not sure what you are referring to Mint.

        He does have a limited NTC but I have to figure he would come back to the Rangers. If that does happen and somehow the Sabre’s contend with Dahlin next year then he would definitely go there as he is from Rochester

        • Darn phone spellcheck – “college give” above should be translated to “collective” as in the line played like collective monsters…

  • Tampa needs to move out three players: 1 to clear space for Karlsson this season, 1 to extend Karlsson for the money he wants and the third is to take care of Kucherov’s next contract.

    Coburn kills two birds with one stone in the 1st category, but has never been an effective defender. Deal for him and who cares if you lose him on a waiver claim when he gets sent to Hartford.

    Cally is the guy for spot number two and it’s obvious. Now Tampa doesn’t have to do it right away, so it doesn’t have to be New York. Because he’s hurt, a big chunk of his salary is picked up by insurance, so Melnyk *in theory* could take it now. But since the Rangers are allegedly involved, it’s clear that this isn’t an option for Ottawa.

    Nobody is touching Johnson’s contract. Price, term, size and aging curves are ?????

    So it’s Point, Paquette & Gourde being the most likely to have to move for Ottawa to move for Karlsson, along with a pick and a prospect. The pick can’t be a 2019 1st or 2nd, prospect ask would be Mathieu Joseph.

    • Size alone isn’t the issue, it’s how it’s an amplifier for aging curves. These guys are so close to the edge to begin with as effective NHL players, when aging curve kicks in they fall off quickly.

    • One issue with Coburn is that the Rangers already have sixteen defensemen. If no one gets hurt, that means sending two guys to Greenville already, two guys who should be playing at a higher level. Pedrie doesn’t matter I suppose, but the other choice is unfortunate. Adding a defenseman just increases the problem. I suppose one can send Coburn to Greenville (if one decides solely on merit), but the Rangers won’t do that.

      The Rangers are much better off with a forward who fits in where they need bodies.

      • What part of “who cares if you lose him on waivers” did you miss? I wouldn’t want him to hand out sticks from the bench. I never rated him from his time in Portland.

        You take him because you get more lottery tickets out of it(even if they’re more scratch cards than powerball.)

        Coburn had it all: size, skill, skating, just couldn’t play a lick of D even at junior level.

        There’s the scouting theory that is just get me an athlete and they’ll teach them how to play. Under the current CBA, that’s a tremendous mistake; especially with D and goalies.

        Rangers grabbed so many Euro D because they get them for 4 years before the pro clock starts as opposed to 2 for N. Americans.

        McIlrath a great example of a D becoming waiver eligible before they really knew what they had.

        • Come on. You obviously did not read what i wrote. He is not getting claimed on waivers. The problem is that there is no room for him in Hartford either because the Rangers are loaded with prospects.

          My great fear is that the Rangers would send guys like Crawley or Lindgren to Greenville because it would be disrespectful to treat Kampfer or Coburn (veteran NHLers) that way.

          • 1: You can’t send players who are past their ELC down to the ECHL.

            2: There are 6 D in Hartford

            3: There are 7 D in New York. Of those, 2 of them refused arbitration and the club refused arbitration as well. If they don’t accept their qualifying offer by the 15th, they are off to Europe.

            4: So the Rangers are going to need another D and while Coburn is horrible, he’s slightly better than both Gilmour & O’Gara.

            5: Nobody is going to cry any tears if Pedrie has to go to Portland, Maine if Coburn was sent down.

          • Thanks for the note on the ECHL rules. They do make sense.

            I don’t really care about the arbitration stuff. Players like O’Gara and Gilmour have no leverage and (like Fogarty and Bigras) for them, arbitration is pointless. The arbitrator will say the QO is reasonable. So, the QO is really a take it or leave it deal and the only concern is that they are still thinking about it. They might bargain for a higher minor league salary.

            Personally, I don’t think Gilmour has been at this long enough to throw in the towel and go to Europe. I am less confident about O’Gara and Bigras, but North American players don’t run to Europe as quickly as European players do.

            Finally, the Rangers currently have 16 defensemen. That is 7 for NY, 7 for Hartford, 2 for Greenville. In a sense, the ideal number is thirteen – 7 for NY, 6 to play every day at Hartford, with a seventh non-prospect Hartford dman on an AHL contract. Of course, a deadend Ranger signee works justs as well there and I am comfortable with Pedrie.

            If all the QO defensemen run for the exits, yeah, the Rangers could stand another body or two, but as it is, Coburn will hinder someone’s development.

    • Point is NOT going anywhere. He is way too highly regarded in Tampa.

      Paquette is a decent forward but he is not enough of a sweetener to make it work for the NYR. I can see him being included to Ottawa though.

      Gourde is a keeper and would be “sweet” enough to take on another contract.

      Koekkoek would be good. Cirelli would work and Erne seems to have some nice upside. Dochin is a young Dman with some muscle and he would help the NYR cause until all of our own young Dman get sorted out.

      Foote is highly regarded as their #1 prospect but there honestly is not that much buzz about him which is probably because he is young.

      Tyler Johnson, Killorn, or Palat all have term and would complicate the cap flexibility. So PLEASE NO!!!

      • You almost got there, but what is Tampa giving to OTT to make this happen? Won’t be Foote, can’t be the 2019 1st.

        Rangers don’t need prospects, they need picks

        • You are correct sir – we can talk all about what we would take to offset Cally (or whoever’s contract), but the Bolts still need to make up a package that Ottawa will accept.

          Pretty sure that begins with Sergachev and then some. Tampa’s morning paper said as much today as well.

          Doubt the Bolts would move Foote and Serg so there needs to be some creativity for sure.

          Ottawa will take less if Ryan goes in the deal but Tampa won’t takes him. He complicates things for the Ranger’s Cap if we were to take him. But if we take him then we would be owed another “sweetener” from somebody.

  • Something that completely slipped my mind….. The sticking point with Callahan signing an extension with the Rangers was that Sather wouldn’t give him a NTC, so they traded him. Tampa gave him that NTC. Would he even waive it to go from a cup contender to a rebuilding Rangers? His contract was a full NTC for the first 2 years with a modified NTC list the last 2.

  • We do not NEED to do anything. We would sure enjoy that 2nd from Tampa to translate into a 1st (if they won the SC), but unless we can legitimately come out a clear winner for the future there is no reason to dangle our cap space so other teams can get what they want. Especially Ottawa who made their bed and now must lay in it and are desperately trying to avoid it. Tampa is clearly desperate in another way as they are where we were 2013-2015 so of course they want Karlsson. They would have the best single season defense assembled on any non all-star team.

    We finally have several top young prospects not drafted in the 3rd round or lower ..and are only two (arguably) bad contracts away from being cleansed of the old NYR SOP of “building” a team. Staal and (arguably) Lundqvist have those contracts. I’ll concede Lundqvist deserves his…

    Despite what many pundits have expressed, I like most of what JG has done the last 2 years. Sure it has been hard to see players leave for unproven and in some cases risky prospects and picks but that is what large organizational leaders do: take calculated risks.

    We are also allowed to be absent of a marquee name on the roster right now…it’s OK because statistical probability will over-rule feelings and at least one or two of our recent plunder of prospects will translate into home grown marquee names that we can be proud of in a couple of years.

    • When you’re a team that can spend to the cap(and then some) and you have cap space that you don’t use because you couldn’t commit highway robbery is what one would call a waste of resources.

      The more lottery tickets, the better(unfortunately Patric Kjellberg still has one more kid that’s draft eligible in a few years.) you can even defer those lottery tickets and hopefully you win out like when the Devils dealt Tom Kurvers. A bold GM behaves like he’s going to be there until he’s ready to retire, not like a raven looking at a shiny beer tab like it’s a diamond.

      • Haha..I like the anology. I want our GM to take risks and get lottery tickets. I don’t want to get involved in salary dumps so other teams can get better returns. My caveat in not participating in any of the deals mentioned would be that if we would be the clear winner for the future.

        Tampa wants the cup now.

        Ottawa wants to shed salary now (and a high first).

        We won’t win the cup and we don’t need to shed salary. We just want picks and prospects and I think JG has accomplished that up to this point. If we can get that then let’s roll. If not, please walk away fast and let the two teams figure it out on their own.

        • When you’re rebuilding, you can’t afford to be that complacent.

          Tampa winning the cup helps the Rangers move up 25+ spots in the draft.

          Helping Tampa puts them in a tighter window to win, you get Tampa’s 2022 1st for Coburn and you can catch them as the wheels are falling off.

          • Do you define what JG and Co. have done the past two years as complacency? I don’t. We traded Stepan, Raanta, Brassard, Talbot, Miller, Nash, Grabner, Holden, Yandle (bad return), and McDonaugh. Oh and bought out fan favorite punching bag, Dan Girardi.

            I get everyone’s insatiable craving to capitalize NOW..but these options aren’t that good. Who would give us good returns for Bobby Ryan or Callahan if our goal was to flip them later? Yes we could retain salary but it really has to be short term.

            I like the hypothetical for Tampa’s 2022 1st you propose and would be ok with that but I never said I was against all deals. I just don’t think this is necessary especially considering the urgency of the other teams (for very different circumstances). A lack of planning on their end does not constitute and emergency on ours.

          • I don’t think about the immediate past, just where the team is at in the here and now; the rebuild isn’t even close to being done.

            Short of Seguin leaving a mash note under Quinn’s door when the Stars come to town, I don’t see a scenario where this team is going to be able to go on a deep cup run over the next two seasons.

            So either use the free cash on hand to take on lousy contracts over that time or give it to Little Jimmy Dolan so he can give everybody in his backing band their own tour buses on his never ending European tour of white boy blues venues.

          • The irony of Jim Dolan fronting a blues band is overwhelming.

            It’s sad being a billionaire.

          • “A lack of planning on their end does not constitute and emergency on ours.”

            Nice expression, but it’s a wrong analogy here. Think of the Rangers as a tow truck driver when someone who doesn’t have AAA breaks down in the middle of the night. Rescuing that guy is an emergency economically because you can charge him an arm and a leg.

            That’s the idea here. Take advantage of TB’s woes to fleece them. Callahan for example is a great acquisition. He costs one 50 man roster spot, actual money which the Rangers can spare, two years of cap space which the Rangers don’t need. He may even help the Rangers who are short of forwards. This is a “favor” we can do for TB and make them pay through the nose for. The ONLY reason not to do it is that we can use the same cap space to fleece someone else more effectively.

  • I’d take them all. As long as there are decent picks and prospects throw in.

    Send us Coburn , Ryan , Callahan , Johnson and MacArthur. We also want some good prospects to go with it.

    Remember we will need to expose people to an expansion draft.

      • Then I need better prospects or draft picks for that contract.

        And then I bury those guys in the ahl except Ryan and let dally play 4th line.

  • This is DEFINITELY a thinking person’s blog site. Thanks, BSB staff and denizens – a great read today.

  • No need to rush into anything I’d take at bad contract back for a 2 year term but it has to be a trade where TB over pays. I’d consider 2 future 1’s like 2020 and 21 to make the deal .

    Ex we take back Cally, Foote ,2020 and 2021 ones for their conditional 2019 back. That give then some space and picks to send to OT.

    That is a win for us, if they don’t like it let they find another deal.

    Bottom line let them blow us away otherwise sit tight CAP money should not burn a hole in our pocket.

    I’d rather move cap space to a team that has a chance o be a lottery pick.

  • Been thinking about what value is derived from eating another team’s contract.

    Using Michael Shuckers paper on calculating a draft point chart and what I misremembered about recent salary dumps, here’s what I pulled out of my keister:

    Giving a value of a mid 2nd pick for eating a 1yr, $3mm contract, that would assign 64pts per $1mm/yr.

    So Bobby Ryan’s contract would be worth 1856pts, or around two high(top 4) 1st rd picks.

    By all means, please refine or rebut.

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