The Rangers are suddenly flush with cap space

Jason Demers carries an affordable $4.5 million cap hit for the next four years

Recent developments including the buyout of Dan Girardi, pending retirement of Kevin Klein and $2 million cap ceiling increase have dramatically shifted the offseason picture for the Blueshirts. What appeared to be a team in a relative bind a week ago is now one armed with the cash necessary to make seismic changes this offseason.

Assuming Klein does indeed hang up his skates, the Rangers should have upwards of $16 million available – and that’s before factoring in the player New York will lose this week to expansion. If it’s Antti Raanta, the number will climb to over $17 million, and if it’s Michael Grabner, the figure jumps to the neighborhood of $18 million.

Granted, the Blueshirts will have to replace Raanta, Grabner, Jesper Fast or Oscar Lindberg in some fashion – but that could be achieved with a near minimum player, or a greater investment if New York so chooses.

And that’s the key point here – options abound for the Blueshirts with this much money to spend.

There’s now enough cash available to make the most commonly anticipated plan realistic: re-sign Fast and Lindberg (if neither ends up a Golden Knight), get Mika Zibanejad under contract long-term and back up the Brink’s truck for Kevin Shattenkirk.

If New York skips Shattenkirk and instead adds a different top D-man – perhaps working with Las Vegas to score Sami Vatanen, Matt Dumba or Jason Demers, or pry Justin Faulk from Carolina or Jacob Trouba from Winnipeg – the finances get even more interesting.

Vatanen, Demers and Faulk all make between $4.5 million and $5 million, which could make re-signing Smith and the RFAs doable with some minor maneuvering. Meanwhile Trouba is at $2.8 million, Dumba at $2.55 million and Manson at a paltry $825k, meaning if New York acquired one of them the Blueshirts could retain all its free agents and still have plenty to spare.

Of course, that money might very well have to be earmarked for a Derek Stepan replacement – if he’s indeed the team’s trade chip for a big acquisition – but the Knights seem more interested in draft picks and prospects and might not see New York’s No. 1 pivot as the centerpiece of a swap.

If Stepan is the bait, the cap space could be there to make a run at Joe Thornton as a replacement if things go south with the Sharks, or revisit the idea of bringing Ilya Kovalchuk into the mix. The possibilities are suddenly limitless for the Blueshirts as a fascinating two weeks begin to unfold.

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  • Get Hossa for LTIR, grab a 6D on an expiring, get picks for it. Nothing but 1 year contracts. Trade Step & Staal for Brett Pesce (a solid D on an ELC) & picks. Or pucks even.

    McDavid 2018.

    Between Chicago & Pittsburgh, you’re seeing that you need elite talent to win it all. Edmonton is in a pickle. Too many contracts to the RNH’s & Eberle’s of the world that they have to unload them or they won’t have the $$ to match an offer sheet. When Nash’s contract expires they can have $25mm freed up. $15AAV/8, front loaded, will have plenty left over to re-sign all RFAs.

    Sorry to beat this drum, but if you want to win one for Hank, this is the way. The D will be rebuilt, you have internal replacements for top 6. This team has the money, picks and ability to bury other teams in a bidding war in 2018.

    • Don’t know what superstar is there is 2018 but lots of high picks and cash is never a bad direction, but it may mean a down year or two. I can live with that if the next great player wears our jersey.

        • What would a McDavid offer sheet even look like?

          7 years and $91 Million? That might not even get it done. I don’t think there is an offer sheet number big enough for Edmonton not to match.

          It’s an ambitious an creative plan but I can’t see the long suffering Oilers franchise letting their new 21 year old franchise player go next summer. I assume they would create cap space by simply moving Pouliot and one of RNH or Eberle for pennies on the dollar if there was a McDavid offer sheet that needed to be matched.

          Now, maybe you could get creative and threaten the Oil with an offer sheet and try and trade for RNH or Eberle on the cheap in exchange for that offer sheet never materializing, but I don’t know if that move would help the Rangers. Both are talented players but have massive cap hits vs. their production.

          • “7 years and $91 Million? That might not even get it done. I don’t think there is an offer sheet number big enough for Edmonton not to match”


            ^This. Also, if it helps, the largest contract a team may offer is 20% of the salary cap, which still isn’t enough to stop EDM from keeping him.

          • Couldn’t we offer a signing substantially larger than what Edmonton could afford?Ala what Neil Smith did on the Sakic offer sheet, only have it work this time…

          • It still would grab another team by the short, curly hairs if you gave a $19.35mm reporting bonus and a $650k league minimum salary.

            On a related subject; if Klein had a reporting bonus driven contract, didn’t report and play overseas; wouldn’t that mean that the cap hit would only be his actual salary?

        • I don’t know what’s funnier about his suggestions – the idea that EDM would let him walk (for a such meager return; 4 presumably late 1st round picks ain’t cutting it)….

          Or, better yet, that we should have exposed Stepan in order to make cap room for such a scheme, despite McDavid not being an RFA for two years..

          Calling it a ‘dream’ is being diplomatic.

          • 1 season. Next year will be year 3 of his 3 year ELC, so 2018-19 he is an RFA.

            Literally, 1 year of McDavid’s production is worth 2 of Stepan’s. That’s something worth waiting for and something worth paying a premium for.

          • Sure they do – trade him for more than 4 low-end first round picks!

            Or, better yet, keep him & trade ALLTHEPLAYERS!

            Point is, I just don’t see a way where he leaves & comes here.

            Leave EDM? Maybe. You have an interesting point about Katz being broke(ish).

            Leave EDM & come straight here for the aforementioned compensation? Lolno.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see what you’re saying materialize. I’m just not betting the farm on it.

          • No one said McDavid wasn’t worth something insane.

            I only said you’d be insane to think that would work!

            The Oilers, especially with a nut like Chiarelli, wouldn’t sooner trade him to somewhere terrible (such as NJ) for something silly like their next [arbitrary # here] first rounders JUST to spite us…

            Point is, 4 crappy first round picks, which is all they would get per the CBA, aren’t gonna cut it.

            Also, I don’t mean to pile on here, but, you *DID* say we should have exposed Stepan just to make room for this pipe dream, which is in itself entirely indefensible.

          • No one said McDavid wasn’t worth something insane.

            I only said you’d be insane to think that would work!

            The Oilers, especially with a nut like Chiarelli, would sooner trade him to somewhere terrible (such as NJ) for something silly like their next [arbitrary # here] first rounders JUST to spite us…

            Point is, 4 crappy first round picks, which is all they would get per the CBA, aren’t gonna cut it.

            Also, I don’t mean to pile on here, but, you *DID* say we should have exposed Stepan just to make room for this pipe dream, which is in itself entirely indefensible.

        • Tavares, same thing. The Islanders would sooner trade his rights to NJ for a 5th round pick & move the team to Quebec than allow the Rangers to sign him.

          • Tavares would be a UFA in summer 2018 so if he really wanted to play for the Rangers, there isn’t much the Isles could do to stop it.

            Sure they could trade him, but he still doesn’t have to sign with the team that traded for him.

          • As a UFA, the Isles don’t have a choice in the matter unless they extend him; something they haven’t been able to convince him to do.

          • True, he could walk here. I don’t know why but, I mistakenly thought he was slated to be an RFA, not UFA.

            But, to be fair, I haven’t seen any indication whatsoever that he’d come here over Toronto.

            Again, though, given his caliber, I’d be VERY surprised if the circus didn’t work something out this off-season. He’s too valuable to lose for nothing.

          • He’s built a house here, likes the area and the anonymity compared to Toronto.

            Now for Toronto, they’ll have the space for sure and the roster space if the lose Bozak/move Kadri. But they’re in the race for McJesus as well. Even they can’t afford both.

          • I’m completely on board with this “plan” for McJesus or Tavares.

            In fact, I’m so onboard with it I’m going to stop paying rent on my abode, cut back to feeding the family Noodles of Oodles and play the lottery everyday because I have a 1:1,000,000,000,000 shot at winning it and I can get something better and nicer.

    • Its times like this where I thank my lucky stars that other people are in control of the Rangers and not the people who post on this site.

      • Matt R,
        If you are happy with the rangers winning , what 1 cup in 75 years, then thats good for you, many of us would like to see another one before 2090!
        I think most fans on this site would have done a way better job running this team than sather has the past 17 years!!!!
        In fact we all have as many stanley cups as a sather has as a gm here.

    • $20mm(3yrs) $13mm(3yrs) $10.5mm(2yrs) $15mmAAV/8years.

      15% of cap, meets 50/35 rules for front loaded contracts.

      With EDM current roster, if they matched that offer sheet a team that sticks close to the floor would all of a sudden be close to $70mm on cap hit, $75mm in real life(and C$99mm.)

      If you back out TV & ancillary revenues, Rogers Centre would have to average $4k a ticket to keep the roster together.

      So EDM is on the horns of a trilemma: do they gut the roster to keep McDavid, do they match and lose tens of millions those 1st 3 years(yes, the owner is filthy rich, but let’s let him put his money where his mouth is) or do they take the picks and try and shore up on the fly? Just keeping the salary free would put the fear of Jerbus in them to get another roster player off them(Draisatl) that would help the team.

      Who dares wins. Unless you got spring onions instead of Vidalias.

      • Nah, Katz goes to the bank, injects $50M of his own multi-billion dollar fortune, and then pays off the rest of the contract with team revenues. For cap space they will move Pouilot and one of Eberle or RNH to fit McDavid’s $15M cap hit under the cap.

        Edmonton will draw flies until they are forced to move/contract if they let a 21 year old McDavid leave via an offer sheet.

        Again, it’s a creative plan, but there is a reason why offer sheets never succeed in a capped league. Those are two mechanisms that cannot co-exist. The only way offer sheets work is if you pay a player way over what their production could ever be worth. You can’t manage that in a capped league because how efficiently a team marshals their limited cap space as a direct correlation to winning.

        • Katz’s billions are worthless under the CBA as it isn’t hockey related revenue. This was the same thing when it came to offer sheeting Trouba.

          Billionaires now see these things as toys that have to make money, this is what the lockouts have been about. The Blackhawks are one of the few teams that run at a loss and are cool with it because they write it off against their liquor distro profits.

          It’s not about fitting under the cap, it’s fitting under their budget. They would have to have a roster of McJesus, Lucic and an AHL squad to afford it.

          Hence the trilemma.

          • I’m pretty sure even Katz is smart enough to realize what would happen if he let the next Crosby take a hike for anything short of what PHI paid for Lindros back in the day.

          • Per the CBA, if EDM doesn’t extend him some time next season and McDavid goes RFA, Edmonton would be unable to trade him for a year from when they excercise their right of 1st refusal.

            So the trilemma changes. Do you keep the team together and lose C$26mm/yr(won’t lose it yr 2 due to lockout), do you gut the team to get to budget or do you hope you win it all and year 1, then figure it out?

          • There’s no dilemma…. he either goes for what he’s worth (which is WELL north of the aforementioned)… or ‘the team’ goes.

            He’s not coming here for the Ranger’s (or anybody’s, for that matter) next four first round picks.

            And don’t even get me started on the Stepan crap.

          • When they’re facing the prospect of losing big money, other teams are never going to offer fair value for any of their players.

            Chiarelli already knows this, saw the result in the Hall/Larsson deal; which was as much as it was clearing space for McDavid as it was a hockey trade.

          • So you’re saying Katz is not allowed to write a check to the Oilers to fill their coffers?

            Isn’t Hockey Related Revenue only relevant for setting the Salary Cap as the CBA dictates the players are only entitled to a share of all 31 teams’ Hockey Related Revenue?

            Again, my main point is that losing McDavid next summer will bring the Oilers value as a franchise down to zero. Katz or the NHL, won’t allow that to happen.

          • He is not allowed, as that would be circumvention of the CBA.

            Apparently being lousy for a decade has consequences even when you get good

          • That doesn’t make any sense. You said

            “… do they gut the roster to keep McDavid, do they match and lose tens of millions those 1st 3 years(yes, the owner is filthy rich, but let’s let him put his money where his mouth is)”

            but followed it up with

            “Katz’s billions are worthless under the CBA as it isn’t hockey related revenue. This was the same thing when it came to offer sheeting Trouba.

            Billionaires now see these things as toys that have to make money, this is what the lockouts have been about. The Blackhawks are one of the few teams that run at a loss and are cool with it because they write it off against their liquor distro profits.

            It’s not about fitting under the cap, it’s fitting under their budget.”

            But, if he (Katz) pays for them (their ‘budget’), and if the Blackhawks are allowed to lose money (meaning cost may exceed revenue), then how can you argue that his money isn’t relevant?

            Also, I’m not an expert but, I’m pretty sure ‘liquor distribution’ doesn’t qualify as ‘hockey related revenue’

            In other words, how can you logically say that they (the Oilers) could not then thus ‘afford’ to keep him?

            Are you implying Katz would be incapable of overlooking short term losses for the long term health of his franchise (not to mention his presumable desire to win a championship), or the fact that by front loading McDavid’s contract, he’d save actual cash down the road when others were due for a payday?

            Is there something I’m missing here, Reenavipul?

          • There’s lots you’re missing, but that isn’t important right now.

            The Wirtz family can eat the paper losses as a write off on their liquor biz income much like the hedge fund guys in AZ FLA and Tampa can.

            In Canada you can only write off half your loss. Edmonton is on a budget, so going beyond that is pure loss. Keeping the team together Katz would have to eat $10mm after taxes.

          • Yes but, why would only ~10 million a year in short term losses give pause to someone with billions? Thousands of millions?

            In other words, he could do that every single year until 2117…. and even then, he’d have ‘only’ burned through $1 billion.

          • Apparently you don’t know many rich people.

            Rich people stay rich by being cheap with their own money while the biz is a personal piggy bank.

            I caddied for John McMullen once. Double bagged 18. His partner tipped me $40(a good, not great tip) and McMullen (a billionaire)gave me $20.

            And asked for change.

            I gave him his money back, telling him he needed the change more than I did.

  • The last time the Rangers had a ton of cap space they ended up signing Gomez and Drury. It always scares me when they have a lot of options!

    • Why????

      Do you prefer safety, and sign guys like the Twins long term?????????

      I’m not big on UFA who get huge contracts, I like developing players, or trading for proven quality, not guys like Shatty though…………The names you mentioned prove my point, stay away from big names that turn into duds…….

      • This year the Rangers, in 7 rounds of the upcoming draft choose at 21, 102, 145, 157 and 207. In comparison, the Devils have 11 draft picks. Yes the Devils had a terrible squad, but we also need to rebuild our farm system. We can’t develop players if we do not have draft picks. We need to do a better job of keeping and acquiring young players, and not just 3rd and 4th liners. We need more high level prospects in the organization,and we only get them if you have great scouting and high draft picks.

        Free Agents cost money and usually buy you good years and bad years.

        • Sal

          You just proved my point for years, we shouldn’t give away draft pick, especially #1-2-3’s, which is what this team has done for ever!!!!!! I agree to most of what you say, but the money could be better spent rather than chase the goose that lays the golden egg…….

        • Salient point, Sal. You must be the only one not hitting the ether today.

          By all means, prioritize the pipeline. (Not Dakota Access.) Our prospect pool is what, five, maybe six deep?

          Tomorrow to The Present now: if Shattenkirk cancels out resigning Brendan Smith… no way. No f++king way.

          Prefer we pursue one of Ryan Ellis, Justin Faulk, Josh Manson, Vatanen.

          And I’m also in the pro Joe Thornton camp. Again, if the financials make sense. He showed more fire and passion in this past playoffs than I’ve ever seen. Consider him from a depth, if not mentorship attribute…

      • “I’m not big on UFA who get huge contracts, I like developing players, or trading for proven quality…”

        We’ve disagreed in the past, but this is one area where I think we are in complete agreement. One of the major issues with free agency in the NHL is that players tend to peak between the ages of 25 — 28 and cannot become UFA’s until 27. The new team only gets peak performance from a free agent for one or two years before he starts to decline. I think you are considering ways to get out of a free agent contract about halfway through it.

        • sherr

          Let’s take this one step further, why would any team let a great player go UFA, because they realize that they aren’t worth the paper the contract is written on most times!!!!!

          Can you see the Pens lets Crosby walk, or Igor? The Hawks letting Toews, or Kane walk? The Ducks letting Getzlaff, or Perry? See where I’m coming from?

    • Don’t you dare start badmouthing Drury, and be honest, without Gomez, McDonagh and Subban wreck shop for years in Montreal as the league’s best defensive tandem, possibly ever.

      • 43

        He came here with a great rep, and did squat for us. I just dared badmouth the guy. He is a quality person, but when we signed him he was slow, didn’t score, but I will admit he was a good leader!!!!!!!

        • I mean, in his first two seasons, he did top 20 goals, 50 points. Drury was never Jagr, but he wasn’t pitiful as a Ranger until his last year.

          • I never said he was, I just said that he really wasn’t as good as many would have you believe. Everyone remembers the goal against us in the PO’s when he played for Buffalo, and wanted those type results. He wasn’t that great a scorer, and nothing more than a third line center, nothing more, or less……..Certainly not worth the 6 million we gave him per year!!!!!!!!

  • I read that there are no reported deals between Vegas and the NY Rangers. This may be the case, but we all know the Rangers keep things very quiet. If there isn’t, they might not regard their “exposed” players so highly. If there is, they may be protecting some, or actually may be coveting someone else’s players. The roster gets submitted at 10:00 am, and we will know sometime this afternoon.

    I suspect there will be a flurry of activity in the 10 hours after the announcement. Then on Friday at the draft, I suspect more trade activity occurs. This is where I think Gorton does his damage. By Sunday, we know what kind of a team we have for next year and what kind of real Cap money there is for this year and next.

    • To be honest, other than bribing them to take Staal, I don’t see much of a reason to make a deal with them.

      Everything we will potentially lose, outside of Grabner, is relatively replaceable; each exposed contract of note has a trade value in the same neighborhood.

      With a lot of teams that isn’t the case, hence the bribes err trades.

  • i see us being active in free agency hopefully getting Kevin Shattenkirk who I feel can help us or getting Galchenyuk from Montreal in place of Stepan let’s be smart with the moves we make

  • Sal above made the comment that we don’t seem to have a deal in place with LVG, but that could be very misleading. I bet JG is waiting to see what pick they make before he starts wheeling, and dealing.

    The idea that there are so many good options, defense-men being exposed, is wonderful. Side deals could be made once the expansion draft is over, and maybe, just maybe Shatty isn’t included in the long term plans?????? One can hope that is the case………………While I’m hoping, let’s see JG work miracles, and unload Stepan, giving us a slew of extra money to work with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Who exactly are you signing with all this extra money? Take a look at the free agents…nobody is of interest to me personally. Maybe Joe Thornton? But he’s 37 so no thanks.

      • I’m not looking for other teams trash, I’d prefer trading for quality players. Hell I’m of the opinion that these UFA are grossly over priced, and under perform!!!!!

      • Merc, from your mouth to Gods ears, CHANGES ARE NECESSARY! We certainly are not going anywhere with this team as it currently is constructed!!

  • Joe Thornton is a wonderful player. But ‘making a run’ at a guy who is 37 is exactly the type of thing they should not consider ever.

    The Rangers have a chance to build a team that will compete for the next 5 years or more. I am not in favor of getting older veterans to fill in for a year or two. Go young, skilled and fast, and if it means taking a while to develop, so be it.

    • I honestly can’t even picture Thornton in a Rangers uniform. Like there’s some players that don’t look right in a Ranger uniform, like Scott Gomez always looked goofiest. Joe would look pretty weird in it, too. You want to stay away from those guys.

      Other guys, like Hank and McDonagh just look so natural in it.

    • Peter, I totally concur with your closer. Moreover, I recall your past posts coming from a place of depth, an alacrity with facts. Realities.

      That aside, I don’t get the sense our management group is making “a run” at Joe Thornton.

      His age? Pointless. Arguably, its a strength. More specifically, the experience shaped by that measure: the battles, the highs and lows. Ability to guide. Mentor.

      For comparison’s sake, Kate Hudson, and that amazing moneymaker of hers are a year older than Thornton. In the eyes of this 54-year old, that only makes her sexier.

      Now let me augur. If Thornton had been in our locker room, leading by example, leaving it all on the ice, mixing it up while still making plays, this Ranger club gets to The ECF.

      A one-year deal, playing between say, Vesey and Buch, what’s the hangup? Consider our center depth if Stepan departs.

      • Is Kate Hudson coming off shredding her ACL and MCL ligaments?

        The Western Conference is a tad slower than the East. Thornton is showing serious issues keeping up with a speed game. We play a speed game. Our head coach is not altering his offensive philosophy.

        Thornton is trending down. It’s also doubly amazing that people who complain about a 26 year old center as being “slow” and who put up 55 points (28 PPP or about 50%), are drooling to acquire a 37 year old even slower center who put up 51 points (31 PPP or about 60%).

        • Well played counter, Johnny B.

          Let’s hope Ms Hudson is able to avoid career threatening injuries.

          In the interim, I stick by my assertion of Thornton’s stature, leadership, his choreography. Those attributes are in short supply here.

      • Signore Fotiu, while I appreciate your take on Joe Thornton, his knees may be a tad older than Sophia Loren at this point. While she and Joe’s knees were beautiful behold, one cannot ignore what the passage of time has wrought.

        Moreover, we have a forward who possesses the qualities you seek along with a high skill level in Rick Nash. He too leaves it all out on the ice. Nay, I’d rather spend the roster spot on youth, and let the somewhat older Rangers grow into leaders.

        • You’re class, Peter. The analogies, if not for their great visual quality were solid.

          Taking your cue, I came to appreciate Rick Nash a bit more this past playoff season, inasmuch just as I did Joe Thornton.

          If the latter wasn’t coming off two severe injuries/surgeries I would consider him for a depth spot on our club, 3C.

          Beyond his character/leadership, imagine Thornton’s stagecraft, his ability to setup with regards to Buchnevich and Jimmy Vesey’s finishing. That’s all.

          Stick tap to you, Peter.

  • I don’t want Thornton, I don’t want Kovalckuk. …I’d like McKinnon, I’d like to bring back Smith or trade for Trouba. But I’ll consider this off season a win if we just do one thing, and one thing only…..DO NOT SIGN SHATTENKIRK !!!

  • Maybe its the heat and humidity, but I’m going to sum the comments up so we can move on to the next topic:

    1- Exphose Stephan!! He’s the root of all that’s evil, #narrative, #narrative,

    2- Outrageous trade proposals where we trade our “garbage” for players who aren’t even being offered in trade proposals.

    3- Blow the team up and build the team to the style of late 80’s-early 90’s hockey because, #narrative

    4- Improve the team despite blowing it up by not signing anyone who resembles being able to play in the current style of NHL hockey, because, #narrative.

    5- Because it ALWAYS comes up- The Rangers parting ways with Dylan Mcllrath is the sole reason why there is still world hunger, no world peace, my socks come up missing from the washer/dryer, my neighbors fuel pump went out on their truck and we haven’t been able to stop global terrorism. Ok, he’s not solely responsible for that last one. Derek Stepan being a Ranger still ties into that one.

    • JOHN B,
      The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result……..
      The rangers have been a textbook example of this since sather got here.
      You may not understand those comments of ‘us’ who may think outside the box, but where has doing the same thing over and over worked for us?
      The current style may be less physical during the regular season, BUT, during the playoffs it was back to old time hockey……and the need for some ‘physical’ type players was pretty darn obvious……and the softer players, i.e. stepan….. were shown to be useless and cost us several playoff games…
      I enjoy reading ALL the differing opinions, whether or not I happen to agree with them.

  • All these fantasy island feelings. We can get the best players in the world and we will still lose because of AV. For years we have been watching our superior coach make decisions that befuddle common sense. Why does anyone think things will be different with whomever we get?
    Tell me how will you make the team who was mishandled by a coach whose job is to sabotage the team which he has done since he began? We heard about his deficiencies when he was in Vancouver and we after see his mistakes still have him as the coach, why have any confidence or hope while AV is still here?
    I am not the only one who gave up on AV. A lot of the team did also. Stepan is only one. How will you convince the others to give it their all when the coach will screw you and again anyway?
    The team can only win with one mind. The coach only wants to win his way or no way. And he does that by playing his favorites and not the best.

    There must be some kind of way outta here
    Said the joker to the thief
    There’s too much confusion
    I can’t get no relief
    Business men, they drink my wine
    Plowman dig my earth
    None were level on the mind
    Nobody up at his word
    Hey, hey
    No reason to get excited
    The thief he kindly spoke
    There are many here among us
    Who feel that life is but a joke
    But, uh, but you and I, we’ve been through that
    And this is not our fate
    So let us stop talkin’ falsely now
    The hour’s…

  • Rangers Rock,
    Say what you want about AV, but it takes a special coach to ”LOSE PLAYERS ON THE BENCH”…….
    I will always remember him for one of the great lines ever by a coach!

  • LV takes Raanta. Nilsson becomes Allaire’s new project. Sign Shattenkirk. Trade Hayes or Miller (preferably Hayes) for Manson to be Skjei’s partner on the second D pair. Lindberg is the new 3C. Top 4D is McDonagh – Shattenkirk, Skjei – Manson. A major upgrade that even a coach as dumb as AV would have a hard time screwing up

    • AV would have Shatty as a 6D, 2nd unit PP. This isn’t opinion, this is track record. He doesn’t want D skating the puck out, he wants stretch passes out upon possession(in a perfect world.)

      The team can get better and cheaper at the same time.

  • Sign Smith and appropriate ufa’s and/or rfa’s and get the CORRECT right- handed dman – Period!

  • Joe Thornton and Kovalchuck? Are you out of your mind Kevin, why don’t you just wish for Bobby Hull or Phil Esposito. They’re in the same age group. We’ve had enough senior citizens in the Passed. Besides both of those guys are way passed their prime. We should be glad that you’re not the Rangers GM. No offense meant.

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