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It’s a power play goal! But it’s not enough as Rangers fall to Isles

Last night, Rangers fans were treated to the final “It’s a power play goal!” call by Sam Rosen of the season, as the MSG broadcast signed off for 2017-18.  Game 82 on Saturday in Philadelphia will be broadcast by NBC.  Even though this season’s fate was sealed long ago, and no one will miss this particular version of the Rangers, the end of a hockey season is always a tad upsetting.

The Rangers couldn’t muster much against the Islanders and were swept by their intra-city rivals this season (0-3-1, -10 GD).  The Rangers have now failed to win at Barclays Center since the Islanders moved there three seasons ago (0-5-1).

Kevin Hayes scored in the first period on the power play, but that was pretty much it.  Filip Chytil had some noticeable moments, in particular when he set up Paul Carey for a golden opportunity in the second period, but Carey’s shot was stopped by Jaroslav Halak.

The result helps the Rangers draft lottery chances, albeit slightly.  The Blueshirts entered play in 22nd place overall and the loss dropped them to 23rd, but plenty can change over the course of the next few days.  We’ll see where things net out after all 82 are completed.

On to the goals…

Rangers 1, Islanders 0

Kevin Hayes netted his 25th goal of the season on the power play, slamming home the puck after Brady Skjei’s shot caromed off the end boards.  Hayes has been very impressive over the last third of the season, tallying 14 goals in his last 27 games.

Rangers 1, Islanders 1

This goal was originally credited to Anders Lee and it would have been his 40th of the season.  Alas, the puck glanced off of John Gilmour so Thomas Hickey was awarded the goal.

Islanders 2, Rangers 1

Credit where it’s due: Andrew Ladd and Anthony Beauvillier executed a pretty give-and-go to put the Isles ahead 2-1.  But just before this happened, the Rangers’ fourth line (Carey, Andersson, Holland) mishandled the puck while exiting the zone, creating the opportunity for the Brooklynites.

Score-adjusted Shot Attempts (5 on 5)

This was a pretty even game throughout, with neither team really dominating for a significant stretch of time.

Scoring Chances (5 on 5)

Both Halak and Ondrej Pavelec were solid in net when called upon, though many of these scoring chances were not of the “Grade A” variety.  This game had the feel of a pre-season affair, not an early spring rivalry game.

This will be the longest off-season for the Rangers since 2010, and arguably their most important in nearly two decades.  But first, the Rangers will wrap up their campaign on Saturday in Philadelphia.  Then the long summer begins.

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  • Last night the Fishsticks won, going ahead of us in the standings. The Oilers are doing their best to help us as well, winning last night. With one game left on Saturday, if we lose, and then the Oilers, and Hawks win, we are in the 7th spot, and will get to pick some elite player, and go from there. I have to admit, it’s not fun rooting for this to happen, but for the long term implications, it’s in our best interest!!!

  • If the Cats win out, I’ll be rooting for the Rangers to win on Saturday (in regulation) so that the Flyers miss the playoffs, despite the possibility to 7th overall. I’d rather pick 8th and play spoiler to Philly.

    • I’d rather lose to Philly five games in a row if it gets us one pick higher. I’ll be absolutely stunned if they win more than two playoff games if they do make it; if I saw them as more of a threat, then I’d lean more towards wanting to play spoiler for them.

  • Hayes deserves to get paid like Kreider. 2 goals shy of his career high goes to show you how overrated Kreider gets by NY fans.

    Vladdy’ s game finally made sense to me last night. It must have been when he gets a chance to play with a center like Hayes. His puck retrieval and zone entries all went to good use last night. We all forgot about it but both JT and Hags have both posted up their best seasons as 3rd liners with Hayes as a center for that line. Grabner’s career magically turned into a 180 when placed as his winger. He might be something worth keeping around if the team can get him to tag up with Hayes to form a dangerous 2nd line. Buch looked good with them as well. I wouldn’t be to upset to keep Buch with Hayes and to give him a skilled PK partner in the near future.

    • Mint, your willingness to overhype Hayes knows no bounds. You do realize that Hayes still has never surpassed Kreider’s career high in goals or points, right? Only you would get excited about Hayes scoring 60% of his season’s goal total WELL after the Rangers had been eliminated from any serious playoff contention. Once the team fell apart, and the games didn’t matter anymore—that’s when Kevin Hayes went on his tear. Not in the playoffs (because Hayes has been garbage in the playoffs), not against top flight competition. Oh yeah—that’s a real special player there.

      • It worth to mention that Kreider as well disappears in long stretches, and only played his best hockey this year after he came back from the clout scare also long after the Rangers were technically eliminated from the playoffs. And please remind me how many minutes he played killing penalties and on the power play comparing to Hayes?

      • I believe there would be no less than half the league interested in Hayes’s services if Gorton advertised he was open for business on a deal for him. He’s done incredibly admirably well IMO for being forced into a role that does not at all maximize his natural skill set. Keep in mind, Hayes as shut down 3C is as valid a use of natural player tools as much as Kreider as shut down 3LW would be. As for getting paid like Kreider, he might not quite be to that range yet. Something like 4X$4M…I bet Gorton makes that deal eight days a week. $4.5M is probably where Gorton starts to put his foot down. Pure speculation on my behalf, but if they have faith that Hayes will continue to progress more, don’t be shocked if he does get a Kreider deal or close. And to me, while that may be a slight overpay, it would not be egregious. I do not see Hayes as the second coming by any means, but I also don’t personally believe we’ve yet seen the ceiling of what he can do.

          • When he does he should be get up in the correct fashion. We know what he can do with 5 on 5 ice time and PK where he lead the league last year and leads the team this year. We’re getting a small glimpse of what a PP looks like when he’s consistently on it. What 8 PP goals so far since late January? If he continues to get this same exact ice time for next season with guarantee PP minutes than he might put up 65+ in a career year. He’s a all situation center who’s a proven producer. Give him bottom 6 line to help shutdown other teams top lines and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him touch 30 goals with low 70s in points. He’s definitely going to get paid to be the 2c for next season. He’ll score them in more ways than someone like Kreider.

        • Again, let’s see Hayes do it when it matters. He’s been a poor playoff performer in his career, and while his goal scoring this season is nice, Hayes won’t break 50 points again this year.

          The talk of “Kevin Hayes, all situations 2-way center extraordinare” is what bugs the crap out of me. He’s improved his 2-way game to be certain, but was part of a group of centers that got routinely pounded in possession numbers. If this was his best season as a Ranger, the team was garbage and missed the playoffs for the first time in 7 seasons, so ultimately it doesn’t matter that Hayes incrementally improved his game. It’s not exactly like Hayes carried NYR to some wondrous finish because of his play. Hayes’ next contract will be a big gamble, in my opinion.

          • Yes; most contracts are gambles, indeed. As for your playoffs point, I don’t begrudge you that angle; it’s a fair point and he has been lackluster in his counting stats production. That said, it’s also not gonna factor heavily into his next paycheck IMO. Most guys don’t get paid according to their playoffs reputation/achievement or lack thereof.

      • Oh no Kreider can put up 4 more points and 2 more goals in as a career high.

        I hope you realized that Kreider produce closer to Hayes and a 45-50 point player. Wingers who have McDavid like speed and gets to see top line minutes and PP time on the regular basis should be more of a force. He’s always been more 6 or 7 points or goals away from Hayes numbers. While he’s certainly not putting up the numbers closer to what other top line names are putting up. 27 goals after how long? Let’s frame that up but that still won’t change the mind of JG giving what type of contract extension that Hayes deserves.

        • Kreider is a better player than Hayes, no question. And he’s proven his determination for this team this year in a way that Hayes never has, in coming back from a life-threatening injury.

          Just to remind you, here are some other numbers—playoff stats:

          Hayes—34 GP, 2 G, 8 A, 10 Pts
          Kreider—77 GP, 23 G, 14 A, 37 Pts

          Hayes in the playoffs? A pushover, a joke….he’s got 3 measly assists in his last 15 playoff games. Kreider on the other hand maintains his career average production in the playoffs. So all Hayes needs to do is score 21 goals in his next 43 playoff games and he’ll be on Kreider’s level. Until then? Kreider is the better player. Goodbye, nice schooling you once again, Mint.

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