Rangers Trade Rick Nash to Boston

Rick Nash has just been traded to the Boston Bruins, according to Bob McKenzie. The trade is complicated, and not all details are in yet, but the return so far is a first round pick this year and prospect Ryan Lindgren. The Blueshirts will retain 50% of Nash’s salary. The Blueshirts also get center Ryan Spooner, winger Matt Beleskey, and a 7th round pick.

The 33 year old former Rocket Richard winner, Calder Trophy nominee, and two-time Olympic gold medalist originally came to the Rangers in a blockbuster deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets that saw fan favorites Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov go the other way in the summer of 2012.

He’s had 127 goals and 97 assists in 315 regular season games with the Rangers for a total of 224 points, including a 42 goal season in 2014-15, in addition to 14 goals and 24 assists in 73 playoff appearances. More qualitatively he’s been a key element to the Rangers’ speedy transition game, his penalty killing has been crucial to the Rangers’ special teams, and in general his big body, long reach, and poise on the puck has contributed greatly to the Blueshirts’ offense over the years.

Dropping the pretense of objectivity here for a moment, he’s also scored some of my favorite goals as a Ranger and been a part of some of the best memories I’ve had as a fan. Despite his reputation for allegedly disappearing in the playoffs, being lazy, or whatever else the cranky crowd likes to say about him, I know I’m going to miss number 61.

As far as the return, the first rounder will probably be in the late teens to early twenties. Lindgren was Boston’s second rounder in 2016, and is currently a sophomore at Minnesota. He is a defensively solid kid, with solid vision and skating.

Spooner is a solid center, and will likely be a bottom six guy. He has a line of 9-16-25 in 39 games this year, and has a career high of 13-36-49. He’s an RFA after this year. He’s a good get for the Blueshirts here.

Beleskey is 50% retained on his awful contract, with two years after this remaining at what will be $1.9 million. He signed his bad deal after a career year in Anaheim, and is now in the AHL. If he remains buried, it’s a $900k cap hit. That’s nothing.

Beleskey appears to be a body to make the salaries work. Spooner is actually a nice get, in addition to the first rounder and Lindgren. First reaction is this is a great haul for Nash.

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    • I’d feel better if the Bruins blogs weren’t reporting that they totally won this trade by not giving up any of their best prospects.

      • When have you ever known Boston sports fans to say that any transaction made by their team—whether trade, free agency, getting rid of a player—isn’t an instant success? And not just a success, mind you, but the greatest move EVAH, DOOD?

      • THAT’s because Lindgren is a shut down D man and not Erik Karlsson. Minnesota (college) coach loves this kid and plays him big minutes.

        He plays a tough game and he can skate.

        Spooner is a nice return back and can either stay or get included in another package.

        I believe that the Rangers are setting something up for either now or the draft.

        • Brother…Gorton totally re stocking the system with talented blue liners. Now has 6 picks in first 3 rounds of the draft.\
          R1 (2) one a top 6 pick most likely.
          R2 (2)
          E3 (2)

          Total of 9 picks now, some picks can be used to fetch a bigger catch in July. Nash and Grabner will most likely re-sign. Both players not having too move at all.

          Also with Spooner now aboard, 4 centers for next year? Zib, Hayes,Spooner, Anderson, and Chytil or does he stay down?

    • I don’t know. Maybe I’m biased because I’m a big fan of Nash’s but I don’t think they got a LOT more than they got for Grabner. A 2nd vs a 1st…so maybe 30 spots better in the draft. A prospect that will be in college for two more years vs maybe a slightly lesser prospect in the KHL and a bunch of meh. Hope they could have gotten more, but with 1st rounders at a premium, I guess that’s fine.

      I guess the market for rentals just won’t net you a big premium piece.

  • Going to miss Rick Nash, a very good 2 way player. I always felt his salary justified him as an Elite player, which he is not. I felt his concussion issues made him play a more cautious game, for his size he played a soft game. I will always remember his disappearing act during the 2014 Stanley Cup finals against the Kings, I really was hoping Adam McQuaid was involved in this deal. He would change the identity of the Rangers as a soft team over night!.

    • Nothing like a concussion-prone, crappy defenseman to “change the Rangers’ identity overnight”…..

    • Always wondered how the 2014 finals would have turned out had we kept, big bruising center Dubinsky and fellow 6-3 center Anisimov……both would have been great matchups to play against Kopitar….who we had no answer for……..
      Maybe 3 of those 3rd period leads we might have kept!!!!!!!
      Yup McQuaid would have been nice….and he was rumored to be part of the deal…….

  • Nash is the consummate professional. The best overall player we had on our team this season. Is he making too much money at this stage of his career? Yes he is, but that hardly his fault.

    But if anyone on this team wanted the perfect role model for work ethic, you had to look no further then Nash. I hope he has tremendous success……………

    JG, did good, again.

  • Spooner should slot into the 3rd line center position. Hopefully Desharnais is traded or moved to the 4th line. At a cap hit of 1.9 Beleskey should be recalled and replace McLeod in the line up.

  • I like the return we got for Nash especially a 1st with the players we got. Good job so far Gorton. Now McD to St.Louis and Henrik to the highest bidder.

  • I like this trade as an initial impression—Spooner is a decent pro as well. Rangers have a bunch of games to evaluate him & see if they should resign him. He can be true third line center for NYR, maybe this frees up Kevin Hayes from the lamentable decision by Vigneault to deploy him as a shutdown center. Hayes as #2 center is worth a shot, the team isn’t going anywhere so they might as well try it.

    • Lamentable? While it is less than ideal yo have Hayes play a shutdown role, who exactly was the alternative?

      With Stepan and Lindberg gone, those was no defense by committee. Someone had to step in to a more structured role. And Hayes has done it well.

      Maybe understand the context before ripping on coaching decisions based on just a superficial understanding of the situation.

      • There’s no superficial analysis here, pal. Kevin Hayes is a shutdown center on one of the worst defensive teams in the NHL. He doesn’t suppress shots, doesn’t hit, and is buried in terms of zone starts. It’s been a necessary move? Nah. Desharnais could’ve done just as badly as Hayes in this role, and it wouldn’t have hamstrung one of the most creative passers & setup men the Rangers have.

        Just because a move is made out of desperation doesn’t mean it’s the right move, or it can’t be improved upon. Spooner has spent the last 2 seasons in Boston as a #3 pivot—but you should’ve known that anyway, right?—and is a better player in that role than Hayes. And now the Rangers can try to get Hayes to do what he does best—create offense. If AV had turned Sedin into a 3rd line player, bypassing his potential offensive capabilities, would that have been proper usage of the player? Of course not.

        Go defend Vigneault to the AV fan club. I don’t need to hear anything from you or anyone else about this coach until he’s relieved of his duties.

          • The phrase “square peg, round hole” means something as far as Hayes. What I’m saying is it was a stupid decision to put a potential 55-point center in a defensive role in the first place. It was dumb last year, and the role switch forced on Hayes by the coach had a limiting impact on Hayes’ offense after January 2017; this impact continued to affect Hayes’ production this year.

            Your remark about Spooner is pointless—my original comment was full of positivity in regard to Spooner being a decent 3rd line pivot. His acquisition means that perhaps Hayes can salvage something in terms of his offensive production this season, and break the 40-45 point barrier. Glad to see you can take an optimistic remark about a trade and turn it into a skirmish.

  • Beleskey can be sent to the minors with the Rangers only being charged with half his 1.9 cap hit. There is nothing about this trade you can hate.

  • They better know that they can sign Spooner we didn’t need to acquire him as a rental since we are not going for anything this season. I know he is an RFA but making this trade with him for a draft pick would be dumb.

    • I don’t know Walt, I think Boston is going to love Nash because his two-way game fits their style of play quite well. If they offer him decent money the Rangers should avoid trying to out bid them for a 33 year-old winger. If he’d take less money to come back, then by all means. He would be a great a role model for their young players. However, I have a feeling that he will not be back.

      • Peter

        Obviously we don’t empty the bank vault for Nash, that’s a given. If he comes back, and he has stated he loves it here, and has made his big money, we may get a Zucc discount for his services. If he demands huge amounts of money, thank him, and show him the door!!!!!!

  • I liked Spooner in this trade….He always stood out to me when we played the Bruins….heard his name a lot by the play by play guys….I think Spooner, DD, Zuc, McD, possibly Miller, Hayes and God willing Lundqvist are all in play still.

    Rumor has it Georgiev starting again tonight signifying a silent request by the team to Leaky to include him in trade bait list.

    • John Gianone:
      “Good morning #NYR  fans: at MSG this AM, where an impeccable source tells me Henrik Lundqvist is CATEGORICALLY, POSITIVELY NOT up for discussion in ANY trades. He is expected to start tonight vs DET. As Lundqvist said last week, he does NOT want a trade. And HE controls his fate.”

      But hey, wishful thinking on your part right?

      • Right you are, Spozo! But then some posters’ deep commitment to a delusional method of thinking can keep this nontrade of Hank alive. I think we know who that lunatic fringe will be led by…

        • Indeed……I want him off of this team

          good….Leaky starts….5 plus goals against…..closer to the Dahlin sweepstakes we go

          Why in the heck would he want to stay here is up for debate….I think he is a fool if he does and alarming. If his goal is not the Stanley Cup…..and his other entrepreneurship stuff takes precedence……then yeah…..not good

          Goal of the Rangers must be a top 3 pick hopefully again next year.

          I want a team….not individuals….A system in place. You have to have balance to win. You must avoid egos and draft team first mentality in order to win.

          You must avoid the nonsense of lines 1 through 4….D pairings of 1 to 3

          2 lines of offensive threat and your PP guys
          2 lines of defensive minded and PK and FO specialists
          All lines have physicality

          3 D pairings that has 1 D and 1 O minded D men
          All D men must have hockey IQ and 3 that will be physical

          2 above average goalies

          Then comes your AHL team teaching the fundamentals of how the team plays and instills the behaviors the team is seeking and teaches the system.

          then you draft for fit

          • A nice 2nd round pic and prospect,other team takes all his salary would be a huge winner!

          • Well Said Leatherneck…..
            Only thing I might add is AV must GO!!! As well as Sather…..I am willing to give Gorton a couple years but Sathers 20 years of failure needs to be a distant memory…….
            And as far as hank…..he may have been one of our greatest rangers , but keeping him for that reason alone is crazy……unless he takes a 50 % pay cut, we cant afford an 8.5 million ”average at best” goalie going forward…..

  • Rangers get more depth at center with Spooner who is an upgrade over Desharnais. They add to their collection of draft picks also a bonus. Beleskey is an energy forward who has lost his stride. The young dman Lindgren is a project.

    Boston got the best player in this trade with Rick Nash. However, the Rangers filled some needs and the assets they acquired should make them a more competitive team going forward.

    • Yep. Wasn’t what I really hoped in return for Nash, but they did get a first rounder even if it maybe be in the low 20s or 30s.

      • If you wanted a low first round pick then you need to trade with Arizona – Buffalo – Oilers – Ottawa . and all of these teams are sellers . If we can get a first for McD or Zucc that would give us 3 first round picks , do you think who ever wins the lottery would take 2 of those 1st or we we had too give all 3 for the first overall and draft Dahlin . If you are a GM would you rather have 3 picks in the first round or just the top pick , we are not talking McD Crosby Malkin hear we are talking about top 4 D PROSPECT ONLY , not a generational player

  • What about Marc Staal? Is there any team out there would take Marc Staal and his salary? Reunite with his brother in Minnesota maybe? NYR throws in a 7th Round to sweet the pot?

    • I was hoping his brother got another piece of him the other night.We’re stuck with him and dead cap space either way.

      • KS……
        You got guts, verbalizing what we are all thinking…..but I was hoping he would retire after this last injury…………

      • Marc Staal wasn’t run over by his brother the other night. But our other peewee defenseman were. They don’t have the size or strength to be effective in the big league.

      • Wishing for players to get hurt? CLASSY.

        I’d call you garbage, but I don’t want to insult garbage.

        • Love you too honey,He’s already finished and hurt as he plays.He should just hang em up for His own safety!Guess you haven’t really watched him much the past 2 years 😉

  • I am no expert and I know nothing about the Boston system and the prospects NYR got back from Nash trade, but Jeff Gorton was from Boston system, so hopefully he has some insights about the prospects and the players he got back.

  • Prediction: Zucc plus a draft pick (Boston’s third? Or a 4th?) for a very good top forward prospect. Just a hunch.

  • I just saw Spooner’s similarity score on HockeyReference was most like Phil Goyette. Now there is a blast from the past.

  • Toronto really needs to make a major move, and we have the pieces they need to keep pace with Boston. They can’t afford to keep Nylander anyway. Sign him over! Pull the trigger JG!
    McD + Zucc
    Nylander, Kapanen, Rasanen, a 1st, plus picks

    • This would be a major steal for us ……..even for just Nylander!!!!!
      We all talked ”Big” for the last two weeks, expecting a kings ranson for grabner and nash……….but it never materialized………but getting nylander……would make it all worthwhile…….

      • Grabner and Nash are two players. In trading them the Rangers have acquired 4 players, a 2nd rounder, and a first rounder. Only an idiot would be displeased with the returning assets here.

        • Here you go again mc……..Name calling besause someone has a different opinion….very CLASSY……
          Lets break down your MORONIC statemants….
          ”Grabner and Nash are two players”’.—No Kidding! Very Good, you can add 1 and 1…..
          ”’trading them the Rangers have acquired 4 players, a 2nd rounder, and a first rounder.”’ —Again you can add! HOWEVER Genius….isnt it better to get quality players over numbers……Wouldnt you rather have one “”star””player than 4 DD or Hollands or Kamphers or McCleods?????????
          Only an idiot would argue with this logic!!! BUT go ahead!!!!

  • I would have liked to have seen one of the better known higher end Bruins youngsters but Lindgren maybe a bit of a sleeper with some solid skills from both a D-man and leadership perspectives.

    Good article here on Lindgren following McAvoy’s path – their words not mine

    So…for a decent 34 year old, 2-way hockey player who is UFA we get:
    – a first which will likely be in somewhere in the 20’s
    – Lindgren
    – Spooner
    – a seventh
    – Bilesky’s contract

    If Lindgren meets the climbing expectations and Spooner continues to plays his game this could turn out to be a steal – at face value right now, I would rate it as another solid win for Gorts….

    • I’ve been reading up on Lindgren and a lot is said about his leadership. Sounds like a solid character guy in addition to his potential.

      On a rebuilding team, I don’t see anything wrong with giving Spooner a long look. It’s not like we’re winning the Cup this year or next. He’s only a RFA, so maybe we sign him at a good price otherwise deal him off if it looks like there isn’t a spot for him.

      And who knows? Maybe Bilesky gets a fresh start and can contribute during the rebuild….not as part of the future, but as filler in the short run.

  • Don’t like the trade except for the two draft picks. We are picking up players
    who don’t improve the talent the team already posses. Except for the picks,
    it’s a HOPE trade. This can’t be all there is, some of these guys will be in a
    package deal before Monday

    • Spooner is an upgrade over Desharnais. Lindgren will be an NHLer. Keep in mind all these pieces aren’t necessarily future Rangers but they are assets that may be combined to get something else. I HIGHLY doubt the Rangers draft 6 players in the upcoming drafts first 3 rounds. Trade Mac and Zuke and that makes it 8 in the top 3 rounds if not more. I bet they package some picks/prospects together to move up and nab a stud pick.

    • The Rangers have lost 2 productive wingers who play the game both ways. Now they are on the verge of trading away their best blueliner who anchors their defence.

      Yes, New York are receiving some decent picks and prospects in return. But it will be sometime before we see how these moves come to fruition. A long dark night lays ahead for Ranger fans.

  • Not a bad deal for rent-a-Nash. Obviously he is going to be a great help to the Bruins. He will be missed, but it is time to turn the page. I wonder if any more deals will be made by the deadline.

  • I’m surprised no one has mentioned on the night they are retiring Ratelle’s number, that the Rangers traded Nash to the Bruins. Kind of strange when you think about it…if you are old enough to remember that trade.

  • Gonna miss Nash, one of my favorite Rangers of this era.

    But, the rebuild is necessary and this is a wonderful deal for the Rangers. I’m finally excited about a draft for once!

  • That gives us 9 picks in the coming draft with 6 of those being in the first 3 rounds.

    I wonder if they will trade up.

    • Having so many picks already, and with more deals a great possibility, they certainly have amassed enough assets in the three trades made thus far to possibly trade up or coax a highly skilled prospect from someone.

  • Seems like a quantity over quality trade but that’s pretty much what you can expect for a rental player. Obviously this could turn into a big win for the Rangers if the pick or the Lindgren kid work out. I also agree with those who are speculating that some of the picks and players acquired so far could be flipped for a better draft position.

  • If we don’t get into the top 3 say 5th or 6th….Wahlstrom…12 to 15 range Joe Veleno, Rasmus Kupari
    20 to 27….Serron Noel, Dominic Bokk or Barrett Hayton….we have ourselves awesome additions to the rebuild

    2nd round will have a home run in it….I am pretty sure we will end up with an additional 2nd…..for sure another 1st…..thinking FLA for both

    I would not package a deal….too deep a draft to do that….cost for number 1 will be wayyyyy too high and almost have to guess untradable

    Point I am making is these assets as they are will fetch you a great return instead of trading them away…..only way I see a trade worthwhile is say we have 6 and both Wahlstrom and Tkachuk are there at 6….then you trade for #7

    Build the right way….be patient….add prospect like Tippet

    Pray for a deal between the Isles and our boys for you know who

  • Jordan Staal lost his daughter, just announced about an hour ago. As everyone knows, I’m not a fan of Marc, but my heartfelt condolences go out to him, and the entire Staal family. Marc probably will be a healthy scratch tonight……………

  • Nash had some great years with Columbus, but had really only one very good year 2014-2015 with the Rangers in which he scored 40 goals. The rest of the years, he was anything but an elite player. Overall, a very decent player for the Rangers, but in my opinion, an overall disappointment in NY. Check his stats with the Rangers. Not to mention his lack of scoring in playoff games as well. Good defensively and penalty killing, but we needed him to score more and he fell short in his career with the Rangers. Even so, many times this year, Nash was the Rangers biggest hustler and biggest standout on the ice. It’s hard to see him go, class act and gave his best, but factor in; his 16 goals, his age at 33 and overpaid salary, I hate to say, in the long run, he won’t be missed that much.
    Spooner alone is younger, and has more points in less games then Nash does so far this year. This package deal, add in, (number 1 round choice, and Lindgren) what the Rangers got back for Nash, in my opinion will prove to be a STEAL! Yeah Gordon! Keep it up, you get a definite star!!!
    Boston could be disappointed when they may see Nash do a disappearing act in the playoffs. I certainly hope I am wrong, and Rick has a good last run in the final part of his career. Best to him, a great team guy!

  • Well since we cleaned house and have a bunch of picks and young d men now would be a good time to do something bold if we get in the lottery for the 1st pick and some how we get it then I wouldn’t do anything and just hope Gorton gets all the help he can and picks really well if not I would go to who ever gets the 1st and offer them our 1st the boston 1st our 2nd and which ever of the kid d men they want and then draft Dahlin with that you have Brady Kevin Dahlin and go get the best FA D man or trade for a good young one then let all the kids fight it out for the last 2 spots this would give us a younger faster and better balanced d corp

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