Let’s Chat Prospects – Gettinger and Chytil producing nicely

tim gettinger
Gettinger (Photo: Adam Bell, OHL)

I feel that last week’s prospect chat was received well among the comments section. Today will have a little less to talk about but perhaps the quality of prospects can be more useful this week given the state of the Rangers. I mentioned that if people want a certain prospect talked about to just send me a message on twitter or in the comments section so I will try to work with those names.

Let’s get excited:

Tim Gettinger – It is actually pretty funny that the Rangers drafted Tim Gettinger and Ty Ronning essentially back to back in 2016. They not only play a bit differently but I am pretty sure they’re a foot apart size wise. With all that said both have proven to be good late round draft picks. Gettinger has attracted a lot of fans due to his massive size and trend upwards as a prospect. It is actually quite interesting, normally people of his size that can’t skate get drafted in the 2nd round but when a prospect like Gettinger who has size but can also move fairly well somehow falls to the later portion of the draft.

In any case Gettinger has proven to be a do it all player, with him serving as the Captain for the Soo Greyhounds this year. His point totals are trending up over the last 3 years and is currently over a point per game with 17 in 15 games. While his point totals over his career aren’t earth shattering, I think it is important to break it down a little more.

Gettinger was scoring at first line rates at even strength last year, and was among the top of the league in G/60 at 5v5. While the average shot per game in the OHL among forwards was 1.6, Gettinger was consistently above the 2.6 mark over the course of the season. Being able to generate shots at such a high clip is usually a sign of future success as a prospect. He ranked 33rd last year in shots/gm but this year he is up to 14 averaging 4.13 shots per game. To go along with his shot generation he is also providing the Greyhounds with special teams help. Gettinger is showing the Rangers that he wants to and is likely able to make the jump to pro hockey next year, and can be a candidate for the USA world juniors squad thanks to his versatility.

Filip Chytil – The golden god. Chytil has shown his skill and his statement has been resounding. At only 18 years old, Chytil has nine points in eight AHL games, eight of which are primary points. Among forwards under 22, he ranks 12th in the AHL in shots per game. The only one who is still under 20 that is ahead of him is Jesse Puljujarvi (4th overall, 2016). He is 1st in primary points per game in this group as well. The barely 18 year old prospect is doing this well in comparison to some of the other top prospects in the league who likely get a mid season call up. The dynamic young forward has added excitement to not only the Hartford Wolfpack but also us potentially having a gem of a forward to build the next New York Rangers core.

Morgan Barron – Big congrats to Morgan for his first goal and assist in his NCAA career. He has a point in every game thus far this season, but unfortunately I can’t speak about his play since I have no way of watching Cornell hockey. I have been told that the big center has been involved on both ends of the ice. The Rangers definitely reached for him, as he is from a lesser known league, but they’ve had success with Canadian high schoolers going to the NCAA in the past (Tyler Wall). It looks like Barron is following suit.

Ty Ronning – To build up from the last editions comments I just want to mention that Ronning is once again putting the Vancouver Giants on his back and now has 24 points in 17 games.

Looking to Improve

Gabriel Fontaine – After a truly impressive pre-season, the defensive minded pivot has been having trouble producing in the AHL with 0 points in 10 games. When he does play it is usually on the 4th line and the Pack has had difficulty getting production outside it’s top-six, which is both a team and a personnel problem. Defensively, while still experiencing some growing pains expected for a rookie, he has shown his intelligence like in pre-season. Hopefully offense can come soon.

Ryan Gropp –  One of my biggest concerns with Gropp while watching him in the WHL is that it felt like he was a passenger. He needed a playmaker and it’s what engraved the idea of him looking like Michael Ryder to me. He currently only has 1 goal in 10 games in the AHL, but what really is concerning to me is his shot amount. With 12 shots in 10 games, Gropp –a player who is known to be more of a sniper– is ahead of only Adam Cracknell (11) and Gabe Fontaine (10) in shots by a forward this season. Cracknell has played in only 6 games.

I’ve had my issues with the Gropp pick for a while, but for a 2nd round pick he should really be able to generate shots at a better clip than this. Perhaps, just like Fontaine, it is growing pains and he can start it up soon. But even in the WHL it was pretty evident that he needed to be with a talented center. Maybe if the club sends Paul Carey down he can help out, as Carey is one of the better producing AHLers.

Ryan Graves – Snakebitten to say the least. One of the Rangers more promising prospects has gotten off to a pretty slow start thus far in the AHL. After being one of the few if not only bright spots last year, Graves has just four assists on the season. I think he can be a big part of a Hartford Wolf Pack resurgence, as a team that already has a top powerplay without a goal from Graves’ 100+ MPH shot almost seems like they aren’t even at full potential yet. I like Graves a lot and will continue to keep an eye on him as he seemed very close to at least get a cup of coffee soon.

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  • As David Desharnais continues to struggle with and without the puck and in all three zones, I really hope we gat a chance to see Chytil get a “REAL” shot again soon. NOt only is he putting up points, but many are also saying that he is playing tough, winning puck battles, and playing with energy.

    He looked a bit scared when with the Rangers before….Maybe it was a couple of hits he took in open ice, maybe it was being benched for making a bad pass or two. Either way, if he is playing with confidence now he has Six more games in the NHL to showcase his talents without burning a year of ELC.

    We should take advantage of this, bring him up and see what he can do without the AV “Learning the Process” Scoldings he like to treat rookies to. Let the kid play, let him make a mistake or two and learn from them. Let’s see if he can make an impact and fill a big need for us the way other teams allow their teenagers a chance to flourish.

    • I personally think they should keep him in the AHL for a bit until the last 6 games of the season for the reasons you mentioned above. If you are concerned about Desharnais struggling, personally, I don’t agree with that but I wouldn’t mind giving Tambellini or Lettieri a shot.

      • I agree with you Josh. I don’t think DD has been bad at all. He’s been ok. Chytil needs time to develop. A full AHL season would be ideal, but if he keep playing well down in the “A”, it may well be that he gets called up mid-season. We shall see.

  • Filip Chytil, and the Andersonn kids are the two that fascinate me the most. Filip is very young, and needs to bulk up a bit more, but the kid is gifted, and will be a star for us for years to come. If he pans out, as many seem to think he will, along with Andersonn, we will be super strong at the center position. Zib, Filip, Hayes, and Andersonn will make for an outstanding group, assuming we can keep all four.

    Tim Gettinger is a pleasant surprise, and if he works out, wow! Big kid, can skate, and with good hands, nice combination to work with. This kid is still developing, and could be a great find at the late round he was drafted in.

    The system is getting better, and now has a number of young prospects to work with. I believe that our defense in the future will be our strong suit, with Day, ADA, Pionk, Graves, in the wings, we can be sitting in the cat’s seat for years to come…………

    It is imperative that under no circumstances do we trade our #1 this year. The word is that it will be a very deep draft, so we could get another quality kid to work with!!!!!!!!

    • This is a very good draft for forwards. There is some high end defensemen early but If you want a superstar forward you have to pick in the top 5 for sure. After Svechnikov, I think Zadina looks really good. there are a few forwards that can be quality picks but the Rangers should be getting picks to go boom or bust this draft as opposed to last years which seemed like

      “ok the draft is bad, lets get guys closer to being NHL ready, they may not be stars but at least they can fill in soon”

      • Josh

        That’s ideal draft material coming up. Look with Nash getting somewhat older, along with Zucc, whom I love, we will need replacements for them both. Also with the depth at the defense position, and some very good prospects at the goal position, we need those forwards for the future!!!!!

        You didn’t mention the Dahlin kid, he should be NHL ready out of the gate……..Some way, or another, we need to get ourselves more #1’s for the upcoming draft!!!!

  • Nice update/write up Josh!!!!
    Chytil looked real good in preseason, but appears to be 20 pounds of muscle shy of being NHL ready…….No need to rush him, we are not 1 player away from winning the cup, lets face it………
    Best to develop these young guys slowly….
    I love Miller at center so I would bring up Letteri to play wing assuming Boo returns soon…..He looked NHL ready in preseason…..
    By next year Buch, Miller, and Vesey , I hope/think , will be putting up significant enough numbers to make us a legit contender….assuming our defense can improve……

  • Professor Khalfin:
    Can you frame the progression/readiness of blueliner Neal Pionk and backstopper Brandon Halverson?

    Glancing at RichS’s post, I also see a relatively solid of group of young forwards.

    Inasmuch, barring the arrival of our Russian phenom next season–name escapes me–we’re beginning to show vulnerability in goal.

    Perceived weakness to strength now thanks for your insights, the critical details you relate, Josh.

    Mucho gusto.

    • Halverson is years away at best and likely will not see his contract renewed, barring a sizable improvement. .890 goalies don’t really stick in the A, let alone the NHL.

      Pionk is what he is: a depth defenceman. Playing well in Hartford, but the size & speed of the A causes him problems in his own end.

  • The Ivy League has a streaming app, but unfortunately subscriptions are college, not sport based.

  • With Gropp, I think they have him showing that he can be defensively responsible by having him with Fogarty(odd thing that all of Fogarty’s goals are unassisted) so I can see why he’s not shooting, let alone producing. He’s going to the net and battling in traffic, so with some decent service he should produce. Would love to see him with Chytil for 2 weeks just to get an idea.

  • I fear that Gropp was simply the beneficiary of Barzal’s elite talents. This was a huge year for him and so far, no good. I mean forget goals, the shot total is deplorable.

    I am really intrigued by Gettinger.

    I feel bad for Graves. I think he ends up getting traded as part of a package to get an opportunity elsewhere.

    • Gropp used to produce without Barzal, I think this is mental, or Packs coaching staff is not able to make things running smooth

      • Gropp didn’t produce even with Barzal last season until after about a month together, then he started going to the tough parts of the ice and couldn’t stop scoring. He scored 3/4 of his goals after December.

        • You are not correct… He didn’t produce till some period of time, either he was injured or bad mood, bad training camp… then suddenly from they January he began to produce more then 2pts a game

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