filip chytil

The Rangers swung for the fences when they drafted Filip Chytil at #21 overall this year. He’s just 17 years old and has already had success in the Czech leagues. But now that he’s playing in games that are being streamed, we are starting to see a bunch of gifs about his play.

That first move around the defenseman is just great. It’s been a long time since the Rangers have had someone of that skill level that can make the defense look like clowns. Chytil can do that already, and he can’t even legally buy a cigarette in this country yet.

That’s him burying the goal off the failed clear. Hockey awareness and a great shot to go with sick dangles.

Goes to the net and gets a back door feed.

Takes the puck off the boards from two opponents and created something out of nothing. He seems to be too good for kids his age.

Also just going to leave this here.