Rangers reduce training camp roster by five

The Rangers have cut five players from the training camp roster, leaving 49 players left in camp.

The Gettinger/Ronning moves were expected. It is interesting that Sean Day was not assigned to juniors. The club may be looking at sending him to the AHL instead.

The fact that Kovacs was assigned to Hartford with the first players cut is not promising. Many, including myself, were hoping his rough year last season was due to the bad team and bad usage. However getting cut this early does not bode well.

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  • I think Kovacs needs a checkup from the neck up. Played better in TC when they ran the Swede line out there, but that was it.

    Kotyk, if he gets a game, will provide a bit of a mean streak for Hartford if he lets the game come to him.

    Gettinger getting bigger, just needs to go to the Soo & dominate this year: like 45g, 90pts.

    Ronning: love the little ball of hate, but his positioning on O was a bit odd in TC, could be a super pest, but alternated between moments of great & invisible for long stretches.

  • I wouldn’t read too much into the Kovacs thing. The Rangers had 30 healthy forwards in camp and I’m sure want to give Desjardins, Farnham, Andersson, and a few others a lot of playing time. AV decided Kovacs wasn’t going to play and so he is sort of in the way. And, unlike a number of other players, there really aren’t any questions that need answering at this time. He’s very young, has talent, is not now ready, and absolutely needs to take a big step forward in the AHL this year or next. Whether or not that will happen was not going to become apparent in the next two weeks.

    Guys like Stromwall and Gilmour are actually a bit more interesting – not because they are better, but because they are RFAs at the end of the season and the Rangers are trying to decide whether to write them off.

    • Would like to see a game out of Gilmour, but not putting too much into it.

      Stromwall is enough of a player, but is going to be tough getting 2nd line minutes in Hartford.

  • Rangers posted the probable lineup for their next game. It goes as follows:







  • Kovacs’ summer wasn’t great either, getting involved in that bad car crash overseas. The kid needs to get his head straight again and maybe that’s why they sent him down to take the pressure off a little.

  • I like Kovacs but aside from a good season in Sweden where he scored close to a point per game (34P in 42G), Kovacs stats look more like that of a bottom 6 forward than anything else. Hopefully whatever it is the Rangers see in him pans out and he can at least develop into a middle 6 winger. He certainly has the pest part of his game down. Not sure he will be able to showcase all his skills in training camp against the coaches.
    Per Curtis Joe of Elite Prospects – Robin Kovacs is “a speedy winger that likes to agitate opponents and then strike quickly. Possesses great stickhandling ability and creativity, and is potent on the power play and penalty kill, as he recognizes scoring chances and is quick to act. Loves to play a puck-possession game and can pick his spot like no other when ripping his shots. All-in-all, an all-around winger that players hate to play against due to his skill level and the effectiveness of his agitation.” Sounds to me like a perfect 3rd Line Winger in the NHL.

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