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Rangers send Nick Holden to Boston

nick holden

The first domino has fallen. Nick Holden has been sent to the Boston Bruins for a 3rd round pick and 24 year old defenseman Rob O’Gara. O’Gara is likely just a roster balancing move, perhaps a body to play at the NHL level for the remainder of the year.

The fact that the Rangers got a third rounder for Holden is a major win. He’s been a lightning rod for negative attention, and for good reason. He was not all that good as a Ranger, not worth the fourth rounder given up to Colorado.

That said, they moved up a round. So that’s some decent ROI, I guess. But most fans get their wish: Holden is gone.

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  • He is worth at least a 3rd rounder. He played first pair for half the season. Whether he was liked or not, he logs big minutes.

  • Holden had his moments, both good and bad. He was actually pretty good for about the first 50-60 games last year and provided such much needed offense from the back 6. That said, he hasn’t been good this year aside from maybe a handful of games and getting a 3rd rounder is about the best you could expect. I approve of this trade and it gets the Tanto Seal of Good Trading. Grade: A- 🙂

  • If he isn’t paired in the top 2 he could play some better defense in Boston.

    3 Round Pick is SA…..WEET for his worth!


  • Like many of us believe, he’s an “okay” 3rd pairing defensemen (11-13 minutes a night in a sheltered role) but on our team, did not play as such. Logged too many important minutes and was exposed a bunch the last 2 years in some tight games against good teams and the playoffs. Dude wasn’t coming back next year, AV can’t play him anymore this year.

    So a 3rd rounder for him? I’ll gladly take that.

    • We traded a 4th rounder in a weak draft to get him, and got a 3rd rounder in a deep draft and a prospect (even if the O’Gara is nothing special and an older prospect). Not to mention, it wasn’t exactly a big secret that Holden was probably available for the first decent offer…in no way was he to be a part of the future. I consider this return a win, for sure.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Dan. Ranger fans end up taking out our frustration on the players instead of AV, who consistently puts players in roles where they are destined to fail. Look at Hayes! He is one of the more creative offensive players they have and he is deployed as a defensive center. With Lias Anderson here next year, my hope is that he is assigned that role because Lias is known to be a solid 2-way player! Here’s to hoping…..

      • I definitely concur fully with AV’s deployment shenanigans. There’s a reason Dan Girardi looks so much better in Tampa, and it’s not because he got any better in the offseason. Better system, more reasonable deployment for the player’s strengths and weaknesses. End of story.

        As for Lias, I’ve heard that he is generally regarded to be two-way (which of course is the case with a lot of Swedes due to how the game is being taught over there these days). I read some reports that marked his absolute ceiling as a Zetterberg type. Are you sure it was him you heard that about? In any event, yes, it would be nice to open up Hayes offensively. Was heralded out of college with play-making being his number one skill…would love to see him get more of an opportunity to show that.

  • In all honesty Holden was not the biggest issue on this team. He will be a good depth defenseman for the Bruins……getting a third wasn’t bad at all. I looked up O’Gara and didn’t see anything negative about him. A under the radar defenseman with size. Good AHL depth pick up

    Groton wins this one, Bruins win to

  • Well – it’s a start.

    A 3rd and a body for somone who cost us a 4th is a win

    Does anyone know where we stand with the 50 contract limit?

  • Any truth to the rumor that Vigneault was seen at a florist’s this morning, dressed in mourning clothes and buying a bouquet of roses for his departed favorite? AV had only just gotten over the loss of Tanner Glass, this trade must be a terrible blow to Alain.

  • A pretty non-consequential trade……What is a late 3rd pick going to get us? The 90th best player in the draft?
    I would like to see Smith back up here and see what he can do playing the Left Side !!!
    I really think its time to part ways with McDonagh…..before more injuries destroy his value altogether…..I hope I am wrong but dont see us getting as much as we gave up for yandle……

    • What did we give up for Yandle? John Moore was a journeyman and Duclair underachieved in Arizona to the point where he was a healthy scratch 10 games this season and was traded to Chicago. If we can’t get a journeyman and an underachiever for McDonagh, we should not trade him.

        • You’re correct. Arizona traded the pick to Detroit who selected Dennis Cholowski in the 2016 draft (the Yandle trade was made in 2015). Cholowski enrolled at St. Cloud State and played nearly his entire freshman season before signing with the Red Wings and finishing the season at Grand Rapids. He was in his final season of Juniors last season and failed to make Team Canada’s WJC team.

  • Now just find a way to get 2 1st rounders and a real good prospect (or 2 real good prospects and 1st rounder) for Nash and Grabner. I’ll take a 5th or a 6th for Desharnais. Still on the fence with McD or Zucc going because I don’t think the team needs to be gutted as much as the coach.

  • This trade is not hard to like under the circumstances, but it will not define the Gorton the Fisherman era. If the player or pick obtained from this trade makes the big club and contributes, then give it a grade. Otherwise it is just removing a player who was not going to be resigned anyway. Let’s see what happens with the bigger trading chips.

    • It doesn’t really work that way. It isn’t just about the player they draft with that pick specifically since we have our own 3rd and probably an early 4th. This may allow them to “stretch” and grab someone else earlier or later because they have this pick, or to package the pick and move up to the 2nd round.

      • Yep. We shall see. I stand by my statement that there is no way to grade this particular trade, other than the short term: we are tired of watching Holden play, and the season is going nowhere,

        • I don’t see why not. He got a 3rd round pick for Holden. The value of a 3rd round pick is that about 28% of them play in the NHL, about 7-8% turn out to be Top 6/Top 4/Top G. basically you have a 1 in 12 chance to pick a real winner, 1 in 5 chance to get a bottom 6/3rd pairing guy. You accumulate enough of these picks and your bound to get a quality player.

  • The happiest guy on the team should be Tony DeAngelo. Holden’s play the last several games had been much worse than earlier this season, leaving Tony all alone to try to figure out how to stop two or three opponents rushing the net, to say nothing of hanging Hank out to dry too.

    The forwards, I might add, need to remember this phrase: back check.

        • Here’s one thing you can bank on: if DeAngelo’s play improves and he contributes to the team this year or next, I will say I was wrong. Will any of you seven and counting people who thumbed me down admit you were wrong, if he continues to suck? I won’t hold my breath. I’m pretty sure you won’t, since you are still massaging your hard-ons for Yandle, Clendenning, and McIlrath, who have done nothing.

          • I wish I could add several more thumbs down to your statement, unfortunately I’m limited to one. Happy to tip my cap and tell you directly, by the way. And I’m not sold on DeAngelo yet either, but neither am I ready to write him off after 22 games, 20 of which he’s played as the team is imploding. Kid’s got athleticism and is an underrated passer, as well as a reasonably accurate shooter in terms of getting the puck on net.

          • I just made nine, so feel free to print this out and put it on your bulletin board so that you can collect your comeuppance from me if your sage prediction ever comes to fruition.

            So far, ADA and Holden have both largely been victims of one of the same major themes: egregiously bad deployment by the gum aficionado from Quebec that smugly watches each game from behind the Rangers bench. Difference is, Holden was given all the rope in the world by AV, and DeAngelo was given none and still probably wouldn’t be up if not for the injuries and if AV had continued to get his way.

            All of that said, there is an inherent reason Holden went undrafted and ADA went in the first round: raw talent. Will ADA be able to reel it in and keep it there? We shall see. Far from guaranteed. However, the height of ADA’s ceiling is to Nick Holden’s as a skyscraper is to a Hobbit house.

          • I don’t give either up, or down, unless it’s a great point, and it’s usually up.

            Now having said that I believe that you may be the person eating crow in the near future, and if proven wrong, I’ll be the first to fess up!!!!!!!!

  • based on the recent lineup, gorton could actually say with a straight face at the time of the trade “nick holden has been one of my best defensemen”

    good luck to you nick! although i won’t be rooting for you to lift a Cup in boston any time soon 🙂

  • Who is next? Supposedly the Pens want Grabner, but will we trade with them?

    Would you take (from the Pens), a 3rd & 4th round pick for Grabs?

    • Salmerc….
      You have got to be kidding right???
      If Grabner were in this years draft what would he be drafted…..??2nd, 3rd??
      Why would you take anything but a top 10 pick for Grabner , our MVP the past two years and in his prime, with tremendous speed, game changing ability, ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Gorton looking good this far—essentially turn a fourth into a third and AHLer/potential call-up is solid. Now gotta capitalize with a good pick.

  • can he please just make a pick or trade for a player that has snarl…this kid is 6’4 207 and has 16 PIM…why is it so hard…AV is still calling the shots.

      • Except O’Gara is traveling to New York & not Hartford.

        I suspect that, barring a miraculous recovery or a team is willing to trade for a hurt player, that McDonagh will go on retroactive LTIR, have surgery to fix his abdominal issues and never play for the Rangers again.

        The team does other deals to get closer to the cap, use the LTIR credit to take an albatross of a contract that lasts this year and next.

        The flip side of that is somebody trades for McD knowing he is hurt, put him on LTIR for the credit, load up for a playoff run and bring McD back after the regular season.

    • It’s not hard to find “snarl”. However, it generally comes at the cost of skill, and skill>snarl in today’s game.

      • snarl? we got plenty of snarl…did you see Sunday’s game? buchnevich got into it 15 seconds in (with gosteshebere) and then ADA went at it with Simmonds later in the first…3 fights in the first period…oh we got snarl!!

      • Actually it is hard to find snarl nowadays. Most kids haven’t grown up with the code, don’t know what to do when they do drop the gloves.

        One who does is Montana Onyebuchi of Kamloops. Nobody even attacks his side of the ice, can actually play & skate as well. Definitely worth a 4th rd or later pick.

  • The first of many I hope. But the most important one is to trade Lunquist. I don’t care what he done or what he wants. If we are truly going younger and in another direction he must go. Tell him thank you but he would bring back the most.

  • Rangers have their annual casino night tonight.

    One of the bets is what are the odds that AV is coaching the Rangers Thursday night.

  • lol…..Asking price for Grabner….2nd round pick and something….I smell Canadian conspiracy at work here….by Bob McKenzie… he insane?????

    • Leatherneck…..Cant figure out who is crazier, the fans here willing to give grabner away for peanuts…..or rangers management who traded assets for eric stall, let him leave for nothing and he sits in Minn with 26 goals!!!!!!!!
      First line center we have been looking for!!!!!!!!
      Our player analysis has to be the worst in the league!!!!!!!!!!

  • Read most of the posts on the site for the day. Have to say ….we are all extremely biased when it comes to this team and it’s future.

    Holden trade is a win. I am sure after that last game Gorton said enough is enough and I will take what I can get as soon as possible. As everyone said it is a plus because we traded a 4th round pick to get him and got back a 3rd and a prospect. Great start!

    Leatherneck makes an absolute pin point accurate comment. Hank needs to go if this is a full rebuild. Now do I see it happening? No way jose. Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin! To many complications…but as to whether or not Gorton and Sather have talked it over …imho …NO DOUBT.

    As far as Mack…I honestly believe he is gone unless he is really really hurt and won’t pass a physical. We have alot of prospects with potential and it is time for the new guard as they say. As I have stated previously he is not happy here anymore and it is time for a change.

    Now a ton of the commentors on here hate AV and as I stated to one of you late at night the other day …this season is really not his fault. There has been a ton of bad things that happened this year. Blaming the gum chewing, fake tan, process speech making idiot is like blaming the waitress for your horrible food. While I totally agree his usage of players has been suspect at times, look at what he has had to work with this season. Just a quick version of my other post….Mack hurt all year, Signed a flop D to 4 mil, 6 mil D decided to play hurt all year, Lost his 1C and Backup G, which got replaced by DD and a old #1 G that got demoted to the AHL by a horrible team. Be honest and admit this team was 2 lines deep and that is all. Rest are all AHL lifers. AV did the best til the injuries started to pile up. If you are going to blame anyone Blame GORTON and SATHER for this year. They both should be canned. But I guess everyone like me realizes that will never happen so why not blame the gum chewing idiot!

    Look the D for next year will have …ADA, Skjei, Shattenkirk, Staal, Gilmour, Pionk, Graves. That is a pretty well rounded defense. Add in the possible inclusion of Smith in shape and ready to commit to the team. I am happy. We restock our pool of talent and in a couple years the team can compete again for a while.

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