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Rangers deny Sabres permission to speak with Drury

Photo: NYDN

Per Elliotte Friedman, the Rangers have denied a request by the Buffalo Sabres to interview Assistant GM Chris Drury for their General Manager position. Drury was promoted by the Rangers to the Assistant General Manager position before this season. Prior to this position, Drury was serving as Director of Player Development. He was instrumental in recruiting Jimmy Vesey.

It’s not really a surprise to see the Rangers decline permission to the Sabres. He was named Director of Player Development in September of 2015, and a year later was promoted to the Assistant GM role. It may not seem like a huge jump, but a promotion that quickly indicates he is an important piece of the front office. Plus, the Rangers are in the middle of a playoff run. Not sure if that last bit means anything significant, though.

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  • According to SNY’s Adam Rotter, Elliotte Friedman tweeted last night that it was Drury who said he wouldn’t interview with the Sabres and that the team consulted with Drury about the opportunity but Drury didnt think the time was right.

    Good for him. Sounds like a smart man who realizes that learning his trade under great mentors like Gorton and Sather will truly get him prepared, and in a few years he will indeed be ready for an opportunity.

    (Yes, to all those out here who think that you can easily ascend into a GM role, that even some bloggers can do better…trust me on this, from someone who has known some GMs personally, it is a VERY, VERY difficult job and MUCH, MUCH tougher than you can ever imagine).

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