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Poor third period costs Rangers, drop to 1-4 to start the year

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The Rangers and Blue Jackets played a very even 40 minutes of hockey. It was good pace, with good chances on both sides. Each side scored once, but neither seemed to gain an advantage. Then the third period happened, and it was all Blue Jackets, leading to the eventual game winner by Artemi Panarin.

Henrik Lundqvist was phenomenal in this one, getting beat clean just once on the Panarin goal. The first goal was a deflection that he had no chance. He made 40 saves in the loss. But Sergei Bobrovsky was up to the task, playing a solid game, albeit quiet for most of the third. This entire game came down to the first 10 minutes of the third period. The Rangers were poor, and it cost them the game.

On to the goals.

Rangers 1, Jackets 0

Seth Jones made a terrible drop pass to no one. Kevin Hayes picked it up for the break and buried it.

Blue Jackets 1, Rangers 1

This is why you let bad quality shots go through. Seth Jones’ shot hits Mika Zibanejad and changes direction on Henrik Lundqvist.

Jackets 2, Rangers 1

Artemi Panarin made a great effort on this. He caught Hayes flat footed to gain the zone, then Kevin Shattenkirk flat footed to cut to the middle before beating Hank.

Jackets 3, Rangers 1

Lukas Sedlak empty netter.

Score Adjusted Corsi

This game was pretty even until the third period. Sounds obvious for a 1-1 game, but neither team really tilted the ice. Then the beginning of the third happened, and yikes. It’s almost like the Rangers forgot there was another period of hockey to play, and it led to the game winner from Panarin on a play that symbolizes how they played in the third.

Scoring Chances

Shift Chart

I can’t embed this, but you can view it here. At least Holden/Staal didn’t see ice time in the final five minutes trying to score. David Desharnais was on for the final shift of the powerplay, which really illustrates how badly the Rangers need a center.

Again, the first two periods were pretty even, then the third period happened. I have to commend the Rangers on how they played in the second, though, as it looks like Columbus flat lined for the period. But towards the end of the second and beginning of the third, things got lax for the Rangers, and it cost them.

Another day, another disappointing loss with a sub-optimal lineup dressed. Yes, some of this is on the players. Yes, some of this is on the coach. But yes, one of these is easily fixable. You can’t make the playoffs in October, but you can certainly miss them.

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  1. Sub-optimal lineup? This is the team. Too many turnovers and wingers who can’t finish right now.

  2. Who exactly is going to score in this lineup? Grabner has four goals in his last 35 games going back to last year. Buch Has four goals in close to 30 games going back to last year. JT doesn’t score. Zucc doesn’t shoot. And Nash Is on the wrong side of 30. It’s not the defense at the moment. We score 3 goals we win that game. We score one goal we lose that game.

    1. They refuse to go to the net for deflections, rebounds, etc. I have said that for 3 years now. The only guys that do are Kreider (terrible hands around the net), Zib (he’s good), and Miller (he’s ok). That’s it.

      The rest just don’t shoot at all.

      1. I see it the in the opposite sense that body’s are down there clogging the high and low slot yet no shots can get through. Shatty is mostly getting his shots off but the others aren’t on the back end of things. I totally agree about Kreider’s hands, it’s like explaining how John Scott drops the gloves or even Chara. They’re big human beings which is why they can do that stuff but there isn’t much technique going on with the action they perform. Same for Kreider, he’s just big, fast and really strong near the skill zone area so that and the personnel gets him his goals. When you want to talk about his hands alone then he doesn’t have it. Vesey would look like him if he could switch up into Kreids body.

        1. You can count the 2nd shot chances on less than one hand most games.

          Even when they went nuts scoring last Oct, it was all goals on initial shots for the most part. or in transition.

  3. If the team plays this way until New Year’s, yes, AV will be cut loose. But it’s time to start looking at Gorton. In particular, you trade Step (after protecting him) AND lose Lindy in the same summer. How is that good work? Then you bring in Desharnais, a guy whose play was steeply crashing in the last two years. He has shown nothing.

    Think back to when you first heard of the Step trade, before DeAngelo’s usage fed into your fire AV narrative. Didn’t you think the return on our putative first line center was very small?

    Gorton did not have a good summer, methinks.

    1. Mythdoc I disagree on the return. I think JG went where he found the best deal. Remember $6+ million and a NMC was coming…so a number 1 and DeAngelo seemed pretty good. Now for the result of it……didn’t like the choice at #7, thought it should’ve been traded for Oscar and a physical type right D-man with Vegas. Mr Shattenkirk maybe good on the Offensive side but he doesn’t really belong against 1st line forwards.He will be undressed all season. See the Panarin goal. I’m thinking Redden 2.0. I also have to remember we got #93 for Brassard. I think next year tells the story of the return JG got. We all have to remember what he was left with after Slats. He needs to change the coach. The players look lost and that is on the coaching staff.If they aren’t listening the question is why. If AV’s strategy isn’t working he needs to change it….If it’s someone(s)in the locker room, whoever it is, needs to leave so that the room isn’t further poisoned for a new guy or even AV.
      Still a NYR fan and not liking what I have to pay Optimum to watch.
      And all in my opinion like over beers with friends.
      Thanks Blue Seat Blogs for being here.

      1. Why does next year tell the true story of what we have in Mika? That’s a slippery slope to abide too, the guy just got payed and the club just sent Stepan off to the desert all in 1 summer. I’m a huge Mika fan but I’m not giving it the old 1-3 sample size look for the correct data, I think this year will tell alll in what we have. AV may have his faults in the coaching game but his preach on Zib needing to make his mark for the NYR right now has never been so true.

    2. Everyone around the league knows that Stepan was traded on the dollar for some shiny dime that still has rust on one side of it. Anyone saying otherwise was a Stepan supporter still living a lie that teams are lining up to trade there top 6 centers and top 4 D men. This trade was the polar opposite to what the greedy Sens sent us for a aging Brass. We had to add to this package which was a top backup goalie to get half value. I knew we were screwed once I heard Rannta’s name gaining attention but not so much Stepan. A team like the Preds would of came knocking at JG door if any true contenders were interested in him. The rumor of Minny denying JG request for Dumba and Coyle (a somewhat realistic offer) for Stepan and a pick two summers ago made me realize what his value would be.

      1. The trade was about the cap space as much as the return. They had to dump his contract in order so sign Shatty.

        1. Please tell me you’re not the type to spew on Facebook about how Stepan really got us Shatty. No the GM had different lanes to pick on how to attract Shatty and there were a couple that involved our center depth remaining whil moving out bigger contracts. A 30 something Nash for 1 more year or 2 at best if he resigns? Or a 27 year old Stepan for 3 years? Hm, Stepan was so rushed out of NYC that he couldn’t even be involved in those famous blockbuster deals but you can think w/e you would like.

          1. so Nash is going to waive his NTC clause and then some team is going to have 7.8 million available in cap space to take him?

            That’s sounds sooooooo easy.

    3. “In particular, you trade Step (after protecting him)…”

      I don’t get your point here. If you don’t protect Step, he’s gone and there’s no Lias Andersson or Tony DeAngelo.

      “Think back to when you first heard of the Step trade, before DeAngelo’s usage fed into your fire AV narrative. Didn’t you think the return on our putative first line center was very small?”

      I still think the return was too small for Stepan. Surprised there wasn’t more in the deal, especially since Raanta was included. But that doesn’t mean DeAngelo should be riding the pine, which is on AV.

      1. Eh with that nmc kicking in it made the decision easier. Now he has an nmc in Phoenix. See how fast he waives that.

  4. Uninspired, boring passionless game and hockey in general has been trending that way. I am close to pulling the plug on this sport at least the regular season.

    1. Do you think that maybe the team just not very good? I think the NY media tend to make superstars out of average players until it’s proven that they’re not. You can’t score without goal scorers. At least not on a regular basis.The Rangers make every apposing goalie look like a Vezina candidate. At least in my humble opinion.

  5. How does that illustrate that they need a center? You really think because DD isn’t leading the 2nd PP to the promise land that a high ranked center that’s going to cost two arms and a leg will get acquire to play on the 2nd unit? Come on Dave… You’re the same cat who couldn’t see Stepan getting dealt in the summer and whenever you had to face reality about that trade off then you would write your articles how at least Stepan will get us a top 4 D man or a good package. Lol I’m thinking you’re a false prophet over here because DD could very well stay on that or Hayes will be put on there but the next center will be a either a quality 3c/4c but not for the PP that already has Zib for the first one.

  6. We needed this game. We need tonight’s even more.

    If we do not win a game before 10/20. Thats NJ, PIT and NYI, AV is gone

    something has to happen, you can’t fire 20+ players

    Ruff isn’t the answer, but something has to happen to right the ship

  7. Dave, since you know JG’s mind so well, I am awaiting your posting this story: “JG dealt Step knowing AV would mismanage the roster, and that the team would crash short term, so he could fire AV, so he could bring in his guy.”

  8. I hope Buffalo trades with the NYR’s soon. Vesey, Nash for Evander Kane and a pick. It won’t set any bad blood with Hayes and at the same time you improve all the special teams, add a young fast scoring winger with grit and a possible duo threat with him and Hayes who could turn out perfect for our center game for the top 6. Most importantly you still have that Nash dynamic he brought in Kane of course at a lower dose than #61.

  9. This game had some great goaltending on both ends of the ice. The Rangers PP came up empty handed and didn’t look sharp. Smith had a better game, Shattenkirk did not. Forwards look disjointed and unorganized did AV even have a training camp this year. Someone needs to explain to the Rangers preseason is over.

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