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Preseason Game 1: Fishsticks

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Hockey has arrived, and boy am I happy to say that. The Rangers begin their preseason tonight at home against the Islanders. There are a bunch of roster battles taking place this preseason, with the focus primarily on the bottom six and the bottom pairing. We get to see Lias Andersson tonight with Pavel Buchnevich and Michael Grabner flanking him, something we could see in the preseason. We also get to see Anthony DeAngelo tonight as the 3RD, a role he might get with Nick Holden, his partner.

Also playing tonight are Neal Pionk, Ryan Graves, and Boo Nieves. All three have an outside chance of making the club. We may see Graves-Kampfer, a pairing tonight, as the top pairing in Hartford this season, so paying attention to that chemistry will help us figure out what we have in the AHL this season.

Isles Lines:

As of the writing of this post, the Isles haven’t released their roster. But here’s who played last night. It’s safe to assume most won’t play two in a row.

Rangers Lines:

Bobby Farnham-Boo Nieves-Vinni Lettieri
Pavel BuchnevichLias AnderssonMichael Grabner
Rick NashJT MillerPaul Carey
Andrew Desjardins-Gabriel FontaineCole Schneider

Ryan McDonaghNeal Pionk
Nick HoldenAnthony DeAngelo
Ryan GravesSteven Kampfer

Ondrej Pavelec/Brandon Halverson

Game time is 7pm on MSG. Hope you’re as pumped as I am.

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  • This lineup may be all about getting guys who are earmarked for the minors some ice time with NHL linemates. I can see 3 cuts from this team even before you drop the puck.

    Either way it is NYR hockey! Finally.

    Looking for Buch to elevate his game and hoping he did off season training. Is Pionk the real deal? Is Anderson ready to make the jump? Things to watch for tonight.

    • Of course he scored that goal but Pionk looked pretty good overall. They say he’s the real deal. As a 5th or 6th defenseman (5th if Holden in) he could get some favorable Ozone mins and help the Rangers score some goals.
      The Rangers got very little possession or offense from the back end last season.

  • If Graves keeps on making passes Ike that, they’re gonna have a hard time keeping him down on the farm.

  • Way too many penalties…shame for the players…..refs should let them audition….this is nonsense

    • agreed….Staal and Holden need to go….Loving DeAngelo, Graves and Pionk…Andersson Looks good too. Gettinger should’ve played over guys like Carey

          • Actually you can. He got in a foot race and and gave up a 5 yd lead rather quickly. He’s done some nice things, but if speed is an issue he’s gonna get run through the boards an awful lot coming back for pucks.

          • Just curious–if we go off of one play to evaluate Pionk, maybe we should use the play where he scored the only goal in a 1-0 game instead of one shift where he looked like a rookie.

          • 3 on 3, coming in on the off wing. If he doesn’t score, you’d send him home.

            We got those goals last year from Holden, the year before from Klein.

            Pionk’s goal doesn’t make him an all star, his getting almost beat in a foot race with a sizable lead doesn’t make him a bum. They’re all data points in a set when we have limited views.

            But the foot speed thing is an issue, and if it’s a consistent issue, then he has to do other things to give himself time and space and take away others.

            He doesn’t have the size to make that happen(and getting run coming back on puck retrieval is Russian roulette), his technique is serviceable, but when he goes to hit(something he really didn’t do last night) he gets himself into trouble.

          • Every other article I’ve read about last night praised Pionk’s play. What I saw of him last night looked good. I think it’s really possible that you have no idea about how things work on the defensive side of the puck.

          • I’m someone who disagrees with your consistently negative assessments of NYR players, prospects, & coaches. Your comments on defenders are particularly off base, in my opinion. There’s lots of subjective analysis in your stuff that isn’t offered in conjunction with statistical evidence.

          • And you’ve never noticed that statistical analysis for defencemen are pretty much unreliable?

            I f you think my analysis of defencemen is negative, you haven’t been paying attention. I’ve been honest with my assessments and I’m upfront with my biases. If your bias is different, bully for you.

            Doesn’t give you any more chance of being right, but that’s why they play the game instead of running computer simulations.

          • Which defensive stats are unreliable? Goals? Points? Possession metrics? The things that are measured in these stats are clearly quantifiable. I think it’s a much more likely possibility that you are making it up as you go along in terms of your judgments of players.

            Case in point, Pionk–you make the absurd claim that losing one guy in coverage indicated Pionk is not NHL ready. Then you disparage the fact that out of every single player on the ice last night, Pionk was the only one to score. Give me a break with this nonsense, a player’s development can obviously change with years of conditioning & experience. If you’d followed any of the press on Pionk (y’know, instead of prejudging the kid in HIS FIRST NHL ACTION) you’d have seen that a lot of people like the kid’s game and think he can be a good pro player. Based on what I saw last night in one game, I think Pionk is an asset that can help NYR this year. He’s already got more skill than Holden, Staal, and Kampfer.

          • Like I wrote earlier and elsewhere, if you’re not scoring on your off hand in a 3 on 3 with a 4th string goalie who isn’t even a .900 sv% in the A, then send him home.

            If you haven’t read on how metrics(points or posession) for D are unreliable, then it’s true: you can’t fix stupid.

          • Certain things are self-evident in hockey and life. People who resort to lame personal insults when they’ve been schooled on a factual matter should pick up their milk bottle and take a long nap, and hope that when they wake up they’ve become more rational and sensible.

      • I’m sure Gettinger will get his share of mins this preseason. In fact I think he is better equipped for a bottom 6 role in NHL than some of the others.

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