Rangers fire Alain Vigneault

alain vigneault

The Rangers have fired head coach Alain Vigneault. This is an expected move, with the organization heading in a completely different direction than the coach. GM Jeff Gorton was non-committal on AV when the rebuild announcement was made, and this confirms that AV is not in the future plans.

Despite his issues in the past two seasons, AV leaves the Rangers as one of the most successful coaches in team history. He led the team to a Stanley Cup Final and an Eastern Conference Final in back to back seasons. He wasn’t the right coach anymore, and if not for some bad luck in 2015, may have a Stanley Cup on his resume.

The coaching search begins now.

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  • Only 2 years too late, but it’s better than him coming back.

    He’ll be out if a job for a month, but I think the game has passed him by.

    • I think the Isle, Buffalo, Columbus, Dallas, Ottawa and Arizona would all be smart to go after him. Watch him coach Buffalo to be a top 5 team for the next 4-5 seasons straight.

      2 years to late showed me that the moving out of Stepan and JT had no implications of AV’s voice in the ears of the GM.

  • So I’m watching the Duck game and decided to check up here…. I was not expecting a late firing like tonight but this means its on. I’m shocked to not see 60+ comments of joy right here.

    Friendly reminder… Buch might still receive hate from his new coach, sometimes he doesn’t look interested. I’m talking about his PP time from day 1 on the top unit and the full 2 months of the KBZ line skating together.

    Hayes is a coach’s dream, he’s a matchup problem and even though that he might not be the 1c but he’s a all situational center who can produce alot of his points at 5 on 5. If I remember correctly Torts was gushing all over him when he was employed. He’s my pick to gain the most out of a new HC.

    If 17-18 Skjei version comes to play than that’s a dog house waiting to happen. Chytil might be in that category as well with his DZ game. The next coach will start new waves with different names. Beleskey might even have this coach catching feelings to be the new bottom 6 token boy for next season.

    I’m curious to see what kind of culturall mix is going to happen. 2014 had that taste from the Torts era. Kreider is the biggest fail from the AV era, high uptempo system got his for a career high of 53 points.erested. I’m talking about his PP time from day 1 on the top unit and the full 2 months of the KBZ line skating together.

    I said it before that I think Arniel wouldn’t be to bad choice imo. If there was ever a time to have Mess, Leetch and Graves coach this team than now would be the time for that experiment.

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy … ’nuff said, let’s turn the page and move on.

    Just say no to Arniel or anybody else from the coaching staff aside from guys named Benoit.

  • Dave Quinn. Sheldon Keefe. Rocky Thompson, Benoit Groulx and Mike Van Ryn. That’s a start list. Young. Successful. Courageous. Bold.

    • The first two … although my preference is Keefe at this time. I also think Tippett would be an interesting choice. He’s done a lot in the past with very little and I have no doubt we would immeasurably improve defensively.

    • Add Scott Sandelin (UMD), Rick Bennett (Union) and Nate Leaman (Providence) to that list. Latter has done a lot without marquee talent including time at Union College prior to Bennett.

  • Bye, AV—and good riddance. Great coach for 2 seasons, lousy coach for 3 seasons with NYR. He was truly infuriating in his insistence on a defensive scheme that did not suit his team’s available defensive talent these last two seasons in particular.

  • Many things went wrong here. Many players failed. Almost everyone on this team had an off year. Many had really bad years. Hank is not getting any younger and has NO CHANCE at winning on this team in the next two years. Barring a miracle. No matter what we do in the next two years an older coach who has already proven that he does not work well with younger players. Is not the guy for the job. This team need to go after a coach who will more then likely be a bridge coach that helps these kids grow.

    • Mess, Leetch and Graves are the crew. In the Draft you could still pick up savvy names so in the near future a new coach could still work with them.

      I don’t know how long this rebuild is going to last because I don’t have a crystal ball. What I do know is that the club is not going to throw out another year of Hank’s window. They’re also not going to screw over Dolan to leave the MSG empty once spring/summer of 2019 roll around.

      Kreider will continue to be a failed player. The line of ” that’s who he is ” will continue to be said by his fanboys. He needs way to many moving parts to put up top line stats and be a threat in every game.

      • Good players do not make good coaches. Things come easier to them, they don’t understand when mere mortals can’t do what they did.

  • firing the coach is the easy part.

    the hard part is finding players that can bring the team back to respectability. I have as much faith in the current scouts as I do in the coaching staff.

    • Luckily nobody but you relies on your faith. Remember that it is the CURRENT group of management that brought us to respectability in the first place. They did it before they can do it again.

      • I’m not impressed with anything from andersson, our highest pick since what? mcilrath? oh. so they have a lot to prove to me.

        • Agentsmith—were you wearing a monocle when you typed your post? It might add some visual style to the levels of disdain you’re currently trying to express. And you have a right to such “fury”, after all—this is only the second time in 14 years the Rangers have missed the playoffs. Haven’t you suffered enough?

        • Anderson is a better Fast or as they called it a “Swiss army knife”. The fact that people thought that he could push out Hayes/Zib was comical to me. It pure hype from the NYR fans but not once did I read that he’ll be a top 6 player ready to produce one day. The accurate stuff that I read about him was from Ray Ferraro mentioned that if he played a top 6 role it would then have to be over on the wing and expect a Chris Krunitz type.

          • Jesus, he’s 19 years old … how about at least waiting until he’s an adult and can legally drink before judging him —- seems all you have is what you “read”, maybe you want to observe him yourself for a couple of years instead of just relying on what “other” people say.

  • As an AV detractor since May 29, 2015, I still do not like to see people lose their job but this had to be done for the Rangers to move forward. Hey, he’ll still get paid by either the Rangers or someone else.

    Thank you AV, for an incredible Ranger run and good luck as some team will sign you.

    For the Rangers? They’re not messing around boys and girls. I told you the Rangers have known for months that this was going to happen and for the fact that it was less than 12 hours after the last game tells you so.

    Gorton wanted him gone during the season and was over ridden to at least wait until the end of the season. Gorton complied but acted swiftly.

    Next is the draft and the pursuit of Trouba. No Ranger is safe except for Henrik and Shatty, who they will not trade after signing him. Kreider is the next closest to being safe. Everyone else? In play, for the right trade.

    • Yeah every coach has a shelf life and AV’s was up. It was time to move on. Especially since they are in a rebuild of sorts. Best to get a new coach in there.

      I have a feeling this is going to be a really interesting off season for the Rangers. Who do you think is most likely going to be traded? My guess would be Zucc.

      • I think they will keep Zucc unless the right deal comes along, because his paycheck is team friendly in addition to his value in the locker room and as a fan favorite. That said, I think they definitely could move him if the right amount of picks or high enough pick(s) are offered. Because Zucc does not necessarily have that quite that “game-breaker” reputation now or in the recent past, and despite having proven himself it seems that some front office types just are not keen on smaller players in general, I don’t know as he gets offers commensurate with what was sent for Nash or Grabner, though.

        I’d expect one of Hayes, Namestnikov, or Spooner to be most likely to be traded overall I suppose, and I’d say Spooner is the one that they are most likely to be able to “sell high” on at the moment, and personally I think Hayes and Namestnikov both have higher potential ceilings. Just my guesses, though – who knows how they value everyone internally, and/or how much they are looking at acquiring more draft picks or moving up in the draft. I’m prepared for just about anything, though – could be a crazy few months coming up, here.

        • I think that’s actually why you trade Zucc. He’s on a good contract and can be a great complimentary player for a team with Cup aspirations. You could a get decent return on him. Also remember if the rumors are right he was almost traded to Calgary at the deadline. That’s why I think his time with the Rangers is most likely coming to an end.

          • I think both of you are correct but the return would be something at best closer to what grabner fetched.

            This idea that he would fetch a first is beyond rediculous.

            Everyone said his play would rub off on chytil…. That lasted all of three games.

            Its time to move on.

          • I don’t put a huge amount of stock in players “rubbing off” in terms of on-ice play. I see that as more a character/attitude thing, at least initially and in a small sample such as we have seen of Chytil and Andersson especially, of course being that they did not want to trigger their ELCs in a lost year. Chytil specifically is presumably absorbing a lot of information right now because his game isn’t as advanced in two-way terms as Andersson, and as with most prospects who have potentially high projected ceilings even if not “can’t-miss”, there is likely going to be some ebb and flow to his game, a learning curve, and trial-by-error. It’s pretty natural for all but top-flight prospects with immensely advanced inherent skill to fire on all cylinders when the NHL game is not yet second-nature, and therefore a constant state of observing, absorbing, and adjusting is in play. Not to mention the demands of full-time North American play.

            I don’t think we know enough about this roster on the whole right now in relation to each-other when it comes to identifying the nuances of if certain players click with each-other enough or not to affect line composition and deployment decisions…and I’m not sure the parties involved actually can or should be evaluated in such terms until the next coaching staff and system are installed and observed in-action.

          • You can get a 1st for Zucc, it’s hardly ridiculous … not even in the slightest.

          • For sure – for the right deal, I think Zucc gets moved. Absolutely. I do not see him as secure to the level of Kreider, for example. His contract value is indeed one of the things that helps offset the fact that he may not be seen as a top-flight winger by some teams. Thing is, his overall value probably only will go down since the last deadline – of course with the exception of if he is on the roster to start next season and goes gangbusters prior to that deadline and they are still looking to sell – so if Gorton didn’t like offers then enough to pull the trigger, not so sure he will like them moving forward if they do in fact continue to dwindle in return value.

            Gorton has mentioned character multiple times that a mic has been put in front of him in recent months, and we know Zucc does not lack in that area – or at least that is not what his outside reputation is. I think it really comes down to how far Gorton wants to take the rebuild, and what is on the table. I am not convinced they are necessarily looking to trade him for whatever the best offer is at a set deadline in time, because as noted with the reported near-trade with Calgary, they could have already done that. Unless they have some sort of angle that he may be worth more later, I think they may continue to hold out for better returns than they have seen offered prior, and remain content with his value as a member of the roster if such returns never materialize.

            One other thing to note, purely speculation on my behalf…I do see Zucc as having relatively high potential to go in a package deal if he does, rather than a single piece deal. That seems to often make more sense with players who cannot fetch prime returns on their own. The Rangers should be looking for big splashes right now without mortgaging the future or crippling themselves financially. If that is all indeed the case, the delay/refusal of a Calgary trade may have been deemed wise in order to continue to accrue assets to then use further down the road to potentially combine with Zucc, to extract more value in return.

          • Hayes is safe…. More safe now that I saw how the throw ins played since the deadline. When you have a GM that uses Hayes name after both departures of Stepan and JT than I think it’s safe to say that Hayes is their investment. The Boston ties will run thick with Hayes so expect a 4 or 5 + year contract for him to remain a NYT.

            Vladdy’s game finally made sense to me when he was on a at wing on Hayes line with Buch. Everything he excelled at was being displayed and it went to some good use. He looked like a Mitch Marner to me, always getting to the lose pucks and could get the puck in the zone safely. Remember that JT maybe plays with elites now but his best season was when he was close to Hayes and even played on the PK with him. Same goes for Hags who still hasn’t come back to the 2015 numbers even though he plays with Malkin now. If they can use Vladdy as a Johnny hockey type who likes his goals to be back door tap ins than I say sign him and play with him with Hayes and hopefully Kovalchuk.

      • My problem with AV was his lack of ownership and his stubbornness in resistance to changing his style.

        I think there’s a very good chance that Zuc is traded. If you notice, Gorton is getting rid of everything that is the “old group” which also tells me that Nash coming back may not be the slam dunk that I thought it was.

        Rangers are after Kovy, Tavares, and Trouba, big time.

        • Assuming they get the 8/9 draft pick and Gorton is hot for Trouba, does that pick come into play in a possible trade?

          • Yikes, no. Maybe one of the latter picks packaged with an rfa. I do think Hayes would entice wpg tho

        • Out of those 3 I think they will most likely get Kovy. I don’t know how interested Tavares is in joining the Rangers. Though I would love to have him on the team. He’s the 1st lin center they’ve been missing in forever. Plus getting Tavares makes it easier to trade one of Zibenijad or Hayes

    • Kreider has had his name pop up in past rumors this season. Didn’t Bob Mckenzie tell everyone how Kreider might be the next one to go 2 weeks ago? These were similar talks about Stepan and JT and look at how that turned out. If a elite 1c like Travares isn’t going to join forces here soon than I could see Kreids getting flipped. Last summer when they added Hayes instead of JT to the Worlds I knew that was a sign for something. Now I feel like JG is going to use this platform to move Kreider. He’s going to be in touch with other GM’ s of the league, American style lol. Is it possible that Bowman or Poile talk off the record to make a deal behind closed doors? I could see the Hawks pushing for Kreider and wanting to get a trial run with him and Kane skating on a line before things get set in stone.

      • Everyone not named Henrik or Shatty is in play. Kreider may have played his way back on the team, may even be team Captain depending on who comes to the team (Tavares will be the C if he’s here), but his name was floated around for trade, yes.

          • Probably, it would take a major deal to trade either one, but never say never.

            Hayes too, even though he closed the season strong. He upped his trade value not to mention that Kevin will use it for his contract this offseason, which the Rangers may not want to pay.

  • lets no lose sight of the original reason AV was brought in… its because the old core had trouble generating enough offense. AV system artificially creates offense. but it means there is an inherent lack of talent in the system.

    Also the speed game has become less of an advantage as its basically become the game today.

    this is hard to write, but ill write it anyway. they need to stop making moves because of Henrik lundqvist age. they need to get the best talent available. period.

  • Under Vigneault this team looked passive, weak , soft and easy to play against. Players were always out of position and were allowed to give up all defensive responsibility. New players were not developing and the whole team without a spark often looked like a rudderless ship. The coach did a terrible job with this group and had to go. I am just disappointed that it took management so long to figure this out. What an awful season. They can do better.

  • I am optimistic. With a new coach, we can turn it around quickly. We need a better system of hockey, leadership and 1 new great defenseman and we are back in the playoffs. So next season with a new coach, we will know which players are not giving 100% effort and then they get traded. Time to right the ship!

  • No one has mentioned this name but I know exactly who we need .. he’s great with kids, has a little Olympic experience, and he can teach us how to fly.

    The Minnesota miracle man .. Gordon Bombay.

    Make it happen JG! ?

  • So now my criticism.

    To my knowledge, AV knew that he was getting canned a while ago, but yet he decided to go on a long diatribe after yesterday’s game on how he and his staff are not only the right coaches going forward but one of the most valuable assets of the team. Yes, he was asked the question but that was an obvious shot at th Rangers’ management.

    This from a guy that never blamed himself for anything in the 5 years he’s been here. Selfish until the end.


    • Well said, Richter—good riddance to this arrogant man. A captain of a sinking ship should at least own the fact that their ship sank on their watch; Vigneault’s arrogance won’t permit that. There’s nothing lamer than people who refuse to see their own culpability in a group-related failure.

      • I tried to have compassion for this guy but he is completely arrogant.

        His parting shot at Gorton specifically was typical AV. I really have no use for the guy. You could coach the team better than he can.

    • Totally agree Richter

      The line “you have to coach the team you have in front of you” may go down as one of the most narcissistic denials of all-time – even in the Trump age.

      The Rangers fall from grace is not all on him as questionable personnel evaluation decisions have emanated from the front office of this team for way too long.

      The latest example, selling off a solid player like JT whose play was based on AV dictated deployment/use/coaching is a bit insane (especially if you know you are going to fire him).

      • He’s right, you’ve got to coach the team you’ve got. Means adjusting. One recent example Tortorella coached the team he had by adjusting systems to something they could actually play. Hated the collapsing shot blocking defense? Well that’s the team he had, so they made it work and were a better for it.

        On to better things.

        • Well yeah – he’s right – but the point is he did not do it.

          It is a laughable comment from a coach who did not adjust one iota based on the skill-set, age, maturity, and/or hockey sense of the roster he had to work with

      • Agree with comments……..
        Getting rid of a ”’talented, productive , consistent [ 20+ goals every year] , big, physical and young player……..should have fired gorton and sather as well as AV……..
        The goal is to accumulate as many talented players as possible…..not get rid of them!!!!!!!………..and if 7th overall pick andersson does not become a consistent 20+ goal scorer then gorton and sather need to be canned as well!!!!!!

      • The issue was that JT had a down year and they made it a picking game between him and Hayes. What I read from JG interview basically sounded like the brass was more impressed with Hayes career high oppose to Miller’s. Also that this deal was in the works since sometime last year while Tampa was having a bad year without Stamkos so their GM was keeping tabs but JG didn’t want to give in yet. My point is that JT was just as much as a goner as Stepan was. That motion plan to move him was as set in stone as Michael Corleone plan was to revenge his father’s enemy’s in the movie The Godfather. I thought after that article of the brass trashing him away from the rink was solid enough proof that they gave up on him.

      • Hey pal, it is not all on him but he never took any part of the blame. Never. Nothing is ever his fault. Not his lineups, deployment, lack of making in game changes, nothing.

        But he was right there to take credit. Disgusting and why “the room” was a mess. It starts with AV.

        I would love to blame AV for the Miller trade but Miller had worn out his welcome here. I was nervous because I thought trading Miller meant AV was staying after all. Not so. Management was tired of Miller and his stubbornness so they traded him. Plus, TB wanted JT once the Rangers insisted on Hajek so that was a factor also.

    • Damn, Richter— I just read Vigneault’s farewell address to the press. It’s a remarkable piece of public self-deception, you weren’t kidding with how self-serving Vigneault was. Glad Vigneault will be some other team’s problem instead of ours.

      • I’m not exaggerating, right?

        He knew he was out but gave one last “FU” to the Rangers, saying everything under the sun was not his fault for the decline.

    • Not a classy move at all. Goodbye gum chewing, unemotional, past his prime, lucky to have HOF goalies, jerk coach!


      • Time to move on my friend. Need a younger, more open coach, that will embrace analytics to a certain extent and allows the players to stand up for each other.

        AV was old school but yet admonished Kreider when he stuck up for teammates, remember? Total BS.

        BTW, my friend went to a Rangers’ golfing event a year or 2 ago, and Kreoder hated AV with a passion.

    • Right on Tony!

      It’s never his fault, the system, his deployment, playing his favorites, messing with kids minds. Fair well AV, don’t let the door hit you in the ass!!!

      • It’s going to be a very, very, very interesting offseason bro.

        May start soon, as Kovy cannot sign until July 1 but he sure can talk now.

    • Indeed, his hubris was one of the biggest problems across all areas – it literally permeated everything. The system, roster, deployment, in-game adjustments (or lack thereof, more accurately), and as noted and frankly fittingly, even his final post-game commentary…these things were all un-waveringly influenced by his stubbornness and belief in himself above all else. While a certain level of confidence in self and one’s ideas/philosophies is certainly required as a coach – no doubt at all about that…ego is what makes it problematic for this type of roster, and really the type of roster it has been for some time now, even before it went into full-remodeling territory.

      I had just a few issues here and there with AV’s decisions the first couple of seasons, and was generally pleased with him. When the roster changed such that it did not fit his philosophy quite as much to a tee, and combined with far too many instances of AV deciding a player was someone other than what his natural tool kit dictated, overshadowed at all times by a refusal to adjust the system or “proh-cess”…enough was enough. Although I was not pleased for his lack of adjustment in the most recent series with the Penguins, I also could see how Gorton and Co. could view that series as beyond some coaching adjustments to win, even if they took heed of the domination extending to behind the bench aspects as well – and, fair enough, to a degree. While coaches have been fired for less, I could at least see giving him one more year even if I may not have done so as GM. However, the Ottawa series was more than grounds for dismissal, and this season only helped reaffirm that.

      AV may have not been dealt the greatest hand this season, and I don’t deny that, but the same exact mistakes from behind the bench as in the past few seasons finally sealed his fate. I frankly was not absolutely sure that he would be dismissed, so therefore selfishly, I am quite glad that the band-aid was ripped off quickly and this saga did not drag out. I don’t think AV will want for job opportunities, and if he inherits the correct type of mostly developed-or-close talent such as he did in his last two coaching stops, I would not at all shocked to see him back near the top of the standings. However, his time here was certainly up, and I’m glad to have the elephant out of the room so that this new era can finally truly begin to take shape.

      All of that said…now to see what direction the front office goes this time around. I won’t be truly comfortable in their vision until Ruff and Arniel are dismissed as well. While I suppose I could live with the right type of re-cycled Fraternity of Good Hockey Men appointment for the next bench boss, I really do hope they get creative here and exhaust all options in an extensive search not for a name that the most fans have heard of, but for an innovative mind capable of extracting maximum output from the roster at hand, and also for what the front office vision for the roster will be 2-3 years from now. Now is definitely the time to gamble with expanding the search outside of the usual suspects, far as I am concerned. If they don’t last more than a year, it is less harm done than picking the wrong guy for a year of a true contention window.

      TL:DR: G’bye, Alain. Thanks for the good times, but not so much for surely causing my hairline to recede more rapidly than it otherwise would have for the last two years. On to the next chapter!

      • I was fine with him the first year, not because they went to the SCF but because I thought he did a good job. Then it happened:

        #1. AV gets personnel decision making power.
        #2. The Rangers do not resign Stralman, who you think would be a perfect fit for AV and whatever his system is.
        #3. The stubbornness for the use of vets starts to creep in.
        #4. Bringing in Tanner Glass was all AV.

        In my opinion, AV lost the 2015 and 2017 playoffs. Yes players were hurt in the 2015 playoffs but the Rangers killed TB in Game 6, in between the totally unacceptable back to back home shutouts against them.

        AV should have never dressed McD that 7th game. He couldn’t skate!! And then the surrounding lineup was affected by McD’s insertion into the lineup, rendering a third of that team, that day, totally useless. In the most important game of the year.

        AV lost the Sens’ series IMO, so how is he a good coach? That loses series for his team?

  • Good riddance. No doubt, he’s a talented offensive coach, getting more offensive production than perhaps the talent level on the team. However, his inability or refusal to adjust doomed his tenure to diminishing returns.

  • I was very happy to see AV fired, but some of the criticism is over the top. They had some excellent runs under his leadership. The problem became his inability to adjust his system to suit the personnel and his failure to shoulder any responsibility for poor play. Pointing the finger at Hank (the primary reason for early season success) for the team’s struggles in February and March was the death knell imo. Hoping they choose someone young – fresh voice and new system.

  • So fired for both seasons of the 2 year extension as one of the highest paid coaches in the NHL?Amazing way to run a business. We’re lucky that doesn’t cost against the salary cap!

  • Help Wanted NYR: Head Coach. Must be capable of working for a large corporate organization. Team player. Media savvy. Able to relate to younger players. Comfortable with an international cast of talent. Innovator. Master of modern game. Strategically strong. Tactically flexible. Favors an energetic, aggressive, hard skating style. Understands that a NY team must entertain and win. Enjoy challenges. Respects traditions but willing to shake things up when necessary. Believes his team must be hard to play against.

  • I woke up this morning at my daughter’s house in Pittsburgh, and was elated that two of the three wishes came true yesterday. The Oilers won, we lost, so we get to the 8th pick, better than 10th.

    Then the icing on the cake, AV got canned. One can’t imagine how happy I am today. We get to draft earlier, and get some true talent, which will be coached by a teacher, as opposed to some stale minded clown who never developed a real first rate talented kid. We are going to be young, and there will be growing pains, but will be well worth it. We should see a new system employed, a new PP look, and last but not least a new non-cow chewing guy behind the bench who has class, instead of Clarabelle. AMF fool, good luck else where, as long as it’s not here!!!

      • Please. Miller is playing with Stamkos and Kucherov. That’s helps. Plus his shooting percentage is way above his career average. i like Miller, but you guys are severely overrating him.

        • Point per game player on 3 different lines.

          Go rangers south. Don’t we all want their first pick next year?

    • If it’s a old school coach then New problems. Look at how the young swift Philly coach almost tore up the locker room these last couple of years. Putting 2 young studs in the doghouse for long periods of time. Playing favors to Andy McDonald and Manning over youth and skills.

      I’m curious to see Buch, Hayes, Pionk and Zib under a new system and coach. Special teams should be interesting and hopefully this thing of Vesey needing to waste PP minutes is dead and gone now that papa AV is gone. I know they lack elite talent but they could have a two headed monster on PP’s if Hayes, Control and Zucc are on the 2nd one.

  • Dave says this firing was expected. If true, can someone explain to me the logic behind keeping him one more day after that decision was made? If you know you are going to fire him…..What was the added value of keeping him? It was a lost season a while ago.

    I tortured myself yesterday and watched the Flyer Game. We could not have beaten the UMD Bulldogs. We just suck. Everyone behind the bench on up needs to be fired. Too bad Dolan doesn’t give a crap about hockey.

    I agree with what someone else said – our Scouting is suspect too. Andersson is a Number 7 pick?

    We need management that doesn’t tolerate anything but 100% effort. There are probably only a handful of guys that never take a night off. Give the keys to Messier and if you don’t play 100% you hit the bricks.


    • Questioning effort? Look at the man who is built like a cross breed of Crosby and Ovi with McDavid like speed (Kreider). Goes into the boards at a 100 mph and pulls up EVERY single time. If that’s not questionable effort than I don’t know what is.

  • Every job has an expiration date. It’s the right choice undoubtedly. AV wasn’t all bad, but the past 2 seasons have not been good. And he was never willing to adjust. The decline of the defense has really been staggering.

    The system of Henrick being bombarded with shots until we can create a break away it’s not a winning plan. Next coach not only needs to be able to mentor the kids but also needs to promote a more possession driven style of play. The game is changing and we need to change with.

    To AV, thanks for the good years. Try to learn from your mistakes and best of luck.

    • He must be traveling, he hasn’t been around for a while.

      Guess the recent extension didn’t matter after all, huh?

    • E3, you made it worse for us. Your defense of the a saboteur, a vein selfish bastard of a coach! You must be good friends with him.

      • It’s amazing how many people were pissed off at me for the last three years for having the colossal nerve to question this clown, and saying he had to go. I called him out after the cup, and sooooooo many said he was a HOF coach, while I called the fool a HOS, as in shame coach. Glad he’s gone, now let’s all hope for a bright future for this organization, and it’s amazing fan base, YOU ALL out there posting!!!!!

  • Thank goodness he’s gone, now there’s hope for the future. I’m now looking forward to next season. Come on October.

  • What I like about this AV firing is that Jeff Gorton showed AV the door only a few hours after the final game played. Gorton, like a lot of Ranger fans, can’t wait to get rid of this guy.

  • Just another move by the front office that baffles me. Not the part of the firing but just exactly when it was done. As others have stated if you are going to fire a guy and know why wait? And then to fire him at the end of the last game right after…makes no sense. It is like a emotional decision. So now you as a franchise and front office made a enemy out of someone to prove what? If they hire someone today or this morning to replace him then okay it makes sense. But a new hire isn’t going to happen til at best after the playoffs. If they don’t wait til after the playoffs then you don’t know who is on the market for the coaching job. So this move at this exact moment is just another reason why I know we are going to suck for a long time. Whether people want to admit it or not AV is respected in this league and most likely will get hired quickly. As for this franchise …this move is a the exact reason the nhl shafts us all the time. Our lottery ball is going to move down in the draft cause of this stupid move. Would it really have been that hard to wait …not saying to ignore the coaching hole you know you will soon have and get someone in place but just treat him with a little more respect then you did. To the best of my knowledge I doubt there are any rules as to talking to a replacement coach before you fire you existing coach. Just another bullet point on this front office’s emotional decision making.

    This whole post is for not if they go out and hire a coach in the next couple days. If they had a plan and are now sticking to it and it was to hire someone before break up day great. But if the rangers wait til after the playoffs or later then say hi to another lost season next year.

    I will be very interested to see who replaces AV.

  • Imagine if Torterella returns to the Rangers as coach. Not perfect, but at least some life behind the bench. No more suffering under AV”s stupid passive approach, watching the Rangers get bullied and intimidated. It might be amusing and refreshing to see John throw a few tantrums now and then. Sorry, I’m partial, it must be an Italian thing.
    Good riddance AV, long overdue!

    • I hate Torts with a passion but it would be entertaining to see him call out Kreider. You have to remember that is one coach who lives by the dog house theory to show who’s boss. You also need a strong vet squad for opposite reasons to why you might need one if AV’s behind the bench. I would read that the vets like Hartnell and Duby would need to talk to Torts and tell him to chill out on the younger guys. Tippet or him would be comical to hire due to all the times that fans would complain that a dump and chase isn’t the way to go.

  • Glad he is gone and I also don’t like seeing people lose their jobs, however he had to go

    Next in pondering is what Lundqvist will do as he has to go as well

    Best is we are drafting at 8 and I believe Wahlstrom should be available
    One of Wahlstrom or Bouchard is awesome

    Trade with the Islanders
    One of Dobson or Hayton…and oh man

    If both Boston and Tampa fall…good picks available there too
    Columbus is capable of upsetting the Lightning

    Lightning over Devils (I want Devils)
    Prefer Lightning winning it next year to get the #1 pick)

    Maple Leafs will beat the Bruins (I want Leafs)

    Capitals over Blue Jackets (doesn’t matter)

    Penguins over the Flyers (doesn’t matter)

  • My picks for next coach: Sheldon Keefe (AHL Marlies), Jim Montgomery (Univ of Denver), John Paddock.

    Paddock is an older gent but he’s coached in the NHL, AHL (for the Rangers), and now is in juniors, coaching Hajek BTW.

    I will throw out another name as a big wild card: Marco Sturm. Former NHL player coaching in Europe, has very close ties to Gorton when Jeff was in Boston.

      • Mike

        I have to disagree on the John Paddock guy. He is a solid coach and anywhere he’s been, he has been a winner. I mentioned him the other day as a possible name for the job, I think he would do a great work here!!!!

        • Winnipeg where he quit or Ottawa where he was fired?

          I do not seriously think he could do better than Moose.

    • Dude – John Paddock? Did you get a sniff of what Fotiu’s been peddling or what?

      Paddock is a good solid hockey guy I agree. At one point he was supposed to be THE quintessential hockey coach. Kind of on old guard pick though – what will the fancy stat crowd think?

      I honestly have lost touch with what he has done recently but i know he did two stints in my hometown Binghamton. He has coached recently in the Juniors so he is already more qualified to take our youth under his wing than AV ever will be – actually make that more qualified than AV ever was….

  • I was among those that had grown frustrated with AV’s inability to adjust his defensive schemes the last couple of seasons. Yes, he did have a good run but yes, it was time for him to go. However, I thought it a bit classless to do it as soon as the season ended. Hey, what would have been the problem with having a little bit of a staged meeting a week after the final game and releasing to the press something like AV and the Rangers have mutually agreed to part ways or something like that? After all, it is not like the man was awful.

    Be that as it may, it was time for a change. The challenge will be picking the right guy to groom the young squad he will be coaching.

    • I hear you, but they let him finish out the season and that was already classy enough. He has a lot of time now to network and get a leg up on his next job … and so do we.

  • As far as I’m concerned the next coach is likely a transition coach based on the lack of talent that appears to be on the back line especially next year. I’d really like to see the Rangers sign some talent that we can dump again at the deadline next year (like Nash and Grabs) With good luck in this draft we might begin are come back to respectability in the 19/20 season. How great would it be to get another 1 and 2 for these guys again next year.

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