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Rangers embarrass themselves at MSG, now trail series

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There’s only so much Henrik Lundqvist can do. If he doesn’t pitch a shutout, the Rangers lose. It doesn’t help that they can’t win at home either. But this was just an inexcusable performance by all Rangers not named Lundqvist or Rick Nash. Sure, the Rangers had hits, but that’s what happens when you never have the puck. Heck, even when they were down three in the third and the Habs were backing off, they still couldn’t get anything going.

Carey Price wasn’t tested in this game. The powerplay was atrocious. The penalty killing was just as bad. But the 5v5 play was probably the worst. They couldn’t sustain anything at all. No offensive pressure. Not making Price move. Nothing. This was embarrassing. And in the playoffs no less.

This team needs more speed and skill. Yet Pavel Buchnevich and Adam Clendening, who have both, are not playing. This isn’t even about replacing a bad player in the lineup. It’s about playing the lineup that gives you the best chance to score on Price. This lineup isn’t it.

On to the goals:

Habs 1, Rangers 0

Tomas Plekanec won the faceoff clean, which let the Habs run a set play. Jeff Petry got the puck back to Plekanec along the boards. With both Derek Stepan and Dan Girardi focused on him, Plekanec slid the puck low to Brendan Gallagher, who made a quick pass to Artturi Lehkonen in the slot for the bang-bang goal.

Habs 2, Rangers 0

There was no hooking call on Rick Nash at the other end of the ice, which was absurd. That led to a goal at the other end. Ryan McDonagh chased high for some reason, leaving Alex Galchenyuk wide open. Galchenyuk then waited to draw Girardi out of position with the snow angel, then fed Shea Weber for the easy goal.

Habs 3, Rangers 0

Gotta give credit where credit is due. Also, dressing Kevin Klein back fired on this one.

Habs 3, Rangers 1

Brady Skjei’s point shot hit Paul Byron and beat Carey Price.

Score Adjusted Even Strength Corsi

This is pathetic.

Even Strength Scoring Chances

And this is even worse. Did the Rangers even try to score?

I know that this was my first playoff game this year, but by most accounts they’ve looked like this for the first two games as well. The Rangers are playing right into the passive style of Claude Julien that drove them nuts when he was in Boston.

But here’s the thing: The Habs are not a good team. The Rangers can beat them if they execute their game plan. They simply haven’t done it yet. Part of that execution is a speed game and getting the puck out of the defensive zone. Execution is missing. After watching this game and talking to people I trust about the first two, it appears the Rangers are broken.

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  • That was disgusting even for a regular season game no less a playoff game.

    I watched a team that looks gassed and done last night. Everything they did wrong points to a lack of energy: No forecheck, no defense, chasing the Habs, can’t put 2-3 passes together, etc. Did the first 5 periods of this series wipe them out? Wow.

    Outscored 21-4 at home in the playoffs since Game 2 of the TB series in 2015, per Brooks. What disgrace.

    Henrik doesn’t deserve this and you cannot pin this one on the coach at all. So, silver linings, lol.

    • And what’s worse is that the Rangers should be shredding this team’s defense, Terrible.

      Kreider, Hayes, Zib, Stepan, Miller all need to look in the mirror. When the 4th line is by far and away the Rangers’ best line all night then there’s a problem.

          • I did, but trailing 1-0 after 2 periods and that goal being a PP goal, says that the defense was fine. After 2, when you have 11 shots on goal, it says that you cannot generate any offense.

          • I agree as i have posted 12 or 11 shots after two periods home or away is a crime. Its a game of mistakes as we know Sal and that snow angel was a mistake. At 4 on 5 you differently don’t snow angel because now it’s 3 on 5 well the rest as we say is history. Also Sal the D didn’t help the O by not being breaking out the zone cleanly.

      • Question for the Stepan defenders, does the puck have a venereal disease once you pass the offensive blue line? Has anyone else noticed that Stepan always dumps the puck into the o-zone, only to give up the puck? The boy doesn’t like contact, and treats the puck like it had syphilis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give up, this dude is a loser……….

          • Doubt Torts would want him anymore with how he messed over team USA. CBJ doesn’t have the personnel to carry Stepan’s weight, they need a Giroux or younger Bergeron. He was so bad that he forced the bottom 6 like Backes and Kesler to actually play hockey instead of their typical shenanigans. My hope is that Nashville will look into getting him since Fisher is probably done. Send him, 1st round pick and Graves for Subban please.

        • As the center on that line he should making space and time for his wingers. But it’s Zuccarello who’s doing that and checking along with Kreider. His puke ass is waiting on the outside watching them work. He doesn’t want to get dirty. Av should put Mika,Kreider and Zuccarello back together. Put Stepan with Nash and Buch. Put Vesey with Lindbergh and Fasth and keep Hayes line intact.

        • The other side has been saying it since 2012 on that long run to the conference finals. Excuses like it Torts fault, system’s fault and that list kept on getting bigger as the years went on…

          I found that his dump ins that he rarely goes in for were at it’s peak during last summer. How can you enter a zone like that when you have P Kane next to you? Let alone a power forward like Kreider and a elite player like Zucc in a Rangers uniform? These are his last days, he’s gone after the Draft, no way they keep him around to see if Hayes can beat him as a 3c making Glass like money. The dude doesn’t know how to do the simple things like sauce passeseven though his game screams “safe”. He has got to be a big joke in the locker-room, there is no respect of his game that I ever saw.

        • You are preaching to the choir Walt, as soon as someone comes near him he throws/passes it away! Maybe since his concussion issues he is afraid of career ending injury?

          Total opposite of the player I desperately wanted them to keep in that nash trade –Dubinsky!!!!!

          What I dont understand is how fans defend/support him….are they not watching the game? Its so obvious…..Even his rare “checks’ are nothing more than gentle bump! although last night I did see himthrow maybe 3 legit checks>…

        • Walt i have been saying that all year about $tepans game .We need to get a 1C some how . Kopitar just might be available after the year he just had . $tepan to Minn for a D Man. I would also like to see Raanta to Dallas for Roussel and a 3rd . Also i don’t think there is anyone on this team that is not exempt to a trade out of town . We can still win this round if we play the way we are able to play . LGR

    • Someone needs to get in Kreider face ; if not the coach who. Also Hayes needs to sit. He was on for the last two. McD went high to play a hab. Hayes had no business going there. He is on the PK. (PS how do you put a guy as slow as molasses on the PK) He and McD high on the same guy make it a 4 v 2 down low. Dont blame G.
      Last goal Hayes had the goal scorer but watch his feet. He stopped moving and gliding behind didn’t get it done. Where is the tenacity to hammer someone instead of going for a glid. Miller is gased. He was the only one not given time off. WHY? One of the hardest workers all year. Don’t think he missed a game. Why not give him time off. So I do blame everyone but the coach is the leader cause their is truly no on ice leader. Keeps sending the same guys out after they have a horrible shift.

      While on a rant, whats this BS of constantly making a 100 foot pass. Most of them turned into unforced turnovers. It spreads everyone out. No FC is possible when one guy goes wide and take a one and done shot. Someone needs to stand up and challenge everyone. Do we have a player capable of that. Do we have coach capable of that. A disgrace!

      • That’s the the NYR way, if someone sucks but scores point then they’re good. Hayes got screwed over by a stupid D who wasn’t in position and somebody who turned over the puck. No way was he going to catch #47 from behind with his puck skills when the guy already can dangle through 3 players infront of him. All Hayes could have done was push him into Hank and besides that he switched hands to pull a Peter Forsberg move, not even a speedy famous Mcd backcheck between the legs could have stopped that.

        I’m waiting for our 3c to dip and magically for JT to follow along with Vesey and Brady. These guys must hate playing for fans who squash them yet none of them make north of 4 mill a year.

    • I think you can blame the coach. It’s his job to get the most from the players possible.

      Seriously, motivation and determination are very important. You either need self-motivating players or a plan to mold the team into a determined unit. Sure, self-motivators are great, but what if you encounter a lackadaisical guy with the talent of Crosby or McDavid. Do you toss him aside? So it really matters if the coach can get his team to play.

      Look, the AV years have been very typical of many teams over the years. You replace a high intensity guy with a low key guy and the team usually responds very favorably, relieved of stress and ready to prove themselves. But AV cannot be not Tortorella forever as only eight current skaters even played for Torts.

      So we saw good playoff runs the first two years, then a lifeless team the last two. It is true that the Rangers likely couldn’t have beaten Pitt last year; it is also true that they didn’t really try.


      I went to Wisconsin and they had a basketball coach, Bo Ryan. If you did something dumb, you got benched at the next whistle, period. That went for everyone, even Frank Kaminski, no favorites here. It was only for a couple of minutes, but the point was made. This year, the new coach didn’t do that. With the same personnel as last year, turnovers were maybe one a half times or double last year’s.

      Last night, we saw little energy except from the fourth line. The Rangers are down 1-0 in the third period. What does AV do? He cut the ice time of the fourth line. Really?

      • In the Sens last game, Karlsson came off the ice and started dressing Brassard down for a lazy backcheck which resulted in a goal. He was totally livid and yelling at Brassard, glaring at him all the while. Then Brass scores the game tying goal. You’d never see that on the Rangers!!

        • Spot on, Doc.

          We’ve lacked that ‘own-it’ presence on the bench, and in the room, arguably, since Callahan and Dubinsky were shown the door.

          Tanner Glass is the only yapper on the club.

          • Glass doesn’t yap, Dorsett talked more and besides Glass knows his place. The other team would rip on him about he would be in the AHL without AV. He is by far the worst enforcer/4th line grinder since forever, his game doesn’t soften my heart up one bit. If he could not only be trusted to go against the bigger names but also could rough up a star player then maybe that would help.

        • What? How did you make up that scenario there between Karlsson and Brass? It was because Anderson had possession outside the paint and had to move it. Brassard was infront of him with a guy kind of close to him while Karlsson was behind the net out of position. Brass waved his stick to move it behind, Karlsson missed it and the other team gained back control to put it in a 3 seconds later. At the end of the day he was barking at Brass about something else.

      • fish stinks from the head down. this team isn’t ready to win a Cup much less game. AV’s won a lot of games, just not the ones that count. something must change.

    • The elephant in the room, right from the beginning of the season. But we,re just haters that apparently don’t get it.

  • Pointing out Clendening and Buch only takes the spotlight off of the top 9 offense-men who did nothing. Second guessing​ the lineup doesn’t help jumpstart the anemic offensive threat we put forth. Our PP was horrific. Through 2 periods, Hank and the defense played well enough. JT has got to know not to touch that puck on a faceoff.

    We just do not generate chances. Stepan, Kreider, Zinbad and Hayes all need to watch some tape. We know how to dump and change but please do not tell me faceoffs are NOT that important.

    • This is why we’ll never win with Stepan in the top 6 as a top center. Every Stanley Cup team in the past 9 years has had their top paid center leading the way in either scoring points or goals, that’s been a fact since Detroit in 08.

      I’m not saying Hayes had a great game but his issues of what to bring is a complete 180 difference fo what Stepan is suppose to do. People like you help me to not like Stepan very much, all insecure in your commenting by putting a 1c job next to a 3c because you know Step’s in is his final days as a Ranger.

      6.5 or Hayes paid grade that is about 1 mill higher than what Glass made. Ah it’s so hard to point that finger directly at a top 6 name…

  • good morning last nights game was hard to watch but tell me if you see a pattern here they even the series with Pittsburgh and come home even and drop two this year the Habs even the series and proceed to beat the rangers last night where is the heart? he is in Ottawa big game brass

    • Brass>Stepan

      He also service a purpose behind the locker-room because he actually has friends on this team. It was the right call to save Stepan in order to flip him for the defense help which I assume would come this summer.

  • Klein was a disaster lastnight from his first shift on!
    I was there and the place was dead, but there wasn’t much to cheer for!
    Nash was the only forward who was engaged. Hayes, Kreider, Stepan, and Miller were invisible.

    They are 0-76 on the PP and get shutout at home yet the focus will be on playing Buch over Glass. There are BIGGER problems here!

    • That’s what you get when your 1c had produced less than 10 goals on home ice dating back to February or March of 2016. Add that style of play and you could have came to me to know more about the future.
      Ps Miller and Hayes looked like kids who were trying to get it done alone. A real leadership group and experience forwards would fix them up. Hayes could have had a couple of points last night just like Nash. Either way those two aren’t on the totem pole of being shipped out like so I’m sure Gorton won’t mind any growing pains.

        • Lol nice dodge of Stepan lack of points on home ice especially at goal which he probably has 10 of dating back to 2016 up until now.

          When your 3c is on pace of your top paid center then you get a record breaking offense that Step wasn’t apart of in Oct-December. Sorry but 53 points out of a top line center shouldn’t get you a spot in the playoffs especially in a division with Crosby, Malkin, Backstrom,Kuntz and Girouix in it.

  • I guess AV should’ve scored on the pp too. Players need to execute at least sometimes and look like they care. Crowd stunk from the beginning and the team gave them zero to cheer about. I doubt very much buch and clendo would help at all. If our best guys, including our untouchables aren’t getting it done. I was so disappointed in that performance. Sometimes I wonder if our team thinks they’re better than they really are and it causes them to be just going through the motions. I never thought this team would get too deep into the playoffs but I know we should beat these guys. That’s what bothers me the most. I can’t believe how many people just blame the coach and let the players off the hook. I think some just didn’t like AV before he got here so they can twist the blame on him. The reasoning I see behind his hatred usually doesn’t even make sense. I still say he gets the team farther than a lot of other coaches would. This is not a great team. And he’s not perfect either. He’s human

    • Since I was there, let me discuss Sammy’s comment about the crowd. What exactly was there to cheer about and why should it matter what the crowd was like?

      I have been an AV supporter for a long time, but last night was the end for me. He seems paralyzed both in game and with his decisions between games. To think that Klein was/is able to play at this level is a joke! He doesn’t have the wheels anymore. Period. It’s like the transmission has gone out on a 2001 Toyota with 265,000 miles on it.

      I have been saying this one for a couple of years now. JT Miller has to be the single dumbest athlete we have ever had in NYC. He has a rock hard brain, doesn’t take coaching very well, and makes some of the stupidest drive by plays in the history of the game. THAT play last night on the face off in the OFFENSIVE zone is incredible! That, and the fact he’s in one of his patented long periods of NO production. He’s got 6 goals in his last 37 games and a ton of those games he gets NO shots on goal! Yes, he had a good half a season. Unfortunately, most really good players can sustain a run a little longer than JT.

      Getting back to AV. The number one power play has been just awful. But, he keeps running them back out there. Same guys. Zib, in The immortal words of Mr. Steinbrenner, has “spit the bit”. Has anyone noticed he’s back from his broken leg yet? He had two goals his first game back and 7 others in his last 38 games! And, we got him to play the left slot on the PP? Isn’t the mark of insanity doing the same thing over and over and looking for better results?

      AV out. I finally joined the chorus.

      • How do you dedicat a paragraph to JT’s failure and let the big price names like Stepan and Kreider go untouched? Please I beg you to teach me your ways of how to be a critic.

        • Miller is playing on Haze’s wing. Haze is 2-5-7 in the last 2 months. In 27 losses this season he is 0-6-6; -27.
          He is a soft college boy who is a horrendous defensive center because he is weak on the wall. What a joke. Perfect AV player, Mr November.

          • Eh that fake narrative won’t make Gorton replace Hayes with Stepan in the untouchable list, thats for sure.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with you re: crowd noise. Prices to get in to the building are atrocious. Why on God’s green earth should anyone cheer when the Rangers forgot they had a game last night?

      • This whole “defending the crowd” stance is astounding.

        This is the playoffs. It was the first playoff game at the Garden. There is no excuse for how quiet it was. The regular season woes at home are irrelevant. Every single Rangers fan walking into this building should have been loud and proud and sent a clear message to the Canadiens that the OT winner in game 2 wasn’t a tide turner. Instead, the fans sat quietly, filing in well after the opening faceoff. No energy. No excitement. It was deflating.

        This doesn’t absolve the Rangers for their putrid performance by any means, but the fans are in the unique position to set the tone before the game even starts and they failed miserably. Sure, you can argue that throughout the game the players failed to give fans something to cheer for. I’d almost buy that if it weren’t for the complete lack of excitement before the game even started. You think the Canadiens didn’t see that? You think that didn’t embolden them and give them even more reason to believe they could chase the Rangers out of the Garden?

        Sad, sad, sad. I get that the outlandish prices contribute to this phenomenon, and many boisterous blue-collar fans can’t afford to attend. But that’s a different story. Still no reason to blame the players for the lack of emotion in the crowd. Everyone noticed it. Habs fans were all over that during the pregame. It had a big impact. Gane 4 better be different.

        • You nailed it, Chris: line six, third paragraph.

          To wit, The Habs’ couldn’t help but notice that neither MSG, nor the crowd would offer any juice.

          Was it last year, or the season prior when MSG security evicted New York Jet linesman Nicky Mangold (in a Rangers jersey, no less) from behind the Pittsburgh bench? (Wasn’t he going after assistant coach, Rick Tocchet?)

          That was as much criminal as it was pivotal.

          You don’t insult a New York Jet turned true-blue Ranger fanatic, just as Philip K. Wrigley learned with regards to The Sianis’ family goat.

          I wouldn’t put it past an old Blue Seater–like my cousins from Throggs Neck, Joe and Joy Vizzini, 40-year season ticket holders–or Mangold himself to put the Italian hex, the malocchio on MSG. Caveat emptor.

          The Rangers are simply an abstraction for the affluent, Wall Street/corporate set. They don’t bleed. Not like we do here.

        • I remember talking to the St Lawrence college coach after playing one of my rivals at the 1980 Olympic rink. He was talking it up by saying how similar the crowd gets from the MSG. I’ve been to the Garden once back in 09 when Avery chants still existed and other than that, the Hank chants and when Cally blocks a shot the Garden was dead. I don’t know how many people will get offend by saying this but NYC residents don’t know the true grind of hockey. Nobody south of Albany truly plays the sport, my guess is that MSG are full of EA sports warrior’s and old Jewish dudes that couldn’t help put their kids equipment.

  • I sure hope that Mika Z turns out to be a keeper because I don’t see it yet. He’s a big guy that doesn’t play like one. I know on paper it was a good trade but Brassard was a favorite of mine because he always showed up in the playoffs. He’s not super talented but you know what your gonna get and gave us some big goals. That was just something on my mind because Mika hasn’t done anything so far

    • Brassard was super talented and especially in this system and under the bright lights If Stepan went over to Ottawa instead of Brass then we wouldn’t be talking about this because our top center would be showing up like he always did. If you couldn’t figure that riddle out then just know that this team needs a true 1c to pay out 6.5 per year to.

      • I’ve been saying it over and over this team needs a true number one center. Stepan isn’t a number one center and his offensive come baceuse he’s a complier he’s play off others like Zuccarello (Zuccarello does the hard work) and he held out for the money. He’s a dime a dozen not special at all and certainly not worth 2million more than Zuccarello.

        • He did the same when Cally scored 30 goals in 11-12. Do you remember any of his passing skills there No because he let the winger grind it out after a typical dump in by and would get the easy assist. He would also just pass it to Graborik before hitting the blue line and a snipe would follow through for more easy assists back in the day. Nash was probably the best thing for his game because he would distribute in the same fashion but Nash would dance around D, grind it out or snipe for more easy assists. It’s why Kreider was never that guy because sadly he lacks Cally’s heart, Gabby’s sniper skills and Nash’s finesse possession tools.
          Stepan should have been averaging over 45 assist a season with 20+ goals if he could tap in all those plays that got sent his way.

          His game will go down so hard and fast on the next team if they lack quality top 6 wingers, center depth and a goalie. He’ll be a exposed on a team with a good D core that could move the puck well and push the pace. His reception and hand eye clearly lacks to maintain any tape to tape passes let alone slightly off target passes. His Rangers days are done!

          • And they came down on me for suggesting he was useless, now the world can see for themselves, his is a loser!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I never expected to get out of the first round with this team. I am not surprised.
    Hank should asked to be traded, he will never win a cup in NY.

    Why was AV extended? What is happening in the locker room? Why can’t this coach motivate a team? Other teams seem to be pumped when playing, not this one!

    1 and done, it was never in question anyway. Shame we are watching Hank waste great performances in these games. Shame.

    Ever since that pathetic Game 7 against Tampa when the team failed to show up or show any fight…

    The Blue Jackets are down 0-3 but they are fighting, I would rather see my team lose the way they are then the way this team is going down.

    Coaching Staff = Dull Team = Dull

    Down 2-1 and its obvious what the outcome will be. Lets hope Hank doesn’t get hurt, its obvious he is losing his mind …

    • Pass44…..they coughed up a 3-1 lead last night, and Bob has been playing awful. What fight are you talking about?

    • Hank will be around for the next 2-3 more season, just expect Staal, Stepan, Girardi and obviously Nash to be gone during this summer. Maybe they keep Nash and he’s apart of the new leadership group but expect major changes outside of Hank’s name ever being mention to be traded off.

  • Kreider been a great disappointment, faviorte player, but his speed, skill and aggressive play are missing, and without these the Rangers are in trouble.

  • Every single player on this team needs to look at himself in the mirror this morning and decide if they want to be embarrassed again tomorrow night. How a team comes out at home in the playoffs and puts forth an effort like that is beyond me. And for those of you who thought that more hitting was the answer, I present to you the game last night. The Rangers out-hit Montreal, but a large percentage of what we call “hitting’ is what happens when a team never has the puck. Fifteen shots with 10 minutes left in the game. Fifteen. Seriously? And it seemed to me that probably 12 of those shots were launched from Clifton, New Jersey.

    Apparently hooking is only a penalty when it’s against the Rangers, but blaming the officials is pointless. As is blaming the coach; this one is on the players, folks. Most of the later commentary today will be about the coach, as it often is here. I’m sorry but AV is not the problem here.

    In my opinion Buch should be playing instead of Glass (see “hitting” above), but that’s another thing that’s beside the point. I’m not blaming Glass- he does what he does, and for who he is, I must admit he is playing well. If any of the top 9 forwards were doing what they are supposed to be doing, you know, like actually scoring, Glass would be valuable, taking up minutes with physical play. Grabner stopped scoring around the first of the year, I think, Stepan has been awful, and Zib has been invisible.

    Everyone on this team except Hank should be on notice that a repeat performance Tuesday night will cause some real changes in the off-season. Tickets to Las Vegas and Colorado are in storage and easily distributable to anyone who doesn’t want to be here.

    Regards- orange

    • You said it very well Orange. Top 9 forwards were bottled up like tyros playing against pros. Our PP was pathetic from the start.

      When you are trying to nitpik that Buch will make a difference, when guys like Stepan, Zinbad, Kreider and others are doing nothing is pointless.

      How can we not enter the zone on the PP, when you can at least try to dump and chase is beyond me. All the finger pointing at the defense before the series was evident, but when you cannot score goals, you are going to have these problems.

      I am thinking we should go hard after Taveras and move Stepan and Kreider and try to start over, as a team without a superstar on offense goes nowhere.

      • I said this during last December that I would love to offer Kreider and Stepan for Traveras and whatever in between for both teams to make it work. Those two would go nowhere on the current Isle team, I mean truly nowhere and it would be a heist on the Rangers part. I would move Hayes up and Mika over to his wing if that ever happened. Taveras with Zucc and a range of different wingers to play with would be all butter in the Rangers town. Isle don’t have a 3c to compete in points with in order to make the offense go around. Stepan would be exposed on most teams and especially on the Isle.

  • This team showed zero emotion, lacked any desire, no fire in the belly, and lacked pride!!!! They went about their business as a bunch of robots, bottom line, they just stunk up the place. The New York Robots, are toast!!!!!!!!!!! If not for Hank, they could have scored at least another half a dozen goals, just a shame………..

  • I guess this is what “one last kick in the can”, or however you say it, looks like.

    This is embarrassing. Feel so bad for Hank. If this is how it’s gonna be, just put me out of my misery and end this series. I don’t have a problem watching my team lose, but when there’s no heart and they go through the motions (dating back to last year!), it’s unbearable to watch. Everyone not named Henrik, Lindberg, Glass, Fast and Nash are on blast. From the coaches to the top 9, is this really how you want to go out?

    I go back and forth between wanting to keep AV and letting him go, but if the reports that we hear are true, and he lets the players “police the room”, then who the hell is doing the policing??? And that’s what gets me. He doesn’t need to yell and scream if he has that voice in the room (like we had in 14 and 15 with Marty St. Louis). But if no one is stepping up in that locker room to light a fire under them and they think this play has been acceptable for the last two playoff years, then maybe AV and some of our “big guns” need to go to change this culture of complacency.

    Someone needs to take a helmet and throw it through a whiteboard right now.

    • MSL supposedly caused a scene in the 2015 playoffs. Next period and from then on he played next to Hayes and found his groove. I thought it was painfully obvious that Stepan was apart of his “meltdown” because he started to gas up Hayes game while comparing him to his old buddy Vinny C. Never had a single word to say about Stepan just like every other vet, it’s funny how that connection works and now no kids mention of Stepan as a leader. I guess if it goes around then it comes back around lol.

      • I think Steps tenure in NY is over, regardless of what happens this year. Gorton already tried to move him last year. The organization clearly sees him as not crucial to this team’s future.

  • The idea that inserting a ham-and-egger like Clendening into the lineup is going to somehow reverse a team-wide failure, especially among the top three lines is just ludicrous. Might he be less worse than Holden or Klein? Probably. Would it make a big difference? Doubtful.

    The Rangers are being exposed, badly, in this series. Without Lundqvist standing on his head they would be down 3-0. And its not just a simplistic matter of adding more “speed” Montreal is shutting down the speed game. The Rangers got two fast-break goals in Game 2. How many other odd man rushes have they had in the series? Not many. The idea that there is only one plan of attack that a team can have and that it must be used to the exclusion of all else is even when its not working is just wrong and a major failing of the team, coaching staff and organization.

    • It goes back to AV’s lack of making in game adjustments, he just doesn’t know how!!!!!!!! It’s run, and gun, or get shut out. No cycling in the offensive zone, always looking for the stretch pass, shut down the offense and you beat this team like a step child!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Rangers were so shitty last night that this morning I had to read all the postgame articles instead of what I normally do before work… masturbate.

    Thanks Rangers.

  • Why was step taking a DZ FO he’s 40%
    Girardi going down on the 2ndgoal his go to don’t work
    With highly skilled players.
    None of that matters when you generate zero offense

    • AV protected him as much as possible lol, Hayes was going against every top faceoff man after the 2nd to try to help. What more could have AV done to not keep a center who gets paid 6.5 away from the big draws?

      • Yes. #24 should have taken it
        He’s a terrible FO man don’t matter how much
        Money he make, coaching is about putting people
        In a position to succeed.

        • Not how the the Rangers do it, that’s why people come in and out with big contracts. Sather/Gorton don’t treat this as a Blues club by putting their overrated players below a notch to fit their skill set. In NYC you get put on the big stage and if you don’t succeed then you’re out. I’m alright with this method if his two way game will keep getting exposed like that but hopefully it doesn’t ruin his trade value though.

    • He was 23% last night and AV put him out for a key Dzone PK draw preceding the goal where Girardi was spinning like a top trying to track the puck being passes around him.
      Horrendous coaching. just horrible.

  • I wrote before the game one that this series would be in the paint. The Rangers would have to give Henrik a clear line of sight. While giving Carey Price no room to do anything but hope the puck hits him. Everything should be going towards the Carey Price. If the Rangers are doing these things that would mean they’re playing with passion,fire and energy. That they would be getting and doing the dirty things. Henrik,Nash,Zuccarello and Kreider have been doing their jobs. Some get on Chris but look he’s hitting he’s in front of the net and using his speed. It’s not his fault his center Stepan is doing his job. He’s should be driving that line and Zuccarello is. Stepan is waiting for Zuccarello and Kreider to create opportunities. He’s the number one center than be that. That’s our problem NO TRUE NUMBER CENTER and you don’t win a CUP without one. Kevin Hayes wake up and power to the net not drive POWER. JT take the bone out of your head and stop holding on to the puck that extra second. It’s the playoffs that time isn’t there so move the puck. MIka I don’t know if you’re hurting(leg) or what but wake the FCK up. Ok wake the FCK up. The fourth line is doing their job and I hope everyone see’s why Lindbergh and Fasth are keepers. They’re both tough can skate and play with passion and go to the net. The D is about the King all Henrik despite the snow angel god Danny get the FCK up. He should have been taking the body but got deke and couldn’t move to his right.
    The losing at home in the regular season and play offs is what told me that this team wasn’t going far. This team is filled with to many nice guys how are soft and not willing to get dirty. Not willing to pay the price to win a cup. No superstars yes no passion,fire inexcusable.

  • As a avid fan from 2012 who saw nothing from Stepan but a mediocre, soft and overrated two way center, I just want to say this all needed to happen. Hank growing older, role players leaving that REALLY helped the special teams, the defensive wall of 11-14 breaking up due to age and injury and stupid management. Those were his crutches for his fan club to overlook and act as if he’s really a underrated top 6 center while the little boy card would get dropped constantly as if nexy year would be any different. Richards got ripped apart along with Gomez and Drury back in the day for the same reasons. What I never understood was the blind love for Stepan at the time. My question is what were they doing back when they were at yhe ages of24-26?

    These are without question the final days of watching Stepan as a Ranger. He won’t ever rep the colors just like how he won’t ever rep another team USA jersey. He had the hockey world by it’s balls on default reasons and he still crapped out, Duces Stepan, your fan club was always lame and full pf excuses.

  • That power play in the third, before the Radulov goal, said it all. This team is no match for Montreal. One win in six games against. Not happening, see y’all next season…

    • Stepan doesn’t know how to play the PK if the D aren’t blocking shots or Hank isn’t bailing him out from a open shooting lane.Nash has been holding his hand ever since he got here on there. It was a simple bump play that gets sent over to the high slot and any smart 2 way center would have followed it before the puck gets there. They also would have won that faceoff on their strong side but CSN was showing a clip of Montreal’s PP doing that same play. You think that Claude J doesn’t know when he sees a overrated two way center to toy around with?

      • I’m talking about our PP, where we could not enter the zone, only one of our guys skating at a time. All the announcers were dumbfounded at how awful it was. Granted, all the Montreal PKers were at the blueline, making entry tough. We ran this same PK/defense against LA, it worked for a while, until LA started dumping the puck in behind our PKers and using their momentum to speed right past our guys. But none of our guys were skating. Why not just dump the puck in, use our speed to beat them to it, set up from there?

        Every defense/offense has counter strategies that can expose weaknesses in the oppositions strategy. Anyone coaching/playing at the NHL level should know these counter-strategies and be capable of adjusting to them on the fly.

        That PP was so bad, I was embarrassed.

  • How can anyone defend the head coach.
    Sure he doesn’t skate, but I’m sorry he got the team he wanted. Now it’s on HIM to get them to produce.
    Watching the pathetic last Ranger PP. Montreal lined up four across their blue line and the Rangers for two minutes tried to carry it in. Remember the definition of stupid? Doing the same exact thing over and over and expecting a different result..
    That’s AV’s system. HIS system with the players HE wanted.
    When a team comes into their own building tied 1-1 in the series and puts forth the disgraceful effort it did last night that’s on AV. Maybe it’s his system, maybe it’s HIS players, but frankly it’s BOTH.
    Guys & Gals the can AV wants the last kick at, you know the one. Seems it’s filled with cement.

    • That’s a bit much to say that he wanted this exact team as his personnel. “One last shot at the can” has gotten used by him, dating back to last summer and then he used the same line recently after he signed his extension. I think he’s going to be first to call out the names that were indicated in that sentence that he’s been using all year long.

  • Don’t blame the coach some say.
    The General is losing the battle and blame it on the troops.
    Out coached again! His 3rd-period lineup changes were pathetic.
    Again he does not know how to adjust.
    I know the reason the team does better on away games than home games. The away games the team probably reads less about what the people are saying about them. When they come home, Reality sets in and the truth about how people feel about them is displayed in their play. It appears they are responding to us. MSG was quiet all night.
    Everyone knows AV has his favorites and will play them over better players. The players read about this every day. Reality has taken its toll and the players may be rejecting the coach because we are. Not some of the fans. They march with their blinders. Good well-intentioned people but wrong.
    There will be no replication of ST Louis situation. AV has led them into battle enough from behind and it appears the battle scars are deep with mistakes that won’t heal.
    The team is reacting to us and we are divided. And you know what happens to a house divided.

  • There is philosophy called deconstruction. The premise is simple. What happens is what people are trying to make happen. It isn’t what they say they are trying to make happen or perhaps even think they are trying to make happen.

    What are the Rangers succeeding at? Answer: making Lundqvist look good.

    Hank played extremely well in the first two games. Last night he was mediocre. Except for the third goal, his mistakes weren’t really noticeable as juicy rebound after juicy rebound were quickly cleared away by the defense. Yet most would actually say he had a good night. So the rangers succeeded in their primary goal.

    • I’ve noticed that all series rebounds have been directed into really dangerous areas again and again. Amazingly, there always seems to be a Rangers there to clear it.

    • You’re hatred of this goaltender is truly amazing. He was TERRIFIC again last night. Brooks said it best in his column today, after taking the team to task–

      “The lone exception being Henrik Lundqvist, now in his 12th season of masking his team’s deficiencies.”

      How much exactly is this guy supposed to do? Does he need to play letter perfect hockey every game? This team seemingly has NO chance to win a playoff game if the goalie isn’t just great, but perfectly exceptional.

      I’m truly at a loss to understand your logic. But hey, I hope you will enjoy, in about seven years or so, his number retirement ceremony and HOF induction, and the plaudits he will receive as one of the greatest goalies of the past decade, the best Game 7 goalie of all time, the best goalie in franchise in history, one of the probably top 5-10 players in Rangers history, and to me, arguably the most UNDERRATED athlete ever to play in NY, given the mediocrity he’s had to drag into post-season most years here, let alone making deep runs with.


      • I like Brooks, but he doesn’t understand the concept of masking deficiencies. Last spring, we saw Matt Murray mask the Penguin deficiencies. What deficiencies you may ask? Exactly my point. You didn’t see them. That’s what masking means. With Lundqvist, we see every little flaw. Jaromir Jagr was so washed up he went back to play in Russia. Marian Gaborik disappointed. Rick Nash had looked like a future HOFer, but I doubt that will happen.

        Last night, Carey Price sent the puck all the way down the ice on a Ranger power play. I imagine Hank has done that at some point in his Ranger career, but I don’t remember it happening. The game before he had a broken stick for 48 seconds during a period with a short change. I’m sure skating to the bench to get a new stick never occurred to him. He just got mad and gave up a goal, likely due as much to state of mind as shot quality.

        But now to be honest, this is where I am coming from. I enjoyed watching Pitt last year with Murray and Edmonton this with Talbot. These are goaltenders who promote the flow of the team. Hank is a much more turtle-like tender. It’s 100% about saves. It creates a more turtle-like team. People start thinking ridiculous stuff like Nash is not as good as Phil Kessel. And I am just so damn tired of hearing about how great Lundqvist is and how much the rest of the team sucks.

        I don’t think you understand the meaning of underrated and overrated. When you say things like certain HOF er, you are not talking about some unappreciated player. In fact, my impression of your assessments is that you come pretty close to the general consensus. Which means that for the most part, nobody is terribly underrated or overrated.

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