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Thanksgiving Day open thread

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We here at BSB are very thankful for all of you. Without you, we wouldn’t be going on 9 years of blogging about the Rangers. Enjoy the day.

Use this as your open thread today. Keep the commenting guidelines in mind.

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  • Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow ? turkeys. I am thankful for having a bunch of knowledgeable and clever folks to converse with about the Great game.

  • Man Dallas stinks, lol.

    Thank you to Dave and all the writers that work so hard for us, so we can make fools of ourselves. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

      • I’m a Giants fan, enough said. 🙂

        Let’s just say that Dallas ruined my Thanksgiving bankroll lol.

        • Anytime Dallas or Philly loses, I am a happy person. That’s all I have left to root for in football. All in now for my adopted local team the Vikings (Fran Tarkenton and Bob Tucker played for both, and on my old black and white TV the Vikings uniforms looked like the Giants back in the day, so that worked for me)!

          • Normally I would agree on Dallas but I thought getting 6 and 10 extra pts would do the trick. Ruined both my plays yesterday.

            The disallowed TD and the pick 6 killed me.

  • I’m thankful that E3 will drop 5000 words, beating dead horses and bringing up false narratives all to just parrot the party line.

    And on the 7th day, McD rose from the training table and saved us from Vancouver.

    • Let’s see if Lundqvist makes it ten straight starts now after your ace diagnosis of “an MCL sprain”.

      • And if you weren’t so munted, you’d have read that I thought he would be back when he did.

        • Can you work your made-up weight formula into this “injury” debate as well? I need more pseudoscience with my black friday today…..

          • MCL sprains usually lead to goalies not missing games, right? Playing ten straight, knocking ten points off their SV%, right? Just like Buchnevich was too skinny to prosper, etc etc. It’s so entertaining reading your stuff, reality is clearly not interesting enough for you, so you add things to the narrative. Very creative fandom.

      • McD has been taking “maintenance days” for at least a month, now he’s shut down for a week. Mild strain? Fat chance.

        • At the end of the day, you could be right. But has it occurred to you that perhaps, if it’s not a mild strain but something more serious, maybe they want a second opinion before going the surgery route which might well end his season?

          My objection is not in your speculation. It’s in how you chacterize the motivations here. Why should AV be slammed IF they are choosing to delay the decision? Do you honestly believe the coach of the team is going to get involved in a medical decision like that? Again, giving you the benefit of the doubt here, lets assume that it is NOT what they are claiming it is…that they are simply delaying the inevitable. Wouldn’t this be a decision the player, the medical staff, and Rangers upper management would make? Seems to me the coach would have the least amount of say here. And how would it benefit AV, or make him a “schmuck” if the decision on McDonagh happens a week later? This stuff happens ALL the time with injuries in all sports.

          I actually have a lot of respect for you Reena on much of your expertise. Your knowledge of young players is impressive, and I learn a lot when I read your posts. But you have a tendency to go WAY off the rails on some subjects. Your abject hatred of the coach leads you to the most absurd and extreme conclusions possible. There may be plenty to criticize the coach about. But misuse of players based on their medical fitness is a pretty serious charge. It has never been reported. Never been speculated. So if you believe this is true, do you have any actual evidence?

          I’m asking seriously here. I’m a journalist by background. I’ve won Emmys for investigative reports over the years, but I’ve never won one involving a sports scandal. If you have REAL evidence here, please share it. I guarantee you I will investigate it and blow the lid off of this story of an “evil coach” and a complicit front office that literally abuses and ruins players’ careers, and then covers it up.

          Put up or shut up time.

      • Why so you can cry at the end of the season he played to many games and he’s tired and blah blah blah ?

        • Can I ask a simple question? What’s the hatred stem from?

          Are you going to sit there and say that not having a Cup is all his fault, basically saying that the Rangers have had a Cup worthy team and Lundqvist prevented them from winning it?

          Is this the thought process?

          • You took the words right out of my mouth. Sieve’s whole MO is to wait for ANY bad goal, and then pounce. Which is why I think he is actually a Devils fan in disguise. We all know that Marty, great as he was, gave up many, many bad goals at crucial moments—and for my money Brodeur may well be the greatest goaltender of all time.

            Sieve’s argument seems to be—Hank is making too much money. He must be PERFECT to earn it—even in his age 35 season where perfection is not going to happen and he is most certainly going to have those moments—just like any 35yo future HOF goaltender.

            I have no doubt that the Rangers thinking when they signed Hank was pretty clear—we pay Hank now to carry the team. Down the road, on the back end of the deal, we hopefully build a team that is good enough to carry him more so than in the past. That’s the case with any star that gets a long term deal. That’s the circle of life in sports. It’s reality. Why it should make him the object of derision, I have no idea. Some people just are deeply jealous and like to hate even the most succesful of people.

          • The fact of the matter is that the King has earned every penny as the franchise would be no where without him, whether the haters admit it or not.

            Hank should be a first ballot HOFamer as the best goalie of his era. And it’s not close.

          • And you guys seem to think the other team isn’t supposed to get a shot at our net … Lmao

    • E3 should be very happy. Being mentioned by other posters means that you have arrived in blogging infamy, lol.

    • Reenavipul, you are obviously a very knowledgeable hockey fan and I usually read your posts with interest. But taking the time to attack another on this thread really is a waste of space and a needless activity. I’d recommend that you post about the Rangers and hockey, disagree or agree with others’ opinions as we all do, and keep it on a cordial level. Debate is fun, cutting remarks are bush league.

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