Rangers assign Filip Chytil to Hartford

filip chytil

As expected, the Rangers are going to slow down the Filip Chytil hype train a bit. Chytil has been sent to the Hartford Wolf Pack –not to the Czech Republic– after the Rangers claimed Adam Cracknell off waivers. Clearing Chytil from the roster was expected, although sending him to Hartford was not.

Sending the kid to Hartford means the Rangers can recall him this year. If he was returned to Europe, he would be gone from the Rangers for the year, like Lias Andersson. I’m intrigued to see where this goes. Perhaps the team thinks he is too good for the Czech league, which is a legitimate feeling. Hopefully they aren’t rushing him, though.

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  • Thanks Dave.
    I didn’t know if he went to the Czech Republic he couldn’t be brought back this year.

    I agree and hope they are not unrealistically accelerating his developmental time line

  • Good, he hasn’t done much shift to or in between tbh. It’s a shame the club never thought about putting Andersson to play down at Hartford as well, keep them close and let them finish developing on a familiar ice surface and system.

    • The schedule is pretty similar to the NHL as they play 3 games in 4 nights at least 5 times a season, but the travel & speed are two different things(longest ride in Czechia is 5 hours in the iron lung.)

        • Bus. I think they would fly only for select CHL games.

          The budgets are ridiculously low outside of the Swiss league unless your owner is a billionaire(like AEG does with Eisbaren Berlin), an oil giant(like SKA) or a money launderer(like Jokerit.)

  • He can spend most of the week practicing and weight training, then get better hockey than in the Extraliga. Bring him back for the Florida roadie(if performing in HFD) to show him the travel burden see if he can hang. After that, play it by ear. If he has to go down for another month, so be it.

    You can stretch those 9 games out a long ways that way.

  • This kid will be good, but needs to learn a two-way game. This is not a demotion, it is training for the future.

  • You blast the coach for giving him minimal playing time and making him a healthy scratch yet you end this article with “hopefully they aren’t rushing him” by sending him to Hartford?

    • I had the same reaction to that line.

      Playing him 5-8 minutes with the big club was asset mismanagement, because he’s a “defacto 2nd line center,” but sending him to Hartford might be rushing him?

    • Not with AV coaching. Why would he play a kid with talent when he can keep stiffs who were never good enough to even be called over the hill.

  • Dave, is Andersson really gone for the year? I know that there are strict rules for
    Canadien junior hockey and Sean Day, for example, cannot play for the Rangers until his junior season is over. However, I believe no such NHL rule affects players sent to Sweden. So the only problem would be if there was something in his Swedish contract keeping him there.

    Mind you, my presumption is that the Rangers have no intention of recalling him. I am just speaking on what is actually possible.

    • I am no expert on this, but I thought I read that Andersson could be recalled in March once Frolunda’s season is done. As I said, I could be wrong about that but that was my impression, accurate or not.

    • He’s playing 2nd line minutes for Frolunda, then can parachute in after their playoffs end(which could be as late as end of March)

      He’s under contract here and on loan to Frolunda. I’m assuming since his contract slides that NYR aren’t paying his paragraph 1 salary and Andersson’s getting fully paid by Frolunda. If there was a plane crash, he could be recalled, but beyond that gone for their season.

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