Rangers Trade Michael Grabner to New Jersey for Rykov, 2nd Round Pick

michael grabner
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Up next on the Rangers fire sale is Michael Grabner, who has just been traded to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for defenseman Igor (or Yegor, according to Elite Prospects) Rykov and a 2nd round draft pick.

Rykov has done alright for himself over in the KHL for SKA St Petersburg and their VHL affiliate, putting up 14 points in 51 games for as a 20 year old defenseman in the KHL and 6 points in 7 games in the VHL.

While we’ll miss his speedy goal-scoring ways it’s safe to say this is a pretty big win for the Rangers, who picked Grabner up assuming he’d be a decent depth option only to find he was a great goal-scorer all along. Turning nothing into something is the name of the game, so it’s hard not to be pleased with this one. We’ll keep you posted as we say goodbye to more Rangers as we approach the deadline.

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    • How can the NHL keep pretending to have these “rivalry nights” when NY and NJ can trade players?
      Personally, I think it would create a more interesting product if teams weren’t allowed to trade within their division at all.

    • You can’t say they “lose on this one” without knowing what was offered from other teams.

      The fact that he’s UFA… if they don’t bring him back in the summer… means you were losing him for nothing.

      If you want to make an argument for or against resigning him… then that is an entirely different discussion.

      • Groton should have waited…Other teams would’ve upped their offers

        Put the dunce cap on Groton on this one…..horrible return for him

        • Regardless of how you personally value Grabner everything that I have read for a potential return for MG was a second round pick. Getting a prospect in addition is a plus in my view. So, I do not think it was a bad trade.

    • We lost the day Sather and Gorton were hired!
      Our leading goal scorer the past two years for a 2nd round pick and a guy drafted in the 5th round!!!????????????????????????
      Maybe we are trying to tank for the next 5 years!

        • Remember that time you contributed something positive to the conversation? OK it hasn’t happened yet but there is still hope!!!

      • I’m convinced you have zero understanding of what an expiring contract is. But then again it’s seen debating with you is akin to fish in a barrel.

        • Hey Bozo,
          Wasnt eric stall on an expiring contract when we traded for him?????
          And we gave up 2 second round picks as well as a prospect, more highly rated than the one we just got from the devils…..
          Next time , “‘Think ”’ before you write something and it may not be so silly.

          • Show me an article by anyone who is actually paid to tell us their opinion who thinks this is a bad trade and I will apologize to you.

          • Ok, so every trade now has to be graded based on a moronic deal Sather made? We already accepted it as Gospel that Sather ruined the team with his idiotic GMing.

            But how does the Staal deal effect the Grabner deal in any way shape or form? I ordered pizza a year ago and go a stomach ache. I probably should not order sushi? That’s the kind of logic we are talking about?

      • Rich, Lundqvist was a 7th rounder that was a drafting after thought by Rangers management.

        5th round because there were serious questions as to whether he would come here to the US.

    • Can’t grade this deal until the careers of Rykov and whoever we draft unfold. Being that we traded him to the Devils, you’d have to conclude that this was, by far, the best offer.

    • A decent pick in a deepish draft and a talented asset that will be expansion draft exempt.

      For a 20 year old Russian to play in 51 of 54 games for the best team in the league says something as does his production at WJC and down a level. He’s got optimal height, has a H/W ratio that can compete against men. Free to come over for 19-20.

      Devils were going to have 50 man roster issues in 2 years, but couldn’t really leverage that.

      Well done by Gorton.

  • Well Leatherneck,
    I said you had vastly overrated what we were going to get in return for our talent.
    Maybe another 10 fold might be over the top

      • Leatherneck,
        Compare what we gave up for eric stall [ expiring contract] and what we gave up for St Louis [rangers his only choice] and it shows , clearly how BAD this management is! This team is now , officially unwatchable!!!

  • Looking at our roster and outlook, the only players to retain for the next 3-5 years are Mika, Buchnevich and Skjei. Miller & Hayes should stick around for 1-2 seasons to allow for some stability amongst players familiar with the organization, but our GM should be willing to off-load them to upgrade the team if feasible to benefit the team in years 4-through-7. Vesey is on the margin in terms of whether he’ll develop into a valuable NHL player and that places him on the margin as to whether he will be part of our future core or a young, NHL prospect with upside that could be a good asset to include in any future trades.

    We’re witnessing the result of ~3 years of management and ownership over-estimating the club’s prospects; next year can and should be an ugly developmental year of redefining and re-establishing the future identity of the club, and accumulating assets that may benefit the organization for years to come. But we need a new Head Coach who can nurture & manage this process at the ice and locker-room level. Vigneault? Stick a fork in the fat frenchman….his time was up 2-3 seasons ago when the premise for bringing him in (guiding an existing core to the Cup) was no longer valid.

    If Hank wants to stick around for this, that’s up to him. But if there is a team that is close to the Cup that needs a goalie that can play at an elite level for 25 games post-season, AND has some assets to offer the Rangers, both parties should be aligned to get it done. I’m not holding my breath but the GM should be trying to make it happen.

    Gorton though is over his head in my view; shouldn’t be GM of an original 6 NYC club. We continue to suffer from Sather’s average skills with his transition of the club into Gorton’s hands.

    Finally, Rangers fans are as much to blame for the current state of the team as management. Fans crave that trade at the deadline which gives us a seat at the roulette table…..the house always wins though. Fans raved about Eric Staal, for example….so shortsighted, and that is just 1 example. This website just 2 weeks ago was writing about this team as “a contender”…..what a joke. This mindset stems from ownership but fans need to begin holding ownership accountable. We’re in this to win the freakin’ Stanley Cup……not some playoff participation prize.

    James Dolan….this is not an entertainment product. It is a sports team in the sole “business” of winning trophies. Remember what those look like? Our trophy cabinet is rather empty. Put the club into the hands of some entity that values winning over entertaining lawyers & bankers.

    I’ll check in again this summer to see if anything has changed.

    Walt, and a few others, understand.


      • I just hated that trade, we gave away the store for a man who wouldn’t go anywhere but New York, yet we gave Stevie boy two #1’s for him…..

        • It was one of the dumbest trade I’ve ever seen. With the conditions the little guy gave Tampa, we should have been able to get him for something like a Mclrath and a bag of pucks with Sather’s ass embossed on them.

    • AD

      Vigneault? Stick a fork in the fat frenchman…Great line, LMAO!!!!

      Spot on on many points, especially having Sather as a GM-President, and Dolan as an owner, what a sorry story line that is……..

      I’ll reserve judgement on JG until the dust settles, and the draft is completed to see how things develop. I’m all in for kids, always have been, so in my opinion this may turn into a very good thing.

      Someone posted that trading with the Devils, and getting the return we did may well have been the best deal out there, he probably is right. This again proves how we fans, some with blinders, always see our players with rose colored glasses, and tend to overrate their value. I’m thinking that if this Russian kid we got for Grabs turns into something nice, well that is a good return for a UFA signing of two seasons ago!!!!!!!!!!

  • A big Russian kid defenseman who has played on the best KHL teams plus a second rounder for a rental and people think the Rangers were robbed? Grabs might even sign with the Rangers again after the season. Nah, I think the knee-jerk reactions are kind of off base.

  • Like Grabner quite a lot but does not mean I am about to become a Devil fan because of this EVER. This may not be an oooh aaah trade but it is certainly a rebuild trade. Only hoping as someone stated that Gorton not over his head but that comment scared me a little too much…

  • So Rangers management trades for Martin St Louis…..
    –who is what 35 years old at the time, has 29 goals in 62 games but only 20 even strength, poor defensively, easily knocked off the puck , a fairly large contract and is willing to be traded to only the rangers…..
    –Rangers give up 2 number one draft choices and a top 6 player!
    Rangers now trade 30 year old with 26 goals in 59 games, 25 even strength, great defensively, great on pk, game breaking ability cheap contract and in a trade we get number 2 draft choice and prospect drafted in the 5 th round!
    –its official Rangers management is clueless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • St. Louis is the only reason we went to the finals that year.

      You sound like a Debbie. I think you are Martin Brodeur trolling us.

    • If your last bullet is true, I’m afraid that you have a lot more in common with Rangers management than you think…..

  • Good value for the Rangers. Grabner stays in the area to re-sign in the offseason.

    The point that is missed is that the Rangers are building up young assets to use as possible trade chips in the offseason, think players like OEL or Trouba. Rangers supposedly eyeing an elite player out west for trade but I don’t know who that is.

    I expect Nash traded soon, probably over the weekend.

    • Outside of the return – the first thing i thought of when i saw it this morning was that keeping him in the Metro area is a really smart move.

      It’s like moving from the Mets to the Yankees – the Giants to the Jets – well almost as they share the same stadium. Let’s just hope that while this all played out that Sather/Gorton or whoever it is that is running the show has had those “we want you back next year when we are better” conversations…

      I absolutely love getting some Russians with upside into the org both from a skill level and to help with the growth of Butch. And then there is Kovalchuck out there as well.

      A extra 2nd rounder gives the boys some more assets to make a bigger deal it it presents itself.

      I like this one….

      • The round this kid was drafted in is irrelevant. Playing in the KHL since 18 and Rangers know him well because he plays with Shesty.

        Josh loves this kid which says a lot IMO.

        Nash next…

        • Tony

          Interesting point you made, Josh loves the kid, and that he plays with Shesty in Russia, could be nothing but good news for Buch, and his comfort level here in NY.

          I posted above that the jury is still out for me, and I’ll wait until after the draft to state my opinion, but in this case it may well be a good trade for us……..

        • Plus he plays with Kovalchuk on SKA St Petersburg—for those looking for another connection to a possible future signing.

          The nonstop whining on this site by certain posters is getting unbelievably tiresome. Nobody knows the winner of a trade 10 minutes after it happens, no matter how much a person overrates their own intellect. Grow up and calm down.

        • 10- 4 Richter.

          Unless you are Ovechkin-like Russian draft position is irrelevant.

          If Josh likes him – then call me a believer

    • Richter it’s too bad we had to read through 40 Devils trolls and one-sentence “Rangers suck, AV sucks, Gorton sucks” childishness to get to the adults, but whatever. I hadn’t thought of the fact that Grabner is a UFA; always liked him and would like to see him back this summer. Maybe they can use some of the money they will be saving on Nash to pay him. Don’t know much about Rykov, but if he’s been playing in the KHL for 3 years at 20 yrs old that’s good enough for me at this point.

      Agree with your point about building up assets, getting younger, bigger, and stockpiling some draft picks. Obviously we will not know about any of these trades for a year or two, and as long as all of us are OK with that period of time of being in the lower echelon while these guys grow up a bit, I’m OK. In my mind the jury is out on Mr. Gorton, but we have to at least give him a couple of years to get his guys in place. Teams that change GM’s every two years end up like the Cleveland Browns.

      Should be an interesting weekend. Regards- orange

  • Is there anything noteworthy on the KHL contract around when/if he is eligible to come over, etc???

    There is ALWAYS something in the fine print with the Russians.

  • I like the deal. Period.
    I am sure JG did his homework on the kid and he can/will come over here and not be stuck/stay in Russia.

    I know this is very odd, very unusual for us Ranger fans to experience RECEIVING draft picks, instead of giving them away.

    Grabs is a UFA, sure he expressed a desire to stay a Ranger, but when clubs come waving large contracts, well the ole desire may wane for the dollars offered. So he will have that option, July 1st. If he does sign with us then JG just acquired an asset and a 2nd round pick for zip. Again I know this idea is very foreign to us Ranger fans. Trust me, getting a high pick in a deep draft for a UFA is a GOOD deal.

    I’m not sure how we can say JG didn’t get enough. I do not believe any of us are in the office while JG fields the offers.

    Good job JG! Keep it up…………………….!

  • Just read this on the Official Rangers site that Rykov is listed at 6-3, 225-pounder, nice sized kid here. JG may be looking for speed, skill, and size to go along Skjei, and Day on our blue line, both about this size as well. I’m liking this a bit more already folks!!!!!!!!!

  • he will still be in the metro area the question will be who will be sitting tonight and sunday night with Rick Grabs will be an asset with his speed and penalty kill skills

  • Time will tell if this trade works out. I would like to see the young Rykov come over to North America and see what he brings.

  • Second round pick in a deep draft, and a decent young prospect? Bingo! In one or two years, as much as I like Grabner, he will most likely decline. He had to deal with injuries earlier in his career and getting older increases that risk, especially the style of a speedster. Everybody including myself, moaned about Ryan Callahan leaving, and he fizzled out in Tampa Bay.
    Skillful fast player, but soft and somewhat one dimensional. Keep moving on! Youth, youth, youth!!!

  • Just seems odd to me that the heat was picking up on Grabner and this was the best we can do. Russian seems decent but again he is soft…i read that his weakness is getting over powered….simply amazing…where is my Miles Wood…

    • Miles Wood is a 22-year old with 16 goals in the can this season. There’s no way a guy like that gets traded for a 30-year old on an expiring contract who will be an unrestricted free agent.

      • Let me help you out…i wasn’t expecting Wood’s in return for Grab’s…i would just like a trade where the words..easily out-muscled aren’t part of his scouting report…but thank you anyway.

        • According to what I’ve read, he’s not soft at all. As a matter of fact he’s supposed to be fairly physical and solid across the board in terms of skill.

          • I saw his old man play in the IHL for Kansas City before he made the Sharks. Little ball of hate, would fight anybody, no matter how much size he was giving up. Rob DiMaio but with less skill.

            The kid didn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Keep the picks and younger guys coming.
    We made the decision to rebuild, then rebuild.

    There are many teams better then us and we had Grabner, we will become one of those teams with or without him.


  • Just the fact that Dolan approved this reboot is a win. Just imagine Grabs, Holden, Nash et al playing game 82 still a Ranger. Plus, in the interim, the Lundquist and Stahl contracts become easier to tolerate. Some positives happening now! LGR!

  • Let me help you out…i wasn’t expecting Wood’s in return for Grab’s…i would just like a trade where the words..easily out-muscled aren’t part of his scouting report…but thanks for the effort.

  • Is it possible Grabner was rated lower because the league still doesn’t believe he’s a real deal. Even we kept waiting for him to come down to earth.

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