BSB Predictions: Stanley Cup Final Edition

We’re finally here: the Final series of the 2017-18 NHL season, one that few people believed would end up with the newcomer Golden Knights facing the oft-choking Capitals. As a gloating point, I’m the only one here who predicted the Capitals would beat the Lightning, but it’s okay I forgive you all for not believing.

As always, share your predictions for the newest members of Lord Stanley’s Cup in the comments. 

Dave: Capitals in 6. Do I go with possible destiny and Ovechkin or voodoo magic and Vegas? In the end, I want to see Ovi raise a Cup, but I also want to see the pure carnage that would happen if Vegas wins. I think Fleury comes back to Earth after this long layoff.

Pat: Capitals in 7. It’s hard for me to decide between #VGKALLDAY or my unending amazement at Alex Ovechkin’s ability to embarrass his opponents, but I’m going to have to go for the Great 8.

Rob: Capitals in 7. You just never know in the NHL, right? I wonder how much money you would have won if you’d placed a $10 bet on a Stanley Cup Final to be contested by Vegas and the Caps. But here we are. The stories and playing styles are well-documented. Both teams are flawed, but will be coming into this series supremely confident. My gut tells me it’s Ovechkin’s time, and I think the Caps’ ability to lock down a game late without relying too heavily on their goaltender (unlike Vegas) will prove vital.

Becky: Knights in 6. I *want* the Capitals to win, but Vegas is so charmed and lucky (insert Vegas pun here) that I just think they win it. There’s no logic here, there’s no #fancystats or Grit/60. If it were a matter of who wanted to win most, well, I think the only person who wants to win more than Ovechkin is Henrik Lundqvist. I’m very excited to watch this series.

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  • Vegas in 7….might even be 5 but OV factor in my opinion takes it to 7. Vegas is a very hard team to play against so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 5

    • Thumbs down already … lmao
      I like Vegas in 6 , unless the completely shut down Ovi … Goalie has been unreal !

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