Irresponsible Rumormongering

Did the recent roster moves tip the Rangers hand as sellers?

The Rangers made a flurry of moves on Friday morning, which came in response to Kevin Shattenkirk’s injury and Michael Grabner’s illness. Tony DeAngelo was called up and will likely be in New York until –at the very least– Shattenkirk returns. Daniel Catenacci will likely only be with the club through the west coast road trip.

There was one other move that flew under the radar. It was the Rangers assigning Lias Andersson to Hartford, following his recovery from a shoulder injury suffered in the World Juniors. Andersson was sent back to Frolunda in Sweden after training camp, so the move, while not surprising at the time, wasn’t expected in October.

With Andersson and Filip Chytil in Hartford and DeAngelo on the main roster, the Rangers have their three key youngsters acquired over the summer in prime position to make a difference on the big club. The big question is when the other two will join DeAngelo in New York.

These moves, to me, signify a potential shift by the Rangers in future planning. Already down a top line winger, the Blueshirts lost their prized defenseman for an extended period of time. The team wasn’t exactly playing well before the injuries, and have looked even worse since.

It is possible –either that or I’m just trying to talk myself into believing this– that the front office recognizes that their hold on a playoff spot isn’t as firm as it once was. If the Blueshirts continue their slide and poor play, it might force them into selling mode. If that does happen, then they have some kids primed to take roster spots to finish out the season.

Again, this could just be me talking myself into the front office recognizing they should sell. I’m a forever optimist, which is pretty rough when you’re a Ranger (and Jet) fan. But hey, crazier things have happened. What we do know is the Blueshirts have some kids in Hartford who could take NHL spots if open after the deadline.

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  1. these were moves that had to be made but the roadtrip that they are on now is not starting out well with two loses it doesn’t get any easier

  2. I hope you’re not imagining it. When I saw the score of the Kings game I started imagining it too.

    Here’s the thing; Gorton came from Boston. He was not bred under Sather to the Sather way. So does he have autonomy? If so he’s a smart enough hockey man to know that even if the Rangers make the playoffs they are fatally flawed as any sort of cup contender.

    Sell list (moderate): Nash, Grabs, Holden.

    Sell list (extreme): add McDonaugh and maybe even Zucc.

    Out of these players the only one I don’t like very much is Holden. But if you’re gonna re-tool…

      1. Add JT Miller if AV is going to be here for another 2 or 3 years. It’s pointless to not play him on Hayes wing when fully healthy, those two lit up the league last year even as a PK threat.

  3. They are not winning any of these games. Gorton and AV need to do what is right for the franchise…and NOT what is right for AV’s job…..SELL. This is not like uncharted territory. No franchise has more passionate fans than Toronto. They tanked…sold…..reset and here we are. The Bruins dump Claude….sell off old horses like Lucic..accumulate lots of picks…..tank ( last year was miserable for them) and here we are. The Rangers cannot have a leg in the future and one in the past. Its time to sell….get as many picks as possible….do the homework and get youth in here who have speed and grit and who love the game. I would pay for that energy and mistakes at full speed vs the death grip of today.

  4. Do not get rid of these guys:

    and our King

    everyone else is on the Sell List

    1. Excellent list pas44….exactly like mine except I keep Miller and Sjkei…..
      I agree with Looking at McDonagh trade since his play is down and he has got a lot of miles on those tires…….
      Being an optimistic Fan we are not that far away with these 5 coming up to us within a year or so……Andersson, Chytil, Sean Day, Ronning and Igor!!!!!
      These 5 appear to be cant miss prospects!!! Added to our other young forwards [Andersson, Chytil, Ronning]…..kredier, buch, zib, vesey, fast , hayes,….and grabner …..we will be stacked at forward for the next 10 years!!!!
      All we need is a coach ….last nights loss was typical AV…..we get lead …the other team makes some adjustments ….and AV DOES NOTHING!!!!!
      He appears to have no clue on how or what to do as far as in game adjustments!!!!!!

      1. Did you even watch the game? The Rangers go up by 2 goals then surrender 3 PP goals. How on earth is that on Av ”not adjusting”? You’re literally making things up to fill your narrative.

        Adjustments – translation…. the other team won, I’m going to blame the coach. See, he didn’t “adjust”. That’s why they lost.

    2. is z-bad even on the team ? surely haven’t seen much out of him. i’m wondering if ottawa saw the same nothing.//// why isn’t grabner on the powerplay ? you’d think your top scorer would be on the pp scoring goals. buch needs the right linemates and with them i predict he’ll go nutsoid !!

      1. The Sens fans seem to be right about Zibs game. When that trade went down the blog site that I went to were going crazy not because they thought he could be a 1c but because he had potential to be a top line winger. I think they’re right because Zib can’t handle going against other 1c’s, I thought he got abused in the Sabres game with Eichel running around in all three zones against him. He doesn’t win his board battles in any of the zones and it looks like he needs to worry about covering less ice and just concentrate on having a center to bring the puck up while he sets up to score. All the fans exaggerated Zib’s center skills with Buch, they should have seen this coming with all the PP’s attempts failing game after game. The same fans who hyped his one timer on the PP to be like Stamkos and Ovi’s, haha yeah right.

        If Travares signed here then I would go with him centering Buch and Zib. Hayes centering JT and Kreider. Chytil centering Kovy who I think will sign here and Vesey. Andersson who will help free up Hayes responsibility would center Fast and hopefully a vet like Gordon from AZ which would the old 2014 type 4th line flow. If Vesey needed to be sacrificed to help the win now or future then you plug Lettieri in on Chytil line. Imo a roster that could look close to that means game over for the East. PS Zib can’t hang with Nash, board battles need to be won all over on 5 on 5 if you’re centering a guy like Nash. In the last few games he looks like he’s holding back Buch for sure, the dude can’t cycle much because it involves board play. I noticed him when he turns over the puck at each blueline.

  5. I think the moves were made out of desperation and need.

    EIther way, a poor trip, with no sign of Krieder or Shatty should make us sellers.

  6. I think you are right about sell mode. One implication of the Andersson move you may not have realized though. — The standard argument against selling is that NY fans won’t tolerate running up the white flag. However, if they really see a brighter future, fans will buy in — and what better way to advertise that future than let the fans watch Chityl and Andersson play.

    1. I think this misconception of “ny fans won’t tolerate the white flag” is a crock. What smart Hockey fans want is a PLAN….a FUTURE….and NY Rangers who play hard every night; never get bullied and who love the game. Give me that formula.

    2. Ray that standard augment is such BS because this franchise has won one CUP in the past 75 plus years. ONE,ONE in 75+. What exactly would one call that?

  7. We better be sellers! and we better be selling the coach!!!! As Joe C said we can’t be sellers and all in with this group.
    Starting at the top, cut ties with the whole staff. Hire Sheldon Keefe someone young and knows the game and has taught and won at every level.
    Need to unload the usual suspects, (Nash,Grabner sell high while you can,Holden, Staal, Deharnais stupid signing,)
    I would even look at for a haul Mcdonagh when his contract is up he’s going to look for big money.

    1. This is the second time I’ve heard Sheldon Keefe’s name mentioned.. I am not opposed to this idea in the least

      1. Steve,
        google him,, look at what he’s done… Fresh face, something this organization needs,, no retreads (Ruff,Sutter etc)

        1. I remember him in his playing days playing parts of 3 seasons in Tampa.. wasn’t aware of his coaching record. Damn, impessive stuff in Juniors and in the A.

      2. need to find a cassidy type coach, ours just doesn’t make good decisions. it’s good to have the ability to change players on lines but need to have some some consistancy. their passing doesn’t seem to click and i think that may be the reason.

  8. If the front office does not see they need to be sellers, then the selling needs to start in the front office. I realize we have injuries but our reinforcements who arguably the future aren’t getting it done. It’s time for change

  9. I was ‘sell’ before it was cool!

    McDonough is their workhorse on defense. You don’t trade a guy like him for a bag of pucks. But he is approaching UFA status and if they get offers of real value for him, then pulling that deal has got to be an option because you may grab some great picks and/or a talented youngster for him.

    I love Michael Grabner, but again testing the market for him makes loads of sense for possibly stocking up for the future.

    Nash might not bring a haul because of his contractual status, but a club looking to make a playoff run could not find a better rental.

    The Mighty Zuccarello is another guy who may bring talent or picks. You have to test the market for him.

    Holden may have more value than people think. Test the market.

    Guys like DeSharnais won’t bring much. Get what you can. I doubt that there is a market for Staal because of bus physical limitations and big contract.

    Unless someone knocks their socks off with offers, I would think most of the rest of the regulars are keepers for now (the recent call ups are purposely omitted.) But, no one is untouchable for the right price and as shown above they do have a lot to offer if they are the sellers that they should be..

  10. Rangers never hire new faces…only faces that have been around the league forever. Sell Nash, Grabner, Holden, David Dewaste, Carey, Kampfer, Pavelic, Get legit prospects, not prospects that have talent but haven’t put it together…we have tried that time and time again and it never works…i.e Zhredev, Lisin,

    Get some nasty blood in our system…lets draft some Western Canadian boys.

    Fire AV…he only cares about his win/lose record.

    Why can’t we find a Steve Yzerman or a Bowman…we have to get dinosaurs.

    1. Zherdev would’ve lasted had anybody but Tortorella been hired as the new coach that season.

      1. Zherdev was a drunken bum who the Rangers were well rid of. Not a Torts fan at all, but boy did he have Zherdev pegged.

    2. I do not want to trade Pavelek. First, he will not net much in return. The Rangers do not have another capable backup (a key reason Hartford is so bad). You need to give the #2 tender some playing time and, while winning may not be important, morale is. I would presume nothing saps morale more than a goalie who is constantly punishing your mistakes by allowing goals.

    3. Fire AV…he only cares about his win/lose record.

      Yeah, who wants a coach who cares about winning?

  11. We should be sellers. We have a good nucleus here. (Zabinijad,Kreider,Buch,Vesey,Miller,Hayes,Zucc,Skjei,Shatty,Smith,)
    If we trade the usual suspects and get back Picks, and young players , we restock the farm system, lower our payroll hopefully.
    In a drastic move, I would listen to trades for McDonaugh.
    1 yr remaining at $4.7 he definitely would want a big raise after next year and he’ll be 30..
    He has a lot of milage on him now, it’s always better to trade 1 year too early than 1 year too late. (See Girardi)
    If we can get a top center for him great! If not if our payroll went significantly went down and the cap goes up.. maybe just maybe we can lure Tavaras here.
    TOP 4 Centers of Tavaras, Zabin,Hayes,(Chytl,Anderson) or move Hayes for another piece.

  12. Team direction alert: McD aggressively being shopped and there are many, many potential buyers.

    If this is true, then the Rangers are proclaiming themselves “sellers.” Now, it could be that they’re just gauging what they could get for McD, but I’m hearing that other teams are making some serious (I do not know what they are) for McD.

    Nylander and a 1st for McD. Make it so. Leafs could definitely use an accomplished D man like McD.

    I, for one, am happy to hear this because then there appears to be a sincere effort to change the dynamics of the team.

    1. Interesting. I can see Toronto being interested in McDonagh. I would love to get someone like Nylander on this team.

      1. Nylander and a first? Or Marner and a first?

        Ranger scouts at every Leafs’ game the last couple of weeks. Take that for what it’s worth.

  13. I look at the pic above and I can’t help but think of what my initial face to face with AV would be like.

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself…

  14. I for one am holding out for a John Taveras trade! However unlikely, who would have ever thought of hags ending up on the pens? A player raised through our system and ends up pushing them over the hump to another Stanley Cup.

    Positive thoughts fellas! Gorton’s comments about how they haven’t had a Crosby Malkin Toews type player and have still competed with a list of middle players and pickups after the draft gives me hope.

    There is no contract negotiating as of yet with him. And Islanders need defense. JT is no dummy he can see he will never win a cup with that franchise. He is only 27 he has about 7 years left of being elite. I can see it. Everything I read out there says he hates the commute to Barclays, wants to be out on the island and the deal that was announced didn’t seem to pressing. Like a stadium won’t be built for a few more years. He likes that they just made a brand new practice facility. But he want the ammenities that the Rangers could offer him. They probably would fly a chopper out to his house on the island and back just to practice. There is no questionable funds when it comes to the Rangers. He could and would get every back door bonus the league allows.

    Whether any of you believe it or not…we need a center. Sometimes deals get talked about and they just don’t work out. I believe truly there was a deal in place after the Step trade and it just fell through. Anyone stupid enough to say it was a cap space trade is not clicking on all cylinders. You don’t make that trade without something beside a D prospect and 1st round pick. You make the trade with either plans for a future trade/pickup or a trade at the moment you had. Now you have to be a seller if nothing is in the works with JT.

    I find it weird that there truly has been no talks with Taveras camp. There is no rumors out there about it. It is complete silence on his part. If I am snow I would be in complete panic mode right now. If he walks at the end of the season and you just simply lose him…how horrible would that be? It would decimate all the plans the franchise has made. How could you run that risk?

    As it stands at the moment they are out of the playoffs. The team has given up the most goals against. Not just in the division,conference, but the entire league. The only reason they are competitive is cause they also have scored the most. It is tough situation, for him, the franchise, and the islander fans. But if you are Snow you can’t run the risk of him walking at the end of this season. You can’t put all your faith in he is a good guy and will do the right thing. He is not Stamkos, he didn’t have a horrilbe injury that almost cost him his life. The franchise hasn’t helped him through anything. If anything he has helped them.

    It the Rangers do sell then we need centers. And ones that can play now. Not a few years down the line. If there are quality prospects out there then grab them. Trade whoever can get your wished return.

    1. There is absolutely no way, no how, no possibility of the Fishsticks trading Taveras to the Rangers. Doing so would destroy any remaining NHL credibility that franchise has. Their 1500-2000 fans would riot.

      The last deal between the teams was in 1972. That should give you an idea of the realistic possibility of Taveras being traded to the Rangers.

      1. I have read that Tampa is the leading contender in signing him as a free agent. Or Toronto. Rangers definitely are not in any rumors. Hey look strangers things can happen. I never ever would have seen Hagelin on the Penguins but it happened indirectly. Here is too anything is possible!

        I don’t honestly see him getting traded at the deadline no matter what, to any team. But it is not completely absurd for him to sign here as a free agent.

        1. The man is going to pull an enormous sum of money. The Rangers are better off going for youngsters in the long run. They need another huge cap hit like they need Pierre Larouche!

          1. I disagree only based on the argument of look who has won the last nine cups since the lockout. Crosby, Toews, Kopitar/Richards. Most likely this list is going to add Stamkos to it this year.

    2. Imagining a Rangers/Islanders trade involving the Islanders’ best player is flat out funny.

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