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Rangers don’t show up until the second, lost to Montreal

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The Rangers came into Montreal looking to build off a win against the horrid Coyotes. Instead they didn’t show up until the second period, and by then had dug themselves into a 3-0 hole. It’s amazing that they consistently do this.

But then they tied it. And right as they tied it, they made another defensive gaffe and allowed the game winner. Unbelievable. No gifs for this one, so here’s some bullet point thoughts.

  • It looked like Ondrej Pavelec got hurt on the first shot of the game, but shook it off.
  • On the Paul Byron goal, I don’t know how he can get that open. Marc Staal blatantly blew the coverage on that one. His head wasn’t on a swivel, and he didn’t realize Byron had moved a little higher in the slot.
  • It would be super if the Rangers stopped giving up the first goal in these games.
  • It would also be super if the refs stopped calling penalties for breathing.

  • And then there was the Galchenyuk goal. Aside from the phantom call on Mats Zuccarello, the Rangers had two guys in the same corner (Brendan Smith, Nick Holden). Smith went down hurt, no one picked up Alex Galchenyuk at the back door. Pav didn’t stand a chance.
  • First period thought: This game is an embarrassment.
  • Now to the Danault goal. It was a smart play by Ryan McDonagh to try to pick off the zone exit pass, but he barely missed it. That led to what shouldn’t have been an odd man rush, but JT Miller’s controller unplugged.
  • Play Pavel Buchnevich more. What a rip on his goal. Nice little backhander from Kevin Shattenkirk right in his wheel house. Rick Nash in front. That was nice.
  • And then they made it 3-2on a good zone exit to start an odd man rush with Miller and Nash. Nash’s pass was deflected behind the net, but Miller got it back to Nash before Price could recover. Nash was able to tuck the puck in.
  • Second period thought: I don’t know how a team can completely no show for 20 minutes, but then actually try the next 20 minutes. I just don’t get it.
  • And just like that it was 4-2. McDonagh, Fast, and Skjei completely forgot about Max Pacioretty after a scramble in front. Patches was all alone to tuck home a rebound.
  • The Zibanejad goal was pretty. Nash is so strong on the puck and he just draws players to him. He gave it to McDonagh who found Zibanejad in front. That goal was all Nash.
  • The Rangers tied it. They came back and tied it. Skjei’s point shot hit Tomas Plekanec in the butt and went past Price. Did not expect them to tie it.
  • And right as they tie it, no one picks up Danault in front. Staal and Holden were the defensemen. That last bit is presented without comment.
  • Pavelec had a pretty solid third period. He really did a good job keeping the club in it. Perhaps he read Justin’s call out on Friday that he gave up on a play.
  • Would be lovely if this team stopped taking penalties too.

That’s it folks. It’s a rainy Sunday. Have at it.

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  • Someone please explain to me, at this level, how a simple thing like defensive coverage is so bad, that opponents are left wide open in front of the net.

    And we’re not talking about getting beat on transition, we are talking about coverage in the D zone once the opponents have settled in there. Like 3 Rangers going to one opponent leaving 2 other opponents free to roam. How is that happening so often? This is basic, not complex.

      • Of course, it has nothing to do with the talent, or lack thereof, on this overrated team. It’s all about the coaches!

        • Uh, this is Ryan McDonagh, Kevin Shattenkirk, Brady Skjei, and a tweener in Brandon Smith. There is no lack of “talent” there. None. I’ll give you Staal, Holden and Kampfer; but that is only 1/3 of the playing defense.

          A bucket with no bottom on it will hold more water in it, than the “talent” defense in this case.

          • Ok, fair. Perhaps an overstatement on my part. But these guys are playing poorly. McDonagh, Skjei, and Smith played well for AV before. Suddenly, out of the blue, they can no longer play for the coach?

            I tend to think in these cases, it is the players that are failing here more so than the coach. But with this many players underachieving, someone has to pay–and that someone will likely be AV.

          • Agree 3E,
            Players are playing very terribly! Its on them!
            McDonagh has had a poor year so far, as has sjkel and shatty….maybe they are thinking offense and not as concerned with the defense.
            Either way the d-men and centers are responsible for covering the slot….., there is no excuse for constantly leaving them wide open. You learn this in pee wees!!!!!!. AV needs to start benching them to send the message!!!!

  • SSDD!

    With a start like that, we don’t deserve to win. For once, let’s get out of the gate, and play like it means something. It does to us fans!!!!

  • The deployment of Staal & Holden after the Rangers tied up the game was unbelievable. It shows once again that if Vigneault is told that a move has backfired on him and the team, he will repeat it, despite the existing evidence that the move will inevitably fail. I’m so tired of this garbage. This loss was richly deserved due to the Rangers’ incredibly poor 1st-period play.

    Didn’t like Pavelec’s reactions after the game, airing his frustration with his defense directly to the media. Hank’s put up with this horrorshow of a defense for his whole career without throwing his teammates under the proverbial bus. He’s played with Achilles’ heels like Marek Malik, Per Djoos, Bryan McCabe, Paul Mara, Matt Gilroy, Nick Holden, Michael Del Zotto etc and has still managed to support his teammates. Pavelec is a mediocre goalie winding down his career, who’s been here what? 2 months? He should win a start (or at least give up less than five goals) before shooting his mouth off about the quality of his teammates’ play.

    • IMO, it’s over, this run. If Gorton is smart then he will recognize it and move towards the future as opposed to trying to fix this mess.

      I say clean house, and I don’t mean have Ruff take over for AV, I mean go outside the organization and get someone who can coach young players.

      • I disagree, it’s actually far from over imo and JG has to make a crucial call by either firing AV or make a roster change soon. Rangers would still be in this mess with Stepan and Girardi so if anything JG is ahead of the schedule. There’s dynamics that are missing in the bottom 6 that could make this team look alot better.

        • Let me ask you, what do you think are the chances that this team wins at an 105 pt pace the rest of the year just to have a chance at making the playoffs?

          And let’s assume that Henrik has to play 65 games during the regular season to accomplish this, what do you think he and the team would have left in the tank to win even a round in the playoffs?

          They’re in the toughest division in the league and they have played only a handful of division games so far, which means that they have a lot of their division related schedule left to play.

          I’m not saying that you’re wrong, but given what I say above in this post, you really think that they can be successful this year? I would love nothing better than to say fire the coach and they start winning, but I do not think that will be the case. Not enough to make the playoffs anyway.

          They still have holes in the roster, especially at center, no matter who the coach is. Not protecting Lindberg through a trade with Vegas was a tremendous gaffe by Gorton. I thought it in July and I think it even more so now.

          • I just counted, 30 games left between the Rangers, their division opponents, TB, and Toronto. This doesn’t include any of the contenders out west or Ottawa, etc.

            They need 93 pts or so in 70 games, half of the 70 against the opponents I mention above.

            Does this team have that capability? No matter who the coach is?

          • Richter,
            It is amazing how we manage to trade/ let go/ dont resign some of our best players…..In 2014 Strallman was far and away our best defenseman the 2nd half of the season and the playoffs…..what do we do we let him sign with Tampa after he said he loves it here and would give a discount! Never even an offer!!!!
            Same thing with Lindberg, IMO our BEST center in the playoffs…..great 4th line play…..what do we do we trade him and our BEST goalie in raanta for 2 players we dont need! Are they trying to lose, are they not watching the games, or are they just incompetent????? Pick one!

          • You hit it on the head Rich. Stralman was a really bad one. The guy was probably our best D man but I suspect that AV had no use for him.

            Choosing Girardi over him was ridiculous.

      • “IMO, it’s over, this run. If Gorton is smart then he will recognize it and move towards the future as opposed to trying to fix this mess.”

        He did recognize it – last spring. The Stepan trade was about acknowledging that the current team was simply not close to a Cup and getting highly talented players for the future. Only because most people at BSB couldn’t imagine making the team worse in the short run did it go unnoticed.

        Now the best team to deal current players for draft choices and young talent is the trade deadline. So relax.

        • Why? He has never coached on any level, and he hasn’t been associated with the game on any level in several years. There is no indication he can relate at all to the modern game—which is a very different game than it was years ago. And, I don’t think Gorton would go for it. Imagine being the Rangers GM and hiring Messier, and then it doesnt work out and you have to fire him? Good luck with that!

          Sounds like an awful idea that would likely backfire—badly.

        • I’d rather have a marginally talented player who hung in the league for 10+ years, because guys like that knew every little detail to stay in the league.

          Instead, we’re stuck with a cup of coffee NHL talent who coaches good talent down to his level.

    • MC
      A loss “richly deserved”, I couldn’t agree more.

      Last time I checked this game was 60 minutes (or more). Not just 40.

      I was anxious to see if Price was better than he has been. Well I’m not sure he or anyone was needed in the Montreal goal in the first period.

      There is only one word for that first period and that is DISGRACEFUL.

      And the problem that the team coming out less than prepared is not a one-off, not an outlier. It’s become the norm for this team.

    • Ever occur to you that Pavelec was speaking on behalf of Hank and himself – and perhaps mostly for Hank’s benefit.

  • “Total lack of energy, lack of compete,” McDonagh said of the first period. “If I had the answer, I’d tell you.”

    The Blueshirts were a turnover machine in the first period, which kept them trapped in their own zone for long stretches. No reason to pick one person or duo out as the most offensive culprits when Vigneault had this to say:

    “Didn’t have a ‘D’ pair that could make a pass.”

    This from the guy who gave us at least nine first pair pairings so far this season, the chemistry is showing how effective this strategy is working. For the history buffs on this site, who like to quote stats, this is the worst start of a season in 76 years, mull that over for a while.

    There is plenty of blame for everyone, the coaching staff, the players ( yes the guys going thru the motions), and the management, for permitting this to continue.

    The quotes came from the Brooks article this morning, nothing I made up!!!!!

  • It is truly incomprehensible that this team is consistently this bad defensively. The goalies are not at fault here. That is not to excuse Hank from laying an egg against the Sharks. But other than the games vs San Jose and Toronto he has given the team a chance to win in all of his other starts. But unless he is close to perfect or they are playing a team actually worse than they are (hello Yotes), they cannot get it done. And even when Hank is awesome (Columbus) they still lose. Hank’s “struggles” are a result of the continual breakdowns directly in front of him. He is cheating because he doesn’t and shouldn’t trust the team in front of him. Look at what Pavs had to deal with in the 1st and 3rd. He did a great job just keeping them in it. AV needs to stop myopically looking at the goalies and institute a defensive structure that this personnel can actually sustain.

    • Wonder why I hammer the coach so much? Because he’s the one person responsible for everyone on the bench:

      His assistants
      His players. All of them.

      Why would anyone expect that last night would be different because Hank was not in nets? Because of delusional optimism by beating the crap by a poor overmatched rookie goalie and overmatched team?

      Pav fought his heart out but I agree with Manc. He played one game behind an awful D and he’s complaining? Welcome to Henrik’s world for much of his career. lol

      • I didn’t hear what he said after the game, but I don’t think his team could have been any worse in front of him. So maybe it is time for Hank and/or Pavs to call those guys out for the disaster on the ice? Somebody has to light a fire and it sure isn’t the coach.

        • Evidently Pav was pretty blunt about his D men’s play. I get frustration but keep it in the room, especially since the guy hasn’t started that many games here.

          This is all broken and probably not fixable to the point that they make the playoffs. With every loss now, the pace in points for a season to just make the playoffs goes up.

          I think this past week it was like at a 103 pt pace. It’s more now and a lot less likely to happen. Not with this team.

          • Really? I heard his quotes and really didn’t think they were a big deal at all.

            “They’re shooting from everywhere, they have bodies in front, and it was really hard for our D to handle.”

            I mean, that’s not exactly calling guys out IMO.

          • But you’re deluded.

            In a sport where nobody says anything, for a guy to go semi-specific on issues that are obvious to everybody means it’s hit an inflection point.

          • You are WAY overreacting here. And of course, you failed to apply this standard to McDonagh, who one can argue defended the coach.

            It may mean something. Or it may not. But the only person deluding themselves is you since your hatred of the coach blinds you to only one possible interpretation.

  • To McDonagh’s “lack of compete” statement (which I agree with):

    Competitiveness isn’t a quality that one possesses in direct relationship to talent.

    Every player regardless of talent, unless hampered by injury, has the ability to complete at a high level. So when a team comes out and doesn’t compete, what does that say about it’s leadership and the fabric of that team?

    Ladies and gentlemen, last night we weren’t playing against a Maurice Richard, pre-Ranger LeFleur, Henri Richard, Robinson, Savard, Beliveau, Dryden or Roy et al. This is a Montreal team is presently one of the worst in the League. They have a huge problem scoring goals, yet they score 5 on us.

    Time for a major change.

    • I loved the 2011-12 team, one of my favorite Ranger teams of all time. You know why? Even with a severe lack of overall talent, they were in every game and left it out on the ice every night. They would be down in a game and fight their way back.

      Of course they ran out of gas at the end, but how proud were the fans of that team and I did not feel one bit of disappointment (well, only for them) because I was so appreciative of what they did that year and the joy they gave us as fans.

      As a 52 year fan, I would much rather watch an inferior talented team play their hearts out than what we have now. Any day, any season.

      I sat through the Dark Years at games at MSG where fans were sleeping during the games. YES, actually sleeping. Terrible.

        • The Black And Blueshirts were an awesome story. And that playoff run was something special. Gaborik’s triple OT winner. Richards’ game tying goal with 6.6 seconds remaining and Staal’s subsequent OT winner. So many special moments that year.

          That was one of those seasons that had the feeling of something special in the works. Alas, they fell short, but it will probably always be one of my favorite seasons.

          • I agree Chris, one of my favorite Ranger teams of all time. Loved the whole season.

  • At this point I’m wondering how this team will look like in the month of December. Hayes game would benefit in a roster change and coaching change or both so I think he’s safe along with Skjei. I’m just curious to see what button gets pressed first, either a coaching change or a mini rosterr makeover.

  • If I’m “blowing it up”, here’s how I’m doing it.

    Pavel Buchnevich –Mika Zibanejad–Chris Kreider
    Jimmy Vesey–Kevin Hayes– JT Miller
    Boo Nieves-Filip Chytil-Jesper Fast
    Michael Grabner- Steven Fogarty- Rick Nash

    David Desharnais is the spare(for now)

    Brady Skjei –Brendan Smith
    Marc Staal–Kevin Shattenkirk
    Ryan Graves–Tony DeAngelo

    I’m unloading Mats Zuccarello, Ryan McDonagh & Holden for a mixture of long dated picks, players & pucks. With McD I’d try and get a cost controlled payer thrown in, like say, Connor Murphy. If the coach don’t like it, the coach can go suck eggs.

    The team is not winning as constructed, might as well blood the new guys and see if those contracts should get renewed. This amps up the cap room, we dump for Dahlin and make it fast, fun hockey

    • Chytil on pace for 35+ goals in Hartford as an 18 yr old. Skill is obviusly there, just has to get stronger in his upper body.

        • He’s also on pace for 100+ points. It isn’t puck luck, he makes plays almost every shift. The goal on Friday was cool: fat rebound falls to his skates; instead of getting into a shooting position, he just hammers it off the defender’s skates and in. On purpose. Plays fast, thinks fast.

          Guys this good usually don’t last an entire season in the A.

          • You could see the skill level when he was here. 18 is just too young to put a burden of an NHL season on them. I can see that he will be called up during the year, maybe in January.

            At that point, if not sooner, I would like to see Chytil, Lettieri, Graves, Pionk, and DeAngelo here.

    • Gorton has been rebuilding on the fly, but after the rough start the team is in such a hole that their chances for staying in the race for a playoff spot in a strong division look bleak. I have to agree, they should go all in to rebuild at this point and agree with roster moves of the kind Reenavipul suggests above. Go young, trade who you can trade for position in the upcoming draft or young players and change the coaching staff to match a youthful roster. At least hungry kids will play with enthusiasm and be fun to watch as they learn the game.

  • Time to clean house, was 2 years go, but now it’s becoming evident. I actually have no interest watching this particular Rangers team.
    Vegas Golden Knights are far more exciting.

    This new NHL sucks, 5 on 5 hockey is far better and hitting and fighting just as important. And no I don’t like the stage fights unless it’s like that dosie do Rangers had against the Devils,
    I still recall that brawl against LA in the playoffs in the early 80’s. Fighting doesn’t impact the game? People Let’s get honest here.
    Coaches need to coach and the players union stop killing the game. I was a union carpenter and I watch with every pay raise pricing ourselves right out of the market so we lost houses and T.I. work, hockey will lose long and loyal fans.

    This Rangers team has an internal problem, it’s called execution and trust. Players are not bought in. AV has lost the team, I and many other fans.
    AV and entire staff needs to be replaced
    Lundqvist needs to be dealt. Go win the cup, you deserve it
    Adios McD, you are no captain
    Zukey see you in another Jersey (I love this guy by the way)
    Staal reunion is in order. Enjoy Minny

    No more changing up D pairings and lines
    Hayes and Vesey should play with Kreider for at least 10 games, I think there’s something there

  • Note to JG. Please don’t trade anyone. Start interviewing for the head coaches position. The team needs a shot of personality, not a change of on ice personnel. Let A new broom consign M Staal and N Holden to a bench.They should never be on NYR ice again! Bring up 3 guys from Hartford and let the new guy deal with it. Forget the playoffs did anyone else watch last nights game. I don’t want to malign anyone individual, we are all human. Its just you can’t have guys do what they are incapable of. Thus my reason for a head coach change. He’s putting rounds into squares, continuously.
    I’ve supported you JG, now its time to really earn it by getting control of your player personnel, because your coach hasn’t.

  • With Chytil tearing it up in Hartford, and with playoff hopes quickly dwindling, maybe bring the kid back up and let him navigate his way through the pros in a year where we might now be able to just let him make mistakes and learn from them, since it can’t be any worse than what we’ve been seeing.

    Trade Vesey and Holden for Shipachyov.


    Desharnais 13th forward.

    • Could also slide Hayes up to 2C. Give Chytil 3C duties so he can better learn the position and shift Shipachyov to the wing.

        • The whole point wasn’t to put the Russians together. It was to get some offensive help (bringing up Chytil, trading for Shipachyov).

    • Vegas is drowning in defencemen. why would they want another one?

      I wouldn’t even offer Vesey. A 3rd rd pick at best is all he’s worth, especially to get the contract off the books.

      • They’re drowning in mediocre D-men, and for some reason, around the League Holden is still seen an a serviceable offensive defenseman.

        Vesey has been thoroughly uninspiring, but he’s still a talented kid with a big possible upside. Vegas could use the depth.

        • Even before he no showed Chicago, why would you offer much of anything for a 30yr old who couldn’t make an expansion team?

    • I have to say that I was not big on Boo, but he’s been ok so far. He had the big game on Thursday, scoring wise, but honestly if a real NHL goalie were in nets then none of his assists would have turned into goals.

      But still, he seems to know where he should be on the ice, which is most important.

      • Much like Staal, Boo will be serviceable until the next big hit, then AV will keep playing them even when they’re not right in the head.

  • So if Gorton is gonna drop the hammer, when do you do it? November 7th? 1 day off, then Boston, then 2 days off to work on systems, then matinee against EDM, then 3 days off to work on new systems before a 2 game roadie.

    • I think AV gets this week. They have 4 games to sink or swim. If they win all 4 and they are back to .500 then I think he stays.

  • Pack it up folks , fire both coaches and trade away as many assets for picks as you can. Call up the kids.

    Call up Mess and Leetch, say your sorry and let them coach for a season.

      • I hope so. If they want to “fix” this mess then get Ship and finally put an end to the Holden era by waiving him. Bring up DeAngelo.

        Kreider-Zib-Buch (top line where he should be)


          • Picks and prospects. At this point Vegas has a $4.5M per player that they’re paying for nothing. How much could they get for him?

          • True, he’s on the verge of bolting back to the KHL, so his trade value is at an all time low.

            I’d be pretty excited if JG can make this happen.

          • Me too Chris. In fairness to AV or any coach that coaches here, they only have 3 centers. You can’t win that way.

            I have no idea what is happening in Vegas with Ship but he obviously has some skills. He has to be better than we have now.

    • Brooksie isn’t always right (see the Shatty signing debacle as an expample), but I respect his sources as much if not more than anyone (Carp has always been my favorite though). In this particular case, my instincts say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And “fire” is the operative word here.

  • I’m going to take a hiatus from posting for a while, as I have done in the past. It runs in cycles for me. The game last night was entertaining, I guess, but I only watched the third period and highlights. This was not a preview of playoff heavyweights, after all.

    I’ve said my piece about AV. At this point, one of these things will happen, at any time:

    a) AV will be fired
    b) AV won’t be fired

    1) the team will win
    2) the team will lose

    Frankly, if (a) happens, and/or if (1) happens, there might be something to read or write that would be more interesting and less repetitive. But, if (b) and/or (2) continues to happen, not so much.

    I think AV is a good coach, way better than he gets credit for, but you guys all know that’s my opinion by now. What you may not have gathered is that I harbor doubts about what is best for the team, being merely a fan, however astute I may believe myself to be. That’s precisely where I find it difficult to accept the postings of many of you who seem to feel no doubt whatsoever. Furthermore, my difficulty is made greater when I read postings full of guesswork, conspiracy theories, and other rhetorical excesses.

    Well, if (a) happens, let’s all hope the detractors are right, and the team springs back to life. I think you very well may not be right. Whatever happens, I feel AV deserves much better than the things many of you write about him.

    This is the internet. The signal to noise ratio is abysmal. For a while, you guys will just have to do without the noise I generate, lol. And Dave and the other writers, you will have to do without my 100 daily page views, lol.

    Catch ya down the road.


    • Come back soon.

      But again, IMO at least, I never thought changing the coach was going to make them better. My view is that if the players have a problem with the coach then maybe they give their best efforts so they can be EVALUATED PROPERLY so Gorton will know how to proceed.

      In no context, have I thought or guaranteed that the Rangers would produce better results merely by changing the coach. I have thought the burden of success would shift from the coach to the players if AV were replaced. That’s all.

      • AV may not be all the fault, but when there is zero accountability, and the kids sit for minor mistakes, and the old horses who are ready for the glue factory don’t, well he has to go. I believe that his shelf life expired, and he is rotting like a fish, from the head down, and taking this team down with him!!

        Will they win when he’s gone, who knows, but then it’s on the players, and they will have no excuses for their failure!!!!!!! Something has to be done……..

  • Brooksie is stirring the pot big time today. Went after Hank last week with the nonsense about Pavelec having a hot hand. Now he is saying AV is gone if they lose to Vegas. Who knows – maybe the team is looking to move both of them out. Tough times for the Blueshirts.

  • My guys that I talk to are saying that AV has lost the team and the locker room is a mess. Change to Ruff basically assured for the rest of the season but not beyond this year at this point.

    And there is legs to the rumor of Kreider going out west. I think that’s a mistake but I guess it depends on the return.

    • That has to be a really unhappy group. They are not used to adversity like this especially right out of the gate and losing Stepan’s leadership is undoubtedly hurting them. Not sure Mac has the chops to get them out of this slump. AV looks like he’s walking the plank every time they show him going to and from the locker room. I think they should fire him sooner rather than later just to change the atmosphere. They also need a new defensive system because this group cannot play the one they currently have. As for Hank, he could benefit from a change too – give him a bit of structure and see where he can take them. And it is not out of the realm of possibility for him to accept a trade if this team is on a fast track to nowhere.

      • I heard that Kreider’s teammates are calling him “lazy” hence the serious trade talk to ship him out.

        • Oh boy. That is not good to hear. IMO the team has no sense of cohesion and teamwork. Probably a lot of finger pointing and blame going around the room. One of the problems is they failed to use any part of the preseason to develop chemistry on lines and on D pairs. Trying to do that once games matter is a lousy strategy made worse by the GM’s failure to have a complete roster. Weak down the middle, coupled with chaos in their own zone, equals a recipe for disaster. If Kreider is the guy who takes the initial fall for it so be it. But I don’t really think he’s the problem and unless they get a 1st or at least 2nd line center for him it is a bad deal.

          • I would say what was once a very tight knit group has fallen apart.

            If Kreider and the coach had a bad thing for each other then the coach goes and the player stays. But if his teammates are complaining, then the player is as good as gone, especially if the package coming back is a good one.

  • I just posted a counterpoint from Cyrgalis that suggests that McDonagh, who speaks for the team, is clearly saying that the issue is the players aren’t executing. It’s not the coaches. (Yes, I know, of course he isn’t going to throw AV under the bus, but if he and the team had truly had it with the coach, he could have simply said “we are not good enough and that’s on all of us” and leave it at that.). And, one can make the case that a team that has quit on their coaches or themselves would not have the wherewithal to come back as they have time and time again this season. That comeback was impressive.

    But at the end of the day, all that’s irrelevant. I said before that there was little chance AV would be fired with a new contract unless the Rangers completely crapped the bed. At 3-7-2, that’s as big a dump as one can take. I’ve been supportive of the coach and largely agree with Myth—he’s done a real good job overall with little in the way of high end talent to work with. But contract, past history, the team’s comeback ability—none of that is going to save him here. These starts to the games are inexcusable.

    I go back to what Brooks said a few weeks back—the players will likely regret getting AV fired if they bring in another hard ass like the last coach. But they have brought this on themselves, and they need to have their asses kicked and then some of them have their asses kicked out of NY. Changes clearly need to happen to the coaching staff but more importantly to the roster.

    A coaching change probably won’t do anything more than provide a short term “kick in the pants” effect, because this group is simply not that good. But even I have to concede, it’s probably time to move on from AV, a good coach who’s time it seems has simply come.

    • Welcome to reality.

      Hint: players aren’t executing because the concept sucks for the talent at hand.

  • Time to turn the page. AV has lost the locker room. Lets turn the page. Like Giradi with the Yankees Give Messier a shot. Trade for a player or 2 who play with an edge. Hold teamates accountable in the locker room and on the ice. Team is too soft.

    • If we are looking for a center and Messier could still play, then sure. Would you put Messier in goal just because he’s Messier? Would you make him head trainer because he’s Messier?

      The Knicks just made this same error with Phil Jackson. They hired a HOF coach, maybe the greatest coach of all time in any sport, but they hired him to do something he never did. And he failed miserably.

      How many superstar players have ever gone on to be successful coaches or managers? Very, very few.

      If Gorton does fire AV, then this represents a pretty huge mistake on his part to have wasted the company’s money on a massive extension 9 months ago. His rear end will be on the line here and he MUST make the right choice. I doubt seriously he would go for a “Hail Mary” move like that.

  • If the speculation is correct and AV is likely to be fired, I guess that they might go with Lindy Ruff. I don’t think that would be the best move in the long run and if they do it I hope it is merely on an interim basis. if they are going to get younger, then it would probably behoove them to get a young coaching staff together and let them all learn together. If they choose wisely, it could work out. I don’t know who is available. I am out of my league as far as that goes.

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