Rangers take Lias Andersson at #7

lias andersson

The Rangers have taken forward Lias Andersson with the #7 overall pick in the draft. Andersson can play all three forward positions. The 5’11, 200 lb forward is deemed the safest pick in the draft, with one of the higher floors. He doesn’t have the elite ceiling that you’d want from a top-ten pick, though.

Andersson put up 9-10-19 in 42 games in the SHL as an 18 year old, which is pretty solid. He’s a solid skater with a good shot. However the Rangers reached on this pick.

Update: Rumors are abound saying the Kings wanted Andersson at 11. If this was Clark’s guy, and he knew that he wouldn’t last beyond LA, then taking him at 7 makes sense.

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    1. Rasmussen had a decent scoring rate, but at his size it should’ve been way higher if he had elite skill. Never really jumped out at me the few times I saw him.

      I don’t draft Brian Boyle @7

        1. Then why couldn’t he do it @ 5v5?

          He’s a big body that knows how to use it on PP. In NHL, that advantage largely disappears. So then he’s bottom 6.

          Do you draft a bottom 6 F @ 7?

          If you work for the Rangers, don’t answer that.

  1. The reports on him are underwhelming but I’m not going to get too bent out of shape about it. Everyone said after the 4th pick that the next 10 were interchangeable. NHL careers are not decided on draft night!

    1. Interchangeable, but If they’re all the same, give me the bigger version of it.

      I can make them skate better, I can bulk them up, I can teach them D positioning & I can even refine skill.

      I can’t teach height and I can’t teach them them toughness.

      A bit of a reach considering the ceiling.

      1. Fair enough. But I’m still not getting too bent out of shape about it. It’s not like they were going to get the next Toews at 7th overall.

        The draft is the ultimate crap shoot. Let’s not forget that Chris Summers was a 1st rounder. Zherdev was a 4th overall (or around that). Boyle, the ultimate 3rd/4th line center was a first rounder. They have another shot at 21st so let’s see what they do!

        And I’m not ready to condemn management on draft night for a player that we won’t even know his true value for a few years. I’ll condemn them if this kid turns 25 and is on his 3rd minor league team in a single season (Mcilrath)!

    1. He’s already bigger than Fast, could plug him in for Fast tomorrow on an ELC for less money. Not that they’ll do that, but it’s there.

  2. I don’t get it..Stepan/Ranta should have brought an all-star. Now we have an aging goalie and minus centers Stepan and Lindberg. Stepan was a good defensive player. He was the scapegoat but not to blame Rangers gave up 50+ shots in a playoff game against Montreal. Certainly not a win now with Lundquist moment.

    1. Stepan is a 2nd line C with a hideous contract, Ranta is a backup G who is replaceable. With this trade, NYR have more space under the cap which you can sign a Joe Thornton maybe and a Kevin Shattenkirk. Meantime, NYR also get a Fast with better hands and better shot. Also you get a talented right-hand D who was a first rounder…It was a great trade for the NYR.

    2. I’m inclined to agree with this, but also want to say it’s too early to tell. There’s a ton of space to work with, and it’s very clear they aren’t done yet.

      But as of today, at the posting of this comment, I agree, the return has been a step back for the immediate success of the team. Long term, we shall see.

  3. I have a feeling that the big splash will be made in free agency…not in a relatively flat (by which I don’t mean bad) draft.

  4. I wonder if they drafted him cause he is closer to playing in the NHL than the othet picks according to Bob McKenzie. That being said I am a little worried, seeing how there were players comparable to jagr, kessel, Giroux, toews, etc.

    We take s player comparable to fast…… a known 3/4 liners, that is the main thing honestly scaring me. I hope Gordon knows something that most other scouts haven’t seen. I honestly wondering if this pick was mainly to keep Lundquist (another swede) happy.

    Also a few drafts ago Gordon said we will take the best player available so another mcilrath event doesn’t happen. Well he didn’t take the best available.

    1. Should also mention I was hoping that the rangers traded the 7th + for 13 and 15 so they could attempt to lilgren and/or my main wanted pick cal foote

  5. Don’t understand the hate on the pick. Solid dependable hard working center who is decent on face offs with solid hockey smarts. And a quick release. Sounds like a 3-4C.

    If the anger is about Stepan we got a rhd and a C back out of the deal and have 6.5 million in cap to make more moves.

    It’s like a mini rebuild. Gordo sees something in that player. I trust him.

    1. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m only a little upset cause I rather take a risk with someone that has more potential. It sounds like he is a generated 3/4 liner with a low chance of being a 2nd liner and almost zero chance at 1st. I rather have gotten a player who had some chance of being a 1st line player even if there was a slim chance he wouldn’t even succeed at all.

    2. My concern is the asset management. Trading a 1C and a starting goalie for a head case prospect (who is very, very skilled) and a middle-six F (who won’t be here for 2-3 years) is a step backwards for a win now team.

      That said, Andersson is going to be a good player. Just not a top line guy.

      1. Fine points Dave, any truth to the rumor that we all in on trying to acquire Evander Kane???

      1. Well, second line (potentially, anyways).

        Still, what worries me is, in Swedish juniors, Corey Pronman (ESPN guy) was touting his output being the 11th best in that league’s history.

        Only, the problem is, he put up ~60 points in 37 games, whereas a guy named Carl Hagelin had a year where he scored ~ 56 points in the same league in about the same number of games – 14th highest ever.

        And, for what it’s worth, the other players who had better seasons, most of them weren’t even NHLers. Hell, the only other name I saw on the list I even recognized was Lars Eller (and he was in the 20’s).

        Carl was a 6th rounder

        We just spent a 7th overall pick on a less quick (but bigger) version of that player who can take a faceoff. …. Yay?

  6. Finally get a first round pic and actually get two ! ….. Too bad there was really on two maybe 3 good pics n the whole draft !! Typical s@&$t …. I guess suckering someone into taking ,steps ridiculous contract was a plus

  7. Let me start by saying I dont follow prospects so I cant say that they were good picks or bad picks. I will say though that hearing words of NYR going off the board scares the crap out of me. Maybe its because of all the other bad picks in the past. Hopefully someone saw enough of them to feel the way, Rockstrom (had to look up his name lol) felt about Hank and is right.

  8. Either move down to #10 and pick up a 3rd from FLA, or take Tippett. Mark my words, Tippett’s going to be the best scorer in this draft.

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