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Is Leo Komarov on the Rangers’ radar?

leo komarov

We are hot into rumor season, and David Pagnotta (grain of salt required) has noted that the Rangers have interest in forward Leo Komarov on a “multi year deal.”

Komarov struggled last season, but did score 33 goals in his prior two seasons. As the Leafs inserted more talent, his role diminished, thus the lower numbers. Komarov would like be a depth player, insurance in case one of the kids isn’t ready.

One item to consider on multi-year deals: The 2020 expansion draft is looming, and teams need bodies to expose.

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    • Thank you Sal!! We need right handed shooters for even strength and the power play. Not many forwards play to their full potential on their off side at ES and the last few years the Rangers have had 3 lefties on the right side. That is also why I never minded Fast being moved up to the top 9.
      We need some right handed wingers for the top 9 and for the two PP and even the 2 PK units.

      Am I the only one that thinks Komarov is an over priced 4th line forward? He had a couple good years in Toronto and now he’s a hot commodity. He should come real cheap before I consider it and doesn’t a player have to be signed for the next season in order to be exposed in the expansion draft? For that logic to apply he would require a 3 year contract, no?

    • Larry Brooks :The Post has learned that the Blueshirts are keenly interested in 31-year-old Vegas winger Ryan Reaves, who will become a free agent when the market opens at noon Sunday.

  • Um … I think we have enough in the way of Bottom 6 players. I also think we have enough character vets on the team. If I’m signing free agents now I’m looking at bringing in younger guys — or if older, then a guy like Grabner.

    • “I think we have enough in the way of Bottom 6 players.”

      Not true. It is hard to change a culture of losing. You don’t want to have a bunch of kids be part of a horrible team and you especially don’t want the team to be horrible because of them. If Chityl, Andersson, Howden, Lettieri, Kravtsov all look like they belong in the NHL, let them play — but what if they are not – and spoiler alert, some won’t be. Then either you play them anyway or you are left with guys like Nieves and Holland.

      This idea of going into the season without forward depth was something I thought was ridiculous last year and in fact the Rangers never recovered. We saw Carey all year for example.

      Here is what happens if you sign Komarov. If the kids aren’t ready, you have a bottom six player who can actually put the puck in the net, a necessity for a team whose top six isn’t that potent. And if the kids all arrive and he’s in the way, you end up either letting him be the thirteenth forward or send him to Hartford. Yeah, you lose some money – so what, its the Rangers, not Arizona – and you waste some of your cap space short term.

      I don’t know if Komarov is the right guy, but I do know that options are limited; you can’t just snap your fingers and sign the guy you want. I want a bottom six guy, two really, who doesn’t cost that much or for too long and who can actually score. Grabner fits the bill also of course, IF he will return.

      Of course, you can go for a Tavares instead or another top six player, but that is way trickier.

      • Come on Ray, what culture of losing? We had one bad year which was precipitated for the most part by two things: 1) lots of injuries and 2) a coach that lost the room and was unwilling to adapt or trust his younger and more talented players.

        You can’t tell me guys like Kreider, Zucc, Staal, Hank, Hayes, etc. will promote a losing culture. You can’t tell me that a management with guys like Adam Graves, Brian Leetch, Jeff Beukeboom and Drury will promote a culture of losing. Besides, kids like Lindgren, Andersson, Howden, Hajek, etc. don’t look/act/sound like kids that would accept or adopt a mentality of losing. In fact I think that’s part of the whole plan — obtaining kids with a pedigree of leadership, with strong characters and high drive, I don’t see weakness.

        Want to enhance the culture, hire St. Louis as an assistant coach. Put him in charge of the PP … find a role for Brad Richards perhaps.

        • I’m not concerned about Kreider, Zucc, Staal, Hank, Hayes, etc., at least not now. But guys like Chityl, Andersson, Howden, Pionk have never played on GOOD Ranger teams. Look at Neal Pionk, Anthony DeAngelo, and John Gilmour. Hartford has been awful for two years and Gilmour has been a part of all of it. The other two only get last year, but DeAngelo has a bad Coyote team to compensate. And the trio played on an atrocious Ranger team at the end of the year. Chityl and to a lesser extent Andersson were also a part of things.

          It isn’t much of a history, and it can’t matter much yet, but make these guys part of a really bad team this coming year, give some guys like Howden and Hajek a chance to be part of it, and the cost of fielding a team that is competitive for Hughes could be large.

          I don’t know that MSL or Richards would really mean that much to the culture. Nor do I see Pionk being all that impressed by Staal telling him how the Rangers used to be good. What these players need is the feeling that they are not outclassed — and the way to keep players from feeling outclassed is to make sure they are not outclassed.

          • People who think we’re going to be “that” bad are in for a rude awakening. We’re not in the running for Hughes, unless a ping pong ball falls in our favor. Oh we’ll probably not make the playoffs again; we’ll probably be sellers again; we’ll be infuriatingly inconsistent and suffer growing pains … but we won’t stink up the joint like we did through much of the 2nd half of the season.

            Re: AV, I think he lost the room the year prior tbh (at least some of it). Regardless, he was unwilling to adapt …

          • I don’t think AV was that kind of coach like Tortorella was. To be in the locker room with the players giving speeches. He was more or less in his office with assistant coaches going over tape. He left the policing to the players and we didn’t really have that guy on the team.
            I don’t think McDonagh was ever the right man for the Captaincy. He lets his play speak for him.

          • The buck stops with the coach … and there are plenty of other ways a coach can lose a group.

          • Tanto agree with all, except when AV lost the team.
            I think he lost the room in the SCF when he skated 3 guys with broken bones in their legs. If I’m in that locker room and see 2 all star d getting dressed I’m saying WTF. Its not like the Kings don’t know whose hurt and what corner to drop the puck in to slam whomever can’t make that play. Careers were at stake. Would he skate me with a broken wrist? Rumors start early and don’t die quickly. We lost 3 good players from that club and the rest as they say is history. Shame on Slats for not getting some AHLers time in the show. Maybe he does something other than or in addition to MSL and in particular on the blue line. Maybe AV has to wait another year for #600. Its history, I know, but it really did offend me.

          • You may be right Jeff, that might have been the beginning of a very long end — then again players play through all sorts of crazy stuff, especially in the playoffs. Still, it’s the Coach’s job in conjunction with the trainers to see through the craziness and make an intelligent decision about whether or not to play someone. I think AV liked to conveniently close his eyes to that type of stuff.

        • “precipitated for the most part by two things: 1) lots of injuries and 2) a coach that lost the room and was unwilling to adapt or trust his younger and more talented players.”

          I should but won’t let this go unchallenged. I think the Rangers collapsed before AV lost the room, not after. They turned on AV because they had to blame someone. Injuries were a big part of things, but my second and third reasons were lack of forward depth and inconsistent goaltending.

          • We’ll have to agree to disagree. I think this has been brewing for a couple of years … and again, he has to adapt to the cards dealt — he has to be smarter about what’s going on.

      • I agree and you can never have too much depth. As long as the cap is managed and that’s what Gorton is good at. No long term commitments for older veterans.
        Not for nothing but we are going to need a short term replacement if Hayes is going to be traded. Why not sign a guy like “Jumbo Joe” Thornton to a 1 year contract? I bet he’d love to finish his distinguished career in NY. What better grizzled veteran than Joe to teach the young centerman to play in the NHL? Otherwise Yakapov and Duclair are still available. Neither was qualified I think.

      • Apparently from the stats, you have a bottom 6 forward who can’t put the puck in the net.

        Much like Duclair, a top 6 on a losing team.


  • Uh….no thank you.

    If this is for any reason other than expansion bait then I just don’t get signing someone like this.

    • “Expansion bait”

      NO new team would bite on this. it like putting a month old pigeon foot on a line an expecting to bring home fresh dinner.

      • Expansion bait doesn’t mean someone taking Komarov. It means getting the Rangers to enough bodies to expose in the draft. That’s why they signed Grabner in the first place.

        • I get that, but if you thinking about that than you wait until next season and sign a guy for only two years.

        • Sign Duclair and bring back Nick Jensen … problem solved and one or both of them might actually prove to be useful. No point signing anything other than guys who fit the [ahem] “new” NHL.

          • You don’t have to bring Jensen back, will be exposed from reserve list b

          • No, I WANT to bring him back. Fast, big and has some scoring touch. We really didn’t give him that much of a chance, would like to see him play a few games at least, I think he can be useful.

    • This guy sucks and I wouldn’t want him killing penalties. He’s not dependable because he’s always hurt or make the slew foot play. I think Scott Hartnell would be a better pickup than Komarov.

  • I used to watch a lot of Leafs games when I had the center ice package as I loved their announcers. Komarov struck me as a little reckless- took dumb penalties and was a bit of a goon. Just don’t see the need for a guy like this.

  • So why not just Keep Cody McLeod? Not my favorite choice, but checks all the boxes Komarov does but less cap hit and less upside.But how much upside are we talking about? I don’t object to bringing in this type of player, but at what price? I do agree we need a few bottom 6 players signed to 2 to 3 year deals for expansion. But I would be careful how we approach this.

      • Amen

        Unlikely to come up, but when it did last time, the Rangers just signed Matt Puempel and then traded him for Ryan Sproul.

      • is it? The expansion draft is coming. and if the rules are the same(like the league syas they will be) who will we expose? the young kids will be protected.

        here’s a link summarizing the rules from the 2017 expansion draft. My understanding is they don’t change.

        “Teams must expose a minimum of two forwards under contract for next season who have played either 40-plus games this past season or 70-plus contests between the 2015-16 and 2016-17 campaigns.”

        there are conditions with NMC’s or partials and they need to be protected. So if we don’t have 2 forwards to expose we will need to find 2. if you have a team of young forwards. Andersson, Chytil, Kravtsov, Howden will be exempt if they play this season. Zucc’s contract is over then. Fast will need to be extended by at least a year to expose him. So who do we protect? Kreider, Hayes, Zib, Buch. Hard to say from the rest of the group. But we need to expose 2 forwards that meet the criteria. They way we stand now that could force us to include one of the above mentioned.

        That’s one of the reasons why expansion considerations matter in this situation.

        • Yes, it is … at least if that’s the reason to go ahead and sign a guy like this. There are plenty of cheaper/younger options … hell, offer Carey a 2 year deal with a nice raise from 675k. He played in 60 games last year, just needs 10 more.

  • Decent at shot suppression, basically replacement level otherwise, takes bad penalties, can’t /doesn’t fight (which doesn’t bother me as much, but will anger some). Sure, let’s give him three years! Hopefully just an overblown rumor generated as a result of a run of the mill “touching base” meeting. If not, another questionable depth move by Gorton.

  • In case you see me on the news, it was me who mailed a huge envelope to #91 and his fiancee with thousands of pictures of long island traffic, the LIRR and its crowds, photos of the barclays too, big letters 3 MORE YEARS and a LIFETIME of Long Island…


    they are coming for me….

  • Yes, vet leadership and plays with an edge to protect the youngins. I’m ok with it (let’s see what the cap hit is). It’s not like this coming year is about winning anyway.

      • Term on Lucic is way too much unless you’re banking on a compliance buyout after the lockout.

        If the Rangers do half the financial engineering some folks (including me) are suggesting, the other teams in the league will die on a hill to screw us over.

  • Pass please dead weight go with the kids,

    Dave M. posted some nice little clips talking to of some of the kids on msgnetwork.

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