Rangers sign 2016 third rounder Sean Day to entry-level contract

sean day

The Rangers have signed their first 2016 draftee, coming to terms with third rounder Sean Day on a three-year entry-level contract. Day is a big kid at 6’2″, 224 lbs. But don’t let his size fool you, Day is one of the best skaters in the draft and is a potential home run pick for the Rangers. Day’s a very good puck mover, and as mentioned a great skater with huge potential.

Day slid at the draft because of compete level issues, something a lot of kids go through. But he’s rebounded in a big way this year. He set a career high in goals in the OHL this year, and has a line of 14-17-31 through 57 games. That’s a huge improvement on his draft year numbers of 6-16-22 in 57 games.

Day has huge potential, and could be an impact defenseman for the Rangers in the near future.

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  • When I saw him back in January, he played both sides and looked good doing it. Play in his own end was miles better than what it was in Traverse City. Skates like the wind, forward or back. Getting him out of Mississauga was the best thing that could’ve happened.

    • How many years away is he from making the rangers?
      That would solidify our left side for 10 years…..
      All we need are 3 right defensemen…..and they only have to be average since mcd, sjell and day can fly!!!!!

      • Seeing how they’re handling Ryan Graves currently and Staal’s contract, 18/19 would be the earliest, but likely 19/20 is a better fit so they get 1 year of his ELC against any potential buyout of Staal.

  • Watched him play on TV a couple of times recently, including a great game against the Soo. He can play with a physical edge when he wants to, but he will need to up his compete level in the NHL. When he gets that puck and decides to go, he’s a marvel, reminds me then of a young Leetch.

  • Key words that peaked my interest:
    Plays both sides
    Possesses a physical edge
    See what can happen when you actually KEEP draft picks instead of wasting them on ‘well past their expiration date veterans’?

    • Day was a third rounder. The Rangers have had boatloads of third rounders recently, and most of those picks have borne fruit.

      You need a balance of trading away draft picks for current roster players and hitting on the draft picks you keep. This is nothing new and how it’s been the last 25 or so years in the NHL. Hoarding draft picks is a recipe for disaster.

      • You need to develop players from those picks, then trade those prospects that don’t fit your roster for higher picks or roster players. Rinse & repeat. That’s how you compete when drafting low. Turn ¢50 into a $1.

        • That’s simply not true. Draft picks are like buying a new car. As soon as you make that selection (drive the car off the lot), the value of that pick has dropped by about 25%. If the player develops as you hope, then he recoups that value and might actually be worth more than the initial draft pick. But there is a good chance the player doesn’t develop and the value of that initial pick continues to depreciate to zero.

          Also, a team you are trading with would rather just take your pick and make their own decision on who to draft.

          • Counterpoint: Fast was a 6th RD pick that they could’ve replaced/upgraded from within and gotten a 3rd for.

            I would’ve dealt him at the deadline in a heartbeat, even with an expansion draft looming.

            They had a chance to turn a nickel into a $1.25 in games played/futures. Now it’s maybe a buck considering how he changes salary structure for a 4th liner(AV’s evaluation of him notwithstanding) along with possibly losing him in the draft for nothing(unless you get a great deal with him.)

            Your 4th line is fungible and you need to always need to find a cheaper, younger equivalent every waking moment.

      • This kid was slated for the first round, but was available due to some personal, and family issues, that other teams didn’t want to deal with.

        I’ll take him in a heartbeat, and want to keep my #1’s, so that I get an early shot at the cream of the crop. How many times can we go into the 3rd and say BINGO, I suspect not too many !!!!!!!! The winning teams hold their #1’s, and every once in 76 years the others win a cup?????????

        • Walt, I have to correct you here. The truth is REBUILDING teams hold onto their number ones. Once they become winning teams, they will gladly trade a few of those picks to enhance their chances to win. There isn’t one team in the NHL i can think of that has not followed that pattern.

          • Red Wings, Hawks, Pens, none saved their picks, I beg to differ.

            Our track record indicates we are doing it right according to you, we’ll then we win a cup in 2058!!!!!!!!!!!

          • The Hawks traded their number one last year. The Pens, Caps and Wild traded number ones or twos this year. That’s what legit Cup contenders do. GMs don’t keep their jobs by simply compiling picks. Some are traded. Some assets are signed long term to onerous deals. Some youth is traded for aging vets. It’s all about the proper mix.

            BTW, I want you to know that because of you, I have a new expression….”choke the chicken”! I was in a meeting and I made it clear to my team we need to be all over a particular story and somehow I blurted out “Let’s make sure we don’t choke the chicken!” Now my whole news team is using it, and they are making chicken jokes and sounds. All because of you my friend! 🙂

          • Well well, I had that expression patented, so I hope you’ll pay me royalties!!!!!!!! LOL

            Although it is catchy……..

          • Devils kept their picks and traded prospects that had traded finishing school(and didn’t fit their plans) for current roster upgrades. That’s why at one point they had 50 drafted & developed players sprinkled throughout the league while winning multiple cups.

            I’m not sure that plan is feasible under the current CBA as waiver rules keep it tough to stash guys under team instruction. The KHL& NCAA work in that regard, the other possibility is high school kids in jr A or USHL would play there until 20 & then go to NCAA.

            When Vesey went FA, lots of other players were 6 years removed from their draft years, but if one pays off…

          • Oh Lou Lamoriello, now there is a GM, knows what he’s doing, just look at the leafs, and that quick turn around……..

          • This is a fascinating point and it helps explain why the Devils, under Lou, were a shadow of their former selves once the Cap came into play. Lou’s endless supply of interchangeable players was cut off by the new rules.

          • The Devils had been trending down before that, his college & Euro scouting connections for him & Conte had gotten stale.

            The waiver rules and 50 man rosters make it tough to load up on picks beyond 8 per season unless you load up on 2nd tier High school kids & Russkies in later rounds. NCAA & non Russian euros have 4 years. Lower ranked junior picks are better off to be signed as free agents

      • Buchnevich and declare our most recent 3rd rounder playing in the NHL, from 2013? Before that you have to go back I don’t even know how many years. But we haven’t exactly been crushing it in the 3rd round. Not sure whom you are thinking of?

        • You’re right, I was a little hasty there, I should have expanded my statement to include the 4th round as well.

          The last 4 years the Rangers have picked a bunch of great players in the 3rd AND 4th round. Day, Kovacs, Zborovskiy, Saarela, Shesterkin, Buch, Duclair, Graves.

          You’ve got a pair of likely top 4 Ds in Day and Graves

          A likely NHL G in Shestorykin

          A likely top 6 FW in Buch

          A D that is rapidly trending up in Zborovskiy

          A pair of forwards that were dealt away, Saarela and Duclair, that could be top 6 types in the NHL

          Finally, Kovacs seems to be all raw talent, the poor start to his N. American career is a downer, but I wouldn’t count him out just yet.

          • Kovacs would’ve been better off staying in Sweden another season to mature & work on his skills. Way more practice time than in the A.

  • I only see positives in that Day has done his work and improved his overall play. He will be in Hartford next season and it’s my hope he continues to improve at this he next level. The kid has a amazing skill level.

    • I don’t recall all the details, but he was granted some sort of an exemption due to his skill, I believe that only one other was in the same class. Again, due to personal issues he was not drafted by the other teams, and he fell into our lap in the 3rd round!!!!!!!!!

      • Yep…if he keeps his head screwed on right and is willing to work hard (I believe those are red flags with him), this could be quite a steal of a pick!

      • Was granted exceptional status as a 15yr old like Tavares & Ekblad, that’s why he already has 4 years in the O & can go to Hartford next season.

        • Thank you, I couldn’t recall the details, but this kid is a gem in the raw !!!!!!!!!!! We were very lucky to get him that late, but again, I’d like to sit at the table just once and get a shot at the top dogs, not the mutts !!!!!!!!!!

      • I think one of the reasons he wasn’t drafted was that he was grossly out of shape which may have been a manifestation of depression over the family issue which was the car crash. I’m not expecting miracles if he goes AHL next year because it’s a lot tougher league than people think. The jump from Junior to AHL is enormous, just look at Kovacs this year.

        • Kovacs is still slightly undersized player, Day is pro sized already, his issue will be getting up to speed to AHL level.

          • I think the physical element will be a factor as well, as he will be playing against men, whilst in Junior he is playing against a lot of players smaller than him. Speed is what he has but conditioning will be vital. I think he got himself down to 12% body fat, but 10% would be better. He’ll need to work out like a trojan this summer to transition to AHL.

          • I did those H/W body fat calcs and if the old measurements were accurate he’s at 7-8% body fat down from 14%.

    • Your not serious are you? Why would they, we need help on the blue line, and he brings the puck handling, and skating that is needed big time with this team as constructed !!!!!!!!!

      • He’s huge and may not be up to playing D in the NHL. The Rangers forced a trade in juniors to get Day put on a high power offensive team. Plus he’s got a streak in him that would help him in the offensive zone. I don’t have any intel on this, just a gut feeling.

        • Interesting point, but I hope they keep him on the blue line, it would be nice to have his skill set, and edge back there!!!!!!!

    • Remember Conor Allen? The wings moved him to forward in Grand Rapids, but he was back on defence with DMAC last night. I always thought the Rangers should have moved Leetch to forward near the end of his career like the Leafs did with Red Kelly. That being said there is no way Day goes to forward because great D are much harder to find. The Rangers problem with D can be patience.

      • You’re right Pablo, that is the proper thinking. But something tells me that there are others in the Rangers’ pipeline that will fill in the D. In that same draft BTW. Then add Graves.

      • Thanks pal. Yeah I knew the rangers forced a trade for him to be on a better team, so this has worked out then? Good point.

        • Isn’t Day a natural prospect replacement for what Rangers were hoping out of McIlrath? He’s big and has a nasty streak, which is a quality Rangers lack in spades among their defensive corp. McD, Brady, and Day manning the left side of the defense!

          • I don’t know about the nasty streak, but I didn’t see him being overly physical in the two games I watched, although I do remember one crunching check along the boards.

          • Hey pal. Kid is huge and can skate like thew wind. Definitely one of those rare physical specimens that could morph into something special.

            It will be interesting to see what he does in Hartford. If he dominates there then he could be the steal of the draft.

  • Day has a great deal of potential. His skating ability is huge. He can learn to improve in other areas. If he commits to becoming all he can be, then the Rangers have themselves a steal.

  • Hats off to the Rangers scouting group for coming up with another gem in the later rounds. Imagine what they could do if they had 1st and 2nd round picks to work with.

    • What you say?????????

      Is that Walt posting again?????

      I have to give this organization one thing, they are willing to take chances on players, where some others won’t touch them with a 10 poll, good for us!!!!!

  • More than anything it’s his hockey IQ that holds him back. I could see him end up as the offensive option for a 2nd pairing (upside) or we’ll see him end up a bust (downside).

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