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Rangers recall Tanner Glass and Steven Kampfer

The Rangers have recalled forward Tanner Glass and defenseman Steven Kampfer. This likely comes as a reactionary move to last night’s humiliating effort against Montreal, and a culmination of four games where the narrative is that the Rangers got pushed around. Are they missing some guys, like Kevin Klein and/or Dan Girardi, that “make things difficult for the opposition”? Yup. But Glass and Kampfer are not NHL caliber players anymore.

This is not a smart move by the Rangers. This is a reactionary move to a slump in the season. Glass and Kampfer not only move the needle in the wrong direction, but (likely) take playing time away from kids that the Rangers will need when they can truly contend next year.

It’s rare that I get hot-takey on a transaction, but this screams reaction and bad narrative. Hopefully I’m wrong.