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Pavelec steals a point as Rangers no-show against Dallas

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The Rangers came into last night’s game after taking four of six points from tough divisional opponents. They were emotionally ready for those opponents, and had a seemingly easier opponent with Dallas coming to town. But therein lies the trap in the trap game. The Rangers were not emotionally ready for this game. The Stars thoroughly dominated the Rangers, and if not for Ondrej Pavelec, this game could have been ugly.

The Blueshirts were asleep for most of this game. They were outshot 16-5 (34-12 attempts) in the first and 17-5 (30-11 attempts) in the second. Pavelec made a ton of great saves to keep his team in it, but the rest of the guys just weren’t involved at all. Such a shame too, because this was a winnable game and a stellar effort from their netminder. They were lucky to get the point, but it’s not something they should be proud of.

On to the goals:

Stars 1, Rangers 0

Every single Ranger was along the boards and low, which left both Dallas defensemen open. Once Nick Holden turned the puck over, it was easy for the Stars to get the puck to Julius Honka with a ton of room. He just blew it by Pavelec.

Rangers 1, Stars 1

Brady Skjei’s innocuous shot from the point hit a streaking Rick Nash through the crease, which deflected by Kari Lehtonen for the tying goal.

Score Adjusted Corsi

Looks like the Rangers unplugged their own controller before the game even started.

Scoring Chances (not score adjusted)

Actually, it makes you wonder if the Rangers remembered to buy the controller with the console.

Every team has a handful of clunkers throughout the season, and last night was certainly one of those for the Blueshirts. They were lucky to get a point, and I guess that’s the positive here. Let’s stick with that.

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  • I was at the game and here is my reaction:


    Pav should sue the Rangers for abandonment. He played great and he was the only one to show up.

    The Rangers got a point but deserved nothing, other than Pav earning that well deserved point for himself.

    What a disgrace. Lack of effort, disinterested, whatever else you want to say.

    The charts say it all.

    Next game…

  • The funniest thing is that Nash gets credit for that goal. All of you Nash apologists should remember this one in the spring when he disappears in the playoffs. Again. $8.5 a year. Keep up the good work, Rick.

    Enjoy the snowstorm, everyone. Regards- orange

    • It’s $7.8M but why quibble? $8.5M is the other contract some fans complain about.

      Yeah, Rick has underachieved in the playoffs, no question, but would the Rangers even make the playoffs without him? He’s played well and deserved the goal based on his bad luck lately.

      The Rangers just didn’t deserve the point.

      • Nash has been a terrific all around player for us, just not the sniper we thought we were trading for……..
        But , to answer your question would we even make the playoffs without him? My answer is yes, since we would still have Dubinsky and Anisimov……..
        In fact, looking back at nash’s no show in the finals against the kings……we would have had a much better chance against them had that trade never happened! We were weak down the middle and small which dubi and anisimov would have helped with!!!!!

        • Hayes would have been better fitted for the 2014 team. MSL and him had some good chemistry going and could have helped on the pk.

        • As much as I love Dubi and Ani, they are no where near the level of Nash, not even close.

          Nash is a big time player that has under achieve in the playoffs but has been a consistent 30+ goal scorer for the Rangers during his regular seasons here. Not to mention his 2 way play, PP work, and PK work.

    • He was also one of the very few Rangers to actually make an effort last night. His goal production may not match his contract but he contributes a lot at both ends of the ice and has been one of their best forwards. He would be missed, playoff drought or not.

      But keep up your Johnny-One-Note act. I’m sure that, on some extremely rare occasions there’s some random person out there that might have a nano-second of interest in it.

      • Oh, the old Nash doesnt score in the playoffs? In his last 36 playoff games, he has 10 goals and 13 assists. Without going too deep, Im going to go out on a limb here and say that leads the team.

        Contrast that with JT and Hayes, who combined have 3 playoff goals in 74 playoff games.

        Btw, Dave how do you quantify emotionally ready teams?

  • Lots of no shows last night. Where was our first line? For a team that has a defense that can score, they barely did anything in the O zone.

  • I was at the game last night. During the in-game time-outs, the ice shovelers were a more cohesive, better skating unit than the Rangers!!

  • Pav did play well but what was the excuse of others yes Zucc scored in the shootout but what is the story of using Deharneis and Shattenkirk in the shootout now they go to Ottawa where they will face Erik Carlsson and Brass hopefully they can take advantage of team coming back from a long roadtrip

    • Of course it makes absolutely no sense to use your hottest goal score lately, Fast, or your leading goal scorer, Grabner, in the shootout. ???

      • Uh Oh ……you are criticizing the greatest HOF worthy coach to ever coach……..just because he applies no strategy or logic to any of his bizarre decisions, loses players on the bench and doesnt make any in game or between period adjustments …….or hasnt won any cups despite his teams being favored several times…….
        Shucks, He is still the greatest coach in the whole wide world!!!!!

      • Let’s go with Grabner on the shootout because he’s the same guy that people always complain that he can’t finish on breakaways. We lost a game so the right thing to do is blame the coach and cry about it. And I can’t believe he didn’t go with Jesper ( the great one) fast either. Let’s all join together and rip AV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        The last part was a tribute to the biggest baby of them all on this site
        # I know everything

    • Yes, the choice of Desharnais was really puzzling. Grabner needs to be in the first three. Shattenkirk scored in the last shootout IIRC so that choice is defensible but not at the expense of Grabner.

      Who knows? Maybe DD looked great in the SO in practice. I’d sure like to hear AV’s explanation.

  • With the Metro division so tight, everyone is going to be a buyer come trading deadline. We, once again, will fool ourselves thinking if we just added that one piece, we can be a powerhouse.

    We need to be realistic. If we are not 4 points from the top spot, we should revamp and get ready for next year.

  • I might be crazy (and that is within the realm of possibity) but I thought that the Stars just flat out played a great defensive game last night. Their forwards were tenacious on the forecheck and back check and the goalie was very good too. They played a very good road game and I am not so sure that the Rangers weren’t giving effort.

    On the shootout, I did think that maybe Hayes, Miller, Buchnevich or Nash could have been used instead of DeSharnais and Shatty. I am not sure how the coach decided upon them.

    • If you want to know what a perfect road game looks like, you saw it last night.

      DD on the shootout? Laughable.

  • I was in one of the 300 level boxes (so good view over top the bench) and I swear I saw Nash, Miller and Shatt doing rock paper scissors before the 3rd shootout.

  • Yeah, the choice of DD was a curious one for sure. But a few things on that. First of all, his career numbers in SOs were surprisingly good. Second, I thought he made a heck of a move that required a great save by Lehtonen. Third and most important, some of you (as usual) are totally overreacting to the choices. Watch most shootouts and you won’t always see the the guys who are the best goals scorers out there. Coaches are looking for players who are good at that PARTICULAR skill—and with Mika out, the Rangers have limited options. As an example, you can look at Zuc, who is hardly a great goal scorer 5 on 5, but has a particular knack for getting it done in SOs for some reason.

    But of course, Captain Hyperbole and I’m sure some others will blow the whole thing out of proportion.

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