Rangers take Filip Chytil at #21

filip chytil

With their second pick in the first round, the Rangers took Czech forward Filip Chytil at #21 overall. The 6’0″, 180 lb center/LW was the youngest player in the draft at just 17 years old. He made the draft age by a few days. He put up 4-4-8 in 38 games in the Czech league this year. It’s worth noting that as a 17 year old, he’s playing in the top men’s league in the Czech Republic.

Chytil is a tremendous skater with a good hockey IQ. He’s also known for getting to the dangerous areas. However he is rough around the edges, especially on defense. But that’s to be expected, the kid is only 17 years old. He actually projects higher than Lias Andersson, as he might make it as a top-six center. However he has a much lower floor.

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  • I will never complain about trading 1st round picks as long as this crew is running the draft….this was pathetic

    • You know, there’s not a lot of stuff we agree about….. but this comment is spot on.

      If you’re gonna acquire 1st round picks & take lesser talent….. then please spare us & trade the F***ing things….

      … except, instead of trading them for 39 year olds & 3rd pairing fodder, perhaps use them to get actual young talent with ceilings higher than the 2nd/3rd line?

      Dave, where’s your draft potato? Please, we need your (its?) help!

  • Would’ve liked to see a D but this was a weak draft class…And at this point we have no choice but to wait and see. Head scratchers for sure.

  • I know people say it is a draft don’t worry but seriously I’m shocked. Why didn’t he just trade the 7th for a mid 1st and more than trade the 21 for a late 1st or 2nd plus more. I have no problem at all with who was drafted bit when, he could have easily flipped the picks for more assets and still got the players he drafted.

    Gordon seriously messed this up (not with who he drafted but when). I’ll hold out a little for FA but I am losing faith in Gordon quickly.

    • Exactly what they should have done if their hearts were settled on these two….awful awful management of our picks….personally I think they were wasted for what the return was….Vilardi or Tippett (my choice) and Poehling at 21
      We lost a right handed forward (Stepan) when we have very few on the team and those we selected are both lefties is going to be trouble

  • Time to go full rebuild…we are not making the playoffs folks….every team in our division got better and we got worse…time to trade Nash, Lundqvist, McDonagh and Staal….
    I think I am getting my wish…gotta select in the top 5 to win the cup…I believe we will be picking top 5 next 2 years
    Forget signing any free agents to be competitive….we are going no where

    • “I think I am getting my wish…gotta select in the top 5 to win the cup…I believe we will be picking top 5 next 2 years”


      I don’t know about you but I’ve seen enough 1st round ‘picking’ to last another four years (times two)!

    • I dont think that is true but if it was…….

      Hmmmm you wanna go full rebuild with the scouts and his that just did this draft……….?

    • Yes, you now have McD, Shatty (hopefully), Skjei, and DeAngelo vs. McD, G, Staal, and Holden. Not too much of an upgrade at all, LOL.

      With $23M in cap space, with trades and FAs, they will fill the center spot and the rest of the roster.

      So no, the Rangers are actually going for it next season. It’s sad that you, and others, do not see the direction of the team that will put them in a better position to compete.

  • Take it easy guys, it’s not the end of the world. Nothing spectacular for sure, but we gained cap space, got rid of a slow over paid second line center and a back up goalie that can be replaced. These kids may pan out eventually, nothing is for sure. Definitely not elite material right now though, but very young. I was disappointed myself, because I thought we might get some guys with better credentials and more mature. I did like Raanta a lot. More changes (which this team definitely needed) will be coming for sure. I do remember DeAngelo playing a great game last year against the Rangers. That kid has some raw talent and may become a pleasant surprise next year.

    • Spot on Craig, I just get the feeling everyone was so excited after the big trade, these picks do not cause the same excitement 🙁

  • I’m with Leatherneck…if these are the first round picks, please just trade them for known talent. No more complaints about hanging onto picks from me.

    Are we supposed to believe Gordie Clark is more superior to all the other scouts out there?

    We’re talking about 3rd/4th line guys, if they make it – how exciting! Really moves the needle.

    • “We’re talking about 3rd/4th line guys, if they make it – how exciting! Really moves the needle.”

      That’s what makes this so ridiculous – why draft replaceable talent instead of taking a chance with your great pick on someone who may (or may not) become a REALLY good player?

      It makes absolutely zero sense to me….

      The only plus I can say about them is that the #7 pick is a center who plays like a more skilled Fast – a fan favorite here.

      As for the #21, per McKenzie (I think?), his stock rose the most this year out of any other player. That, and they both play in men’s leagues, which is more telling IMO than say high school numbers (like Glass).

      • Glass was so good he took 3rd periods off some nights because coaches told him to if a game got out of hand either way. He’s so thin they didn’t want him wearing out. Could’ve potted 50.

        Most Euros playing in men’s leagues are 4th liners whose job is opening the door to the bench. Makes projecting tough compared to CHL beyond views at Hlinka or U18. You have to go back to U16/18/20 teams and see how age advanced they were.

        Andersson was playing 2nd line minutes on a team that won the league, played in age groups 4-5 years ahead of him.

        Chytil played as a door opener on a bad team, played only 3 years up, even with good size.

        • Reen

          Andersson was playing 2nd line minutes on a team that won the league, played in age groups 4-5 years ahead of him.

          I don’t know anything about these kids, but you make some very valid points. These draft picks may work out long term, and I can be patient with them.

          What I am happy about is that we were at the table, got to select early, and not just crumbs. The team got a puck moving d-man, got rid of a slow poke, and got some terrific cap relief. I’m still grinning about the trade, love getting rid of the contact aversion guy!!!!!!!

          • Tony D has some great potential but also sounds off ice like Michael DelZotto. Don’t need another player winning the “Bronx Tale” wasted talent award.

          • Could be, but didn’t MDZ straighten up his act??? Time will tell, hope he comes around……..

  • I guess there really are people that feel The Hockey News’s scouting reports are the end all be all of how a players career will unfold.

    • Honestly, I’m much more bothered about the #7 pick. Not that I don’t like the kid, he may very well become one hell of a player. I just think other guys (Suzuki, Yamamoto, Brannstrom in particular) had much more potential, despite their lower floors.

      I’d rather take a chance at elite with my reach pick than grab a solid/potentially very good player, but that’s just me.

      The only thing that irks me about the #21 is that we probably could have grabbed him with a trade-down pick. Only a (theoretical) mid round pick was wasted there… not a huge deal I guess.

  • I like both picks. Andersson is the closest thing to an NHL ready forward as anyone is in this draft so with the 7th pick they put it on the fairway instead of attempting to drive one over the pond. Andersson has a Jasper Fast type motor that doesn’t quit.
    Chytil is a smart selection. He’s only draft eligible by a couple of days so he should’ve been going in the 2018 draft. Essentially the Rangers potentially selected a top 5-10 pick right NOW at 21. Being a year younger than anyone in this draft class is a massive advantage over the rest of the draft field. Smart move.
    Research players and think like a scout before you react with your heart.
    I’m not at all unhappy with these picks.

    • “Research players and think like a scout before you react with your heart.
      I’m not at all unhappy with these picks.”


      I’ll give you that on the last point. The #21 isn’t a bad pick.

      However, I personally would have taken a player with higher upside at #7.

      Hopefully they prove me wrong.

    • Amen, we have too many experts whining and complaining. These are good solid picks and this was a weak draft class in terms of game changing players.

  • Played on a lousy men’s team.

    So far this weekend, B grade. Cleared out cap room, brought in RD. Could’ve done this before expansion draft. The picks might be reaches, but with no 2nd RD pick, understandable.

  • I like the 21st pick. The kid apparently is very talented. Obviously he is a few years away, but I think they scored a talent here.

    While I am less enamored with the 7th pick, he does seem to be a solid hockey player. He may turn out to be a good one, but no, not a Great One.

  • I believe you have to wait a few years before casting judgement on any draft picks. The Rangers will have to go to the free agency pool as a stop gap to replace Stepan Girardi Klein and Raanta.

  • Great picks in the first round. Two players that could make the club out of camp.

    Did you think we were going to draft a Connor mcdavid in the 7 slot, cmon.

    Stepan lovers gonna hate on anything they can.

    • Not the 2nd pick, he’s 18 and not making the team. Andersson supposedly starting in Frolunda next year. But could he be here by the end of next season? Maybe.

  • Henrik was a 7th round pick and he didn’t turn out so bad. There’s no way to know yet as history has shown

  • Lots of ridiculous over-reaction to these picks. For those of you with a crystal ball, can you please check a few stocks for me.

    • If he was the true target at #21, not sure why GMJG didn’t trade down at least to the end of the first round. This guy wasn’t going before #30.

      After reading more, I do like that we went for Chytil, but a little bummed we couldn’t add another pick.

  • Knowing now St Louis was willing to trade Ryan Reeves for a pick, I would have gladly sent the 21st pick to get him. Pittsburgh keeps getting better and tougher. We wussy by the day.

    • Give a 1st round pick for a 4th line winger? In what way is that a good idea? I do agree we need to toughen up, but moving a first to add a 30 year old 4th liner is just bad asset management.

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