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It’s been a little while since we’ve received questions for the mailbag, and we got two good ones for this week. As always, use the mailbag widget on the right to submit your questions for the mailbag!

Anthony asks: What are your thoughts on targeting Riley Sheahan from Detroit as a 3C?

Sheahan is an interesting target. The Wings are in cap hell, and Sheahan’s $2.075 million deal, which expires at the end of the season, is something that looks to be an easy target. Sheahan, a former first round pick, is just 25 years old, and will have a year left of team control for any acquiring team.

A few things before getting into player analysis. Detroit doesn’t need to trade Sheahan or free up cap space. They are $3 million over the cap, but that doesn’t account for Johan Franzen headed to LTIR or the nine defensemen currently on the roster. They have enough space via LTIR to dress a roster, even if they’d have minimal wiggle room.

As for Sheahan, I don’t know much about his play style or skill set beyond what I read. Sheahan is more a big body (6’3″, 222 lbs) with a defensive mind than someone who slots in as a potential offensive minded 3C. He’s not a point producer by any means. So right off the bat, I’m concerned.

Now let’s look at direct comparisons. The Rangers just signed Desharnais to a one year deal. Sheahan is close to the same player. Sheahan is better defensively, certainly at suppressing shot attempts. But nothing jumps off the page as, “wow, he’s under appreciated.” To me, Sheahan screams overpayment and underwhelming.

Steve asks (sort of): Don’t you think you’re forgetting about Sean Day as a candidate for defense? He seems to go unmentioned in every post.

Sean Day is interesting. He’s already signed to an ELC, so he can make the club outright from camp. That said, the 19 year old is likely not to get rushed by team. They have a ton of options already, and Day represents a high-end talent. It’s best the team not force him into a role in which he may not be ready. That’s the short answer as to why we aren’t necessarily including him into this year’s outlook.

That said, Day is very much on our radar for beyond this season. He’s a phenomenal talent that can’t be ignored. I’m intrigued to see where Day would slide into the roster. Even if the Rangers trade Nick Holden this year and Marc Staal next year, they still have eight options, including Day, to fill out the roster.

At just 19 years old, the Rangers are best served not rushing him. They don’t need him at the moment. If something else changes, then maybe he makes the roster sooner than expected. But just based on roster construction, I don’t think we see him until he’s 21 years old at the earliest.

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  • I read that Day got absolutely roasted in the WJC game vs. Sweden yesterday, so maybe he’s not as close as some may think. I thought “maybe” a mid season call up and now I am rethinking that too. At least this year in Hartford.

    • I just watched the replay and a couple of observations:

      1: Almost every USA blue D has a number in the twenties, Day is 28 & Krys is 29. With their sweaters tucked in at the back, it made it tough to attribute certain plays to the right guy.

      2: Bratt’s 1st goal, Day was in the right position, but nobody was backchecking for support.

      3: On the game winner, Day took a lazy clear (on his backhand)up the wall because his D partner wasn’t in position to take the reverse pass. Re-directed shot from the point resulted. Should’ve been on the near post, was at the dot.

      4: Day started on the right, switched to the left, then on the right period by period. Gildon was awful supporting the play, doesn’t think fast.

      Overall Day was fine in his own end and limited his puck rushes, got it to guys who really can move it. When the puck was in deep in his end, used his body to shield it, but sticks still got through. You’d want him to use as much muscle as technique, but it’s always a work in progress. He roamed out of position twice in the game: once above the dot chasing his man and once crossing midline that created a scoring chance against. Certainly nothing that would remotely suggest a roasting.

      5: Lias Andersson was cheating like a mofo on his faceoffs early, his keister was facing his opponent by the time the puck hit the ice. When the linesmen started giving him grief over it., won a lot fewer faceoffs. Won the tying goal cleanly.

      6 Rasmus Dahlin is gonna be a monster. Everything I saw last year, but really showing a mean streak with his open ice hits. Has a hip check and knows when to throw it. His transitions from forward to reverse are a thing of beauty.

  • If it wasn’t for the fact that LTIR is apparently a 365 day a year concept, Detroit would have had a serious Oct. 1 problem.

  • With all our youth, we can afford to ‘stay the course’ , see how well miller, zib and hayes and either desharnis or lars or peumpel [ i think he is still in the plans] do as a group ………..then make changes if necessary in off season. We can also target next summer as the time to ‘buy out stall’ and move on. Only disappointment this offseason was losing lindberg……every other move was excellent…….top 4 D men solid….hope berezelov and deangelo are 3rd pair………and continue to watch as our competition in east= crosby, malkin, ovechkin, continue to age……

  • Sheahan skates like he is in quicksand and provides little offense. I be more interested in Detroit’s other pivot Luke Glendening. Luke can skate like the wind and is a very good shut down center. He would be a good fit for AVs quick break out run and gun hockey. Luke carries a 1.8 million cap hit.

    Sean Day like most of the dmen in the Rangers system will need some time to develop.

    • Apart of me feels like the 3c won’t be as bad this coming season. I only thought that because Zib and Hayes are going to have have break out seasons and give this club numbers from the top 6 center group that fans have never seen. I also feel if the 3c doesn’t post up 30+ points and 15+ goals then the fans will feel that sting because if Hayes in the last 3 years. Someone like Sean Couture from Philly would be perfect for the next 5-6 years , so yes we need a shutdown center but DD and his faceoff ability along with his offense could really be a good thing for this season. I just hope that Andersson with Fast when healthy and Grabner could help shut down lines and push the puck in a positive fashion.

      • WOW, that is the kind of enthusiasm not often seen on this site. I, for one, applaud and agree! Way to go Mint!

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