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Rangers give up against Boston, get embarrassed…again

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I don’t know what to call last night. The Rangers just no-showed completely. Except for Rick Nash, who played well. Henrik Lundqvist didn’t have a good game, but there’s no reason a 35 year old should be playing this many games in what is basically a lost season. Considering what Hank has had to deal with all season, I’m giving him a pass on last night. It’s not like he would have made a difference anyway.

The Bruins are a good hockey team. I get that. The Rangers are injured. I get that too. But to completely give up? In the third period, they weren’t even trying. Heck, in the second period they weren’t even trying. They stopped skating once they gave up four unanswered. Anton Khudobin made a few nice saves, but wasn’t really tested much. The Bruins probably didn’t even break a sweat.

On to the goals.

Rangers 1, Bruins 0

Rick Nash is good at hockey. He stole the puck from Zdeno Chara, then beat Khudobin with a nice shot. The only bright spot of the game last night.

Bruins 1, Rangers 1

Brendan Smith lost the puck at the blue line. It turned into a 3 on 1 against Tony DeAngelo. DeAngelo puck watched after allowing the pass across to David Backes, which Hank miraculously stopped. JT Miller and David Desharnais were caught watching different guys as well. Riley Nash was wide open. Horrible all around.

Bruins 2, Rangers 1

Steven Kampfer gave the puck away to Jake DeBrusk behind the net. The pass to Chara was open by design (overload means weak side point is open). Chara had time with Zucc as the screen, and Hank couldn’t see it. He guess wrong. No real systemic breakdown here, just a good hockey play.

Bruins 3, Rangers 1

Hank is allowed to give up a bad goal every now and then, given the other stuff he has to stop.

Bruins 4, Rangers 1

Tim Schaller schooled Smith and DeAngelo. Both had a horrible night.

Bruins 5, Rangers 1

This goal was a joke. Brad Marchand got a few bounces to spring him, sure. But Ryan McDonagh and JT Miller just didn’t pick up Patrice Bergeron? Really?

Bruins 6, Rangers 1

Smith pinched, got beat. Another odd man rush against DeAngelo, who took the pass (the right play). Sean Kuraly beat Ondrej Pavelec with the shot.

Even Strength Shot Attempts (score adjusted)

It’s amazing that the Bruins and Rangers were even in shot attempts for a while. It wasn’t until the game was 5-1 that there was a big difference. Usually in these games, the losing team gets a bump at the end because the other team just turtles. But not the Rangers. They gave up. The Bruins got more shots than the Rangers, despite being up by five. Embarrassing.

Even Strength Scoring Chances

That’s an epic flat line.

I’m expecting the Rangers to start making moves this week. This is an utter embarrassment to the club and it’s insulting to the fans.

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    • Nah, wait until after the season when all hockey seasons are over and the Rangers have their pick to select a new coach at all levels of hockey.

      Ruff would be the “interim” and what would that change? You can’t hire a new coach now, during the season. Ride it out and start scoping out candidates now.

      One of my fellow bloggers at the Banter mentioned Sheldon Keefe, the coach of TB’s farm team in the AHL.

      My friend mentioned JJ Daigneault who was the defensive coach for Hartford for years and works well with young players.

      • The Bruins fired Claude and hired Cassidy in-season. It seems to be working sort of well. Clean out AV and the staff if someone in Hartford is ready. Otherwise, make a statement to the fans that things are changing, clean out AV and have Ruff be a cigar store indian for a couple months.

      • Benoit Groulx is the head coach in Syracuse (TBL’s farm team) Keefe coaches the Marlies in Toronto.

        Can’t see the Rangers turning over the franchise to a guy who NHL or AHL hasn’t been a head coach and has just been an assistant. So I think JJ is likely out in this round. I can see them trying to find a guy in the AHL that’s a head coach, who has been at the NHL as an assistant and give him an opportunity.

        • Sorry, I thought the Marlies were TB’s team, lol. Thank you for the correct info.

          JJ is an interesting option. He did well with the D men in Hartford when he was there.

      • Nope, Vigneault has gotta go now. Gorton needs to show that even coaches have to have some accountability. Let Ruff ride this team to its sad finish this year and then fire him too.

  • I have posted on this before. The Rangers can take a page from Boston on how to move ahead ( but is helps to have a Marchand and Bergeron in the fold to do it). After 3 years of no playoffs….and a rabid fan base ( Bobby Orr could run for mayor and win even today) ownership cleaned house. Sweeney the GM dumped Julian; traded Lucic, Hamilton, Soderberg,Martin Jones, for a bushel of picks, let Seguin walk and turned the bench over to Cassidy from Providence. Loaded with picks, a very good feed pool in the AHL, some key FA signings and here they are. Fast; Aggressive; terrific discipline ( you just dont see them get caught out ever) and fun to watch. A great blend of old dogs like Chara with next gen superstar like McAvoy. The Ranger CAN do it….the question is does Dolan have the WILL to do it. If no…this team is simply DOA.

    • Seguin wasn’t allowed to walk away from the Bruins. He was traded to Dallas by Chiarelli in 2013, years before Sweeney became the GM in Boston. I’d also argue that the Hamilton trade was a poor one that the Bruins didn’t need to make.

      And yeah, the Bruins won a Cup—but they also were a team that blew a 3-0 series lead to the Flyers. And they’ve done nothing since. I wouldn’t get too stoked on a team that’s had a three-season playoff drought and still has the same core. So maybe I’d hold off on the enshrinement of the entire franchise to the hockey hall of fame.

    • Joe

      The key is to get the picks, better yet to keep your own first rounders. How many #1’s, and #2’s did we give away to so called “make a run” for Hank. It’s come to bite us in the ass, and still there are plenty who think that was a right choice. Then they’ll tell us how we don’t have any “quality all-stars” on our roster. How the “F” are you going to get a shot at any of them if you draft in the 150th round? I’m not going to argue with people anymore on that subject, just pointing out what a farce it was to begin with. Take care my friend!!!!!!!

      • Walt…. it’s cyclical. You trade away first rounders when your pushing for a cup, and you keep them when that dream is over. It’s been some time now since we’ve traded our first rounders. We will accumulate some this year. The Rangers are probably guilty of hanging onto the dream a year or two too long but no one should fault them for the MSL or Yandle trades- those were made at the proper time of the contender cycle.

        We had 2 first rounders last year and I bet you we’ll have at least 2 more this year. And probably 2 next year.

        • Hat

          It’s the way they gave them away. MSL wanted to be traded to only the Rangers, why would anyone with a half a brain give Tampa Cally, and 2-#1 picks for a guy that would turn down any other trade? We had Tampa by the short hairs, and gave away the shop, for a shell of a player that MSL was……..Had that trade been made some 5 years or so sooner I wouldn’t be as upset, but that has got to rank as one of the stupidest moves we ever made!

          • Yeah, what team WANTS to play for the Stanley Cup anyway?

            Let’s talk about trades that don’t get teams within sniffing distance of the Cup instead! Those are the real successes for general managers.

          • Because either Yzerman has a better poker face OR he would not have traded MSL if he didnt get what he got.

            While Yzerman couldn’t have traded MSL anywhere else (without MSL’s permission) he was not forced into trading him at all. He could have held onto him and kept the better hockey player on his roster. Yzerman showed everyone in the Drouin situation that he has the stones not to bend based on player demands.

            So Sather gave up the assets he had to give up in order to acquire a player that turned out to be the catalyst to launch us to a SCF appearance. I do that same trade again tomorrow if given the same circumstances.

            As for the shell of a player comment- completely untrue. He fell off a cliff in 2015 (and it was ugly) but he still had the magic during the 2014 Playoff run.

          • Totally disagree Walt.

            First of all, MSL was not a “shell” of a player when they traded for him. He was one of the leading point getters in the NHL. He was going to command a huge return.

            Second, Sather most certainly did not have Yzerman by the short hairs. Just because there was a falling out between MSL and Yzerman doesn’t mean there was any reason at all for the Tampa GM to deal him away. And want to know how much TB valued those picks they got from the Rangers? They traded them away.

            No trade, no draft pick, no FA signing can ever guarantee a Cup. But when a team is close, you go for it. The 2014 playoffs was easily the most exciting Rangers memory since 1994. I will never forget it. When MSL scored that OT goal vs Montreal in Game 4, I thought the roof was going to come off the Garden. Yes, they ultimately fell short that year, but to imply that any trade that was made that doesn’t automatically result in a Cup is therefore a bust seems a little too black and white for me.

            Yes, we all want the Cup. Obviously. But failing that, I want deep playoff runs and magical memories. That season to me came out of the blue and was just so much fun. To me, it was a big success… that alomst certainly does not happen without MSL.

          • E3: People forget that MSL led the NHL in scoring in the strike shortened 2012-13 season and was averaging a point per game (61 points in 62 games) and was one of the leading scorers in the NHL when the trade for him was made in 2014.

          • Welcome back 3E…..
            Have to agree with Walt on this one……
            MSL was past his prime when we got him…..
            In 93 games only 22 goals and 5 were on the power play!!!!!
            In playoffs , he had 9 goals in 49 games including the worst playoff series against tampa [ more giveaways , passes to other team ] I have seen in 50 years !!!!!! Terrible trade !!!!!!
            He was washed up by the time we got him!!!!

          • MSL was so great that one year later he retired as a shell of the player he was. Don’t be a history revisionist E3………

      • Walt – I would say there are two keys. One is to get the picks – the bigger thing is to make solid draft picks

        If they eff up the draft picks with all of those picks them it only gets worse.

        A mix of good young can’t miss guys as well as high picks is the way to go. But you have to capitalize on those picks

        • I gave you a thumbs up for your post, agree totally, but we didn’t have a #1 for four years in a row, and more times than not drafted in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th rounds. What we got was what Nancy Pelosi calls crumbs! I for one am a believer of keeping picks, especially in a cap era, and develop those kids. We can’t draft, develop, and or acquire them if we have no picks to play with in the first place! Our history has been bad in the past, I believe we now have some very good scouts, and will draft well.

          • Absolutely agree – you got to have the picks.

            I read a real good post on the BSB the other day about what Sather was able to haul in with all of the picks from the 2004 fire sale.

            It was just sad to see how they wasted all of those picks. Just horrible drafting.

            My only solace is that this time it is not a fire sale.

            Gorts is in a solid spot with marketable assets in strong market and he should be able to recoup buildable assets – but they have to be can’t miss guys or numerous 1 and 2 picks.

    • if you can’t play with desire or coach with intelligence ya just gotta go. you don’t last in the work force if you can’t produce.

  • I go to 25-30 games per year, last night was the earliest I have left a game. It was after the 5th goal, a shorty no less.

    Wow, Smith is a complete disaster. I don’t know what happened to him. He gets the contract and then dogs it? He was directly responsible for that 3 on 1 goal and made other major gaffes.

    At least Nash raised his trade value.

    Poor Henrik. If he’s going to have games like this, then at least let it be with inexperienced players on the ice for the Rangers.

    The Ranger pride is gone with this group, including the coach, boys and girls.

    • Tony

      One of my pet peeves is giving these guys long term deals. I can talk til I’m blue in the face, but once you sign these guys to big money, long term, they lose their hunger, get fat and lazy. Give me kids, they play for a roster spot, and a pay raise.

      As for the Ranger pride, we the fans seem more proud of the Big Blue than some of these clowns, beginning with the top banana behind the bench……

      • I agree bro. Supposedly the story is that Smith had like 7 weddings during the summer, one being his own, and came into camp in horrible shape.

        My friend has an insider with the Rangers and management hates Smith right now and they are pissed at him for this whole season, starting with his lack of conditioning.

        They would love nothing more than for another team to think that a change of scenery would help and trade him just to get his cap hit off the team.

        We will get our wish my friend, the trades are a comin’.

        • I think the most likely case with Smith is he finishes the season with the Rangers. Has a chance to prove himself over the summer with working out and playing next season. If he’s still bad next season then you trade him.

      • Well if you don’t give long-term deals you’re not going to sign UFAs or get your own guys to agree to extensions. Smith’s deal is only 4 years, a term which everyone here thought was a bargain when it applied to Shattenkirk. I agree that Smith was a bad signing and I hope he can be traded (addition by subtraction). The notion that every player on a long-term deal dogs it is a lazy generalization based on the recent failure of one medium-term (not long-term) signing. Would you say the same about McDonagh or Lundqvist or Nash? Have those guys lost their hunger or their competitive edge

        And the notion that a team full of “kids” will get it done is a delusion. Name one team that has won a Cup solely with “kids”.

        • Pittsburgh’s done all right in the last 2 years with Dumoulin, Murray, Sheary, Kuhnackl, Rust, Schulz all playing major roles in the Pens’ last 2 Cup runs…..I don’t think any fans are saying all rookies equals instant Cup, but a team has to have some measure of youth cycling thru its roster if a team is to maintain longterm success.

          Look at the smoking ruin of the Canucks franchise—when a team has a coach who prefers 28-year old AHL quality retreads over talented, mistake-prone youngsters, rot sets in. Talent cannot be faked; all the work in the world can’t turn Kampfer, Carey, et al into NHL caliber hockey players. Vigneault is like a stagnant pond of rainwater—sure stuff grows in it, but it produces malaria-bearing mosquitoes along with green vegetation.

          • The Penguins would be nothing without Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, and Hornqvist. Schultz wasn’t a rookie he played for Edmonton. You need a mix. To say that you shouldn’t sign free agents to term is ridiculous.

          • I didn’t say anything at all about free agents, and I didn’t say anything at all about rookies either. What I said was that a team needs to have some measure of youth cycling thru its roster to maintain longterm success. And the Pens have done that a lot better than the Rangers under Vigneault.

            Look at all the Cup winners in recent history—in addition to the young players I cited above on Pittsburgh, guys like Saad and Hjalmarsson in Chicago, or Martinez & Muezzin in LA were all allowed to contribute heavily to their team’s efforts as young players. Even Washington has done a good job over the years of both filling in their depth with youth and giving young players lots of responsibility.

            Look at the Rangers now—who besides Skjei & Fast was given big minutes and allowed some amount of failure while developing under Vigneault? Maybe Vesey, I guess, but Hayes & Miller & Buchnevich all became immediate scratches when AV was displeased with them.

          • Again, you are overstating this MC.

            Miller had well documented attitude issues that even Torts had issues with (according to reports). The organization questioned his commitment. What coach would ignore that and play him anyway?

            Hayes got immediate trust and responibiltity in year one. In year two, he came to camp in less than optimal condition and he spent a sum total of three games on the bench. Wow, maybe we should get Bob Mueller to investigate this after he’s done with his current assignment….the very idea a coach would sit a player for THREE games out of 82 when he comes to camp out of shape!!!!

            Miller and Hayes have seen their minutes increase every single season under AV.

            As for Buch, his ATOI track is pretty much in line with the way other young Russian players have been used early in their careers—Tarasenko, Kucherov and Kuznetsov. Year three is usually when they break out and fully adjust to the NHL game.

            The problem is that you and others dream up this narrative that Miller, Hayes and Buch are these “elite beast” stud players that MUST play, when in fact they have not proven to be anything like that. Miller and Hayes are being asked to step up their game now and they are proving they are simply incapable of doing so. They are just more of what we’ve had—good but far from great players who we overrate and then kill the coach for not treating them like the stars we wish they were but actually are not.

            Buch? Jury is still out. But my hunch is that he will be a far cry from any of the aforementioned comparable Russian players. He’s a good player. Great? We shall see.

          • E3

            Another attempt at revisionist history. Hayes was given a shot out of necessity. MSL was tried, and failed miserably at center, so they had no one else but Hayes to play the position. Even at that, Kevin was jerked around like the rest of the kids. Enough with the bogus history lessons!

          • I would not really cite Hayes, Miller, Buch as examples. They got a chance to play big roles with the Rangers. An occasional benching is not that big a deal.

            The real argument here is either (1) some of the players did not progress as hoped and AV was to blame. or (2) there are guys out there that AV should have given a shot to and didn’t.

            As for (2), I don’t see it. The lack of youth on the Rangers is more front office than coach. As for (1), you have to ask yourself how you projected these young players and where they ended up. This is really tricky because you can’t criticize AV without criticizing favorites. For my money, Brady Skjei is a disappointment and maybe that is on AV — but most will disagree with my assessment.

            Certainly DeAngelo is a problem case as his game is incomplete and attitude suspect. You can’t judge a coach by one case, you need a bunch, but to be simplistic, a good coach makes DeAngelo a quality player and a bad coach watches him wash out.

          • MC-

            You are totally distorting this. It’s a heck of lot easier to add kids to the mix when they are, a) Actually REALLY good, and b) you have generational superstars around them. We have none of those things on this team. Are kids aren’t that good and we have nothing resembling high end talent beyond our goalie.

            As for the “smoking ruins” of the Canucks, again, this is a total distortion of reality. AV didn’t acquire their incredibly mediocre young players. That was on Gillis, who was canned after making AV the scapegoat for his failings and has never seen the front office of an NHL team since and probably never will again. Whether we are talking about the 2012-13 Canucks, or let’s say the 2016-17 Rangers, why would AV or any coach play young players that either are not ready or project out to be nothing more than borderline AHL/NHL talent? Is that what you are advocating?

            I ask again, name me one player that AV refused to play that went on to shine elsewhere? I cant think of even one example that played for the Rangers and I’m not sure there really was anyone on the Canucks either. The issue in both cases is the GM…not the coach. The coach’s job is to find a way to win with what he has available. The front office is responsible for acquisition and development in the minors. None of that is on the coach.

            Now, with the team spiraling here, certainly a case can now be made, probably after the trade deadline passes, to bring up some guys to see what they can do. That’s fine. But there is no rush to to do.

            And I say again, if AV was so bad with young players, why would Hayes, Vesey, Pionk, etc CHOOSE to play for a coach that is so against playing young talent? Sorry, this whole theory is filled with more holes than a Swiss cheese sandwich.

            And Walt, I assume you are just venting about the system, but James is 100% correct. No team can totally avoid long term deals. And I don’t buy at all that players suddenly don’t care once they get their money. Sure, there are exceptions and every sport has their “dogs”, but for the most part, these guys are the most competitive people on the planet. Money is one thing, but you are overlooking an athlete’s competitve pride. No one wants to be perceived as being a quitter. So sorry, I don’t believe that more than a small handful of players fit into this category of quitting once they get the big payday.
            The key is to make sure you are investing in the right players.

            And no team can win on youth alone. Every SC Champion post-lockout had a mix of homegrown talent, free agents, guys acquired in trades, youth and experience. You need all of this to win, and you need guys capable of elevating their game and playing at a high level when it matters. The Rangers have had very, very few of those type of players in the Lundqvist Era under three different coaches. Thus the frustrating results.

          • E3, you know I respect your knowledge, but I don’t need to hear the Vigneault defense anymore. This season has been a disaster, and we all know it falls on the coach before the GM. Vigneault’s arrogance is endless, the team has utterly quit on him, it’s time to move on from him. Any defense of him as coach right now just makes you look like you’re ignoring reality. You will never convince me that he’s a good coach for young players, no matter how eloquent your arguments may be.

            AV’s had a nice run, but the team is a flaming zeppelin fire right now, and he’s got the nerve to tell the press that “the team is playing well”. He’s obviously divorced from reality at the moment.

          • I guess if one repeats the same old, same old, we are to believe it. Sorry, E3’s defense of this coach has worn thin a few years ago to me………

          • I agree as far as you have gone. BUT BUT all the faith in the world can’t magically transform Chityl, Tambellini, Lettieri, Graves, Pionk, DeAngelo into front line NHL players. Young players need to be developed and frankly, they need to be developed playing at the correct level. I don’t know enough to say whether Pionk is better served in Hartford or New York, but I want him at the place that is best for him now — and I don’t want him in NY simply because he is a tiny bit better than Kampfer (if he is)’

            What we saw last night was partly what lack of confidence can do to a team. In that context, how much do you gain by giving Pionk a chance to be undressed by Crosby or Ovechkin?

        • The Oilers with kids in the 80’s, and the most recent team the Pens, for two years running.

          Not all players dog it, but they seem to not give 100% when comfortable. Mac & Hank may be the exceptions, not the norm in my book!

    • Hank’s postgame was very enlightening. Said he became “passive” (which I took to mean afraid to challenge and make a mistake) after giving up 2 in the 1st because he knows how hard it is for them to score goals. Owned the fact that the 3rd and 4th goals were on him. On the 4th goal the defense did their best matador impression, but he clearly felt he needed to come out and challenge before the shot gets off. But honestly what’s the point of his and Mac’s honest self reflection when the Coach owns nothing? The team, except for Pavelec, literally gave up when Hank left the ice. That’s on them but also on the coaches. Hank needs a good break. Play Pavelec for the next couple of games and let Hank get some Benny time to fix his head…

      • The whole thing has collapsed. If Hank doesn’t basically play the opponent by himself then this is what’s going to happen every game.

        I left after the 5th goal, with about 12 minutes left in the 2nd. Earliest I ever left.

    • Richter –

      Once the decline starts, the trade talk gets louder, and the fire the coach movement begins – well not begin but continue, then everyone just starts looking over their shoulder to see what freight train is coming next.

      Even stoic AV has had the look of panic the last few games.

      The ship be sinking my friend. And it looks like it is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      And why is Hank being thrown to the wolves night after night. He needs a mental health break…

      • So glad I’m not the only one who honors Michael Ray Richardson’s immortal “the ship be sinking” line. I’ve never been able to phrase it any other way.

      • No question my friend. I went to the Toronto game, which was the first after the allstar break, MSG crowd was very quiet, even to start the game.

        Everyone knows what’s coming.

    • in all fairness to smith, the coaching staff seems to have him playing out of his game. he’s basically a stay back ,stay @ home d-man but they have him trying to play o-fence which is not his game. once again, COACHING STAFF.

      • Most people know my view on the coach, but coming to camp totally out of shape is on the player. Especially after signing that nice contract.

        The player needs to show his gratitude for the team’s trust. Instead, he blew it off.

  • Well that was fun. The biggest surprise had to be seeing Tony jump the boards after the first goal. Seems like not your standard AV playbook to play rookies after horrible plays.

  • if there is any question whether AV has lost this team of not…it’s clearly he’s completely lost this team…they just don’t care. I know we have Injuries, but Nash, Zucc, Zib, Miller, Hayes, Grabner, Mc D, Skeji these guys are not getting it done. (ex Nash, at least he tries)

    And someone please tell AV to stop saying they are playing well. Giving up over 30 to 40 shots a night, every night, is not a team that is playing well.

  • On another subject, there are rumors that Ilya Kovalchuk is thinking of coming back to the NHL as an UFA, and that the Rangers may be who he wants to play for? If we are to have a rebuild, and get younger, why in the world would we be interested in him, other than maybe he could be Buch’s mentor? Thoughts anyone………

    • I think you nailed it Walt. I will not be surprised at all if we sign him. We would have this year if NJ would have done a trade with us. And that’s also why I don’t think Nash will be back. Not saying it’s the right move. But I would not bet against that happening.

    • This won’t be a full rebuild. The will try and be competitive n Ct year out of the gate so a signing like that makes sense. Maybe Henry will help by taking a pay cut. I know one thing, we need some defenseman coming back in one or two trades or turning aroUnd some acquired picks to get one.

      • There are no pay cuts when a contract is guaranteed. So in other words—there are no pay cuts on an existing guaranteed contract. And his name is Henrik, not Henry.

        • mc
          What would this blog be without you to ”Spell Check” for everyone………..Dont you have something better to do????

          • Ok, I’ll call you by the wrong name too. Hmmmm…what’s another name for Rich? Starts with a “D” I think.

      • Jr

        Maybe the returns on some trades will be D-men. I suspect that we won’t be giving up any of those picks to trade them off again. Just a thought. As for Henry, I don’t believe he can give back money to the organization, but I could be wrong?

        • If JG doesn’t have the option of getting the right young defensemen in any of the trades then he will have no choice but to turn a few (around) into a defensemen. I posted about a week ago what the total haul for Nash, Grabner, and McDonough may bring an abundance of picks to work with. Not sure you want 9 picks (including our own) in the 1st three rounds of any draft unless you use some to move up, which they might. I know one thing, we need 1-2 solid defensemen outside the organization for next year to even have a sniff at the playoffs. Hope we get the Winnipeg or Wild kid.

    • Walt….the reasons I would sign Kovalchek are
      1. He Scores goals!
      2. He doesnt cost any picks
      3. He is a horse
      4. He scores goals!
      The more game changers you have the better……thats why I would keep Grabner without a doubt! [ nash too , only on a major discount…..16 goals wont get a big time contract ]

      This team is not as bad as its been playing……once AV IS GONE……
      grabner, kreider, buch, miller,vesey, zib, hayes, fast, letteri and next year hopefully andersson, chytil, ronning and kovalchuk makes a pretty good, talented roster!!!!!!!! But we need to add a matt martin , josh manson some physicality!!!!!!

      • Time to remember the words of Michael Ray Richardson, when the knicks were going through this in the early 80’s….

        “””The ship be sinking””’

        when a reporter asked how far will it sink, his reply was

        ”’The sky’s the limit”’ !!!!!!!

      • Anything would be better than what we have been seeing on the ice this season, huge swings from poor, to good, to piss poor! Great job with this staff we have…….

    • Like MSL, Kovy wants to come here and he (1) shoots righty (2) is a sniper which is in very short supply on this Rangers squad (3) plays with an edge so we can waive McLeod (4) excels on PP especially with Shattenkirk feeding him the puck (5) like you noted, a mentor for Buch…….(6) adds a new leadership voice to the room.

  • Two good points, one about players getting comfy after signing a long term contract. One better why in the world would the GM give AV a long extension last Jan.
    The other point is not hiring a permanent head coach until the end of the season. However you must get rid of AV and SA now. Ruff can be interim head. It cant hurt and nothing is going to get better doing the same old thing.

    • The extension to AV is irrelevant because it does not influence the cap. MSG doesn’t care about a few million for a fired coach with money due.

      I would rather they wait until after the season to fire AV. New coach and new team.

  • words can’t describe what happened last night there was no compete level players were invisible and hank again was yanked if you are not making the playoffs don’t burn him out

    • “if you are not making the playoffs don’t burn him out”

      Great point, we should be in the Pittsburgh Pens mode, complete dive to get the best pick possible!!!!!!! Hey it worked for them twice didn’t it???

          • Naw, I just meant that they missed out on McDavid despite having the percentages in their favor. And I’d disagree that they’re going to be good soon, the franchise’s default mode is chaos.

            And actually Robin Lehner is a pretty good goalie. That team will crush anyone’s spirit.

  • Is there any talk of the Garden offering free beer, refills, something to make me even want to see any remaining games at all?

    Maybe the org should just fire the coaching staff and place a token behind the bench so we all know the rest of the season is for fun?

    or rotate some celebrity coaches behind the bench.

  • Hey look on the bright side. We may end up with the 7th pick in the draft without trading for it this year.

  • It ain’t Smith, D’Angelo, Staal, Miller Kreider and name any other Ranger you wish. It’s FIRE AV system ….it’s unwatchable…..

    Pionk and Graves….why are they not playing in a lost season? They better be up after the sell and gain experience.

    I am willing to see D’Angelo in another system before calling him a bust

    Speed doesn’t win you a Cup, defense and experience does and always will.

    Defense should be 6 guys not the number 1 through 6 so what I am saying is have players who compliment one another….that also helps manage the cap. You don’t need a clear number 1 D……trick is having 3 2Ds, 1 O minded and 1 D minded

    Never again after Leaky leaves should we have 9 mil tied up in a goalie …ever again

    The goal should always be to have 2 stud centers

    Now on to AVs system….we never really have a man in front of the net on D or O….we have pass first mentality….physicality, whats that? Faceoffs? who needs to win stinking faceoffs….

    So my rant is a combination of players and the coach. McD slipped once he became the Captain. He is not C material. AV enough said

    The Rangers need a massive shake up….players to coaches to system to showing emotion. Lias Andersson is the kind of attitude I want…..throw that silver into the crowd kiddo….show me hunger over political correctness….don’t change

  • Nobody had a good night defensively last night. The forwards are supposed to be defensively responsible if you want your defense men to have a chance. They weren’t and instead were giving the puck away regularly. Yeah Smith had a very bad night, making making DeAngelo’s night rougher than it should have been. McDonough got turned around on a couple of plays as did Holden. But the defenders were not helped out at all by the forwards, to say nothing of the goalies Altogether, the Bruins exposed the depleted Rangers squad as being hopelessly over matched.

    Gorton needs to get a few NHL ready, or almost ready, talented players and some decent picks. He has the assets to accomplish that in trades. The UFA’s at least should go at the deadline. McDonough too if they get a proper offer for him. That is not an easy decision because he is their workhorse D man. Other trades can be made in the off season or after the draft. But it is obvious that the time to do a major retool is now.

    • This team has too many loafers…..sight see’ers……telling ya….a lot has to do with the system

      Yandle was horrid with us….Eric Staal….that dude MSL…. Shatty…. McD….Kreider….it only can point to one place…the coach

  • Hockey is all about team chemistry. With so many injuries it’s no surprise the club looks disjointed out there. Combine that with a franchise that is not deep with talent and a run and gun coached system this spells disaster.

    The team still has a good core to build on. Inject some young talent and replace the coaching staff and the club can regroup. I am looking ahead to the draft, off season moves and next year’s season opener. Always darkest before dawn.

    • Well stated Bloomer.
      If by “the core” you mean the following, Kreids, Buch, Miller, Hayes, Fast, Vesey, Zib, Shatty and Skjei. I am with you 100%.
      Leave that group and build around them. Change the three stiffs behind the bench.

      After seeing Hank’s look and body language last night, does anyone honestly think he’ll be be supportive of and can survive a re-build?

  • Saw a different game than you did. On Monday, Hank played like Ken Dryden played in the 70s. Last night, he played like Dryden would now, in his 70s. It was pretty clear to me that when the score was 1-0, Hank was not the goalie he had been on Monday. The Rangers were clearly the better team when the game started but Gretzky, Messier, Orr, Lidstrom could not have overcome Hank’s play. On the fourth goal, he looked like a deer in the headlights.

    After the Rangers fell behind, they started to gamble and hung Pavelek out to dry a few times. Only then did they give up. Sure, a few guys struggled notably the Smith-DeAngelo pairing, but the skaters were not that bad.

    My advice: Give Lundqvist a vacation until the trading deadline. He does not know what he is trying to do – make the playoffs, be respectable, go through the motions – and the loss on Monday had to be devastating. He should win when you plays that well. After the trades, the picture will be clear and he can just go out and play hockey.

    • Right….because in his last game when he stood on his head, you might have said exactly the opposite. But why not make ridculous assumptions. It’s much better than dealing with reality.

      The only thing we can assume for sure is that Hank is probably frustrated. Comes from having to pretty much single handedly keeping the team afloat for large portions of this season, and even beyond that into previous seasons. The rest is just nonsense.

      • Eddie, I don’t think you understand Hank. It’s not about keeping the team afloat. Hank is good, but he isn’t perfect. Sometimes he wishes he would have played better, but he typically doesn’t fault his teammates for not being better than who they are.

        What bothers Hank is when his sense of reality falls apart. I can point to two specific instances, the first being the puck off Stepan and then his back against Ottawa and the second the Dallas game this week. Hank is a good goalie, but these two games were masterpieces even by his standards. I watched Monday and every aspect of his game seemed perfect. But he lost. And the fierce competitor Hank second guesses himself. If you think about the first goal, you or I might have stopped it by positioning ourselves incorrectly and having it hit us, but a good goalie on his game never prevents that goal. It was a lightning shot – no time for anyone to react – and it hits you or it doesn’t. And if it hits you, you were defending the post and you are in the wrong place.

        And so Hank goes home trying to figure how to prevent goals that a good goalie doesn’t prevent. He starts thinking he needs a shutout, instead of he needs to play well. My gut feeling is that, even with 40 shots, Dallas had to be lucky to score on Monday. Hank should have walked away proud and sad. Instead he was bewildered and looked like a guy last night who did not understand the game at all.

        I still insist that the Rangers lost to Ottawa because Hank did not play as well as Andersson – a vastly inferior goalie – because losing that one game destroyed his sense of what he needed to do.

    • Yep….he pretty much nailed it. I think it’s clear management really likes AV and would prefer not to make a move. But, I am sure firing him will be an internal discussion for sure. Whether it happens or not, we shall see.

    • Amen

      I have not been a core fire AV guy, but I think the time has come now. Many say AV has lost the room. I see no evidence that the players no longer believe in their coach. What I see is a team that does not believe in themselves and their teammates. And I don’t see that changing unless you shake things up.

      I have never played hockey and would likely be an awful coach. But I would be an upgrade on AV because at least the team would be united in their opposition to my ridiculous coaching methods. It would be a distraction from the bleeding.

      For the moment, the Rangers need a new coach, not necessarily a good coach. We can worry about the latter next year.

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