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Rangers trade Stepan and Raanta to Arizona for Anthony DeAngelo and #7 pick

derek stepan

A blockbuster in New York. The Rangers have sent Derek Stepan and Antti Raanta to Arizona in exchange for 21 year old RHD Anthony DeAngelo and the #7 pick this draft. There was a lot of smoke around Arizona and the Rangers regarding Stepan, and this deal got done.

In DeAngelo, the Rangers got a great talent with some attitude issues. DeAngelo was suspended for abusing an official last season. But he is definitely a talented player. He’s not the 1RD the Rangers need, but he could grow into that role in the future, assuming he can get his head on right.

Raanta will likely be the starter in Arizona. But losing Stepan, without replacing him, will hurt. Drafted in 2008 in the second round, Stepan has been a career Ranger averaging at least 50 points consistently. He will be the sure-fire 1C in Arizona. The trade frees up $6.5 million for the Rangers as well.

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        • Bobby B,
          ‘That would be me’……Great Line……
          Not many here want Kane ……that makes me want him even more!’
          Do you know how physical deAngelo is?
          Overall a great day, daisy is gone, now i feel bad for arizona……

          • Steal of a deal for us/….gorton did great job!!!
            It shows stepan has value and I will be feasting on crow tonight!
            I didnt think we’d get this much for him…..

          • Yote fans will rip on him hard especially after for a wanting Austin Matthews last summer.

          • Well, it’s a ‘steal’ if you wanted to expose him.

            IMO unless the RHD pans out, we got hosed.

          • If the rhd and the draft pick don’t pan out we got hosed. #7 pick is good.

          • Chayka had them over a barrel. Raanta was worth a 2nd, so the Rangers got a prospect(and a good one) and an upgrade from a 3rd RD pick for Stepan.

            This is why I had no problem exposing Step: the opportunity cost of keeping him was greater than his value.

          • “This is why I had no problem exposing Step: the opportunity cost of keeping him was greater than his value.”


            I was gonna announce the passing of our poor aforementioned horse, but, you’ve just resuscitated him!

            You had no problem exposing Stepan because you are fixated on an admittedly allured, yet still wholly unrealistic pipe dream stretching from here to Alberta.

          • Oh please. That’s ridiculous.

            And indefensible.

            You wanted to waive a #7 pick & prospect. For a pipe dream.

            Don’t get me wrong – if you’re gonna dream, dream big.

            Just admit you were wrong about this already, lol

          • We know that a Ranger backup goalie is worth a 2nd, so what’s it take to upgrade that to a 1, another 2nd? I would say you were throwing OEK around, but you don’t have the onions to go out and actually write anything, just bag on it.

            Who’s zooming who?

          • Huh?

            Now you’re personally insulting me (again) because I liked the phrase someone else wrote (‘lightning in a bottle’) to describe Grabner …?

            …. You’re kidding, right?

            You’d like me to ‘come out & say it’? Lol, fine

            I’m sorry you’re a blockhead who genuinely thinks waiving Stepan was ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, a good idea…

            … especially for the comical notion that even a cheap bastard like Katz would let McDavid walk for a measly four late 1st rounders.

            Have a nice day

    • Yessss Yessss yes. All the moves that I wanted to see. That means JT may be out? This Kane move helps covers alot on what’s gone wrong with this team and imo the management is thinking who would look good next to Hayes. Hayes/Kane on the PK making for the most dangerous unit in the league, I just hope JT is apart of that futures line.

      • Swarty, was it you, or Dr. Ronty I exchanged posts with last season regarding Anthony DeAngelo (when he was a ‘Bolt)?

        (Either we had this discussion, or last week’s LSD and ayahuasca experiences continue to subvert my psyche.)

        Irregardless, this kid’s got upside. Could be MDZ… with attitude.

        Well done, Mr Gorton. or shadow GM Anthony/Richter.

        • It may have been me Nicky since he was a Bolt at the time. Tampa dumped him due to attitude and if he can turn that into on the ice snarl then bring him on.

          Dude – easy on the sunshine OK?

      • Yes, not talking about Stepan anymore may be the only positive about this trade.

      • Yes, it was aggravating.

        Stepan was a very good Ranger. He’ll be missed, but it was time. The pending NMC, acquisition of Mika, and the progress from Hayes and Miller made Stepan expendable.

        Sorry he has to spend the rest of his prime in Arizona.

  • Thanks Derek for everything. You’ve been fun to watch and a pleasure to root for . Still giving Caps fans nightmares from the Double OT winner a few years back. Goodluck in the desert.

    Rangers now have a hell of a lot of cap space to work with. You have to assume a Shatty signing and an established body at C are coming into the fold. Surprised they couldn’t do this before the draft in order to have protected Lindberg. I’m sure there were reasons though.

    For now- got a much needed righty defenseman.

  • What are we gonna do at center now? Gorton’s got have have something i lined up. I can’t imagine what we could offer for Duchene, though. Please no Galchenyuk. Please.

  • On the surface I don’t like this just on how it leaves the center position. It’s got to be the start of something else right? Something big?

    And who’s the moron that said they should expose Stepan and lose him for absolutely nothing to Vegas?

    • You cant insult me today Spozo I am too happy!
      Shocked we got this much for him and i will say it again, I will be eating crow tonight, but enjoying every bite………..
      We just got better ….addition by subtraction!

    • I wrote it as well, you didn’t get much more than nothing for Stepan: if one wanted to be a skeptic they got a prospect on his third org(one step away from Clendening & Pirri) and had to throw in Raanta to get the upgraded pick. Better than nothing, but not by much for a “1C”. My valuation of Stepan(and his NTC) was closer to what he got back in value than the overestimation most people had.

      Glass is an amazing player, but is 3 years away as he’s so skinny you’d think he was auditioning for the role of Mr. Salty. Of all the players who would be available at 7, the only one who could possibly step in straight away is Gabe Vilardi, who has the size and scoring rate to compete in the NHL as an 18yr old. His ceiling is lower than all the others in that range, however.

      But FA signings will be interesting: a bunch of guys on 1 yr deals and they’re all in on McDavid or Tavares in 2018, as this class has nobody worth anywhere near a quarter of their cap space.

      Get Marty Hanzal on an overpaid 1yr deal as a serious upgrade as 3C over Lindberg, Hayes as your 2C and Fogarty as a 4C; that’s not bad at all.

      Resign Smith and they have something resembling a better D corps.

      • “I wrote it as well, you didn’t get much more than nothing for Stepan”

        … So a 7th overall pick & a talented headcase are total nothings?

        You can’t just say, “hey I didn’t like Stepoff, and I’ve said some insanely idiotic things about him, but it’s sure nice being wrong today!” …. ?

        • Quote from Jim Cerny:
          “Jeff Gorton says Arizona insisted on Raanta to make this trade. Says he was reluctant to part with both Stepan and Raanta”

          Amazing how you keep on omitting Raanta on valuing this trade.

          Chayka had been trying for a year to get Stepan, yet at the end he wasn’t even key man on the deal.

          Amazing how you keep on about my willingness to expose Step, when I had repeatedly written that was my last option and nothing in this deal would’ve been affected by the expansion draft beyond not losing Lindberg.

          • Reen

            That’s funny about Raanta, I said he was the person that got us a #7 pick, just to tweak some people, and now this? Are you kidding because I was, this is too funny if true!!!!

          • “Chayka had been trying for a year to get Stepan, yet at the end he wasn’t even key man on the deal”


            I keep omitting Raanta because he was exposed in the expansion draft (and passed over)…. for lindberg! A 26 year old 4C!

            Raanta was clearly not the centerpiece of this trade.

            If he had that kind of value, he’d have been snatched by GMGM, if for nothing else than to trade him to a team who saw such value.

            Furthermore, using that logic, wouldn’t comparables have gone for those kinds of returns? Even guys like Martin Jones (or Lehner years ago) might not have brought DeAngelo, much less the #7 pick.

            Actually, maybe the prospect, but not the pick. That being said, you can see why I think we got hosed.

            Last option or not, as I’ve said ten times now (and to spare Dave the trouble of deleting it, I won’t say it again)…… exposing a 26 year old with favorable fancy stats on an appropriate contract (even just to clear cap space) would have been incredibly dumb!

    • I guess you and I are in the minority. Unless they use that money to sign a 3C like Hanzal or Joe Thornton, its a real headscratcher. I hope Deangelo gets shipped out of town ASAP, guy is a terrible teammate and a diva.

    • Please! no Thornton, I would pick Scott Gomez before Thornton or anyone for that matter. It would be the worst ever Ranger trade and we all know there were plenty of those.

  • Hopefully Walt doesn’t keel over from excitement when he sees this. Literally everything he ever wanted in one headline 🙂

  • Walt should be doing his happy dance!

    Good luck to both Step and Antti. We’ll see if Raanta can be a true #1 just as Talbot proved to be.

    • Somebody better go get Walt , last seen climbing a chair to hang his belt in the rafters… He’s got nothing to live for now that Stepan is gone…. #goodbyeWalt

  • The rangers do pick up a young promising dman in Deangelo in this deal. But holly with Steps and Lindberg out of the picture they are left with a gaping hole up the middle. There are some free agent centers available, but they will gobble up what ever capspace Derick freed up. Best of luck in Arizona Steps. Looking forward to watching you play next time I am in Phoenix.

  • I never thought that the team could win with Stepan at the helm. He always seemed to miss prime opportunities to score and his attitude during the OTT series made this trade easy to bear. While he was a competent 2 way player, Mika should be able to take another step forward replicate most of his offensive production as he was only 0.02 less P/GP.

  • Sign Shatty, Smith, Thornton, and trade for a goalie? Not saying I want those moves, just thinking out loud……

    • Spozo
      When will you learn……yandle, dan boyle, gomez, drury, holik, etc etc… to shattenkirk, unless it short term, 3 years and NOT a kings ransom…..
      Agree with smith…..did well here , reasonable money……
      Thornton????? 1 year 4 million or no…….
      Like to see Miller at center……

      • And maybe you missed the part where I said “not saying I want these moves, just thinking out loud”.

        I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to see that this deal was a salary dump that opened up cap space to pay someone else. What I proposed is the most obvious way of filling the void not what I think the team should do!

        • Spozo,
          Me too, thinking out loud………
          You gotta lighten up buddy and have fun with this blog…..
          Whats better than year round hockey and talking rangers in the off season!

  • DeAngelo has some BRUTAL shot suppression numbers. Hopefully that was a product of playing for the Yotes….

    • …. on the bright side, he’s young & the offensive numbers look good.

      And, come to think of it…

      It’s not like Dan G was doing a much better job at shot suppression than this kid.

  • I hope this move humbles the Stepan fans a bit.All summer there’s been this vibe on here that Stepan would bring in a elite franchise name. I think this goes to show you that your opinion wasn’t very valid in the real world. If you knew and wanted him gone then this day is a win win. Getting E Kane in this system on a winning mentality team is a bonus for me.

    • What?!? The Rangers swapped out Stepan for a top D prospect and the #7 pick and you’re calling that in indictment on how little Stepan is worth? Don’t even mention Raanta as Raanta was basically a throw in with little value to the Rangers.

      If anyone thought Stepan was landing Trouba straight up, they were delusional. A top pair D is always worth more than a top line forward, unless we are talking about an elite, like top 5 at the position, FW.

      • If anything, even though I think he returned less than he should have, I’m not sure even his most ardent supporters on this site ever actually said he’s worth THAT much (Trouba). They do exist, though.

        I think we got fleeced by a factor of Raanta’s value (probably similar to Talbot’s last year) and an additional piece, say a lesser prospect or the opportunity to add (say, next year’s 2nd, 3rd, & a throw in) for another solid prospect.

        Bad, but hopefully not horrific.

      • No not for me but to the crowd that thought he would bring back a top center or top D then yes you might have felt shafted.

        • I could be wrong but, well, who said that? I don’t remember anyone going THAT far

          I’ve never seen someone say he was worth a talent like Trouba without adding (think Skjei & a first, at the least).

      • I think you underestimate Raantas value. This trade doesn’t happen without him. Arizona needs a goalie. Based upon what Rangers got for Talbot, he was worth a 2nd and a3rd round pick. Now who are the Rangers going to pick up? Thornton? Slow as molasses. In goal?

        • Read the last thread. The Rangers could get almost any pro goalie and coach him up to be a borderline starter. Biron, Vally, Talbot, Raanta, these guys were all on their way to washing out of the league (the first two) or never really making it (the last two).

          Having a good, and trusted goalie coach is the key to developing goalies. Chad Johnson, Anders Nilsson, Darcy Kuemper … any of those 3 could be signed for less than $1.5M. Nilsson and Kuemper are giants and Johnson was in the Rangers system for the first 3 years of his pro career.

          • I don’t remember anyone named Vally. I do remember a horrific back-up named Valiquette, but he hardly supports your argument.

          • Valliquette was actually decent for a half season, which is waaaaaayyyyyy more than he ever accomplished in the rest of his fringe NHL career.

            The point is Allaire can turn any pro goalie that’s willing to listen into an NHL goalie.

  • Really not sure yet if i am happy or sad with the trade. I purchased a ticket last night for the Rangers and Las Vegas Golden Knights on Jan 7! Not many tickets left! Also purchase one for Rangers at Anaheim on Jan 23. I love my Rangers and long time fan!

  • DeAngelo is a nice piece. Young enough that he still has value either as a trade asset or a future Ranger. Getting #7 overall is a happy surprise. Losing Raanta is meh. It’s clear that Benoit Allaire can turn any decent goalie into a reliable NHL caliber backup.

    The biggest thing for me is the massive amount of cap space ($20M) JG now has at his disposal (add $3M if Klein retires). I imagine Mika gets Stepan’s ($6.5M/6 years) contract, Smith signs for $4.5M, and Fast for around $1.3M. That leaves four open roster slots that will likely have to be filled from outside the org with the remaining $8M-$11M: Top 4 D, 12th and 13th FW, and a backup to Hank.

    That could mean, Shattenkirk at $6M, Boyle at $2M, maybe Nate Thompson or Viktor Stalberg at $1.5M, and a backup for $1M. Or, skip Shattenkirk and sign Jumbo Joe and keep that cap space available for next summer.

    This is going to be interesting, JG can really reshape the team how ever he wants.

    • You’re forgetting that the following players will get new contracts next year:


      If they dont leave 10 million on the books for next year or have another trade lined up similar to Brass/Step, they will not have the cap room to do much more than sign Joe thornton and kevin shatt. They most likely do not have the money to sign Brendan Smith and all of those players to new contracts next season.

        • Nash’s $7.8M, Holden’s $1.65M, Grabner’s $1.65M, and Puempel’s $725k all come off the books next year. that’s almost $12M that will be used to give raises to Hayes ($2.5M), Miller ($2.5M), Vesey ($1.5M), Skjei ($1.5M). That still leaves almost $4M to re-sign Nash or Grabner if JG wants to go in that direction.

          Contrary to the prevalent lazy narrative, the Rangers are one of the better managed teams in terms of the Cap. they haven’t been in a cap crunch for a few years.

          • Hah!

            To be clear, any snark was not directed towards Matt R or anyone who posts around here, it was directed towards lazy bloggers that think the Rangers are still operating like they were 15-20 years ago.

          • Lol its cool. I wasn’t directing mine at you either as you already mentioned saving for the summer of 18. I think Nash should be resigned though, and I think we all can agree on that, albeit for half of what he is at now.

          • I didn’t care for Keith Yandle, but he was not resigned because the Rangers could not afford him. And two years ago they fire-saled Hagelin.

            The cap crunch is perennial.

          • They didn’t fire sale Hagelin, they moved on from him when he wanted to get paid like a top 6 forward.

            Honestly, his contract from the Ducks is looking worse and worse and it’s becoming evident the Rangers dumped Hags at the right time.

            The cap crunch is not perennial. Teams like Boston, Chicago, Philly, LA, those teams are actually over the cap and using the 10% cap overage cushion every summer. That’s a cap crunch.

    • D’Angelo will be on his 5th organization in 5 years going back to junior.

      Not saying, just saying.

  • In the one Rangers/Coyotes game I watched last season, D’Angelo looked awesome and I thought how much I wanted to see a young defenseman with his skills in a Rangers jersey. Getting him plus #7 pick is wonderful work by Gorton. Those who haven’t seen D’Angelo play will be impressed.

    Stepan was a good player for the team and I will never bad mouth the guy. I will miss Raanta, but like I said yesterday on another thread, he was likely to be thrown in to sweeten a deal. Good luck to him, he is a great young man. But, I am glad about this trade. Surely there is more to come.

  • Best if luck to Stepan and Raanta, but won’t be surprised if the 7th or 21st pick is gone before tonight and someone new is in Ranger blue(MacKinnon, Trouba, Faulk). Also lots of cap space to sign a center. Joe Thornton to a short term deal. Or a D man or 2.(smith and shattenkirk) Also with DeAngelo in the mix maybe Holden is traded too. This is just the beginning, not the end. Hard to judge things until Gorts is done.

  • I’m not sure how I feel about this one. On it’s face, we gave up a lot and created a lot of holes.

    We are now barren down the middle, and have no one to back up Hank. In return, we get a high draft pick and a talented young RHD with reported attitude issues. If this stands, it seems more about revamping for the future.

    On the other hand, with so much cap room and a couple of first round picks, we can certainly retool down the middle for a run this year. The next couple of weeks will illuminate which direction Gorton intends to take.

    I still don’t understand why this deal wasn’t arranged to precede the expansion draft. Lindberg could have been protected in Stepan’s place. Would acquiring Stepan before the expansion draft have upended Arizona’s protection balance?

    In any case, farewell to both Stepan and Raanta. Great teammates who have had a positive impact on this team over the years. And an early congratulations to Stepan who will no doubt go out and put up 30 goals and 70 points in the desert. 😉

  • Nice Call Dave, pretty sure you hit this earlier today!

    Rangers have some shells to spare at the moment…

    I think we need to toss out a few nicknames
    for our GM Jeff at this point already…

  • Only time will tell if this is a A to A- move …..OR a D- move….ONLY TIME…..LETS GO RANGERS !

  • Apparently some people would prefer to only get one sided dream trades as if they were playing ea nhl 17. Why would we want to get Kane and/or Thornton? Can we just be happy we have cap space and two first round draft picks for the first time in years? All I read for the past two months was get rid of G (bought out), stepan( traded) and staal (still here)… 2 outta 3 ain’t bad and it’s still June. We didn’t get OEK…but would we trade him if the shoe was on the other foot? Hell no. Kane is a time bomb..there is plenty of factual evidence to back this up and Thornton is ready for retirement…please.

    Time to focus on some development and drafting for a change. We weren’t going to win a cup this year anyway just like we were last year when everyone was spewing pleasantries about pirri and the plethora of forwards we had. Be realistic the focus needs to be on lundquists replacement and defense. We can fill in center (JTs natural position, Nieves..) without having to sign yet another over the hill past his prime center. I thought we were trying to get younger?

    • Now we get Shane Doan and Joe Thorton and Shatty. Ask Scott Gomez to come out of retirement and make a trade for Jagr. That is the Ranger team we need!!!!

      Relax, those days are finally over!!!!

    • Mr Doe

      Great points, especially getting to unload 2 of 3, but there still is plenty of time for a trade that includes Staal. I’m just happy we are getting younger, cheaper, and getting more options to work with. As far as Kane, Joe T, please stay away from both. Kane is a head case, and Joe T is slower than a constipated snail, who should never be considered at all. The game is getting faster, we just traded Stepan because he was slow as heck, why even mention Thornton at all is beyond me???? So be it, JG is on a mission, and his work isn’t finished yet!!!!

      • Considering Thornton had ACL surgery and wouldn’t be available for the start of the season, Rangers sign him for anything other than a 1yr why?

    • ? he was’t stella last season?
      I think he put up 5G 15A in almost a full season…

      keep him out west …

    • The Duke is looking like he may be a bust, or at the very least nothing more than a complimentary scoring winger. This is going to be a big year for him.

      • Yep, a shame after a promising start. I don’t think he has much trade value at this point, so hard to see Arizona just cutting bait but he’d be a nice throw-in.

        • he does get Stepan to center him, maybe he had a sophomore slump and he gets that touch back

          I would have been happy with him back over the #7

          for sure…

        • Tippett had no time for Duclair because he wouldn’t play D and if not top 3 you have to play some D. He needed to go to the A to get that part of his game polished.

  • Great news!!!!! Now the obvious question, where is the haul we were to get for him???????? The way people talked, he could get us a boat load, dreamers all. Now we get rid of a floater, get rid of his contract, get a RHD, and #1 pick for Raanta. LOL!!!!!!!! Bring on the hate guys, I’ll laugh all day long with this news………..

    • … so a 7th overall pick & a 1RHD prospect is something we were better off waiving….?

      Or do you mean to imply that Las Vegas also saw no need for such a return, since they chose Lindberg over Raanta?

      I’ll give the ‘expose stepan’ crew some credit for trying to flip this argument around, but you guys were still pretty wrong.

      • Angry

        I was never on board exposing Daisy, all in on the trade, but never getting nothing in return!!!! I even posted such, you have me mixed up with someone else my man……..

        • Sorry Walt, I’m having a hard time keeping track these days

          I thought you were on that bandwagon, but it’s good to hear you’re smarter than that.

          Anyways, hopefully they sign Thornton for a year or two as a stopgap…. I think he’s got a little left in the tank, but only if the price is right.

          • Angry

            If what Reen says is true, he had ACL surgery at seasons end, and won’t be available till later on, why sign him? Makes no sense to me……….

          • For one, by virtue of his leadership qualities, Walt.

            Big Joe’s a warrior. He left it all out on the ice this past playoffs. Really battled.

            I posted this a few days back, Walt: my take is that if we had Thornton, someone with his makeup, experience–stature/stiff spine–this past April-May we get to The ECFs.

            We didn’t have That Presence. Full stop.

          • Well, I know it’s very risky, but as much as we wanted this to happen, we still have a hole down the middle.

            And while he’s old (and slow), for a 1 year ~5 million deal, I’d take a gamble on a first ballot HoFer still under 39 who has put up 100+ points more than once during his career.

            You’re right though, it’s a very risky idea.

    • No more Daisies in the locker room or on the ice. Time to man up!

      We get a 6’7″ defenseman, who won’t be pushed around in the crease.

      Zinbad is a 1C, Hayes is a 2C, Looking for a 3C, any rookie can be a 4C.

      I see a future!

    • Walt, wasn’t the actual return for Stepan a boatload?

      The Rangers now have their highest draft pick since they selected Al Montoya at #6 in 2004 … you must be beyond excited. All of a sudden the Rangers have a golden opportunity to draft another top 6 type of player, exactly what you’ve been begging for for years!

      • In the immortal words of Lou Gehrig “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth”

      • Exactly, except it was for Raanta!!!! I’m elated for the pick, but many out there were saying he, Daisy, would bring a kings ransom, and he didn’t did he?????? In any case, nothing anyone can say today that will wipe this grin off of my face……………Just tweaking folks with the Raanta bit LOL!!!!!!

      • Jim Cerny; “Jeff Gorton says Arizona insisted on Raanta to make this trade. Says he was reluctant to part with both Stepan and Raanta”

    • With Walt on this. Sign Smith. Don’t give out a money rich long term contract to a UFA.
      need to fingers a center with size. Should be able to do that. Great move

    • Walt puts a negative spin when they deal the player he has been ranting about for the whole season.

      It’s so appropriate that your name is Walt. Can you say “get off my lawn” just once?

      • Spozo

        Some two, or three weeks ago someone described you best ” Spozo is just a prick, being a prick”, he hit the nail on the head. Now let’s remember that quote didn’t come from me, but I agree 10000000000000% with it………..

  • BSB are we going to get a quick analysis on what they might select at 7th? If they still have the pick of course!

    • I had similar thoughts, assuming they keep the pick, this changes the draft plan considerably. Targets at #7 are a drastic difference compared to what might be available at #21.

    • Many mock drafts have these guys pegged at 5,6 and 7 or some combination.

      Center Cody Glass,

      Center Casey Mittelstadt,

      Center Nick Suzuki

      Each one of them is pretty damn good. I would think they could make the team as a 4th line center. If not, they might need half a season of seasoning in the AHL.

    • Gonna be tough. Very short notice to get it up beforehand. But have no fear, Josh is going to have something up after the draft evaluating the picks.

  • Well, not an uneventful offseason. At least right now, the Rangers are far from a playoff team. The #7 likely won’t contribute right away, D’Angelo is no Girardi, and the Rangers are down two centers. They’ll add some players, but I will be surprised if they can contend next year. Methinks Gorton didn’t see that with the team he had and is focused on the future.

    D’Angelo looks like a real test for AV and company. A very talented but bad hockey player with a bad attitude. Bad news is that if he doesn’t pan out, the resale value isn’t high. Talented players who haven’t blossomed in one place are in demand – two places not so much.

    • I don’t know…. losing Stepan (assuming he’s not replaced at all) will hurt…. but losing Girardi doesn’t. Given their respective ice times, this alone may be a wash.

      • Girardi was no longer a top pairing guy – and there is nowhere for him to go but down. But despite the attitude of many here, he was still an NHL defensemen and at least last year, DeAngelo was far from that.

        Personally, I think the key is starting DeAngelo in Hartford. Girardi made too much money and is replaceable, but he did fill a nook and has not been replaced yet.

        • True, but his name was being dragged through the mud to the point where that no longer mattered anymore.

          If he were on the third pairing, despite his salary, I think there’s a chance they would have kept him one more year.

          • Angry

            Everyone who was objective saw that Dan was not first pair, but AV felt compelled to play him there. Same for Glass. Both can’t be held accountable for what that idiot coach did by deploying them the way he did……..

  • Many mock drafts have these guys pegged at 5,6 and 7 or some combination.

    Center Cody Glass,

    Center Casey Mittelstadt,

    Center Nick Suzuki

    Each one of them is pretty damn good. I would think they could make the team as a 4th line center. If not, they might need half a season of seasoning in the AHL.

  • Kind of a bitter, sweet deal. A lot hinges on the seventh over-all pick and what center and goalie we get to replace the missing parts.

  • Also, offtopic but, if deleted posts are not going to stay… deleted… than may we … remove… the delete button?

    • Perhaps it was highway robbery since Jeff Gordon is a NASCAR dude –

      I know Larry – the damn spellcheck – I just couldn’t pass it up though

  • Gorton got a young defenseman with a lot of skill who needs to be groomed. No problem, Beuk can sit in him if need be. #7 pick, either they get another talented kid or they use it to acquire another good player, and they have freed up a lot of cap space too. I am very pleased with this trade despite the holes at center. If you look forward beyond the immediate needs, it is a great trade. They will get some good players.

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