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We won a game!

john gilmour
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For just the fourth time since December 20 or so, the Rangers won a game in regulation. It also felt like the first win this year. The second sentence is hyperbole, of course, but the first is not. It’s been few and far between with regulation wins, and last night’s was quite nice. I know, I know. “All In For Dahlin.” But I’m sorry, I still like seeing the team play well and win. And they did both last night.

However they could not avoid the injury bug again, as Ondrej Pavelec joined the list of walking wounded. It looks like he tweaked his knee, and Henrik Lundqvist took over in the second period. Hank was marvelous, giving a metaphorical middle finger to the coach that said the team was losing because of the goalies. Enough of that though. Let’s enjoy the win.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Flames 0

This was solid puck movement on the powerplay. John Gilmour and Tony DeAngelo got good looks. DeAngelo’s got through to Mike Smith after a Kevin Hayes deflection, whom the Flames just forgot about. The deflection was his first of four shots, with the fourth going in.

Flames 1, Rangers 1

This was a well executed transition by the Flames. Micheal Ferland read the play right and recognized that the back check didn’t cover Brett Kulak wide. He just ripped it by Ondrej Pavelec.

Rangers 2, Flames 1

Smith simply missed the deflection on the Michael Grabner pass. Hayes never touched it.

Flames 2, Rangers 2

Curtis Lazar burned both DeAngelo and Nick Holden on this one. DeAngelo especially looked like he unplugged. Holden is just slow. Then Henrik Lundqvist got caught between decisions and Lazar poked it underneath him.

Flames 3, Rangers 2

Both Sean Monahan and Matt Tkachuk found holes between Peter Holland and Neal Pionk on the power play. Dougie Hamilton’s shot looked to hit Monahan’s stick, but upon further review it either hit Tkachuk’s stick or Pionk’s skate. I still can’t tell.

Score Adjusted Shot Attempts (even strength)

This is more like it, at least from an offensive standpoint. The defensive system still stinks, so they still hemorrhage shots, but the offense woke up and started shooting. Not all were quality chances, but the more you shoot the more you get quality chances. Imagine that.

But that second period, woof.

Scoring Chances (even strength, not score adjusted)

Oh hey scoring chances. Remember those? The best part is that the Rangers made the Flames flat line for a while when it counted. Hank made up for the rest with some stellar saves.

I find it funny that the Rangers are officially sellers, they won a game. It was bound to happen. They weren’t going to lose every game the rest of the year. It was nice to see a team effort and a win. The kids earned another game.

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  • Very exciting game to be at, first one in a long time. They played a very spirited game, I rooted but I was also conflicted, lol.

  • The good: I didn’t turn my television off/want to throw a shoe at it midway through the second period like the last 2-3 weeks, they played really hard (I’ll gladly take that effort the rest of the season every night, playoffs or not), I liked what I saw from DeAngelo and Pionk, Hank was solid, our “future” (Hayes, miller and Zbad) finally stepped up for the entire 60 minutes.

    The bad: Hank only played the 2nd and 3rd yet still faced 30 shots (how is that possible??), Pavelec got hurt, nick Holden is still on this team.

    Overall, that was a lot of fun, especially with how Thursday went down. All I wanna see them do is play hard right now with these young players, win or lose. As a fan watching players go through the motions, it’s torture.

  • What, the kids played well? Who would have thought that to be the case. Good for them, and the team, nice game…………..

    • It does beg the question why Kampfer was ever playing earlier this year over any of DeAngelo, Pionk, or Gilmore.

      Granted, DeAngelo was wildly erratic early in the season, and Gilmore I think surprised alot of people with his play this season in Hartford, but I think Pionk had a strong enough camp to warrant getting a look earlier this year.

      It probably wouldn’t have moved the needle enough to change the course of the season, but the kids are showing they do probably belong.

      • I think the reason was to get him more playing time. He was better than Kampfer. But would you rather have Pionk playing 20mins per game in Hartford or watching games from pressbox in NHL as a 7th defender?

  • Last minute Calgary 6 on 4 , Pionk on ice with Gilmour .Am i missing something here . Think maybe JG told AV any chance you come back next year is if you use the kids in all situations from here on out . We need to know what we have going forward ,for one game they were OK . Boy does Pionk look to be about 16 yrs old and a little on the frail side be he did move the puck in the right direction . Thought him and Gilmour played a simple game tonight and got it done .Both a +1 Gilmour 2 shots 2 Hits 2TKA Pionk No Shots 4 Hits 2 TKA and 3 BS not bad for first game .Now when Mac T can play sit Kampfer or Holden 2 guys that are not going to be here next year and let the kids play threw the mistakes that are going to be coming ‘ Give them both 18 to 22 mins a game

    • Staal, Smith, McDonagh, and Shattenkirk are out.

      Of course the kids were going to get solid minutes last night. The only people surprised by that are those so totally blinded by their irrational disdain for AV that they’ve created a strawman caricature that in no way actually reflects the actual coach.

      • “The actual coach”, Chris F., versus, what: a chimera? An apparition? AV’s doppelganger?

        By all means count me among the clutch of BSB posters whom you describe as “So blinded by… irrational disdain for AV.” The few and vociferously proud.

        From the “actual coach” we “irrationals” can only hope, hope ‘n pray for: My God, a pulse? Perhaps something approaching presence behind the bench? Vision (woe, too great a leap)? Maybe the slightest hint of guidance?

        Nature abhors a vacuum, Chris: the discernible vacuum, the imperious if utterly detached, gum-chewing continuum behind our bench is about to fulfill that maxim.

        • The point is this: with 4 starting defensemen out injured or demoted, there is simply no way that the kids weren’t going to get a chance last night.

          To act shocked that they got playing time belies a belief in a totally mythological idea of what this coach is about. Even if AV has a history of ignoring young talent –a false perception, by the way– even his most vociferous detractors shouldn’t think he wasn’t going to play the kids when the defensive corps was so depleted.

          Ask yourself, are you genuinely surprised that AV let the kids play given the circumstances? If you’re not, cool, you’re not delusional. If you are, then you’ve crossed over into the realm of paranoid fantasy, and I’m deeply, deeply disappointed in you, Fotiu.

          • Chris

            What choice did the guy have but to play the kids, even if he grinded his teeth the entire game………I for one am glad that the kids put on a nice display of their talents!

          • That was sort of my point, there was no option but to play the kids, and yet there are still people claiming they’re shocked AV actually played the kids.

            You can’t be that sour on this guy that you’d actually be shocked with him playing these guys in this situation?

            AV literally can’t do anything to avoid getting hammered. Even when he does what you want –playing the kids– people still characterize that as something shocking. It’s a back-handed compliment.

          • “AV literally can’t do anything to avoid getting hammered.”

            Love your posts Chris, but this statement is totally erroneous because, and I will speak for myself, this coach has “earned’ my wrath with coaching decisions that have caused our team to underachieve.

            Yes, a team that does anything short of winning a Cup can underachieve, regardless of how many ECFs the team went to.

            I, as a small business owner, who makes substantially less than AV, bears 100% more responsibility for my employees than he does for his. He gets paid a lot of money to make decisions that supposed “experts” like him are paid to make.

            It may be delusional to put any fan up against an NHL coach, which I agree, but some of his decisions are down right stupid and lacking in common sense that anyone with hockey knowledge should know.

            He’s earned my criticism, as I have numerous examples to prove my point, feel free to disagree.

          • Chris, respectfully, your closer is a False Narrative.

            It wasn’t an astute insight, nor a coaching decision that had call-ups in the lineup. There was no other option, save for suiting up Swarty and Bobby B.

            “Genuinely surprised that AV let kids play”?…

            Yes; as surprised as I was by seeing the sun rise over the raw mountains and Joshua Trees behind my cabin.

            Please, Chris, spare me your “deep disappointment” over my “paranoid fantasy” of expecting a dynamic personality, or real presence behind our bench.

            For want, or need of judgement I’ll go seek out my self-medicating ex-wife.

          • You contradict yourself.

            If AV had no choice but to play the kids (which I agree with), then it shouldn’t be shocking that he played the kids.

            You guys can’t have it both ways.

            Either AV had a choice, and shockingly chose to play the kids, or AV had no choice, in which case it’s not shocking at all that he played the kids, since it was the only option.

            You guys want to have your cake, and eat it to, stripping AV of any agency in the decision to play the kids, but still feigning shock over him making that decision.

          • Keep fighting the good fight Chris! All I ask for, and I suspect you do as well, is a little fairness and objectivity here. Has he been perfect? No. Has he made mistakes? Absolutey. So too will the next coach, and it won’t be long until the AViHaters find reasons to dump on the next guy.

            The reality is, and I have NO DOUBT management and the rest of the league feels this way, AV has been an excellent coach here. If this is it for him in NY, he will exit as one of the most succesful coaches in franchise history. And that will have been achieved with a roster that has been so painfully ordinary pretty much up and down the lineup for most of his time here, other than the goalie.

            Why he has earned such vitriol is something I simply do not understand. But fans will be fans. They decide the Torts Era was some glorious time in our history and somehow supersedes the the AV Era, even though AV’s record here far exceeded Torts or just about anyone else who has been behind the Rangers bench in decades. Total revisionist history…..simply because one acts like a crazy person and faux tough guy and the other chews gum and stays calm. Please.

            It may well be time for him to go. Every coach has a shelf life. I for one will give him a figurative pat on the back as opposed to the swift kick in the pants others seem to think he deserves.

        • Nick

          We need more of your posts, they are great!!!! Anyone who disagrees with these guys are considered deplorables!!!!! Oh well, and have a wonderful day my man!!!!!!!!

          • Chris

            That should have been directed at the verbal sparers last night! I didn’t mean to include you in with that bunch………

          • Dal mio cuore, Padrino, grazie per le gentili parole. Io e te, siamo sentimentalisti della vecchia scuola.

            Adoriamo la maglia. Il nostro problema è che ci preoccupiamo troppo.

            Grande rispetto per te, Walt.

  • “Hank was marvelous, giving a metaphorical middle finger to the coach that said the team was losing because of the goalies.”

    Oh, ffs, Dave, just stop.

      • But you don’t honestly believe that’s the message AV was putting forth, that the Rangers lose because of goaltending, do you?

        • AV talking unjustified smack and blaming the shortcomings of his system on an all-star goalie? It’s right on time according to his Vancouver timeline—maybe even a season late.

        • You and Eddie keep glossing over the fact that he said 2x that the team was playing well.

          If you feel the team is in fact playing well, and you’re challenging the goalies to be more consistent….what do you think he was saying?

          Ranger goalies have been under seige in net, have managed to keep the team in games they’ve had no business being in. How much more consistent can they be?

        • AV flat out blamed the goaltending for the Rangers’ woes.

          The fact of the matter is that AV’s defensive system sucks out loud, bleeds a ton of shots – especially high-danger shots – and requires absolutely superb and mistake-free goaltending to give the offense even a chance of winning games.

          AV haters are not irrational; it’s the ones who prop him up that aren’t viewing the Rangers from a rational perspective.

          I read that story in the post and wondered if AV was trying to get himself fired.

          • I listened to the entire press conference.

            Forget the articles man. Listen to what he said. He absolutely was not blaming goaltending. He was putting pressure on the goaltending, but that’s because this team will only go so far as goaltending will take them.

          • That’s splitting hairs, Chris—and we all have no real idea how these comments are playing with Lundqvist and Pavelec. Words are words, and nobody is twisting what Vigneault has said here.

            Not only is Vigneault failing to view himself as part of the team’s myriad of problems, but he’s challenging the one position on this team that is performing at a high level—an all-star caliber level, one that is exceeding preseason expectations at that. Forget for a second Hank’s standing with this franchise—how in the name of hades is it good coaching to verbally disparage the players who are responsible for a team’s most consistent area of performance? Without Henrik Lundqvist and Ondrej Pavelec this team would be the Arizona Coyotes in terms of won-loss record.

          • I’d agree with you if AV had actually verbally disparaged Lundqvist. He simply did no such thing though.

            It’s you who is splitting hairs, taking a pretty innocuous comment about goaltending inconsistency coinciding with the Rangers problems winning games, and stripping away all the larger context of that press conference to push an interpretation where AV was blaming Hank, which is not at all what he was saying, and that should be obvious to anyone who’s not looking to paint everything AV says and does in the worst possible light.

            He probably could have come down a bit harder on the collective, the whole roster, the coaching staff, the front office, etc but the point wasn’t to push blame, it was to reiterate confidence in the team, while acknowledging that alot of their success will depend on Hank.

          • Actually, that’s the point Chris, AV not making the entire team accountable, including himself, but simply saying that our goalie(s) basically have to keep the opponents to one goal. Or less.

      • That smug-a**, self serving insult from AV was on par with Derek Stepan’s little bitch drive-by of Lunqvist during last year’s playoff.

        Sing long, sing loud, Dave!


  • We better not lose the goal of being in a position to draft Dahlin….this glass menagerie is just that…..make sure of this…..don’t be foolish….this is an instance where pride becomes an enemy and thinking strategic an ally.

    Sell and fire AV

    • 1. This team will not fall far enough to have a decent chance at the lottery. They’re not getting Dahlin.

      2. Did you watch the locker room interviews last night? This is not a group of guys willing to give up. You can’t ask them to. You just can’t.

      3. Intentionally tanking is not strategic, it’s pathetic.

      • no… hope to a slight chance to win a cup… pathetic…..As walt says and I fully agree….you need to be in the top of the draft a few years to win a cup

        being mediocre and picking in the middle to bottom of the draft gives you 2 cups in 70 plus years with 54 in between cuos….we are fast approaching 25 years in between… that’s pathetic

        • Intentionally tanking is not going to happen. We can sit around and talk fantasy about getting a #1 pick, but this is not a group of guys that is going to give up.

          We can talk about what would ultimately be the long term benefit if the bottom were to continue to fall out, but that’s largely an academic exercise.

          Listening to Hank and Miller talk last night, this is a room that’s embarrassed at how they’ve played, and a room that is sick of being embarrassed. Whoever isn’t traded is going to continue to go out there every night and try to win, and the young kids being brought up are not in a position to not give it their all. They have their whole careers ahead of them, and this is their moment to prove they belong.

          Whether it’s veterans trying to stay professional and do their jobs, or young rookies trying to get noticed, there is simply no way this group intentionally tanks.

          • Tell that to NJ and even better Philly to land #2 overall last year….nah your logic has holes Chris F

        • Fine I’ll answer your question. The first part is easy. I’m a fan of Lundqvist just like Yankee fans are fans of jeter. He’s one of the greatest to put on the jersey. He’s a sure fire first ballot hall of famer, has smashed every Rangers goalie record, and will end his career with probably the 3rd most wins as a goalie all time. Let that last part sink in. He’s easily in the Rangers top 5 of all time. You’re assessment that he doesn’t crack the top 10 is absurd.

          You also asked why I like AV. I wouldn’t even say I’m a huge fan of him. I just call BS on all the BS hate that people spew about that is just plain moronic. Case in point what I called you out about yesterday. You said FK AV because he called up Gilmour over Graves. First off Gilmour is having a way better season than Graves. It’s not even up for debate. GILMOUR has 26 points in 44 games compared to Graves’ 10 in 48. Gilmour was named to the allstar team this year. Your argument was that Graves should have been called up because he was an AHL allstar 2 years ago and we should be sympathetic to how he feels? Wow that’s a moronic statement.

          And the second part of your statement is really what pushes my buttons. Why is it AV who is blamed for who is called up? Did the AHL coaches say “no Graves has been better” then AV disregarded their assessments? Does Gorton have any say in this? You literally decided an organizational decision was made by a single person and that decision was wrong therefore that person is wrong. I call this Blind AV Hate. You’re actually really good at it.

          So please explain to me why AV was the sole person to make the call on who was recalled?

          • The coach’s sin is not preparing his team ready to play, and how many times we saw the Rangers came out flat with no energy in the 1st period this season?

            As the GM Jeff Gorton said in his presser the day before: “This team still does not have an Identity right now…” This comment shows how confident Gorton has in AV.

            And blaming Hank who carried this team for all these years just to cover his own behind, shows the true color of AV.

          • Everyone is getting their panties in bunch over that Post article that is just trying to sell papers. 24 hours after Brett Crygalis wrote that article he included this quote in his recap of the following game “He said beforehand he needed more consistency from his goaltending, and that is a testament to the thin line this group walks every night, needing excellence between the pipes just to have a chance.”

            24 hours after he writes a headline about the coach calling out Hank he says it’s only a testament to how much the team sucks in front of him. Talk about someone playing both sides of the field with a quote.

            And I will say this. No matter who the coach is. AV, Tortorella, or Glen Sather.. Professional athletes who get paid millions to play a game that don’t give an effort get zero sympathy from me. If they need a braveheart speech from the coach every game to come out of the gate with some fire then they should be ashamed of themselves to be called professional athletes.

          • But bro, why go there?

            I mean stating that the Rangers are playing better than the results borders on being certifiable. And they have the benefit of video.

            They bleed shots like crazy, everyone knows that. The coach should as well. So why even mention the one guy that allows the team to win in spite of the rest of the team’s shortfalls?

            When an opponent goes into the corner of the Rangers’ D zone and becomes the least dangerous opponent on the ice at that point, and 4 Rangers go to that one player, where is the coach on that? Happens all the time.

            This team has zero structure. None.

          • Why go there? Sure that’s a valid argument. But this is a coach that is very open to the media and always says something. Hank was pulled in consecutive games right? Was Hank happy himself? Would he like to have been more consistent during the last few weeks? Absolutely. All this is is people harping a quote that was the topic of an article for a newspaper notorious for making crap up to sell papers. An article written by an author who the next day took the same quote and flipped it 180 degrees. Just like practically any quote can be done. Hank famously was a big reason why Tortz was canned right? Are we really going to get riled up because we think it may have hurt the goalies feelings? Are we sure AV would still be here is Hank wasn’t on board with the coach? Why are we making something out of nothing?

          • AV is gone from what I hear and I think everyone on the Rangers know it.

            By not talking about AV, Gorton basically implied that he won’t be back but will finish out the year.

            Hank “buckles” in some games, no question. And why not? Facing large # of high danger shots every game does that to any goalie, no less a 35 year old. You know that.

          • And if he’s gone than that’s fine. He is currently the longest tenured coach in the NHL and has had a great run. As Sather tells every coach the day he’s hired, he’s going to be fired at some point. But as I’ve said before, among the fans the coach has become a scapegoat for an incredibly flawed roster. If he’s gone next season it’s not because he’s a bad coach. It’s because his shelf life has run out and management has decided to go in a different direction.

          • It is the coach’s responsibility to get the most out of whatever he’s given. And IMO, AV hasn’t.

            But I do not dispute what you say, not at all. The Stralman thing was a complete cluster-f–k. He was perfect for the Rangers.

            Drafting has been an issue for years though better now. So there’s plenty of blame to go around, that I agree.

            2013-14 was their shot. They were very unlucky in that series. Blown leads, bad officiating, and bad luck (Nash’s hitting of Voynov’s shaft that could have been a game winning goal).

  • waiving at bozo and mancun…..bwahaha….how are you shitbirds doing this morning? Did you kiss your posters of Leaky and fall to your knees?

    Enjoy your weekends, I am happy for you

    • I’m not even sure you’re a ranger fan at this point. Based on the two posts so far today (and failing to answer my question from last night bubba) I would say you’re pissed they won last night. You really sound like a bitter old man.

      • I fully answered your question….you just don’t have the brains or better eyes

        Also as usual you didn’t answer mine but instead threw a question back….bwahaha….you are too funny bozo

      • Look at my reply to Chris F bozo… this thread….like I said you don’y have the brain housing group to digest stuff….you are transfixed to your Leaky doll

      • Good morning Twin….Hope you are enjoying a great day too Sieve…..these bozos still think we are one and the same…..we are that when it comes to Leaky

        • Having a great day … Got a 75 mile ride in at a nice 83 degrees with a slight ese wind around 10 mph … Can’t ask for a better morning then that !

          • Two dislikes for going on a 75 mile ride up and down the beach! Lmao … Now that’s funny

          • Can’t hate …. Rode right past the Prez’s house,Sterns little shanty,headed towards Juno and headed back. Not a bad stretch of 50 plus miles of road ( only seen 3/4’s of it today ) … Centuries are approaching ? . I leaned some 30 something years ago the cold is not for me …. Lol

      • True that, King.

        Did you hear the one about the guy who goes to an online hockey forum and a donnybrook breaks out?!

        Far more honest, throw-down passion here, the real Blue Seaters (my cousins, The Vizzinis, 40-years) than behind the bench. On the ice. Or amongst management.

        No wonder Nicky Mangold and Carol Alt turned away.

      • Dave

        The shit started last night, and carried over to today. Just go back and read the crap, Leather is defending himself. If you ban him, how about the others who were involved as well? See where I’m coming from?

        • I agree with Walt here on this one . Yeah we bust balls on Leaky sometimes but I have respect for the big board posters ( Walt ,E3 , Richter94 and the like ) …. They disapprove of the digs and what no but never say anything disrespectful in return and I likewise … There is a certain who’s always retailiating so a dig usually goes back.
          Political crap no need for that but there’s lots of stuff written to provoke it as well .
          Guess MC’s theory went right out the window and Dave even said we were different … Lol

    • Do You kiss you “I hate everything” poster in the morning? Or just “I hate the greatest goalie the rangers ever had”

      • Seeing Leather is banned …. its not Hate!You guys just see it that way with the Leaky Blinders on.

  • Last night was all about effort. They weren’t plzying the best team in the league last night. I am sure the better teams are going to take the youngsters to school some nights. But that is OK. Learning to play the game through experience at the NHL level is what we are going to see them doing for the rest of the season. I doubt that they will fall far enough to get Dahlin, but the are going to get some more young players and picks when all is said and done.

  • Regarding banning of Leatherneck – this is because he is provoking and insulting people here. I couldn’t care less about his opinions. Add to the discussion, don’t provoke.

    I have no problem with people that go after me, it comes with the territory of running this blog. Do not go after the commenters here, this is meant to be a place to discuss the Rangers. Not politics (unless there is a specific post dedicated to it).

    There are a few others I’m keeping an eye on. Cool it, keep it civil. I’m getting tired of the constant bullshit lately.

    I have deferred to the other writers here to see if I was being too harsh, as well.

    • Thank you Dave and all the writers here for what you all do.

      I like all the posters that agree with me (lol, kidding).

      • Out of everyone I disagree with on a regular basis I respect your posts the most Richter. You have a sense of humor and back your posts up with an actual argument.

        Those kids did pretty well last night playing for big bad AV right?

        • We may debate Spozo but I like you a lot. You’re very knowledgeable and I like when knowledgeable people challenge me.

          No one knows everything and I try to back up what I say with good information. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong and people should call me out just like I would do the same.

          LOL, the kids are alright (lol, Who reference).

          The play that I loved so much that I wanted to have a cigarette after was when Pionk was being smothered by a Flame (don’t remember who it was), fought the guy off, and bounced the puck off the boards to a Ranger to get the puck out of the zone. LOVED IT!!

          Small great play that doesn’t get noticed enough.

          • I was pleasantly surprised by Pionk and Gilmours play. They were able to move the puck well and weren’t stuck in their own zone a lot. I thought DeAngelo was 10x better than the previous game but he was also anchored by Smith.

            Whether they can keep it up or not is another question. We loved the outcome and the effort but I’m sure the Calgary flames are singing a different tune this morning. I’m sure they look at it as their team was looking past the lowly injured Rangers and Didn’t wake up until the second period.

          • Yes, for a first game? Excellent. Not perfect but very encouraging. Seeing the whole ice they seemed to know where to go during play. Plus they can skate, which is always a plus.

            I have heard rumblings about the Rangers going after Carlson (Caps not Sens, lol) this offseason. That’s interesting and since he’s a righty (I think) then he can pair with Skjei on the top pair, then have Smith with Shatty on the 2nd, and then the rest.

            Rangers LOVE Crawley (untouchable for trade BTW). They think he will be a Michael Sauer (sad) type. That’s very high praise.

            Yes, DeAngelo looks a heck of a lot more comfortable. Very smooth and great passes in both zones.

            Flames were awfully flat in the first, I mean being outshot 19-5. they score and the game turned then. I know they played the Devs the night before so it must have taken a while to get their legs but when they did, wow are they fast. Gaudreau (spelling?) is magnificent.

          • Carlson would be a nice signing. I’ve read they may have interest in JVR and Kovy too. You think this is a wake up call for Smith and they want him to be here next season?

            I think Calgary has some good players. Tkachuk and Monahan are pretty good too.

          • They did try to trade Smith, but you know how word gets around the league: Guy finally gets big contract and then tanks the efforts that got him the contract.

            Teams shied away like rats running from the flooding river. So the Rangers are stuck with him. So they send him down to “teach him a hard lesson” with the idea that he tries to find his game.

            Don’t forget teams could have claimed him for nothing other than paying his contract and they said “nyet.” So that’s humbling to be sure considering that there was a lot of interest him this past offseason.

            The Rangers DO believe that he will come back next year and be Shatty’s partner, with Skjei and let’s say a Carlson as top pair.

            It’s up to Smith now. I don’t think they buy him out, IF he comes to camp in good form.

            Calgary has some outstanding young talent for sure.

    • I disagree with Leather on just about everything, find him generally and unnecessarily combative and provocative, but, I think it’s a bit of a two-way street with him.

      He’s pretty calm with people who engage with him respectfully, but he frequently crosses the line with people who disrespect him.

      While he may take it further than many, he’s also a frequent recipient of some unnecessary and demeaning comments. He’s got to a point with certain posters where all he’s willing to do is hurl insults, and that’s a problem, but those on the receiving end typically are just as willing to reciprocate the insults.

      I don’t know the best way to handle that. Maybe removing the catalyst is the way to go, but that sort of sends the message that the way some others have treated Leather is perfectly fine, which it’s not, if we’re to accept the premise that Leather’s commentary is not acceptable.

      Maybe it’s better just to ignore it all, and let those who want to wade into that particular ring knock themselves out. Leather isn’t incapable of civil discourse (see his exchange with me above), he’s just frequently ridiculed for his ideas, and that leads to hostility, which eventually leads to insults hurled both ways.

      Maybe people should try to have a conversation with him without treating him like a moron?

      • And I dont mean to imply that Leather is a victim in all of this; he’s largely made his own bed.

        But those he routinely gets into it with don’t exactly make an effort to deescalate.

      • His basic MO is to treat anyone who disagrees with him like a moron and to belittle any evidence they use to back up their opinion.

        That said, I think it’s important to hear opinions that diverge from mine, so I would hope that a ban could segue into a suspension.

      • Chris

        Who in their right mind gave you thumbs down, for speaking the truth, which some can’t handle! For the first time in a long period of time, I have to agree with your entire post………..

    • Dave..
      I agree with walt’s comment above and chris f….who said regarding leatherneck , ”He’s pretty calm with people who engage with him respectfully, but he frequently crosses the line with people who disrespect him.”’
      I feel exactly the same way ….I would NEVER call someone a ”’moron, idiot, etc.etc simply because they have a different opinion… fact if we all had the same opinion this blog wouldnt be very interesting or enjoyable reading!
      However there are a few here, not leatherneck , who immediately disparage those who have a different opinion……and when provoked or insulted I too will respond in kind ……
      When i first experienced this I couldn’t believe the infantile responses, name calling when you disagree with certain people…..
      I know first hand because i still want McIlrath back!!!!!

    • Stick tap to you, Dave. Not only for the equity, but the class and elan you bring to this daily, time-intensive undertaking.

      That said, I have to line up with Walt and Rich S., among those who advocate for a lively, spirited give and take here. At the same time, I abhor the low chakra name calling and pettiness. Grace goes desert miles with me.

      Nonetheless, Leather was itching to brawl. He’s a proud Marine; that fast-twitch fight is sinew, DNA deep in his kind. I dig his weapons-grade snarl much as I relish seeing a badger or a wolf tearing into a deer carcass.

      Yea, I care. I love that ‘effing jersey; Domi, Nilan to Fotiu and Hospodar, Adam Graves to McIlrath. Clearly Leather does, too.

      Speaking to the ejected, I miss Paul Ronty. (I’m in the dark about what he did to draw your ire and a ban.)

      Closing out, in lieu of a too obvious Orwellian observation or billboard quote about censorship, Dave, I’d simply default to going easy.

    • My 2 cents.

      I wanted to let this stew with me before I commented because emotions can come out wrong in print.

      We have all different and diverse people here. We don’t know them and we don’t know what, in their lives, has made them view things the way they do. One of my favorite new phrases other than “it is what it is” is “Do not criticize me until you have walked into my shoes.”

      I love that phrase. We, as a people with all this technology, have become impatient and intolerant. I include myself at times.

      I don’t know Leather from a hole in the wall, but I do know he’s served our country, and that buys a lot of tolerance and patience from me.

      Do I like his incessant disrespect of Hank? No way, but I do not dislike him because of it.

      Do I like the way he went after some posters? No way, but there is usually contributory negligence in these types of tiffs. Especially on blogs.

      I’m not blaming anyone because I do not know what happened, but just saying, maybe, a severe and stern warning is appropriate, with a reinstatement.

      Look, you have to have control because things get nasty sometimes and I applaud yo as to how tough it is to do this and try to keep people happy. You have my support, and I include myself if I deserve reprimand.

      Speaking for myself, I request reinstatement for Leather with an understanding.

      My 2 cents.

      • Nothing more to add to this. Richter is spot on here. I disagree with Leather on virtually everything. I disagree with many folks out here. But the board would be poorer for his absence.

        That being said, I admire Dave’s desire to make sure things don’t go off the rails too much. That’s what makes this blog the best.

        • Yep, control has to be maintained. It’s a fine line between allowing “free speech” and anarchy.

    • Two years ago, I had enough of those who spread their excrement here a la the 1970s IRA paramilitaries imprisoned at The Maze. The stench pushed me away.

      But I missed the honest, admirable passion of Big Walt, Swarty, Rich S. and Bobby B.

      All that’s to say we bleed blue here. I’m in synch with Richter here.

  • Just a quick comment on civility or lack thereof. I used to enjoy reading the comments but for a while now they have devolved into really ugly name-calling and trolling usually over divergent opinions regarding Hank (aka God’s gift to the Rangers?). I have been tempted to avoid the blog altogether but continue to hope that the tone will improve so I am all for Dave being a bit more “schoolmarmish” to get folks to calm down. Long winded way of saying I love the hockey talk and hate the insults…

      • Thanks Sieve! I’ll keep checking in. Really sad about the “tank” but I get it. Watch, they’ll somehow manage to sneak in to the po’s with 90 points…

        • Everyone else is staying put with losses as well … We’ll see what AV does with the kids … Wouldn’t hurt my feelings letting Staal and Shattenkirk sit for a good long long long while! Just wanna see effort and it starts in the middle,damn center needs to do his job along with some help from the wingers!!

  • Now if his/her comments turn/are racists, religious, political then by all means that is grounds for a ban. This is a Rangers Blog. But to ban because someone is insulting your opinion on hockey it’s weak. Critics will always be there. No matter how much you do. (Side note don’t ever think what you do is unappreciated by me) And a critic’s opinion should always be valued in some manner, unless they are trolling. Then it should just be passed over.

  • Free Leather! … Free Leather! …. Free Leather ! Be a good man and lift the Ban Dave!!

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