I hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday. It’s been a rough go of it late for us Ranger fans, as we’ve been watching the Blueshirts get shelled every night. We are at a point where Henrik Lundqvist might just go back to Sweden and say, “screw it.”

We all have our wish lists for this team. I figure I would go through mine, even if it is a little late. I hear Santa likes to deliver some tardy Christmas gifts if you ask nicely.

1. A second line center. Please, for the love of all that is holy, please give us another center. This team cannot survive with David Desharnais playing a top-six role. He’s been a feel-good story, but they need someone who is better and more consistent. I’m still holding out hope that the Canadiens do something stupid and trade Alex Galchenyuk.

2. A different defensive zone system. This team will continue to live and die by Henrik Lundqvist’s ability to stand on his head and the offense’s ability to put pucks in the net. That will lead to some very fun –or terrible– streaks for the Blueshirts. At some point, less is more.

3. More KZB. I don’t really think this needs an explanation.

4. Filip Chytil to dominate the World Juniors this week. Lias Andersson too. But Chytil more, because Chytiljuice needs to be on Broadway with a legitimate shot at holding a roster spot.

5. Someone to revoke Hank’s Swedish passport. I’m serious about the whole returning to Sweden thing. He might do it.

6. A clone of Benoit Allaire to work on the goalies in the system. One goalie coach in the entire organization is really hurting goalie development in the system.

7. Cheaper tickets. I cannot stress this enough.

8. Also – cheaper concessions. But I’ll settle for cheaper tickets.

9. A giant slingshot, if just to scare AV.

Is there anything you really wanted for the holidays but didn’t get?

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