Rangers recall Tanner Glass and Steven Kampfer

tanner glass

The Rangers have recalled forward Tanner Glass and defenseman Steven Kampfer. This likely comes as a reactionary move to last night’s humiliating effort against Montreal, and a culmination of four games where the narrative is that the Rangers got pushed around. Are they missing some guys, like Kevin Klein and/or Dan Girardi, that “make things difficult for the opposition”? Yup. But Glass and Kampfer are not NHL caliber players anymore.

This is not a smart move by the Rangers. This is a reactionary move to a slump in the season. Glass and Kampfer not only move the needle in the wrong direction, but (likely) take playing time away from kids that the Rangers will need when they can truly contend next year.

It’s rare that I get hot-takey on a transaction, but this screams reaction and bad narrative. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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    1. Everyone keeps saying the Rangers need toughness. The game just isn’t played that way anymore. Teams like Montreal that live that way will have circles skated around them in the playoffs.
      The Rangers needed help on defense. Gorton didn’t want to pay the price. That clearly says to me he doesn’t have faith in this team to win and didn’t want to waste assets on a cup run this season. So that means we enjoy the little bit of season we have left and hope they at least put forth a good effort in the 1st round.

  1. I guess this is why they didn’t address the toughness issue at the deadline. They had the solution all the long!!! Who knew!!!!!!! Once again, just shuffling the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. This is on Gorton. He dropped the ball at the deadline.

    1. Agreed. Could have added a tough forward. Someone with talent, so Glass could have stayed in the minors. Or a tough, talented defenseman. We got neither.

        1. Well. if those assets that everybody is afraid to give away, are getting outworked, outhit, and outhustled at every point—then maybe, yes! Maybe we are over valuing the talent of this team(once again!!). Surely there was some sort of physical type out there that could have been gotten for later round picks. Surely a better option than Tanner Glass. This move just smacks of desperation!

        2. The assets they need to move can’t, the assets others want to move shouldn’t.

          1. Surely they could have moved a later round pick for some sort of physical presence. You do have to give up something, to get something. We have to stop falling in love with the talent on this team and realize: some of that talent may have reached their potential—-a scary thought if you are so married to this group going forward. It might be time to cut bait with some of them this summer.

        3. Exactly. Gorton obviously knows the jig is up. No use wasting picks for a lost cause. Ride out the season and retool the defense in the offseason.
          Hopefully Klein is chosen by Vegas and we can shed cap space that way.

  2. I’d say that this shows management realizes we lack any semblance
    of physicality.
    It takes two (or more) to make a trade and it might be Gorton was asked to give up too much to acquire that physical player. I really don’t know.
    I still say he’s a smart guy and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Kampfer is a waste of a roster spot. Period.

      1. Oh I agree, I’ve been touting the lack of physical presence from the start of the season.

    1. AV hates physical players who drop the gloves. He believes that the game has changed, and the days of rough, and tumble guys are over. Please get the message out to the rest of the NHL. Bringing up Glass is like giving a child a pacifier, that’s what will make Marv comfortable, and cozy!!!!!!!!

      Enough with this coach already ………….

  3. I’m not advocating this move at all but I don’t know how much less Glass can bring to the table than Piri has done lately.

    I’d imagine it’s either Piri or Pumpeul that sit for Glass.

    Unfortunately I think this move means Grabner is still a few games away.

        1. They waive Hrivek to keep Pirri because Flash thinks that Pirri benefits the team more than Hrivek.

          1. And NOBODY claimed him! Pirri should have just been released—–he just fills out jersey.

          2. Because nobody claimed him, that means he sucks? Another one of your fallacious mantras. Puempel was claimed & he’s useless.

          3. Well, when the whole League passes on you, that kinda’ is a good sample of what they think of you. Especially when your salary is basically pocket change. I agree, Puempel is useless—-but he was picked up by the Rangers! Not the organization known for the best talent evaluators(ie: first round picks—if you get my meaning.) (;

        2. Please. Who wouldn’t love a guy with a rocket shot that always makes se s the net. AV’s kind of guy. And, he plays AV’s all cash game. No checks.

      1. I can’t remember the last meaningful shift that Pumpel has had. Same goes for Pirri—-couldn’t hit the side of a barn with that shot? Both have been nothing more than placeholders. As have been quite a few of our vaunted, forward collection; as of lately.

    1. That’s what I said too. What’s Pirri doing? Nothing is what he’s doing. Might as well fill one roll, the toughness that we had none of. Never know sometimes a strange move like this does end up helping.

  4. Hrivik and Jensen can skate and have some skills. But they play like they have eggs in their hockey pants. Pirri should of been moved at the trade deadline and Clendening still continues to force passes that aren’t there.

    As much as the Blue Seat Bloggers don’t want to hear it, the Rangers defence hasn’t been the same since Girardi and Klein went down with injuries. Glass will add some spark, its the right move to bring him up. Raanta should start the next game, and Lundqvist needs to work on the stickhandling skills.

    1. I thought they should have brought up Hrvik or Nieves Glass has no talent at all. Montreal added a 4th line at the deadline for next to nothing. We could have added 2 big forwards. Four lines of offense don’t win in the playoffs. Lundquist (for as good as he is) does not catch pucks or handle pucks at all.

    2. Hrivik and Jensen are career minor Leaguers. Hrvik got his shot, and did nothing with it. IMO, neither of them are NHL players.

      1. This is a common refrain from you, but how does a guy like Hrivek show he’s an NHL, when he doesn’t get a legit chance. I think he played better than Pirri this year & he was good last year.

        1. Totally agree, in limited time hrivik looked good, would have been a solid 4 th liner with lindberg and fast…..

        2. You make the most of the chances you get. For the time he was here, he showed nothing more than what they already had. When the healthy bodies came back, he was dispatched—along with his hopes of ever playing for the Rangers. Las Vegas looms—or back to Europe.

  5. The right move for the Rangers to make before the trade deadline was Dwight King for a 4th rounder next year, not Tanner Glass.

      1. “That would have been the smart move.”

        Smart??? Remember, these are the NY Rangers we’re talking about!

  6. Klein out for another week via NYR twitter account. Ride that whip hand hard, AV, still have a chance to be a 3 seed

  7. If they’re bringing Glass up to get some toughness on the team, which I don’t see why else they would be bringing him up that’s great. But what I don’t get is, did they just realize now that we could use some toughness? They didn’t notice this at any other point this year? You can’t tell me Gorton couldn’t go get King or another big body without giving up something we didn’t want to part with. I just find it a little strange as if a light bulb just went off now.

    1. Ranger, I hear you loud and clear.
      Just my opinion, but I think Gorton wanted to give AV exactly what AV wanted. Gorton has Bruin blood in him. Bruins always have had a blue collar, physical team.
      This may be the beginning of the end for AV when we again, come up short.

      1. That would explain why Gorton just extended him through 2020 with a multi million dollar raise?

        1. wwpd
          If you think Gorton will allow this team continued quick exits from the playoffs just because AV was extended, I’ll strongly disagree. There is a financial reason they will not accept it. Playoff games mean cash for ownership, each and every home playoff game rings the MSG register.
          And Walt & Reenavipul summed it up beautifully.

          1. hi Jerry. no doubt, but Gorton makes the trades and AV sets the roster. if Gorton wanted to give AV the rope to hang himself, he wouldn’t have extended his contract early. it just doesn’t make sense to do it if the GM wants the team to move in a tougher direction and the head coach disagrees. the only conclusion I can draw is these guys are pulling in the same direction.

      2. Rangers can eat AV’s contract with no cap hit, he’ll get hired right away so they get out from under it easily.

    2. But the thing is not only Glass doesn’t know how to play hockey, he doesn’t even fight anymore, only thing he does right now is “scuffle” or girly cat fights if you called that a fight.

  8. When Gorton extended AV for two years, my confidence in him went from 98% to 72%. Glass & Kampfer, truly awe inspiring!! Oh well, if nothing else Glass will play with spirit, if not skill.

      1. Don’t go there Bobby, they will go apeshite on you, but not AVs kind of guy, so he’s history.

    1. Imagine if he was playing a regular shift the past 2 years…… much better would he have been by now?
      He certainly would have been as good as or better than girardi, klein, stall, holden and clendening……its comical watching this defense run around in their own end…….
      But AV doesnt want any players who HIT!!!!!!
      Thats why his teams will never win a cup

      1. Brilliant, let’s talk about the “one that got away”. Ya know, the guy who’s currently wearing his third different AHL jersey this season.

        1. Ya, let’s talk about Holden & Clendening and all those other “sterling” D we have, instead of a guy who played pretty well for 37 games last year & then got shafter by Flash, the thalamic preparation.

          1. When a goal is scored there are usually multiple people at fault. Clendening is a poor excuse for a D-man because he’s useless on the boards & people seem excited because he can throw a stretch pass up the ice or venture into the O-zone, But he can’t do the job he is supposed to do, which is defend. That’s why he has been in five different organizations, I would surmise. He’s like Bodie, too small to be an effective defenceman, especially when there is a heavy forecheck.

        2. He’ll be wearing his 4th jersey next year when hes with Las Vegas–then his 5th when he is sent down. (;

          1. Joe
            I think he’s a UFA, so unless he’s signed by Vegas, released or traded by Detroit, he’s not going there.

            If you think the kid got a fair shot by AV I’ll disagree with that as well.

            And a bit of trivia which really doesn’t mean a heck of a lot. He played in the ONLY game we beat the Penguins in last years playoffs. Boyle et al, played in the other four.
            I’m not saying we won that game because of him, but I definitively say we didn’t lose the other four because of him.

            Also the slug we got for him is only playing with the big club because a) our D is depleted with injuries and b) we have so little in our minor league system.

          2. I guess he didn’t get a fair shot in Florida either? Its a shame no organization can see a future Hall Of Famer when they are presented with one.

          3. No he didn’t because he was only there because of injury. Florida has a set young D that they are going to live or die with. And their AHL team is almost as bad as the Pack. Grand Rapids has a really good team & DMAC will get some post season play there. He needs as many games as possible. He’s not going to Vegas either.

      2. And they brought up Glass for what—-his scoring touch? Your logic just doesn’t add up.

      3. That’s the point. The Rangers need young D, but AV had no desire to play the kid & let him evolve, instead of devolving in the pressbox. I fear the same thing will happen to Graves. He & McIlrath are similar in many ways. Both are stay at home D with blistering shots, but this is not what AV will make use of. He thinks Holden is “dependable”, whatever the hell that means. Holden in my view flat out stinks, but it’s easy for others to blame his play on Staal, when he is constantly standing around in the D-zone looking clueless.

        1. DMAC has a “blistering shot?” First time I’ve ever heard anyone give him props for that. Perhaps he should have put it more on display ; he might still be in the League, somewhere. But probably not.

          1. Do you watch the games, Joe? Yes, he has a cannon for a shot & you are right, he should use it more than he does, but we are working on it.

          2. I see a whole host of games——I have that Kodi thingee. I just don’t see your boy or his blistering shot, anywhere. I’d rather hear about it from somebody who actually gets paid to evaluate those kind of things. Not just another fanboy—-I’m not mentioning any names, now. (=

          3. Hey Joe,

            McIlrath has a blistering shot. Problem is that he rarely hits the net. Paul is correct.

          4. Big deal! Half the Ranger squad rarely hit the net. The difference is, they actually play in the big leagues.

          5. Hard to get the puck on net when you’re sitting in the stands……
            What makes you think the rangers mngt can analyze talent??
            Letting anton strallman walk so you can sign dan boyle shows how little this mngt team knows…..
            And trading dubinsky instead of stepan seals the deal for me…..clueless ……this organization…..

          6. Brandon Dubinsky vs Derek Stepan. Wow. That’s all I have to say

            Dubinsky is 30 years old. He has two 50 point seasons. Stepan has 4 at the age of 26.

            Dubinsky has 399 points in 681 games. Stepan has 349 in 499.

            So Stepan scored at a much higher point per game pace than Dubinsky and is 4 years younger.

            Your delusion truly does extend beyond thinking not Mcilrath is anything but a fringe NHL despite being drafted 6 years ago.

          7. I’ll trade Stepan this very minute for Dubinsky & even throw in a fourth rounder.

          8. You complain about Stepan and his 43 points in 65 games. Let’s trade him for a player that has 32 in 61 who happens to be 4 years older.

            This is so brilliant.

          9. Spozo

            Yes Debi may be behind the numbers game, but is way ahead in the heart department. Step is a sissy, and Dubi is a man, what more needs to be said. Now call me delusional…..

          10. Did they try to win with heart at the sacrifice of actual skill and production? How far did the Black and Blueshirts go?

          11. Blue jackets would NEVER trade dubinsky for stepan, he is the heart and soul of the team.

            In fact see article in Columbus newspaper ‘Brandon Dubinsky continues to be emotional leader for Columbus Blue Jackets’….Jan 5 2017…

            He is just the type of defensive, physical, veteran leader we sorely miss……

            Thats why they gave him 6 year contract extension 2 years ago!

  9. Once I had a love and it was a gas
    Soon turned out had a heart of glass
    Seemed like the real thing, only to find
    Mucho mistrust, love’s gone behind

      1. I would have submitted the Beatles’ Glass Onion but figured that was way too old ?

  10. When a team has no vocal veteran leadership the team must turn to hardnose coaching leadership not a player’s coach.AV ran Dylan out of town and he would be a much better fit than the coach’s pet.

  11. This has been my most frustrating as a true blue fan. I have been watching Ranger hockey for a long time. From the time I was bouncing on my grandads knee.

    And the things that are done on this team this year astound me.

    I can sum it up in two words. Missed opportunities.

    From players.
    From management.
    From coaches.

    All across the board. I have a red mark on my head from all the face palms I have done.

    The move for tanner is regression and should seriously alarm people. Toughness comes in many forms. Kreisler was tough. Jt Miller was tough. They were also skilled.

    Tanner glass is and should never the the answer except for who do we expose to the expansion draft.

  12. Recalling Glass resulted from Sather/Gorton building a ‘soft’ team and AV likes that style. Glass is the only recall option – an aging player who can’t score but with character. So we have a team with lots of talent in the forward lines that don’t check or hit hard and no other team fears playing us. Management depleted our prospects and Glass is the only real choice left to recall who will stand up for his team.

  13. Whooo Hooo ! We’re on our way to meet Lord Stanley !!

    1. TO WALT: I couldn’t respond up top

      Historicallly, its common knowledge that this team’s 1st round picks have been atrocious. DMac, Sanguinetti, DelZotto, Jessiman, Montoya, Korpikoski, Staal, Brendl, Lundmark—–not a hit anywhere. I give them a hit with Miller(albeit we still are only at the beginning) and Kreider(and I’m starting to have my doubts about this one). And Brady Skjei, who seems to be developing faster than the other two.
      But overall. this organization has never been known as great evaluators of talent. Trades and money have always been the way they get talent—most times to some atrocious results.

      1. Joe

        Your right, the history has been terrible at best. That was then, this is a new era, Gordy, and Jeff have done a good job, and I suspect we will see good results going forward.

        The problem over time, and again to a certain extent still going on, has been the team, and it’s fans want instant gratification, and have no patients with drafting, and developing their youth. All the current top teams, and the up and coming ones, Leafs, Buffalo, have done it thru the draft. This is the path forward, cheap, cap controlled contracts, and quality players, who come up thru the system. They had better learn to draft better, or the history of two cups in 76 years will be the norm for us!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I don’t have the luxury of waiting another 30 plus years for another cup, father time is catching up quickly………….

      2. Joe

        One final note, this team never valued draft picks, and even went as far as to give Quebec a #1 for their coach back in the 70’s, how stupid is that??????? And didn’t trader Phil almost give away Leetch, so there you have it, ownership needs to be held accountable for putting such idiots in the GM’s office !!!!!!!

  14. For anyone that’s interested, today’s NY Post, Brett Cyrgalis writes about how the team needs to adjust to the play off type hockey that needs to be played this time of the year, and also mentioned that Stepan hasn’t scored since Jan 17th, that from our boy who’s getting some $6 mil per year, now that is pathetic at best………..Also, can this coach get these guys to change their mind set, and play that style of game, we will see won’t we??????????

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