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Last week the Rangers made arguably the biggest splash of the offseason thus far, sending Derek Stepan and Antti Raanta to Arizona for the 7th overall pick (Lias Andersson) and defense prospect Anthony DeAngelo. As a former first round pick, DeAngelo is definitely a talented player. Taken in the first round by Tampa in 2014, DeAngelo followed up his draft year with two more years of more than a point per game in the OHL.

His first year in the AHL was no different, putting up 43 points (6-37-43) in 69 games. However Tampa sent him to Arizona that offseason for a second round pick. The former first rounder was traded for a second round pick. Clearly, there were some issues.

For DeAngelo, his scoring and skill are clear to the eye. He’s supremely talented with the puck and can use his speed to lead breakouts. His offensive talent is off the charts, and he’s someone the Rangers can really rely on in the offensive zone to generate chances. It’s an aspect of their blue line they’ve been missing. He’s a kid that could finally give the Rangers’ forwards the puck and actually transition the offense, something they desperately need.

However as mentioned before, there are clear issues with his defensive play. Tampa gave up on him after just a year, making him a healthy scratch in Syracuse before his trade to Arizona. This is a kid that was supposed to be an integral part of the Bolt’s future, gone for a second rounder. The concerns are very clear: His attention to detail in the defensive zone is seriously lacking.

So on the ice, DeAngelo is clearly a work in progress. He’s a kid that is going to look to score and not do much else. Which of course makes him a terrible fit for Alain Vigneault. Any defenseman that is even rumored to be bad in the defensive zone doesn’t get the necessary ice time, even if those rumors aren’t true (Yandle). But for a kid who, at the current moment in his career, is downright awful in his own end? AV won’t play him.

Now that’s not to say DeAngelo won’t improve. The kid is barely able to purchase a beer legally. There’s plenty of room to grow, and those offensive skills can certainly mask his defensive woes. But he needs to put in the effort and have the right attitude. And therein lies the major red flag for me.

DeAngelo has had a ton of problems. He’s been suspended twice for verbal abuse of officials, the most recent one being this past January. He’s directed slurs at his own teammates too. So for those thinking you’re getting Sean Avery, think again. But, as mentioned before, there’s room for him to grow. It’s not where you’ve been, it’s where you’re going. I firmly believe in that.

For this trade to really work out for the Rangers, DeAngelo needs to develop. His offensive game is borderline elite, but his defensive game leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully the kid figures it out. The Rangers are banking on him doing so.


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