How the salary cap news can impact the Rangers

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Over the weekend, news broke that the salary cap for next season might hit as high as $82 million, with a low of $78 million. This is mostly due to the success in Vegas, which no one is sure is sustainable, but for now impacts the salary cap in a positive manner.

For the Rangers, their offseason look is interesting. They have a bunch of key RFAs they will need to re-sign (Miller, Hayes, Vesey, Nieves, Skjei). Vesey and Nieves likely won’t command more than $3 million combined, but the trio of Miller, Hayes, and Skjei could get pricey fast.

What makes things interesting isn’t so much the need to re-sign the RFAs, but the potential need to re-sign Rick Nash and Michael Grabner. Nash won’t command his $7.8 million salary, but should likely get $4 million. He’s well worth that price. As for Grabner, his next contract is very tough to predict.

The Blueshirts will get some relief with Nash’s deal, with the full value or close to $4 million. They also get some breathing room with David Desharnais’ and Nick Holden’s deals coming off the books. In total, that’s anywhere from $6.5 to $10.5 million (roughly) coming off the books.

Regardless of how the Rangers move forward with Nash and Grabner, they will likely need that entire $10.5 million, probably a little more, to re-sign the RFA quintet. Then you add in the need to either re-sign or replace Grabner and Nash, and the Rangers need every penny they can get.

Assuming the actual cap number is at the lower end of the estimate, the extra $3 million goes a long way to keeping the core of the team intact while surrounding them with solid offensive pieces. The interesting thing here is that the $3 million certainly helps, but is not necessarily a “much needed” $3 million, like prior seasons. The Blueshirts are actually in a good spot regarding the cap at the moment.

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  • Why exactly is Nash worth another contract at $4 million? His numbers have steadily declined the last 2+ seasons, he’s 33 years old, and might not even be a 40 point player this year. He’s obviously never been worth his exorbitant salary as a Ranger (except maybe in his 42-goal season) and simply cannot produce points consistently in the playoffs. I think resigning him will be a typical Ranger front-office mistake, particularly if he is signed for more than two years.

    • To answer your question, people are ready to spend someone else’s money, even if the players involved aren’t worth the money spent. How many times have you read that he is an X scorer, and the market pays that much? If other teams are stupid enough to cough up big bucks for a player, that doesn’t mean we should. Bottom line, I can be cavalier with your money, rather than my money!!!

    • Nash is a good player, but we should decide if it is better to have a young winger have that spot. The kids need a shot too.

      • Before we dump Nash, let’s get some of his blood so that the ‘young studs’ can get a transfusion. Maybe then they would realize that you have to play each time you don the uniform and not just go through the motions. Nash has been one of the best players the Rangers have put on the ice this season. And yes, he is not an elite scorer.

        • THAT’S THE PROBLEM WE ARE PAYING TO BE AN ELITE SCORER! we can’t dump that contract fast enough its been nothing but a headache does he ever score on the pp has he scored in the playoffs enough is enough, want to spend that money on someone that looks like hes worth it how about Evander Kane

  • The one thing this team does which I like is bridge deals. I don’t think many players should get a huge deal right after and entry level contract. With a cap system the owners need to some how control payroll. If they’re smart they should trade Nash, Grabner, and Holden. (pray for Staal ) There has never been a time where this team can get so many picks and prospects then this year. They MUST restock the farm system and this is the most assets we’ve ever had to do it.

    • Trade Nash, Grabner and Holden? For what exactly?

      And you would need players back and I would venture to guess that the replacements for Nash, Grabner and Holden would have a cap hit higher than Nash, Grabner and Holden. Plus, NYR are in a playoff fight right now, and could go a couple of rounds deep.

      Restock the farm? Why? NYR have 2 strong centers in the pipeline as well as a goalie and several defensemen.

      • No offence my friend but you need to look into the Rangers minors. They are the worst team in the league as far as prospects go. Those free agent signings only work out about 10% of the time. So my question to you is who are the future wingers and defenseman? Just because we had 2 1st round picks this year doesn’t mean we are good for years.

        I don’t know about you but going a couple of rounds in the playoffs means squat! This team is not a cup contender. I want a cup and we need to build for the future. Don’t take my word go look at previous years at the trade deadline and see what you can get for these players. The only high pick D-man is D’Angelo and the verdict on him is still pending.

        • John

          Well said! Look at the Yankees the last few years, they finally got rid of A-Rod, traded for kids, and will be a front runner for years to come.

          Tampa, Hawks, Pens, Boston, Bluejackets, all built their teams thru the draft, and are serious contenders, while we are pretenders. Yes we may get in the PO’s, but get dumped in the first round, big woop, I want a cup, now, and for years to come…..

          • The Yankees? Are you high? They are doing the same thing they have always done.

            The Bruins? What?

            Chicago is heading right now for a crater.

            And Torts is healthy scatching star talent. He hasnt learned.

          • You missed the point. The Hawks won how many cups by building their team thru the draft. The only reason they are slipping now is their huge contracts with Towes, Kane, the defense twins, etc.

            The Bruins will be tough, young and coming, and Columbus is strong. Let’s see at the end of the season where we stand, relative to these teams.

            FYI, I’m sober!

          • we can thank sather for that he gave away 1st rd picks like they were water and didin’t get much out of it

  • I really think we are going to take a run at Kovalchuk in the off season. I suspect they really wanted him this year, but the Devils would have none of it. He’s a UFA so he can play where he wants in 2018-19 season. I sort of think he takes Nash’s spot in the top 6. So maybe kick the tires and see what Nash’s interest is for a new contract. I have a hard time seeing them commit to him beyond this season before they get the RFA’s signed.
    On Grabner I would certainly look to resign him depending on the dollars. He’s having another solid season and seems to thrive in the Rangers system. As much as I am not a fan of how AV deploys players in general, he actually deploys Grabner properly. I could see Grabner getting over paid in the off season.

    • Kovalchuk played in a different NHL. Age curve. Take a look at how many shots he took for Devils. And his ice time. Worthless in todays game.

  • We may not sign all of the quintet, as I suspect one might be part of a deal.

    As for Nash, I think that ship has sailed. $3M for one year or bubye.
    As for Grabner, I think we need his style in our game and would attempt a 2 year, $5M deal.

    Still need a sniper and still need more depth down the middle.

  • Great post Dave. No easy answers here. I suspect whether the Rangers are sellers or buyers at the deadline will depend obviously on where they are at in the standings and what the health status of the teams in front of them are, and what moves they might make.

    Also, I would point out, we still have not seen this team fully clicking on all cylinders and fully healthy. McDonagh was playing hurt and was then out. Mika is out. McDonagh is rounding into form. Mika will hopefully be back soon. And, what trades are out there to make this team better? Will some of the young players down in the farm like Chytil, Lettieri and/or DeAngelo be legit NHL options in a month or two? Maybe.

    Let’s see what this team is at its best. Then we will have a better idea of the way things will go prior to the deadline.

    As to next summer? Tough one. Grabner and/or Nash could be cap casualties for sure. I love both players but to commit big dollars and term to either feels very risky to me. I can’t wrap my head around next summer yet. Let’s see how the next two months play out.

    • McD is still playing hurt, you can see it in his play. Out of all the RFA’s, the one player who most likely would be a major deal would be JT Miller who teams have and are asking Sather and Gorton in any deal. Example, Miller almost certainly go in a package deal to the Jets for Trouba who the big Cigar and Gorton have their eye on.

  • Imagine if Rangers were saddled with Stepan’s contract now? Anyone complaining about what we got back after seeing the cap situation?

  • Nash is not worth 4m per
    also only a yr at a time per for him
    2.25 or bust

    Grabner I go 3.75 per
    I risk 2 yr deal if reduced to 6.5/3.25 per

    it’s all about the cap baby


  • It’s a wonderful thing to say the Rangers need to re-build using the draft. Citing teams like the Pens and Blackhawks as doing just that neglects to mention that those teams were league doormats for a number of seasons to gain the top picks. I don’t see where the Rangers and their fan base is willing to accept a re-build and a few losing seasons.

  • Trade Nash get some kids and draft picks for him and let him come back after the Summer for a lower contract

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